You are my Love epilogues 3



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Dev n naina’s room..
Naina,don’t u think atleast now we must wake them up..its 4 darling..
Dev I know what u trying to do..u want a chance to tease they have given u chance ..
Hmmm..yesahi sochlo..
Thank god dadi has went to friends house..warna,she will also give u company in teasing them..
No probs..dear..when dadi comes I’ll say her..
U r impossible dev..
Ayush beta..lets go n make ur mummy papa red..chalo chalo..
Ayush nodded like he understood what his chachu said.. dono..dont know what r they going to do…hmmm.if veerji comes to msk mood dev will come back silently..
Naina took the scattered toys n started to place in its…

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Geetanjali -Part 51

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After lunch,maneet rested a little ..then maan told geet he wanted to do shopping for both
Maan,u have already purchased a lot..
Geet,no..i did only the needs for I want to buy more..are u coming with me or not..
Maan faked anger..n geet accepted..
Dushtdanav kahika..gussa tho nak pe hai..hamesha apne manmani karthi hai..
Maneet got ready n took aarav n anjali for shopping..he wants to spend as much as time with them without he avoided driver also..he made ani sit in front seat n buckled her to seat she may not fell down..geet n aarav sat in back seat..maan was stealing glances of geet thru reverview mirror..aarav n anjali was busy in side seeing..they were happy as they were doing outing for the first time with parents together..
Maan stoppeded the car beforea big shopping mall..he gave the car keys to the valet n went inside with geet anjali n aarav..
Maan,where are we going first..
Hmm..maans eyes fell on the toy shop..
Maneet entered n was welcomed by the attender..
He was showing different kind of toys from electronic,fir,plastic,remote,key system’but ani n arav rejected all..
Maan,u r asking opinion to ur kids..they are not big enough to select their things of own..
Maan did not hear her..
Maan:I want things of my childrens choice..
Maan:u show something else..
The attender was already exhausted showing things..he has emptied half the shop before them..
Aroo,do u like this?
He throwed the toy
He showed another,another,another..
He screamed in full voice’
Maan lifted him n made a tour of the shop showing everything’geet followed with anjali..aaravs eyes fell on spider man water balloon which was trible of his size..
Yes beta..
He pointed spider man..n geet hit her head..
He wants only spiderman..nothing else..omg..he is getting crazy..
Same time anjali showed a dora doll..
Omg..ani u too..
Okay..u will select other than these..then only I’ll tell ur daddy 2 buy spiderman n dora..
Ani n aaroo looked at each other..talking with their eyes
Kya karein aroo..
Mama ke baath maanthe hain.ani…warna,she will not buy our favourite..
Teek hain..
Both nodded..n geet selected teddies ,building blocks,baby punching bag n more toysfrom which they may learn abc…n they both accepted half heartedly..
Maan chuckled seeing both kids expressions..they both were talking in babyish language to each other,which maneet didn’t understand a bit..
Ani n aaroo understood each others language..
They both accepted the toys which they both could play together..maan paid for what they bought n came out of the shop..geet looked at the was 2hrs they took in buying toys..’maan two hrs,
So what dear..we are purchasing for our kids..i want the best according to their wish..ok..
Hmm..geet sighed seeing a stubborn father..who is head upon heals in love with his kids..
Yes dear..
Can we have something’im hungry n thirsty..
Before maan says ani n aarav pointed something n jumped in their arms to go there
Both saw where they was a caf..which had both hot n cold drinks n icecream..there were many cartoon pictures fixed on the entrance to attract childrens..n that’s what attracted aarav n ani..
Jaan,ur problem is solved..our children or brilliant u know..
Haan haan I know how much brilliant they are..
Geets st:u r taking trouble with u my dear husband..hmm..ok..let me enjoy ur plight today..
They both entered n seated the kids in the table n maneet also took their seats..
Geet was smirking all the while’
The waiter came..
Sir,ur order please..
A black coffee 4 me n milk coffee for mam..n for kids..he stopped thinking what to order for them..geet use powder milk for what to order..
Geet s eyes popped out..she made a big O whispering..haaw
Maan,what r u ordering..icecream..they are only 10 months..n how could u think about icecream..they will catch cold..
Then say what to order..
Muje nehi patha..u only toldna..u want the best for ur order the best for them..
Poor maan looked at his kids..
Aaroo,beta..ani beta,what u want’
Haha..geet was smiling ab aaayega mazaa..
Aarav showed something’behind the counter top’where all kind of fruits ,cold drinks of all companies were arranged..
H,mm so u want juice..ok..
Two juice for kids without ice..
Ok sir..but what juice u want..
Maan said of his choice..
Carrot juice..haan..thats gud for health..
Geet so much wanted to say,they don’t like it taking as juice..rather they will prefer eating carrot raw..
The waiter first came n gave the kids juices..
Ani n aarav saw each both are partner in their daddy has brought them what they hate..they both took the glass n poured it on table upside down..
For their luck all dropped on floor not on table.. kya karrahi ho tum dono..
They made angry face to maan n smiled at each other for getting rid from the juice..
Geet,why they did like that..
Geet suppressed her laugh knowing her cute two dd’s..
(Thanks for giving this name pari nain’.dear devil n darling daughter of dhak dhak..dusht dhanav..)
Mujei kya patha maan..if they don’t like it..what am I to do..
Gggeeet’ok ..i’ll order grapes’
Ur wish..ur babies..she said coolly n took her coffee,which the waiter kept..
Maan sipped his black coffee..
The waiter placed the grapes juice ..
Ani n aroo looked at each other..
Ani,ye kya colour hai..i don’t like it..
Mujei purple wala colour pasand nehi hai..she dipped her hand inside the glass making the juice overflow from the glass’n threw the straw down..
Aaroo clapped seeing it..thinking some magic is done by his sister..he too did the same making maan jump in his seat..
Ye kya karrahi ho tum dono.. u made it dirty n look ur hands..its all sticky..
Aroo thought..n again speaks in baby language 2 ani..
yes ani..its so sticky..i don’t like it..
How to clean it aroo..
Maan was lifting aaroo to keep away from juice wetting his dress…
Aaroo cleaned his hand in maans shirt..
Shit..aaroo..what are u doing in my shirt..
Aaroo pouted his lips n clutched his shirt in fist
Geet,help me..
Geet took aarav n kissed his cheek..
Ok badmaash ko..yese hi appreciate karo..
He took ani in his the juice was nearing where she was seated..
She also wiped her hands in maans shirt..
Pari tum bhi’he said helplessly..
Ani kissed his cheeks making his anger vanish in air..
But now maan was fully messed up..his white shirt is imprinted with purple hand prints..
Maan looked at geet making a puppy face n she started to laugh loudly..maan was so lost in her was see her smile,he can do things like this many times..
Ani n aroo has never seen their mama laughing loudly like this..aroo thought..
Ye mama kyun hasra hi hai..her mouth is open wide’hmm let me check her mouth..why she is keeping open wide
He put his fingers in her mouth..n geet stopped her laugh..
Aroo was pulling her lips n scratching it with his small nails..geet removed his hands n pecked it..
U must not keep ur hands in my mouth aro..bad habit..
Geet saw maan starting at her..
Their eyelock broke with the waiter..
Sir,do u want 2 have anything..
Maan sighed..
Clean this..n bring’
He thought n then ordered
Two apple juice..
Maan looked at geet..his eyes questioning her,atleast their 2 dd’s will hv it..
Geet didn’t answer him..
Maan,I think u must use wash room.she pointed his shirt..
Geet looked at him surprised
Maan,y..c urself..
Geet,let them first have something..i know they will make some more fuss with,I ll use washroom at last..
Maan..see all are looking at u weirdly..
Let them see n let them know,how my wife takes care of me’
He smirked seeing her mouth opening to a big O..
Haaww..thats so mean mr.khurana..u only said u will give best for the kids..that too of their choice..when u don’t know their choice what can I do..enjoy ur time with kids..
She retorted back..
Maan neared her ears n whispered…
Lagtha hai,meri mishtyko mirchi lagi..see u r talking too harsh..what should I do now..hmm..ok..i’ll order icecream for u..tanda tanda cool cool..his eyes wandered around .confirming all the persons are in there own world,he kissed her cheeks n sat in his chair like a gud boy,like nothing happened..
Geet was shocked..
Did he kissed me..that too in public place..
Here aaroo was fuming in jealousy n kissed his mother were maan kissed..
Dada,how dare u kiss my mama’I’ll take revenge for this..
He snorted his nose..
At the same time,the waiter came with apple juice..
Araav moved to maan n sat opposite to him..maan took both glass in his both hands n kept the straws on their lips..
Chalo chalo..ab jaldi se peelo..
Ani n arav again looked at each a blink of second,they both poured it on maans pant..he forgot to tell this time..not to add ice n here his parts below waist were freezing in cold..
Maans eyes were popping out..geet was again laughing at him n his expressions..
I know my name is geet..u don’t want to remember me..
She said between her laugh..
Ggeeettt..he gritted his teeth..
u r laughing at my plight..
maan shouted n ani n aarav was a bit afraid at his raise of tone..they crawled on table n moved to geet..both hugged her neck keeping their faces on her shoulder..
they cutely complained to her..
maan,u scared them..see how they are hugging me..i know u r dd..but u don’t want to prove it to kids also..
maan closed his eyes n controlled his anger..
I am sorry ..
He came to his kids n asked sorry..they both turned their faces..
They don’t understand this way..
Then how should I apologise..
Hold ur ears n ask sry..
Yes mr..khurana..ur kids wont accept ur sorry till then..
Maan felt ears in public..that too man singh khurana..
Geet read his mind..
U r not great business tycoon maan singh khurana here..u r maan..sirf maan..their who has scared them..if u want them 2 talk to u,u must apologise..
Maan held his ears ..sry pari..sry champ..
They both looked him thru corner of eyes..both looked at each other..then their mama..
Geet signaled..poor dad..forgive him..
Both smiled at maan..n he felt relieved..even though its for minutes,he cant see them turning their faces from him..he extended his hands n both went to him..
His eyes was moisted n geet was looking at the ma(a)n which she don’t know..she has always seen hard like a shell he was very sensitive with his kids..
Maan,u be here,I’ll come back in 5 minutes..
She went n came back ..maan was playing with his kids’
Geet gave the packet..
Whats this..
Ur dress..Maan go n change’.
Maan stood up giving ani n aroo to geet..when he saw the looks on others face,he looked down..n he was embarrassed seeing the pant wet near his thighs..
O!shit!all were thinking..i’
Maan hided his front with the packet,making his body posture more funny,twisting n started to run towards washroom’
Geet was having a nice time’after maan went she scolded both of them..
What r u doing with ur
They said in baby language..
Haan haan patha hai mujei..daddy brought juice u don’t like..
For that u made him bath in juice..n doing tantrums ,,is this the way to behave..
Aaroo showed geet again something..
Haan haan..i know..
After sometime maan came changing to the dress geet gave’geets jaws dropped seeing him..she purposely brought a low neck tshirt for him n a denim jeans..he looked smoking hot with his exposing chest n abs’
He was looking different..he never weared these types of dresses he had no other choice than wearing these..
Maan came n sat near geet..he was surprised to see anjali n aarav having their drink silently’they even made noises from straws ,after the drinks finished too..
Geet,how they r drinking quietly..what magic u did..
He asked in extreme surprise..
Maan,anjali loves pink colour..n so she loves rosemilk..n aarav likes orange he drinks orange juice..he pointed u orange n u didn’t understand..
Ohh..but how will u give them other juices,if they do tantrums like this..dont they like other juices..
Geet rolled her tongue inside her mouth..n her eyes had naughty smirk playing till now with him..
Bathau na geet..
Wo ..maan..they do love all juices..
She took sippers from her bag’
U must fill juice in this n give it to them..simple’ seeing colours they wont drink anything..
Maan was now?????
Arghhh..she was all the while enjoying the tantrums of ani n aarav..
Maan glared at her, but couldnot stop himself from smiling.. thinking about kids n the way they gave sweet tortures
Maan paid extra for making the mess n cleaning..
Yup..dress for kids
Maan pushed her inside the readymade shop..both entered the kids section..
The salesman welcomed them n started to show dresses for ani’here again both created huge fuss’
Aarav wanted dress for him first’n both were giving angry glares to each other..whereas maneet looked each other was the salesman..then maan said,they will look for both at same time..n two salesman were set to show for aarav n other 4 ani’both rejected all..but geet took upto her selection..still both were not convinced with maneet bought for them..though they both liked the favourite colours of dresses choosen by geet..
N even geet didn’t know why they were not liking anything’maneet sat on the chair,fully exhausted..keeping baby’s stand on their feet..they both took steps towards other side.walking inbetween the hanging dresses..they started to throw all n atlast took what they want..ani touched a frock printed with dora..aarav was standing next to a spiderman dress.they both were pulling the dress…maneet laughed at their choice n asked to pack it ani n aarav were happy..
Now mr..khurana..
For my lady love..
Both entered ladies section..
It was easy for them than ani n aarav..but here also they tried to select for their mama..atlast geet gave up..maan ,nomore..lets go home..
No dear..still somethings are bending..
Follow me..
maan started selecting lingeries for her.. Geet was feeling he was choosing with atmost concern..the sales girls were drooling him..he will whisper in gets ears all naughty things n make her blush..
geet,u will look more sexy in this two piece..
u take this also..
it will be useful for u to swim..he took a swim suit..
she blushed a lot..
n the girls around were jealous looking at the pair..
geet couldnot stand the intense gaze around she left the place.,taking aarav with her..
maan took ani n tried to follow her instead he tripped upon a girl,who had a small girl in her hands..
maan caught her before landing on floor..
there was gasp all around ..geet turned n saw the scene..
she was burning in jealousy..
how maan could touch other girl..
maan placed the girl on feet.
He said sorry to the girl..
.he patted the baby’s cheek’n pinched the cheeks n gave a kiss..saying cute baby..
are u n baby ok..did u got hurt..
he asked in concern of baby..
here ani was jealous seeing her papa being so caring to another girl..
geet turned n moved ahead..stamping her foot..
when maan neared her she did not even talk to him..n aarav was so happy’ he gave a victorious smirk ,that expressed in his naughty eyes also..because now no chance his mama will let his dad come close to her
anni and geet both get jealous as well as angry with maan…
aroo saw ani who was looking maan with angry red eyes..
ka ani..(kya ani) (aaroo,dady gave ummah to that girl)
aarav also got angry at his daddy for making his sister angry..
poor maan doesnt even know y geet n babies are angry he asked to aroo
what happen champ?
aaroo also gave him angry glare and anni too.
Maan tried his all skills to manofy all 3..even he held his ears now before all..they did not budge a little..if geet said the babies would have been they r also giving hand to maintain it..geet came n stood in the line to pay bill..maan said he will do..
She stood their stubbornly..the girl whom maan collided also stood next to them..
Aroo looked ani n then the next minute the baby in ladies hand was screaming in loud voice..
Maneet looked at baby,only to see aaroo pulling her hair n make her cry,,
Aaroo st:bcoz of u my sister is papa gave ummah to u cry..thats the punishment for making my sis angry..
Geet pulled aaroos hands from baby’s hair n apologized that girl now,who was pacifying her baby..
What a boy,u have..see how my girl is crying..
Mam,I said sry hai..kuch pata nehi hai extremely sorry..
Maan too apologized for aroos behavior..
They collected the bags n moved out..
Geet was taunting aarav,but he was happy seeing the smile in anis face..
Shaitan hogayi tum..dd ka beta..dd
Maan made a baby face ..
Geet meine kya kiya..
Aapne kuch nehi kiya..kuchbi nehi..go..go n hug that girl..,my princess is jealous..
Maan pinned her to a corner..ani was on his shoulder feeling sleepy..n aaroo was busy checking their fights..thinking daddy will not come near mama..
Maan placed a peck on her lips..making geet n aarav shock..but he gave a slap on maans cheek..maan took his hands n kissed it.. meri patni don’t disturb us..he turned to geet..leaving a fuming aaroo 2 think what to do next for keep away from mama..
I love you only geet..u know well..its an accident..we collided..i caught her only to save the baby from u want more explanations mrs..khurana..
Geet nodded no looking at floor fully red..
Tho chalein..
As ur wish..
I want to buy kids necessaries..
They both went to kids shop..
Maan,u go n buy feeding bottles for both..till then I’ll buy diapers..n look for other things
Ani was sleeping now..
maan went to buy it.maan was cherishing the whole day incidents..n how both made his condition worse..
the sales girls ask him whether he wants extra nipples?????????? he didnt get what nipples she is talking about he was too much lost in his wife n kids,he thought only went to geets feed..he thought,its something like mothers nipple that came 2 market for babies..(maanki akalhi nehi hai kya)n his thoughts went to geets milky white skin n he blushed thinking about her..
is that must..he asked in blue..
sir,sometimes kids may bite n the nipples may get,keeping spare is better..
ok..then give..
she took the nipples pack n gave to maan..
that’s when maan understood, what she was talking about and says to himself maan bete tumhara dimag bhi kya kya sochta was about to make fool of urself..thank god,geet is not near me..warna,she will tease me..
maan paid for bottles n the purchase geet did..they both came home..
only to see lots of packets in house..
maan,ye sab..when u bought these..
I did this for my lets have dinner n sleep..
They both fed both kids n slept..

