This Life Is Yours – Part 10


             PART 11
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the next morning geet freshed up n came out of the room dressed in suit, fully blushing.she felt very shy to face abinaya n arya’when she looked at abhinaya,she was also blushing..she also did not look at geet’her marks near her neck where same as geets’geet understood,they too had made love..n so she is also not able to see her’it took few minutes for all to face each other..they again went out side that day..had fun enjoying each n every moments..they travelled in bus’geet was uncomfortable when the bus was full in rush..they ate in streets’geets face expressions said she is uncomfortable with street foods.they came home at night’geet went to washroom..

the 3 started to talk..

arya:I think geet belong to a gud family..we should atleast make her feel comfortable with us..

abhi:ya..i’m also thinking the same..

guru:we will make food in house itself..n we will get a small amount as advance from office 2 buy the basic needs..i want her to be happy..

it was been a month they have started their in delhi,the cost of living was geet was in house,she always made the list n went for shopping..she started to realize their financial status..their planning budjet always exceeded than they thought’

geet decided to go to work’so,her salary will save as they planned..she applied in all companys’she was called for interview in KC’


Vicky looked at the two kids jaanvi n abhidya,who was looking at him for answers’

Abhidya:chachu,what are you saying..

Vicky:this is a secret,which we all of them kept away from you’there are 2 reasons behind it’one is they both are 2nd to each other..n they don’t want u all to know about it’the other is jaanvi..

Jaanvi:me..i don’t understand..

Vicky kept mum..he hesitated to say..

Vicky: if u know the reason,shayad you may not respect ur father n mother…thats the reason’

Janvi:I don’t understand chachu.. are symbol of love..there is no doubt in it’but,ur mummy n papa ,I mean maan bhai n dhrasti bhabi crossed their limits before marriage’they got married when u were in ur mothers womb’maneet don’t want u to know parents cannot say this to their children..

Jaanvi:mama knows this..

Vicky:yes’there is no secret between them till now’

Here maan thinks about his past’

Maan n drashti was doing there mba in delhi..drashti chopra shortly called DC by maan,basically belonged to mumbai.she had no father..her brother rahul was over  protective to her..he did not want drashti to continue her masters..he wanted her 2 get married..drashti somehow managed to get the permission with the help of her mother…she stayed in hostel to finish her studies’the close friends of them both knew they were in love from the day one,when they both entered MBA..they both did many projects together.,which made them understand more about others.

.at the end of the 2nd year they both with other 6 classmates were doing a project based on a foreign company in request of the college,the eight had to meet daily n finish the project’maan was looking after kc,they all made met in college during maans busy schedule..drashti has been specially requested by the principal to her brother for doing this,he let her stay in hostel n continue for more 3 months..after the project finished,they got their results n the convocation day came’the whole mba wants to celebrate n as it was the last day of their meeting they decided to go to a near by lake view n do camping ..they will return the next day..

All the friends were enjoying their last day with friends’.maan n drashti escaped from them n took a safe place,where they wont be noticed by others’it was 3o ft above from the base of river..they hugged each other viewing the sunset…

Maan gifted her a waist band..

Maan:this will remind u me daily..

Drashti:but maan,I cant take any gift from u..if bro sees..

Maan:that’s why I’m gifting u waist band..he cant see it’only if u wear a sari it will be visible..ab tho lelo na..

She took it .

Maan:wait,today I’ll wear this..then u can wear it under ur dress..

When his hands touched her waist, she felt butterflies in her stomach..

drashti: maaan..she moaned..

He stood up from his knees..

Maan:dc..where is my gift..

Drashti:I didn’t bring u any maan..i’m sry.

Maan:its ok dc..i’ll collect it from u later with interest after our marriage..he winked at her n she wacked his arms..

Maan:u will call me daily DC

Drashti:I’ll try.maan

Maan:if u don’t call me.. I’ll call u

Drashti:no maan..if bhai comes to know about this ,he will kill me’

Maan:then how will I contact u..

Drashti:when bhai is not in house I’ll call u.maan u will marry me na..

Maan:wait for 3 months Dc.i’ll prove myself as md of KC…i’ll say dadi about our relation..n send dadi to talk 2 ur mother n brother..


Maan:haan’I love u DC..n I cant live without u..

Drashti:I love u too maan..i 2 cant think my life without u’.maan y r u not calling me drashti..y u r calling me dc’

Maan smiled teasingly..he rolled his tongue inside his mouth ..

Maan:u will not beat me na’


Maan:bcoz DC means direct current..seeing u I feel current jolting my body..whenever u kiss me,I feel 1000 volts passing my each vein..simply u are an electricity board’what im going to do in our SR with ”

Drashti made her mouth a big o n started to chase one stage she slipped from the rock..he tried to lift her’but her hand slipped away from his hand n she fell into water..

Maan:d’. c’.maan jumped into the water’dhrasti was drowning..the friends from above saw it ‘maan lifted her n came to the shore..the water was too cold bcoz the snow has started..her body was too cold..he rubbed her hands n foot’he got no response’

He looked around..there is no one was a deserted area..

Maan shouted..

Is there anyone me..pls..

Then he saw an old man nearing him..

The  fisher man came near them n asked him suspiciously..

What r u both doing..

Maan could c the pointing words that questions their character..