Geetanjali -Part 48

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Maan was overwhelmed with the love of geet..she never let babies away from him..she must have shown him in photos n must have talked to them about me..warna,how could babies realize me as their father…she has given them the feel of me even in sleep by tucking them with my,only they always slept peacefully with me..they did not even ask for their mother to make them sleep..geet was making them feel me till they don’t miss me..she was there as father n mother to them’but what I did to her..
maan looked at geet..she was looking everywhere than him’when she felt aaroo n ani are in deep slumber,she started to move outside the cabin..
Geet..maan called her in a low babies don’t wake up bcoz of his voice..
Geet thought,she is dreaming his voice..why must he call her,when he don’t want her in his life’
She moved again..opened the door n entered his cabin’ Maan thought she did not hear him..he too followed her closing his private room n entering his cabin..
Vicky was waiting outside his cabin..he can see maneet thru the blinds’they did not see him’

Maan called her again

She was still moving on, to leave his cabin also..she was chiding herself mentally..
Geet u have gone crazy..u r thinking maan is calling u..why he came here..bcoz of his love towards kids..yes..for kids..not for me..he doesn’t love me..he loves only anjali..
She stopped when she felt a tug on her pallu..
her heart skipped a beat..she held her sari n turned around..maan was holding her sari corner n looking at her with piercing gaze..
Geet,didn’t u hear me..i called u so many times..
Geets st:whats there to talk now..why would u call me..whats left between us..
Maan saw the pain in her eyes..
She pulled the sari n it slipped from his hand..
Geet started to move again..
She closed her eyes..
No geet..if u stay here more,u will be shattered again..then u cant get out of it..he doesn’t think u as his wife..go geet..go away from here..before he breaks ur heart again..
Geet opened the door to leave..
Maan was anger on himself..more than it now geet is avoiding him n her silent treatment is killing him..n pushing him to guiltness..
Maan,no..u must open up now’its already late..bcoz of ur madness she n babies have suffered enough..not more’go talk to her maan..get back ur geet..
Geet..please stop’i..i..want to talk to u’
She did not stop..she moved on..n Vicky neared her’
Geet..kuch tho bathau..chup kyun ho’please talk to me..bash me ..curse me..take ur anger on me..but talk to me..i cant bare ur silence..
Geet placed her head on vicky’s shoulder..
Champ,tell ur jiju..he only gave me the promise not to talk to him’I’m just following his words like always..
Maan closed his eyes’she is still following his words..respecting his words..
Maan pulled her n took her in his embrace..
I take my promise to me..please..dont avoid me’
Vicky was baffled at first by his pull..he was getting more angry on him..but maan’s voice n his plea n his eyes was showing different emotions’
Excuse us Vicky..

Maan took her inside his cabin again..
Please to me..i took my promise to me’please..
He cupped her face n kissed her forehead ever so gently’when his lips touched her skin,she felt weak on her knees…geets eyes started to moist n tears started to flow’she was strong till now..his closeness always make her vulnerable..he kissed those tears..
Geet..i’m sorry..i’m so sorry for whatever I did..i know i cant erase whatever I did to u..but I promise I’ll make the bitter past erase n fill with happiness..i..missed u all this days..there is no day I did not think about u n our baby’I never knew u did not abort our baby’
She looked at him with confusion..n lots of questions..
He read her mind n said..
I’m sorry geet..i did not have courage to read ur letter till only I came to know about our baby..n I searched for u..ur call n babies cry brought me here’
He kept his forehead on hers’
Geet tumhare maan ko maaf kardo..please talk to me’I cant live without u n really to me..
Now geet looked at him ..her eyes spitted anger..the helplessness which she was keeping inside her came out as an outburst..
sorry..can u makeup with that one word maan..kitni aasaani se sorry kehdita aapne…can u make up this leap between us ,which was created by u’do you know how much I suffered being away from you..when I needed u most u r not there for me..mainly.
where were u when our baby needed you’
where were u when I was craving for ur one glimpse..
do u know how much I wished to talk to u..
u simply gave me a promise don’t talk..
do u know ur one word changed my world..
u did not even let me speak..did u let me speak to say about our babies..
where were u maan..
can u bring those days back.i was looking for u to take us back with u…
when our baby kicked at first.where were u maan..
when I was craving for ur love..ur presence to be with me at my labour where were u maan..
when the babies were born where were u to hold them..
when all were asking who is their father where were u maan..
when the babies were looking at all mens with their kids..where were u maan…
kya galath hai is nanhi jaanki..apni papa se door rehne ki..
kyun unhe thadpaya maan..kyun..
maantha hoon..i did not say im geet..but I said u maan I love you..i love you..i love you..kitni baar kahaan hai mei aapse..kabhi tho vishwaas kiya hotha na maan..didnt u see even once my love in my eyes..How can u think I can move on forgetting u..if u cant forget ur first love then how can u expect me to move can love differ for u n me..urs n anjalis relation was only 10days..u spent only one night with her..but im legally ur wife..ive been with u all nights..spent time with u more than anjali..didnt u feel my love once maan..
geet shook him by his shirt collar’maan let her do ,whatever she wants..he is at fault n he must get the punishment..atleast her pain will drain by pouring her heart out’
his heart pained hearing her each n every word’making him feel he is the unlucky person on earth to miss precious things in life’n without her fault he made her suffer..

If u really want me 2 be happy..u would have kept near u n given me the happiness..not by pushing away n putting me dark’where were u maan..when I was dieng to talk to u day n night…aapne aasaanise mujei aapki zindagi se bahaar bejdi..kabhi poochatak nehi mei kya chahthi hoon..mera dil kya chahtha hai..
Aapko chaahtha hoon..har waqt aapke baarein mei sochtha hoon..tak chuki thi maan..har waqt aapka rah dek dek kar tak chuki hoon..i felt scared when babies will grow n ask about their papa..what will I say..he left me..bcoz im not his love’
Kya jawaab doon maan’boliye na..muj jesi badnaseeb maa koi bachi ko na mile..
im the unlucky girl,who did not get parents n sister’s love from childhood nor to live with them..
when married also I’m the unlucky one who cannot make her husband love her..
im the unlucky mother who cant even say to her childrens why their father don’t live with them..
I’m ..
Maan couldn’t see her blaming herself for his fault..he cant see her in tears more..
He pulled her n sealed her lips with his..taking her pain in to him..
I love you geet..
He said inside her mouth n again captured her lips with a soul smoothing kiss..
Geet was first shocked..then surprised..then happy with his words’n his kiss said his words are true..expressing his love to her..the three words which she was waiting for a long to hear from him..he said those magical words..he repeated again’
I love you geet..truely I love u..i’m sorry for what I did’I’m the unlucky fellow to push my happiness out of my life..
please geet forgive my mistake n give me a chance to correct it..i’ll never give u a chance to complain about me..this time im giving u right to take decision geet..bcoz.ive no right on our babies nor on you..i made decisions only to hurt you…n I wont compel u to take decision thinking about me bcoz I feel sry or guilt…if u want me to be with u n kids’I’ll come into ur life again’or I’ll spend my life thinking about u..
geet looked at maan,who was really repenting n confessing his can she let him go,when she knows he also loves him..
I’ll be waiting for u till my death geet..n will not stop loving u ..bcoz I know I love u more than my life..
Geet immediately pulled him n slammed her lips with his..her head nodded left n right..saying not to talk rubbish’
Vicky who turned n saw maans cabin was happy to see them both close..he just smiled n went away from there’his sisters happiness is what he wants n when she gets it then how can he hate the man who is still in love with his sister..
Both were kissing like they are kissing like first time..her body was set in fire..his hands rubbed her back to sooth her pain..instead it created a havoc inside her..maan pinned her to wall n kissed her madly..
Thank you geet’I love you..
I love you too maan’
Maan increased his pressure in her lips n started to suck her soft petals..she sucked his rough ones..
He rolled his tongue over her lip line n she did same teasing him..
Maan smiled at her..he is tasting her for first time purely thinking as geet not he felt the taste of their lips differs..
Maan took her to the couch n made her lay n he came over her’his hands squeezed her bare waist n she moaned in pleasure..
U really sound gud baby’
His hands unpinned her sari n letting it fall down on her waist’he kissed her nape n trailed down towards her neck n buldges..geet was getting jelly on her knees..he always create magic with his one touch..n she was loosing all her senses..
He gently removed her blouse n inner leaving her inskirt..
Maan massaged her curves while his tongue teased the nipples..
Maan..suck it.i want to feel ur lips .u r hell bent in teasing..
Maan chuckled seeing her plea’maan slowly kept his lips on her buds..but immediately released it..
Maan..what happened..
Geet..its rights of my son n I cant cherish it..with that he sucked her skin around ..he kissed everywhere on her nude upper
She guided him to the knot of skirt n reality dawned upon him..they were in office,,
Geet.. sorry for what I did.. u feel u think about also..
No geet..ive already fallen in love with you’n now there is no vacancy..when u r there..
Geet can u give me time for three months..
why maan..
I want to know u more..understand u as geet..i will near u proving myself a gud husband n father
I know im bad in expressing words still I want to fill that lonely part of urs with my presence..i want to create new forget the past..
Will u wait for me..geet I want to be with u with my full love understanding u in n out.i want to make love to u
Maan,we are not going to make love for first time..
Maan sighed..
Yes geet..i know..but that was different..mei tan or manse sirf meri geetka choona chaahtha hoon..
Geet looked at him..somewhere he is correct..he wants to feel me as geet not like before as anjali..
Geet:take ur time maan..when u think ur heart is ready to be with me by all means I will wait for u’.
Thanks math sochna I’ll be away from you..
She knotted her brows..
Whats the meaning of it?
Maan again crushed his lips on hers again tasting her every part of the rosy petals n the treasures inside..tasting the sweet nectar from her..
His hands wandered on her bare skin n his lips replaced it..
She moaned his name..
Maan..if u continue like this I’ll not give u 3 months time..i need u badly..
Sorry sweet heart..u must wait for me..n I promise I’ll make our lovemaking memorable for u..till then enjoy this..he again took her lips n she too claimed him equally till they were lost for breathe..
They both can feel each others craving in that kiss..their one kiss turned two n three n it continued till they felt they had each other for enough..when they felt thirst created in the leap between them has reduced they left each other n maan took her to the private room n slept holding each other’

U,me,aur…? Part 147




PART 147

Geets eyes turned at entrance hearing the footsteps..she froze at her place seeing maan with full of bandages n adi n bg’s helping him walk in..he was taking baby steps..

Geet shrieked seeing him like that..


Maan smiled at her..she came running to him..

He took his hand from adi n bg seeing  geet  running towards him..

Geet:yeh kya hai..adi bhai..raghav bhaiya..

She checked his hands n legs where his pant was folded to knees n had a bandage..

Maan:shh..shhh geet..nothing..nothing..its…

Geet:nothing..itna bada bandage n u saying nothing..

Adi n raghav made maan sit..both smiled at each other seeing geet queries..

Maan:kade kade meri mooh kya dekrahi ho dono..nikalo is pattiko.before ur sister bring the river in home jaldi nikalo..

He ordered both n both nodded their heads n sat near him..

Geet was confused..adi n raghav removed the big bandages..but they left a small bandage..

Maan stretched his hands ..

Maan: ouch..

Geet:kya hua..yeh sab kese..aur yeh aaplog kya kar rahi hai..muje kuch samaj mei nehi aaraha hai..

Geet said worriedly..n she blowed air  over the bandage like he will feel gud n get relieve from pain.

Adi:I ll tell u geet..

Adi: Maan n   I went for site visit today..

Geet:haan I know it

Adi:..we both were walking n checking the work u know we use cranes to shift heavy blocks ..we were checking the materials despatching there n the work progress.there was a child of labor ..suddenly the baby went towards the crane.we don’t know from where the baby came..she was showing something n moving. may be a butterfly.(babaji st:…woh mei n hi tha.)..n the crane too was overloaded n the rope  started  to break..the baby was straight below the crane..maan saw it n ran to save the baby..just by an inch he saved the baby..he got scratches..but hurt in joints of hands n legs..thats y these small  bandages..

Geet:then y that  big bandages..

All looked at each other..they took it as a chance to mislead shyam..

Maan:bcoz I need some things to sort I want to show the outer world im hurt n im in bed rest..

Geet just hugged him by his neck..adi n raghav left the two love birds to be alone with a knowing smile at each other..

Geet:agar aapko kuch hogo na prince..mein marjaungi..prince

Maan pulled her out of his embrace..n slammed his lips on hers..

Maan:how many times I will say u..never use this type of words..

Geet:lets go..u take rest..mei haldi wala doodh leke aathi hoon..

Maan made face which made her chuckle..

Geet:always u make me drink its my turn..

Maan:I ll for u jaan..

He tried to stand but the pain in joints made him wince


She immediately stood by his side..helped him reach their room..she made him lye on bed..her eyes was mist seeing his pain..

Maan:its only small wound jaan..In 2 days I will be fine..