Oh..she is my wife..she fell in the water..she is not responding..

What r u doing keeping her in this cold’come with me..

Maan carried her in his arms n followed him..the fisher man took him to a hut’

Can I get a dr..

U have to go 30 kms to reach the main road..before u reach ur wife will die in cold.

He checked drashtis pulse’

F.MAN:her pulse looks normal.. but if she remains in this cold like this anything could happen..she needs warmth…i come here to catch fish.. this is my hut,I’ll take some rest in day time..

Saying he made fire with wooden blocks..

Keep ur wife near this..she will get the warmth she needed to her body…

Maan placed drashti near the fire..

i’m going back to my house..u can use this hut for night..he gave maan his blanket..this can help u..change ur wifes dress..

Maan looked blank at him..

U r also wet..dry urself n ur wife..My family will be waiting for me..i’ll inform the nearby members,who take incharge of this place..they will help u by morning,to reach ur place..

How will u go..

I’m used to this burf..n I know my way..but u cant come with me carrying ur wife all the way in this cold..

He said the reason n went away..

Maan looked at the blanket n drashti..she was shivering..he looked at her sleeveless frock upto her knees,which are now like a second skin to her..showing her perfect structure..

No..i cant do this..

Then he saw her shivering..

I cant leave her like this also..

He removed his shirt n vest’which are wet.he took his handkerchief n blind folded himself..his hands trembled to touch her..he undressed her n covered her with blanket..he kept on rubbing her hands n feet’more than an hour..but there was no improvement..she was shivering more..

Drashti,muje maaf karna..i’ve no other way other than this..

He undressed himself n slided next to her under the blanket n started to give his warmth..but ,he was aware not to proceed further..after few hrs,he drifted to sleep ..he was on top of her..drashti gained her conscious slowly..she felt the weight over her.she opened her eyes..she saw maan over her with blind fold..then she felt herself n maan s closeness..their bare skin touching each other..first she was shocked realizing her position,then she blushed feeling his proximity.n his hardening.she felt proud of him..for keeping her dignity at this time too..

She slowly hugged him back..she could feel his body stiffening..she brushed his hair,unknowingly,she removed his blindfold..maan opened his eyes..n instantly closed his eyes n tried to move..but she hugged him tightly..

Drashti:Maan ,u asked for gift na..take me..

Maan:no dc..,its wrong..

Drashti:I trust u maan..u have saved my this life is yours..mera tan man sab kuch aapka hai…u don’t want 2 hold urself back..this will be the best gift,that I can give for u at this time..and it will be the best gift for me to remember u till the next 3 months..

Drashti pulled him near her face n kissed on his lips’n they carried on that night with their emotions’

The next day morning.,drashti woke up cuddled with maan..she blushed remembering last night..She tried to get up n failed ,when she felt the pain between her legs..

Maan helped her to getup..he dressed up her n himself..they both were silent..drashti broke the silence..

drashti:thanks maan..for night..i’ll be waiting for u..

maan:thanks tho muje kehna chahiye..u trusted me n gave urself to me..i promise u dc..i’ll come soon n make me urs infront of this whole world..weise..u r really a current..i must say..i really had a bad time holding myself from u..but,ur life was in

drashti shied.her cheeks turned red.

Drashti:.maan pls..i don’t want to talk about that..muje sharm aathi hai..

before they continue they heared bike sounds..they looked at the direction n saw their friends coming in search of them’they both accompanied them to their destination.maan was fully dumped in kc.his only relaxation was dc…

drashti went to Mumbai back..first she called 2 days reduced as a week.. then 15 days the end of the month she stopped calling maan’maan became restless..he cant contact her also..she will get in trouble..


geet was selected in the interview by adi’ pinky ,wife of adi working in kc..

was her best friend.adi n pinky had a baby priya  she was one yr old..n was brought up in km…all know geet as a married women..she started working as secretary for dadi first..when maan took over the responsibilities fully,geet worked under him..maan liked geets way of handling everything..she made his work easier’her salary saved gc,abhi n arya from borrowing money from others’they all started to have a normal life n save some money for future’abhinaya taught geet how to cook..bcoz geet has never went to kitchen..the three kept geet happily according to her wishes…at the end of the marriage of four months,geet felt dizzy n fainted in her office.. pinky called the dr..n the dr.confirmed geet is pregnant..pinky took geet to her apartment..she felt shy to share the news to all..pinky brought a sweet packet on way’when the 3 returned from office,they were surprised to see geet before their arrival..n her non stop blushing added their curiosity..gurmeet came near her

Gc:kya hua sona..

Geet took his hands n placed on her tummy..

Pinky:muh meeta keejiye..jiju’u r going to bcome a father’

All were happy..they jumped in joy’

Pinky asked for a treat..n they promised to give her..

At night

Gc:u seemed disturbed geet..r u not happy..

Geet:not like that guru’abi n arya got married before us..i became pregnant before her..that is disturbing me’

Abhinaya came inside..

Abhi:geet,tum tho pagal ho’u must be happy at this moment n u r worrying about us’such kahoon’me n arya decided not to have babies for 2 yrs..untill we settle in life.. should have said about this..we will also have planned later..

Geet said hurted.

Abinaya:so we all r in nice position..we can take care of babies don’t worry’be happy..

Precap:the car thrashed khurana mansions gate n stopped.



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