Geet:hmm..mei doodh leke aathi hoon..she left..

Maan looked at her retreating figure..n smiled..

Someone truly cares for him..cries for him..isnt it what a man need in his life..till now he was showing his love n care on her..but today she showed it to him..

She came back with turmeric milk..helped him sit n made him drink..all the while he was looking at her lovingly..she wiped his mouth n asked him to sleep..

She looked very sad n he cant see her like this..

Maan:jaan..i want to change before sleep..

There was naughtiness oozing out from his eyes..but innocent geet..dont know it..

Geet looked at his official attire..

Geet: I ll get ur dress..

She came out with tracks n tee..

Maan:jaan..tracks will hurt my knee..n tee how can I insert my hands..see its bandaged na..

He said with an innocent face..n geet too thought ..ya he is right..

She again went n came with his vest..n worried face..

Maan want to laugh out loud seeing geet.

She thought to change his shirt first.n started unbuttoning his waist coat n then his inner shirt..she slowly removed both without hurting his wounds..he had his vest..she frowned looking at it n kept the vest she bought aside..

Geet:prince.u r already wearing vest..its not needed.par..

she looked at his pants..

Geet:.aap ke pass sab track pants hai..what will u wear then..

Maan: first remove it..then will think..

N geet nodded her head unbuckling his pants.he kept his hands on her shoulders n let her do the work…her nearness n her hands working on his sensitive area..she took off  his pants very carefully that it doesn’t touch his bandages..he stood only in his boxers..n she can see his member poking  n very hard..seems like geeet got his intensions n looked at him..he was smiling at her n his eyes told his passion..

She averted her gaze as the red hue covered her cheeks..

Geet:prince..plss..dont see me like that..

She said shyly..

Maan is not in mood to leave her..

Maan:kesa dektha hoon tumein jaan…bolo..

Geet whined shyly:prince..pls..dont tease ..

Maan:when did I tease u sona..aur waise bhi..i think im comfortable in this no need of track..haina..

He pressed his lips tight seeing her turn more red..he so much want to laugh at her..they have crossed all barriers n still she is same innocent shy geetu for him..

Geet nodded in yes..n then in no..she covered her face with palms..he took her hands from face n pulled her in a hug..

Her heart was beating fast..n he was enjoying their closeness..she buried her face in his chest..

Maan:my innocent baby..still shying..

Geet:prince aap bhi na..

She just smacked his hand forgetting he is hurt..

Maan:ouch geet..

Geet:soh no sry sry sry prince..she blowed air..feeling hurt seeing  his hurt..zor se lagi kya..ufff uff

She again blowed air..

Maan :no..

Geet:mein bhina…

Geet made him again lay on bed..

Geet:if u r ok with this costume..i too don’t have..she pulled the bedsheet covering him n sat next to him..

Maan tried to get up..

She showed her fingers at him

Geet:khabardhar agar aap utte tho..let jaayiye..

mAan rolled his eyes seeing her bossing him..

maan:hmm ok..but what to do with him..his eyes signalled his arousal..

geet:usko kaho..till u r not well usei apne control mei rehne ko..

maan pouted..geet bent n kissed his lips..

geet:abteek haina..

how can he be when she gave him such sweet kiss..

maan:hmmm..tum bhi soja..

geet:I ll bring dinner for us..u take rest..

maan smiled n nodded..

kala came to know about maan n even dadi n Vicky too called geet n enquired about maan..she told about maans plan n asked them not to worry..

kala brought dinner for both ..maneet had their dinner silently..

she gave him his pain killers n laid beside him n both slept..



next day morning maan was waiting for the paper to come..he has watched the tv..n was happy seeing the news of him ..maan carried in stretcher inside the hospital n came out with bandages..

kala came with his black coffee n paper ..she  gave it to maan..

maan smirked seeing the paper too..his photo with big bandages..he left a big sigh of relief..

maan:now the ball is in my court..lets see will he keep his promise or not..



kala heard him say it..

kala:chotu..enna nadakuthu inga..(whats happening here)

maan:onnum illa..(nothing)

kala looked at him keenly

he smiled and said..

maan:akka it’s a play of business..u wont understand..n u don’t take unnecessary tensions..

kala sighed.. just worried for u.. me nothing will happen to me..

maan:where is gudia..

kala:she is bathing..


maan doesn’t go for kc for the next few days..he worked from home..his wounds heeled in 3 days..but still he kept himself inside his palace..n let geet go to college n office..but he cautioned her not to disclose about his injury to anyone n keep as secret..n she too obliged…


maan called his bgs n asked about shyams reaction..

but they had no answers..shyam was silent n he had no friends now other than sam..n sam too has gone to some work.. I must found it myself..

bgs:hmm wo sir..

maan:its ok..lets see his reaction when I come before him..get me a crutch from any store..

bg:ok sir..

maan:ab aayega mazaa shyam..i want to see ur pale face..kya sochrahi hai tu..hmm..


Stubborn Love – Part 20

stubbornlove banner



Part 20


Adi n geet who came to maans cabin had listen the last part of their convo n felt bad for him..geets heart broke seeing him like that.

crying-maan.his eyes showed the misery of his situation..he has been in dark till now..she never loved him..but he had weaved the dream of future with her..

Geet stoped sam who was crossing could she see sam insulting her love..her maan..she gave an angry look to sam..

Geet:u know what sam..u r a bitch..u r losing a diamond..n he is not a looser..he is a fighter..he will come back raising high..

Sam removed geets hands..

Sam:first see if u get this months salary or not….bloody beggers..

Geet want to slap sam..but adi held her..sam went away..

Adi :y u r stopping me adi sir..

Adi:more than her maan sir needs us..he showed maan who was looking at the floor..his head down..they both couldn’t see him like that n rushed to him..

Geet :maan sir.

.adi:maan sir..

Maan couldn’t look at them..he was broken beyond limits..he was ashamed of himself for not judging a girl whom he called  as his love.

Adi kept his hands on his shoulders..

Maan:she told a looser..looser..

He started to shed tears..geet stood there with silent tears..she doesn’t know how to console him..but adi took it in his hand..

Adi:for what u r shedding tears sir..for sam or for ur business..

He questioned maan making him think ..for what he is crying..if this project was not deleted  he would have never come across this face of sam..he should be happy for it she showed her true colours..but his heart..what about his heart that loved her..n now the project..what will he say to dadi..he lost..they will be left with nothing as he kept all to get loan from banks..

Maan:I lost..lost everything..

Geet came to her cant let him break like this..

Geet:sir..u r not a looser..see…see this sir..the project file..its all ready..we will get this project..we will bring kc back to heights..u wont lose anything..see sir..see this file..

She kept the file on his lap..thinking he will look at it..come out of depression..n she was right..

Spark twinkled in his eyes.lie his life came in his body .seeing the file..

Maan :project file

He looked at adi who nodded yes

He flipped the pages n saw everything was taken printout n kept neatly..

Maan:how?how adi..

Adi:geet had a copy of it…n she made the file..

adi:now see sir…all will be well..

maan stood up n hugged adi..

maan:yes now all will be well..i will show the world now who is msk..

maans eyes had a strange change.. she noticed it..the softness he carried always iin his eyes were lost after that incident..


maan was a totally changed person after that day..

he got the project..n all his loan was cleared within a month…he got excess money too as profit..n he invested all the amount in business..he had realized his mistake in business.n learnt from the betrayal of sam n sasha…u must not trust anyone..even ur shadow can betray u..

even though adi n geet had helped him he even kept them away from him..he never trusted anyone .his only motto was to climb the stairs of success n never to turn back..n he worked more harder..again within a time spam of 3 months he got the lost fame n name..the one who turned up when he was facing loss again approached him..maans ego started to get satisfy with it…he played his card well in business n made them turn up to him…he exactly want that n it happened. He smirked when they stood outside his office to see him for hours ..for his appointment…

maan gave the chief architect post to geet..n she was more than happy..

.he went to success parties to make his presence in business world..he drank and  danced with the girls too for the social media  ..the girls threw themselves on him but he maintained the distance. .touch me not other than a formal dance. .


day by day he was going arrogant..that made dadi worried..she even once had a talk with adi n came to know what changed her sweet loving grand child to arrogant young man..she has seen geet who is all ready to face him in his worst mood too..dadi has seen the world n she knew geet is in love with maan. N want a chirpy girl like her for him…but she want maan to get over the betrayal of he accept the new girl in his life..she even talked to maan about marriage..but maan denied to marry..he just hate the sight of girls….. it seemed too late as dadi started to realize maan is totally against marriage n his hatred for women has increased ten  folds seeing the clingy girls who are ready to throw themselves for his money n fame..

he poured his frustration doing martial arts n spending time in only added his hotness..which made the girls go gaga for him..n maan being the one tasted the bitter from sam was now fully aware of what the girls need from him..he was always unreachable for all..

on other side sam too got the film chance n went for outdoor shooting..she never came to know that the simple maan has changed now into  a successful business man..


Mohinder started to feel changes in geet..she spent less time with him..she looked very happy than before..she spent her all leisure time in office works n preparing files which she took with her home…he enquired about geets company n came to know its growing up again..n well established..the boss has taken good care of his company now..

It was one day mohinder n geet were having bf together..

mohinder:geet is ur work

geet:fine dad..

mohinder:hmm I think the  company u r working is now again growing up..

geet:yes dad..maan…I mean maan sir is hard worker..n she started her ram katha of maan which made mohinder feel weird..he thought geet is getting attracted towards that maan  n want to stop it..he must get more details about him..he made a note mentally..

he cleared his throat..

mohinder:hm..geet I have got a land on ur name we must go for registration..jaldi se tayar hoke aana..u must sign the papers in reg office..

geet looked at the watch

geet:but dad..i have to go to office..aaj ek presentation hai..n I have the files with me..send it with someone..

geet:but dad..

mohinder gave a stern look..

mohinder:I think u have worked enough now u can join us..

geet was way too shocked to hear such statement from him..

geet:but dad..i have signed agreement with them..

mohinder:I can compensate the amount they daughter doesn’t need to work when she has 1000s of people working under handa groups of company..

geet was left speechless.

Geet:dad..yese kese..

Mohinder:u asked to give permission to work outside..i im saying its enough..

Mohinder:now go n get ready..n haan change this simple salwar..n come with me like princess handa..

Geet:papa..pls give me atleast somemore time..till they get another head architect..u know how will company suffer..pls dad..then I ll leave..

She told half heartedly..

Mohinder:ok u can work for 2 more weeks…now go get ready n come waiting for you..

Geet nodded her head n went inside..

Daima gave her the grand chudi..n matching jeweleries..geet weared it n came to her dad..

Geet:papa chalein..

Mohinder gave  her a look from top to bottom..satisfied with her dressing he said..

Mohinder:hmm lets go..

Humrahi Part 57




Part 57


Three days after Vicky called them n told maan has returned back to Chennai..after that there was no call from nor Vicky..

There was deep hollowness in geets heart..she want to be with maan..n here she is in her mayka..noone noticed or asked what she wants..they did their best to feed her healthy food..make her take rest n keep her happy(according to them)..tej brought many story books..which she only starred n read none..but told them she had a gud time pass..she expected call from maan..atleast his voice was enough for her heart to give peace..but seems like god is testing her..he never called her after that..whenever she called his number came switched off..

She was feeling restless n last she asked  tej to call Vicky or dev n know about she never had a direct chat with both bil’s she was little hesitant..tej called he is the one with maan..


Vicky:hello tej ji..boliye..

Tej:who..jiju s phone is coming switched off..woh teek hai na.we didn’t get any call from him..gudiya..i mean geet is worried…how is the situation now there..

He received a big sigh on other side..

Tej:kya hua Vicky..

Vicky:woh..bhai ka phone pani mei girgaya while coming back..i have given to service..power cut is there..we r using generators in company.n invertors at we r able to charge..its still we couldn’t come out..

Tej:jiju..woh kahaan hai..

Vicky:u know about the flood..n staying there ..surrounded by stilled water most of them got infected..n maan too..he is down with  fever..

Tej:oh no..ab kesi hai jiju..

Vicky:today only dr.confirmed its viral..he will take about 10 or 15 days to cure..dr.has prescribed medicines..bhai ne kaha cb will be don’t say her anything..

But geet has already heard everything..

Tej:ji..can we talk to him..

Vicky looked at maan who was sleeping..

Vicky:past two days he was coughing..n couldn’t sleep bcoz of fever…he is sleeping now only bcoz of medicines..

Tej:hmmm.woh jiju ke saath..

Vicky:don’t worry im there to take care of him..when he wakes up I ll say him to call u..


Vicky:maa se bhi meri baath hui thi..she told if cb comes here at this time she will be affected..and its not good for baby..

Tej:hmm I take care of yourself n jjiju too..


Both kept the phone..

Tej looked at geet who was looking sad..

Tej:gudia..its only fever..vicky told na..

Geet:I cant be with him when he needs me ..

Saying she left to washroom where she can cry her heart out..she murmered herself..maanji  didn’t feel like sharing about his health too to me..kya mei itni parayi hogayi hoon unkeliye..usko meri age patha nehi ..ismei meri kya galathi hai,,,I miss u maan ji..pls come n take me with u…

She stood there shedding her tears ..then washed her face n came out…like nothing happened..


Other side sd decided to get geet back home..its long time geet is staying in her may create unwanted things in villages for both families..she doesn’t want anyone to question about them…she  sent nakul to amritsar to geets house with the msg..rano welcomed nakul n realised its time for geet to return..rano told nakul that she will come n drop geet by Sunday..that is in 2 days..she cant send geet empty hand..she has to send her properly with the respect expected by her in laws..

When tej returned from office she told him about nakul s arrival n sd’s msg..she asked him to get some things from groceries..geet was a mute spectator..she just helped her mother in whatever she does..she helped rano in making sweets n snacks..

Rano:geet..lets go n meet darji before u go to ur inlaws house..i too haven’t met him for last few days..

Geet :ji maa

Both went  to hoshiarpur n met darji..he was so happy to meet geet.he was so weak n pale..his old age reflecting on him…hearing she is pregnant he was over joyed..n blessed her…he even wished to see the great grand child before he leaves the world..both rano n geet scolded him for that..after spending a little time with him both got back to their home..

Geet expected maans call but he didn’t was Sunday n tej n rano took geet to maans house..her dad  only asked her to take care of her n baby..she just nodded her head n bid bye to him..

Sd welcomed geet rano n tej..she asked about geet about her well being n baby..Sd n rano had a few talks here n there..then about maans illness n situation..

Rano:damadji kesi hai ab

Sd: Vicky told he Is still  same..fever  is high..he is under mmedication n soon he will be better

Rano:..hmm dev  tara.. where r they?

Sd:they left  to delhi..without ansh  the house seems so void..

Rano:ji haan bache idhar udhar ghumthi hai..n after they leave we feel the emptiness

Sd:sahi kaha aapne..

Rano:ji..when will geet go to Chennai..

Sd:I thought to send her..but the situation there..u know..its not good for geet n baby..dekhiye..maan bhi bimar I thought once the matter is settled maan himself will say everything is fine..then  let him come n take her..

Rano thought for a while..

Rano:haan..aap bhi teek kehrahi hai..

But geet  state was unexplainable..few more days..she cant  go back to maan..tilll he himself says..

Sd:hum sochrahi the..geet ki godhbarai yahi karein…meine panditji se baat ki..he gave me auspiscious day ..

Sd told about the planning call relatives..n about shaguns n all

N rano accepted it..seeing his mothers face tej knew what is running in her will they do the function  as they expect..geet  has just entered the 3 rd month..only 4 months left..n he has to arrange money..they still have debts which they borrowed for her godhbarai..then baby..followed by many..tej started to think ways to get money..


Rano n tej left asked geet to take rest..

It was night when sd got call from vicky..they both talked and then she talked to  maan .. she saw geet standing looking at her n phone..knowing what exactly geet wants she  gave to geet to talk to maan..

Geet was so happy ..finally she got to speak with him..but she was conscious as sd was beside her..


There was silence..followed by cough of maan..n then he answered..

Maan:hello..kesi ho..

Geet:ji..mein teek hoon..ab aapki tabyat kesi hai..

Maan:hmm.bukar hai..cold is.better..but dry cough is there kya kaha..

Maan:he has asked to come after 5 days..

He started to cough badly..she felt bad hearing it..she stood helpless hearing him cough..

Geet:maan ji kya hua..

Vicky took the phone from him..she heard Vicky saying him to have water n rest..

Vicky:cb..woh..dr.told him not to speak much..isiliye..

Geet:hmm..mei..maa ko phone dethi hoon

She gave the phone to sd..

Then she heard  sd saying about home remedies to get rid of cough n Vicky  accepted to follow it..geet felt a relief..someone is there to look after maan..

Geet  started to have morning sickness. Digestive problems..giddiness…it was all new for her.. but sd was  always near her to help her..say her its all normal in pregnancy..what to have n what she should not do..geet followed what she said..

Maan didn’t talk much bcoz of his health..but Vicky did mostly daily..n geet  was happy with the news she got  thru..but she missed her maanji  a lot n waited for that day when he will come n take her with him..15 more days passed like this.she  seemed normal to all..she ate what her mil gave..did what she asked..took rest when she told..went with her to places n temples or to relatives place wherever she took..she talked to tej inbetween when he called..but she wasn’t happy..the one she wants was not near her..her husband..

maan was better.. he was feeling week after the viral..the life got better n Chennai n all people got back to normal works..n when maan too got back to his work he felt energised..vicky too was back to college..

maans thoughts were filled with geet..but he was hesitant..they never talked like was a normal hi how r u n take care..


savitri called maan when he was in office..

maan:hello maa..kesi ho

sd:im fine..but u say is ur health now

maan:much better ma..

sd:hm so can u travel


sd :maan..its high time..geet is with me.u come here n take her with long she will be here with  she is in 4th month…if the place is near I myself will come there with her..but I cant travel that much..n .i must  also go to aru’s house ..sambandhji kya sochenge..

maan sighed..he cant run away from his responsibilities.. what u want me to do..

sd:shehzaada yahaan aayiye aur apne patni ko lejayiye..

maan:ok..i ll book my tickets n will say u..

sd:ok..15th n 22nd is good day to take her with u…book tickets according to it for u both..

when maan booked his tickets n confirmed…geet was all up in air..she felt like butterflies flying in her tummy..her maanji is coming to take her with him..


precap:how will maan behave with geet..will this gap bring them together or ..will it create a huge gap between them..


Stubborn love – Part 19

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Part 19


Geets dreams was always with being close to him she came to know more about his likes n dislikes. she was mostly lost in him when he is around n  she even collided with him.. he always blasted on her for being a stumbling queen…she was his secretary but she couldn’t stop the designer in her.. sasha was fuming inside with the importance maan gave to her. though maan was irritated he couldn’t deny the ideas  given by geet..she was a fresher n had fresh ideas.. on the other side maan started to face many problems..the news has spread now that his company is sinking..maan was too worried  as the clients started to back out from projects.. only small budget constructions was left with him..he started to spend more time in office..whenever sam called him to take her out he asked her to come to office..maan engrossed himself in work n denied outing n partying with her..slowly the rift started between sam n maan..

Maan expected her to be understanding..but she came as an additional tension to him..

Maan got to know about a new project..the company was big n had a big name..if he got the project he would gain the name back..n that project will gain enough profit for him to overcome the maan adi geet n sasha were working over it..sasha left soon always..just like other staffs..she left after the office time is over..

only geet n adi stayed with him.


geet made him black coffee every time he needed.n maan started to like her coffee very much..she made sure she doesn’t make her dad  angry too n reached home before he comes.. her daima helped her mostly..she used to say about her office..boss..adi sir..sasha n others too to her..geet told a few things too about he  works over his loss n determined to get back the company from sulking state..


it was the day of presentation..n sasha’s single mistake made all their hard work erase in a second..maan was in peek of his anger..

sasha:s..sry sir..i don’t it got erased..i will try to recover it.. u think u can recover it..u stupid idiotic took 10 days for us to make the project..n u say u can make it just a couple of hours..

adi:maan down..lets think something else..any possibilities..what if its still in hard disc..

sasha:hmm I will call the service man..may be he will be able to recover it..

maan shoot an angry glare at her..if that look can burn anyone sasha would have turned into ashes..

maan:u r fired now .

sasha:sir sry..pls don’t  fire me from work..

maan roared:.just get out of my sight..before i kill you..

he roared..this was the last chance for him to get back his everything..but today he felt defeated..


sasha turned:waise bhi …who will work here when its always sinking..already I was thinking if I did a right thing by joining here..

she added ghee in his burning anger n left him  in a breaking state..

adi st:yeh geet..where is she..itni badi hungama horahi hai n she is nowhere to be seen..


same time sam entered..n adi knowing she is maans gf..let them both alone..but he didn’t know he is doing wrong by leaving them alone..

sam:hello maan..

maan:hello here at this time..

sam:wo kya hain..i just want to give you a gud news..


Sam:I got a film offer..i have signed u know how much I got..20 lakhs..

He was already in a foul mood n her news didn’t give him happiness..he closed his eyes n tried to control his raising anger.

Maan:sam..pls..u know I don’t like ur modelling itself..then film..dadi wont accept  our relation if u join film sam..


Sam:are u out of mind maan..20 lakhs..i have got half already as payment..

Maan:sam..we can get money at any time..think about us sam..

Sam gave a look at him..a look he never had seen in her face..

Sam:u r jealous maan..u know what..u r ridiculous..

Maan:sammmmm..why will I be talking only about us..our relation..our future..our married life..

Sam started to laugh..

Sam:great joke maan..this years greatest joke..

Maan:sammm..w..what r u saying..joke…dont u love me..I love u sam…n i have dreamt of us..

Sam:sry baby..i love my dream future n fame more than myself. N about love..i don’t know about it..ya..i loved to be with you..bcoz of ur physique..the attention u got..n remained untouchable for all..all wanted u..n I made them look at i made u help me from that thief..

maan knotted his was planned..

sam:hmm what to do get closer to u i did that small play.n about our future..ya I too thought being with you… when i came to know about ur raise in business.. I thought I ll get a good life…alas..u started to step down..i thought to give a chance even after knowing u r facing downfall ..what if u get this project. N u will be again in top…but its also lost..n now u r of no use… seeing u now..

She gave a disgusting look at him..he was worn out bcoz of the problem. Working late nights has made him have dark circles…n she has made him turn pale more with her words..he felt fooled..betrayed..used..


Sam:hmm..where i was…haan..along with u I will also be in platform..huh..sam is best..deserves best..n will have the best..but not a failure like you to have beside her..i cant intro u as my BF to others now..see you look..yuck..u r  a looser maan..u cant get me anything I wish..think of the last few days..u didn’t take me for an outing too..u don’t have money..n u think I will also starve with wasting my time with i decided to move going to fulfill my be a heroine..but u..a zero..not a hero…anyways best of luck for ur poor future..good bye.

Maan collapsed on the chair..

his state was very miserable..heart wrenching..who can understand his pain…

the one.. he thought  who will be a support for him left him totally shattered..

U,Me,Aur…? Part 146





Part 146


Here maan was restless after knowing chopras met with geets group..n the other too..but they  too has told them they have signed the agreement with kc n it will cost their career..but geets case is different.

Till now none knew about geet..but now..all know geet work in his company…he was keeping her away from all till now..but it wont be from now on..she has to face all..

Moreover shyam…how will he harm himself..yeh shyam bhi na..what should I do will he protect geet..he has promised he will be away from geet if he is harmed..maan rubbed his forehead..thinking how to solve this matter..


Geet n Vicky were way too happy..but more than geet it was Vicky..his happiness evident in his face n his mad behavior..his grin plastered ear to ear..geet can easily guess the reason..its her prince ..

The mansion came n Vicky asked geet to come with him..but she said she want to meet her prince first.

Vicky smiled at geet again like a maniac..

Vicky:baby..ek kaam karogi..

He asked scratching his was unlike him..he was looking like a fool with that grin..

Geet:hmm..anything for my sweet Vicky..

He kissed her cheeks..

Vicky:give this to bro on behalf of me..

Saying he ran inside leaving geet shocked..

Vicky stopped at entrance n said..but don’t say I kissed u..he will feel jealous..

He winked n ran inside..

Geet came out of her shock n went to palace..


She called him loud..maan who was in deep thought came out of his trance..

Maan:geet..why she is shouting like this..does anyone harm her..

A fear gripped him n he came running down..

Seeing him geet put her arms around his neck n hugged him tight..kissing him all over his face..

Maan too hugged her tight feeling her fit n fine..


Geet:im so happy..happy happy..yehhh

Maan smiled seeing her antics..

Geet: we r going to work for u..

Maan:now too u r working for me..

Geet:that’s only me..but now we all..

Saying she pressed a tight kiss on his cheek..

Geet:someone asked me to give this as thank u for selecting our group..

She know maan wont like her taking vickys name..

Maan smiled..he too knew who can it be..he didnt mind..but felt happy..

Maan:ok now lets take rest..raath bohut hogayi..n u know I don’t like simple gifts..thank you gift tho kuch aur haina humare beech..

He came to his naughty mood pulling her close to him..

Geet didn’t let him speak..she placed her lips on his..n thanked him for everything..he lifted her up n took her to their room

N the night turned a long for both..

Morning maan was enjoying the view of his wife who has snuggled to him in sleep..n was not ready to leave him..even after he tried a lot..her whole body glued to him making him arouse.he had a naughty thought..

 maan started to play with her nipple pinching it hard..breaking her deep sleep ..

Geet:prince..aah..aah..kya karrahi ho.

She pulled the blanket up covering her body.

Maan:don’t try baby..that will be of no use..

Her eyes landed on the watch..

Geet:arei babaji..7o’ late for college..

Maan:ab yaad aayaa tumei..aaaj college hai..

Saying he tried to pull her more..

Geet:prince..please leave me na..

Maan:when I was trying to go did u leave me..


She cutely pouted..

Maan:give my morning kiss n u  r free to go..

She closed her eyes n neared him..her hands encircled his neck ..his lips touched hers n she took it for a full mouth kiss..he enjoyed the morning makes his day gud..energetic n lovable..

They broke when they felt the need of air..

Geet:ab main jaun..

Maan nodded in no..

Soon she was lifted up in air..the blanket  was left in bed..she felt shy..

Maan:not only also getting lets do our chores together..helping each other..what say..

Geet nodded feeling all red..

Both brushed n had bath together..she flinched when his hands touched at the skin where it  has turned all blue bcoz of his love..

He wiped her with towel n applied ointment on the places..

Maan:for a week no more romance..u r making me lose  before u  jaan..

Saying he pecked her forehead…

He gave her dress to wear n he  left to dress up..

She was combing her hair..

Maan:jaanu..woh chopras aadmi tumei tang nehi kiya na..

Geet:no..bhai thi na.. he tackled them..but how u manage them..woh tho khatarnak hai..haina..bhai said ..they will even kill mens ..

Maan careful sona..they will try to reach u anytime..dont be alone..always keep ur friends with u..ok..

Geet nodded like a gud girl..

Geet:meri babaji haina mere pass..he will take care of all things..

She said  in flow..

Maan:hmm..ur babji..ok..ask him to do a favour for me..


Maan:who tho tumhare babaji jaanthi hogi..what is my problem..lets see how he solves mine..

Geet:my babji sabki sunthe hain..i ll ask babaji to solve ur problem too..

Maan: st:lets ur babaji  helps u …

they had their BF n went to their works..

maan entered the kc in his usual style..all running here n there..

adi entered his cabin..n both talked about the previous  day n about the phone call by shyam..

adi:hmm..lets think ..n take a gud decision..we cant rush up..we must make a full proof plan for it.


Adi:maan..can I ask one more thing..

Adi reluctantly asked..

Adi:as a friend..not to my boss mk..

Maan sighed..

Maan:u r my friend..arent u calling me by name now..bolo..whats bothering u..

Adi:geet ke saath never…in kc..

Adi couldn’t question him..he was stammering in fear maan was bad at moods many time.. there is no choice..u go n do ur work..send working agreement copies to college..

He closed the chapter then n there..indirectly saying adi to leave n not talk over it..same time agreeing for Vicky s placement in kc too.

The following days passed as usual..maan was found always thinking about geet was asking babaji to help maan comeover with whatever problem he had..

Babaji smiled at geets trust..n thought to help her..what if maan doesn’t believe him..he believed in geets babaji n asked him to help him is like asking to babaji only..

Geet came that day earlier from maan too was not in kc she had not much work..vicky went out with his friends..geet called it a day n came back to palace to make something for her prince..she hadn’t treated him till now..she will do it now..kala too came n helped geet ..though geet refused..kala left after she helped geet..

Geet was waiting for maan..but an unknown feeling started to grip her..something is bad..

Geet:babaji..what is this..

Babaji st:u only doing it..jab deko babaji babaji..yeh bachi bhi na..

Geets eyes turned at entrance hearing the footsteps..she froze at her place seeing maan with full of bandages n adi n bg’s helping him walk in..

ok i have given double can i expect my usual like n comments…its in ur hands to keep me hooked up here..okieees..bye for now..aaap log bhi jaao aur comment karo..mera dil khush karo..feeling a bit greedy..what to do yaar..Tongue




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U,Me,Aur…? Part 145


Part 145

Geet ,Vicky n gang were too happy…

arohi :its  time to celebrate..isnt it..we r going to work with bhai..i mean the great MSK..khurana constructions…

pari:yeahhh…we r going to work with dreamy..

her eyes flickered n she went to her la la land..

geet glared at pari..whenever it comes to maan pari s words made her jealous..n Vicky laughed seeing her plight..

Vicky pulled geets cheeks..n diverted her attention..

Vicky:oh my sweet baby..

Geet looked at him..


He whispered in her ears so others could not hear him..

Geet nodded her head in no..n then in yes..

Vicky:just few days baby.. and then when all will know about you..see their sure pari will faint ..

Geet smiled..

Vicky:u know what baby..  amongst the happiest u know y..

Geet:I know.

Vicky:u know..

Geet:u will be close to prince in ur the distance between u both will reduce..

Vicky was awed seeing her..she is now no more chidish..ya..there is a little bit..but she is understanding more now..

Heer:yaar. What u both are talking..

Vicky cleared his throat..

Vicky:wo..we are talking where to celebrate.. n when..

Prem:when…we all are going 2 party right now..

Arohi:yup..i saw a new mall opened last week.. let’s go there n celebrate..

All shouted agreeing to her..geet  msged maan that she is going out with her friends..maan msged her ok..n have a great time,n to  be careful..

Maan called her bgs n asked them to be alert around them now..

He has to be extra careful now as he has directly taken their team to work under him..this might be a hype in business world.mainly that rahul.n as maan expected Rahul has called his team..


In rahuls office

Rahul:u all are wasting money on you useless peoples..u all can’t even do one work  sincerely..

His team stood before them with bowed heads..

Rahul:do u all know why u all were there in that campus selection..

None answered..

Rahul roared like a  hurt lion.

Rahul:common say me dammit.. why u all went?

Staff:to select a team to work for us..

Rahul:n why we need a new team..

Staff:freshers will have new ideas..

Rahul clapped his hands..but they all knew it is dangerous for them..

Rahul:wow..bravo..very good answer..i like ur answer my next question with same intelligence..

Staff gulped his saliva..

Rahul:why u all didn’t select the groups.. which KC selected..not one ..two groups.. did u hear me..2 groups..n specially the second one which maan came directly to take in his company..whats in their team.. y u all disqualified them.. n took some useless team for us..

The Staff couldn’t answer him..

Rahul: answer me..

Staff jumped in his place

Staff:wo sir..wo..

Rahul came n held his neck..the others feared for their life

Staff:all rejected that we too rejected..

Rahul:is that only the reason.. phone came threatening us…

Next second he was lying in  floor drenched in blood..

Rahul:if u thought of your life..then u must have known me well..they only can threaten..but I ll take ur life for sure..

He looked at the others who stood rooted on their spots..

Rahul:go..get that group for us..i want them working under us..i will snatch every best thing of that KC..

They ran for their life..


Geet ,Vicky,Arohi  n all were celebrating their success..arjun too joined them after a few hours..he has promised to take arohi  for a dinner date..but it turned out to be a party of her n her friends n arjun happily joined them..

All were in their full mood..the whole mall looked at the group as they screamed n shouted expressing how happy they were….they completed their dinner  and were waiting for the bill to arrive..

few mens approached them..

they took the seat of their own..

mani:who are you..cant u see we have still not vacated the table..

rahuls men:we will directly come to  the point..we are from chopra construction..and our MD wants ur team to work with us..

geet  n arjun  were the 2 persons  who know about rahuls true colour..

arohi:where were u all when all rejected us..

Vicky:now u want us to work with u all think we will accept ur offer..

All were angry on them..geet pulled Vicky so he stops arguing with them.

Arjun being the matured one tried to handle it ..

Arjun:please guys..let me speak.. dare he comes n offers now..we don’t want to ..

Arjun : I said na..i ll talk..keep  ur mouth shut..

He said in a little harsh tone which they all haven’t seen till now..

Arjun:sir..if u have known the rules..u will not be here..sir  we are students..when a company selects a team the  first thing they do is to  make a contract n get it signed.. all have done it..if u want the team to work for u..first u have to make it cancelled by the selected company..that is kc..if u do it we all have no objection..for us its only a project to be done under a company..

Arohi n others were not at all happy with the way Arjun talked..

Arohi saw the  disappointed looks in all faces..

Arohi:but arjun..

Arjun:please arohi.. we will talk about your opinions later..

Prem:but jiju..

Arjun:I said none to interrupt me ..

All huffed n their faces showed they were angry on him..

Arjun:so will be better if u approach Kc S MD than us..n I have one more suggestion..after completeing the project we are free from contract..later we can work for you..

The mens felt what Arjun said was right..

Men:pls consider one more time..

Arjun:we will work once the contract is completed are cancelled..

The men left defeated..

Once they left arohi poured her venom on him..

Arohi:how dare u arjun..u have right to decide my future..but not for others..they are my friends..they are not bound to do what u accept..

Arjun:oh..ok..then go..i ll call him back..carry on with ur hatred talks.n end up fighting with them..then what will happen??.do you all know who they are n what they can do..they will kill you all if u ever raise ur voice on them..

Arjun said in frustration..

They all looked at him in shock..

Prem:what.kill us..u mean..murder…

Arjun:yes..rahul..chopra constructions ki MD..he  is no less than an underworld don.. in face of business man..his first enemy is maan..i mean KC..he  is trying in all ways to compete maan..but maan is reaching the number one u know what he did to one of maans staff..he killed him n threw away in railway track..if we got in rahuls bad books then we have to live our every second with maan is .living everysecond with fear…he is not scared of him..but for his staffs n those peoples who love him..he has to keep all away from him so he may save them from his enemies..

Geet now realised the extent of maans protectiveness..vicky held her hand which is now chilled with fear..same was his..if Rahul can do this to maans staff then maans life too is in sent shiver in both n they looked at each other..

Arjun:so only maan keeps his personal life away from all..n he has high security body guards always with him n even for his grandmother..

Geets eyes roamed around the restaurant and saw her bodyguard’s sitting in a last table n chatting..but their eyes were on them..

There was pin drop silence between them. .the fun they had till now has vanished n only fear was written all over them..

Manju:jiju..will they harm us.. only I talked to them wisely.. maan will surely take care of it..ok boys n girls…just worries..u r going to work with my karoos friend.

Geet who couldn’t hear any bad about her prince  said:he is not karoos ok..

Arjun twisted his lips n raised his brows.

Arjun:see his staff cant spare a word against her a loyal staff..

Geet realised her mistake..its good that she said in common n didn’t say he is her husband..

Arohi:she is brother is not karoos.ok .he is like jackfruit..has hard exterior but sweet in nature..

It changed the heaviness in air..after a little chat all left to home..

but Arjun was angry on arohi n he didn’t interact with her..after all left arohi came to him..she realised she did a mistake by not trusting him..

Aro:sry arjun..

He turned n walked away ignoring her words.

Arjun:its late..lets go home..

Aro:sry arjun..i know I hurt u by my words..but its not only about me..

Arjun:yes its not only about you I care.they are ur friends..they call me jiju..from when we started our relation its not only you are my family that I care ..they too  are n I care for them too..

Arohi:im really really very sry arjun..pls pls pls..

She held her ears not caring all are noticing them..

Arohi:if u didn’t forgive me I ll sit here till u forgive me..aur haan I ll call ur friend n say that u called him karoos..

Arjun chuckled..though he is hurt but it’s the situation that she is unaware he forgave her..n pulled her in a hug

Arjun:im not scared of your bhai..

Arohi:we will him n say we are going for long drive  n will get late to home..

Arjun:na baba..he will strangle me if I keep u with me out late night.

Aro:see how u r scared..

Arjun laughed..:acha baba..darthi hoon tumhara bhai se..ab khush..come lets go..ur dad will be worried for u..

Arjun dropped her n went to  home..



Maan woke up at evening n was shocked .. He slept during day time.. how can he.. he has lots of works n he can’t take rest.. he tried to get up..but he  couldn’t.. one side aarav n other side geet was still encircling him by waist. .he slowly removed their hands n went to washroom.. He splashed water on his face..

His St: no. no. I must soon find a solution for this…I can’t make them habitual to me like this.. then I won’t be able to go to office too.(how soon he has understood his cutie pies).

He came out wiping his face with towel only to see both of them waking up rubbing their eyes..they missed the warmth of maan n wokeup as soon as he moved to WR.. he looked at both.. There was no difference in them.. their cute pout n way of rubbing eyes was same like each other.

Geet started her complaints:patiji where u went without geet..geet was searching u..

She said with a cute frown..

N aarav was no less..

Aarav:papa..aaav bhi..papa ko ..

Maan sighed:mei yahi both of u get up..

Maan lifted aarav n helped him using washroom n asked geet to go..

Geet:patiji u only help aarav..geet ko nehi..

Maans eyes popped hearing it..

Maan:aarav is baby..but u r big na..uski mama good girl go use Wr n come soon.. I ll show u …hmmm..cartoon..

Geet:cartoon..mujei dora buji deknahai..

Maan ST: DORA..whats that..let me search..

(google baba ki jai ho..even msk need his help 😉 )

Maan:hmmm…o k..whatever it is..i ll show..

Geet left to wr without any fuzz n maan thanked his stars.. he managed to divert geet.



All 3 came down n had their evening snacks  milk n coffee..

Maan sat in lawn asking them to play ball for some time .. till that he concentrated on his work..n maid was having eyes on both.. even dadi sat their relaxing seeing the cuties play n laughed at their antics.. the mansion has turned lively with their laughters..the one burned was NT who was watching all standing in the balcony of her room.. when dadi asked her to join she excused  saying she is tired..(why not..maan has given her responsibilities.. she has to start it ..the first day itself was tiring for her.. that too with her hubby who wants her on bed whenever he feels romantic.. she was feeling irritated.. what she thought.. she will be queen in a big paradise.. but maan has made it hard for her.. n geet whom she hated is gaining all importance. .n that 2″ aarav…grrr… I thought I  will get rid of them after marriage.. but here too they are taking my place.). she left inside in anger..

As the cuties got bored they came to maan cribbing to show him dora bujji..maan has surfed n downloaded it..he took them to a room which had a projecter..he made them sit n inserted the pendrive,,the cartoon came in big screen which made both kids mouth open wide..they were too happy clapping their they started to get involved in it maan sneaked to his study n got with his video conferences..


He then received call from mohinder saying that they reached safely..maan has even arranged packagers to help them in packing things..he thanked maaan for that too..n they have started their packing n will soon complete it…

Rano took the phone from mohinderrano:beta..wo..bache kahin tumei tang nehi karrahi haina

Maan:no maa..they r fine..watching  some cartoons

Rano:did they had snacks..aarav will not fuzz..but gudiya…

Maan:no no..she too didn’t make any fuzz..may be she was hungry she had it

Rano sighed in relief..

Maan:ok.i ll make them speak when they are near me..

Rano:ji..ok beta..

Maan:.bye..take care..

Rano ;..thank you beta..

Both kept the phone in relief..

It was night n again all had their dinner…n maan asked both cuties to follow him to his room..dadi stopped him..

Dadi:maan..i will stay with you for night..

Maan:no are tired..n u need sleep..u have ur pills and sleep..ek din ki baath hai..i will manage..

He told confidently..

Dadi:are you sure..

She asked hesitantly..not sure if maan could handle babies..

Maan:if I couldn’t handle I ll call you..ok..u r here only na..

Dadi smiled at his reply n patted his cheeks


Maneet n arav went to their room..

Maan called rano n mohinder in skype..geet n aarav was happy seeing both..they both talked with them in baby language..tilll then maan too changed to his tracks n vest..after a little chat with them maan noticed them yawning..he made both sleep like noon on either side..

Maans eyes were open..he was looking at his ceiling..he had never slept in noon n so he couldn’t sleep now..he was thinking about the turn of events.. the two moved a little closer towards him..n he kept on patting both.. he felt contended.. a peace in his heart..a complete family..biwi n bache..but he doesn’t know will he be able to keep them happy… they were happy in their own world..its he who has entered their small world…making many changes in them.. situations made him trapped..n he didn’t regret it…he just wanted his bro to be safe..n he will do anything for it..he must think more about tara than his own life..

Thinking about all he too slept soon..


The next day was  a routine..maan expected geet n arav to be cranky..but they were happy with small small things..which maan brought for them..aaravs camera ..maans  downloaded cartoons..n  the toy room kept them busy…maan made them have their bf n went to join dadi for a few mins…leaving maid to take care of both cuties..

Only geet n aarav were playing alone.. Tara asked the maid to make Horlicks for geet n aarav..till that she will be with them..the maid too left agreeing to tara she was geets sis too..

Tara smiled evily n looked at geet..who was sitting on floor with her legs sprawled on either side..

Geet saw tara..

Geet:naina..aao..aao. have u come to play with us..come .lets play..

Nt smiled:this is what she wanted too..

Tara:yes geet..but what shall we play..

Geet:dekho hai sweety..

Geet showed her doll..

Geet:hum iski shadhi shadhi khelenge..

Aarav was busy with his camera..but he didn’t like taras presence..

Aarav:maa..aarav n maa maasi..

Taras face drained..

Aarav is a smart boy she knew..she has to fool him too..

Tara thought a sec n planned to fool him too..after all he is a kid..

Tara:woh aarav..maasi too wants to play with getting bored here..geet tell na aarav ko..n say what shall we play..but no doll n doll ki shadhi haan..

Taras st:haha..iski aur maan ki shadhi kam hai kya ..yeh tho doll hi hai..shadhi kya hai..did she even know..

Geet thought n then said..

Geet: aarav ko ball pasand hai we play ball ball

Tara lifted her brows ..

Tara:not a bad idea..meri kaam hojayegi..


Tara:playing with u all..she said eying at geets bangles..

Tara:so lets start ball.. ball ..

She took the tennis  ball which was kept aside..

Tara:You both close ur eyes..i will hide the ball u have to say where I have kept the ball..

Geet:no no tara..u throw ball ..geet n aarav will catch..

Tara:but…mujei hide hide hi khelna hai..

She pouted..n geet felt bad..

Geet:ok..we will play hide hide things..u ok..

Tara smiled eveily…which aarav doesn’t like..

Tara:You both close ur eyes..n say where I have kept the ball..

She hided  it inside a big jar.

Tara:now open ur eyes n find..

Aarav n geet searched everywhere..but couldn’t find..

She took the ball from jar..

Aarav n geets turn came..but tara sneaked thru her eyes n found it making them pout..

Geet:nehi khelna yeh mujei..kuch aur khelthe hain..

Tara:ok..i ll show u somethings..u have to say the names..u both told me week days na yesterday..aap dono ache bache ho..

Geet n aarav nodded ok..

Tara removed her finger ring n showed them..


Geet:anti nehi..anguti


She dropped  the ring inside the  vase which had big flowers..

Now can u find it..

Both searched n found it..

Tara clapped encouraging them

She then told aarav to do something like her..

N arav took his toy n showed it to her

Geet:yeh tho fish hai…

Aarav being a small boy ..put the toy in same vase n asked them to find..

Geet took it out n clapped saying she won..

Tara:its ur turn geet..

Geet scratched her head..what she will hide.. u want my help..

Geet:mei kya chupaun…hmm

Aarav:maa ko khelne nehi aathi..

He teased geet making her frown..

Geet:aathi hai mujei..

Geet: me na..

Tara:hmm tumhare pass ring hai..but I have done aarav did..sirf jewelleries hai..

She came close to geet:geet remove ur bangle n put it inside..

Geet:but dadi n maa told not to remove

Tara:hum thodi der khelnekeliye hi remove karenge na..u will wear it then..

Geet half heartedly removed it..

Arav:chudi..chudi maa

Geet dropped her bangle in vase..tara pushed the ball which aarav  had in hands.

Tara:aarav..ur ball is going out..jaake leke aao..hum phir bangle doondenge..agar tumhare papa ne bahar ball dekliya tho guzza karengi..n will say aarav n geet bad child

Aarav:na..papa na..aarav gud..maa gud..

With this he ran out to take the ball..

Tara:geet..will u show me that doll..

Geet turned to take the doll..tara immediately took the bangles n hided it in her sari..but she was sweating profusely.. how  she will take it out n hide it..

She saw the big teddy which had a big zip..tara opened it n kept the bangles inside n sighed a relief..

Her work is done..she will take it afterwards..

Same time the maid came with Horlicks..

Tara:chalo chalo dono Horlicks piyo..

Geet:tara..we will play ..geet ko abhi bhi woh doondna haina..

Tara:we will play geet:I ll come now..

She left leaving the 2 kids with the maid wondering why tara ran like that..only geet asked her to play..kuch gadbad hai kya..but she couldn’t suspect she is the choti bahu of the fam..

Aarav n geet too got distracted when maan entered the room..he enjoyed being with them..

It was noon when dadi came to call them for lunch..

All seated in table..n geet n arav where as usual in their own land..

Tara asked geet to give the bowl near her..when geet extended her hands..dadi noticed geets hand empty n que about the bangles..

Dadi:geet beta..i gave u bangles..where is it..

Geet:hum na..hum uske saath khelrahi thi..phir vase main daala..wahi hai..

Dadi was upset..its her first shagum given by her mil..she gave it to geet as she is the first bahu of khuranas..

Dadi:how can u play with that geet..

She asked in annoyed tone..even geet got worried  as she heard the raising voice.

Tara  was enjoying the plight..

Aarav stood n   said.. maa ko rulaya..maa nehi kheli wo maasi..

tara:mei..aarav..what r u saying.. I don’t not a kid..

maans eyes were on tara..n he knew aarav is right..bache jute nehi bolte..n tara ..she said she didn’t play with them before arav complete his is taras plan..n he will find it..

dadi:wo meri saasumaa ki thi.then I gave it to ur…rano was right..i must not have given it to geet..

dadi said in a bit sad tone

maan”don’t worry dadi..sirf chudi hai..where will it will be here only..i ll find it.. rahi baath..for ur repenting..u gave to my wife dadi..meri maa ki hai..uski blessings sure we will get it back..

maan replied confidently..

tara sighed in relief as none que her..

but aarav n maan gave  angry looks to her..

tara:yeh baap bte dono ek jese hai..

(she accepted  aarav is maans child unknowingly)

Maan had his  lunch quietly..but his mind was thinking of possibilities..what can be happened in the mean time.. geet had bangles before he went to  dadi

After bf he took aarav n geet to play room..he called  the maid..n enquired her..he came to know tara was with them..

He sat there thinking..

Geet n aarav was sitting there  in floor near maans chair but not playing..

Geet  pulled aans pants n gained his attention..

Geet:sachi patiji..geetne vase mein daali bangle..

Aarav too said same n showed the vase..

Maan looked inside but there was none..

Are u sure baby..he asked aarav..

Aarav:haan..maasi pay with maa aav..ball ball..hide hide..ring hide toy hide..

Then maa bangle hide..h

He told in his childish made clear tara had the bangles..

Before he que her he must have some proof..he never doubted his servants as all were loyal n never tried to take a single penny without his permission..thats y he doesn’t que his maid too..

Aarav was again lost in his camera taking pictures..

N maan smiled..

He may get some clue thru it..

He asked aarav to play ball with geet n he scrolled on the pictures..there were many pic of geet playing..the toys..the maid..

His eyes popped  out seeing a pic where geets skirt was revealing her inner thighs..automatically his eyes went o geet who was sitting with one leg folded n his eyes got the view of her milky white skin.

No no no..he mentally slapped himself…he had a task to do..he scrolled again down till lost pic..where maid came with Horlicks..he scrooled up..again down..he checked every pictures carefully..connected one with other..

N he got the thing..the teddy..which was near geet when aarav went out..later it was near aarav..maan  looked at the bear where it is..same time aarav was playing with it..he was checking the bear..soon he found something not so soft as bear..he opened the zip n caught the thing he was searching..bangles..

Aarav:chudi..maa ki chudi..milgyi..

Maan smiled..tara couldn’t take it out ..bcoz of fear..but see god is with moms blessings..he didn’t even search fully..n the kid got it back..

Maan:haan beta..milgayi..

He came to geet n tried to make her wear..

Geet pulled her hands back

Maan:y geetu..ur bangle..

Geet:dadi ne daanta..mei achi bachi nehi hoon..i lost it..maa bhi daantenge..muje nehi chahiye..

Maan:but geet we found it na..

Geet:what if  geet again lost it.. sab daantenge na..

Maan was speechless..he looked at the bangles which was worth a few lakhs..nearly a crore..she doesn’t know the value..she is concerned what if she lost it again..

Maan:teek hai..i ll keep it with myself..till u gain ur sense

Maan kissed aaravs cheeks..

Maan:bcoz of u we got it back..

Geet pouted:patiji..mujei bhi mujei bi.she showed him her cheeks..

Maan softly pecked her n left to keep the bangles safe..

He has to be careful with a day she has showed her true colours ..

Maan made a note to  make  tara answer   later