This Life Is Yours – Part 10


                  PART 10
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The train started to looked outside..he felt like his soul being parted’still his heart had a positive vibrate like geet is around him..he closed his eyes..he started to feel her aroma near him..someone tapped his was feathery.he opened his eyes..he was shocked,surprised n happy to see geet..the same were abhinaya n arya’

She looked pale n her eyes were puffy red..


Then he sees her luggage..

Guru:whats this..geet’u ..

Geet:I left my home..

All 3 in unison:kyaaa?

Geet:my parents arranged for my engagement suddenly tomorrow.n my marriage date is fixed after 15 days’I tried to stop it’I said I’m in love n I cant marry someother’but,they were nowhere to listen..they tightened my,I cant come out of house..n the preparations were going in full swing.. I have no other option other than leaving my home..n I cant wait till ur return..

The three looked at her in awe’

Geet:I’ll rather prefer to die before someone owns me’

She said with her gaze fixed on the floor’but her voice was in pain..

Gurmeet closed her mouth..

Guru:I’ve already said u geet..dare u repeat it again..

Geet:can I take this concern as ur acceptance..can I come with u all to  delhi..

Guru:yes..still u would have tried to convince ur parents’how will they feel,u left them like this..

Geet: I know..they will feel betrayed’shayad..if time was its too late..i want to marry u as soon as possible’kyun bhai arya’I ve lessen ur workna’

She asked her in a chirpy tone’arya doesn’t understand..???

Geet:I did not make u kidnap me for ur friend’n u guys have promised to help me’

Remembering the past incidents that have come true in real,all the four laughed..the trio kept geet engaged with their talks n leg pullings’so she may forget her pain which she was hiding inside her..

The four reached Delhi’the capital city of india..

Where geets  life started with full of freedom,love n care n joy , filled with full happiness, which she have never experienced before..

The four took a room in hotel..n freshed up..

Arya:geet,if u have not cancelled,that day u will also be working with us now..

Geet:its ok..arya..fate has its own way..i didn’t think things will turn this way..

Abinaya:arya..pls ..dont speak things that has passed..we have to think about future only..

Guru:yes its getting late..lets go..geet,be careful..dont go outside..we will come soon..take care n rest..


the three went to report the office n they were asked to join the office after two from Monday…after few hrs they came back..they have found an apartment to stay with the help of the colleagues in office..they vacated the room n went their..

the next day morning geet n gurmeet married in south Indian ritual he tied a yellow thread around her neck claiming her for himself for the rest of his life’the two pairs roamed around the streets of delhi entwingled with their hands..they ate in the road sides’only geet was found uncomfortable’she found it spicy n unhealthy..but,she did not say she was enjoying with her friends.

at night they came to apartment..arya arranged their room simply with few rose petals’abinaya dressed geet in a sari.plated her hair n decorated with jasmines’now,geet was standing before their room with glass full of milk’abinaya pushed her inside ..n giggled’whereas arya winked at them saying enjoy ur night..geet was embarrassed n her cheek turned pink in shy..they locked the door n went..

geet took small steps n neared gurmeet.she gave the milk to him..he held the glass with her hands n made her sit near by him..he took a sip of milk with her hold on it..his face expression changed like yuckkk..

geet looked at him:what happened..u don’t like it’

guru:its not sweet..

geet:it cant be..i saw abi adding sugar..

guru:am I lying..taste urself..

he fed her..she sipped..

geet:its sweet..

guru sipped again..

guru:now its sweet,honey..

geet blushed at his naughtiness..


Guru..yes’ur lips taste sweet..can i’I mean can we’.

Geet nodded yes..

He was waiting for her acceptance n now he got it..he cupped her face n kissed her lips gently..slowly making it a passionate one..geet was giving him equal passion..when they broke for oxygen..geet removed the pin that fixed her sari with blouse..gurmeet could see the desire in her eyes..

Geet:I want to be urs guru’completely urs’love me guru’

Gurmeet looked at his wife,who is boldly asking him to make her his for ever..but,the tinge of pain is visible’she miss her parents..she feel guilt for leaving them’to start a new life without their blessings’

gurmeet wants her to be happy’if she asked him boldly’its one of her thoughts to make herself away from thinking about her parents’he would have denied’but,it was their starting of their life’n his wife has asked him nothing precious.she has asked him which a wife could expect from her husband only..

gurmeet kissed her forehead..

I love u geet..she closed her eyes..tears rolled down her cheeks’

I love u guru..

Gurmeet kissed her are my princess n I don’t want to see tears in ur eyes..

She jerked n looked at him’

He cupped her are my life geet..dont shed tears..i cant see it’I want my sweet..bubbly geet with me forever’will u be like that..

She nodded yes..


warning 18+ only’

honey,my lips taste salty’he teased.pointing her tears.she frowned..

I want u to make it sweet..


Geet came near him n he closed his eyes in anticipation..then he felt the milk on his lips..

He opened his eyes n saw the naughty smirk on geets face’she was holding the glass of milk on his lips.

Guru..some more milk is there’jaldi khatam will change the taste …she said with a grin in her face,trying to suppress her laughter,looking at the disappointed gurmeet’first he pouted..then he smiled evilly..

He gulped the milk n neared geet..he placed his mouth over hers’before she recognize,she felt the milk  inside her mouth..he was exchanging it to hers..when she drank it,they have started to kiss each other..she parted her mouth..he entered her mouth n tasted her every corner..n he made her do the same to his’his hands moved to her bare waist..he squeezed it..she felt shy’she got up n tried to move..he hold her pallu n pulled it’as she has removed the pin.the saree slided down making her front curves visible to him’she looked at him..his eyes were fixed in her beauty..she crossed her arms over her chest’gurmeet pulled her sari with more force..she made a twirl ,the saree came fully in his hand..he kissed the saree n threw it  near by..

He neared her..will u not like to touch me geet’he asked huskily,sending shivers in her  spine..

He took her arms,that crossed her mounts n placed it on his shoulder.n took it to his shirt buttons..she started to unbutton it..she froze in her state when he started to undo her blouse button..his hands kneaded her softness over her bra’she closed her eyes ‘she started to moan..


it awakened him more’he started to give her wet kisses from her neck moving below..she clutched his hair tight..making him more close to her’

he slided her blouse n started kissing..she was moaning his name continuosly’he pulled her skirt strings,which fell down pooling around her legs.she twisted her legs in shy.she was left in her inners.he lifted her n moved towards the bed’she hid her face in his crook of neck in shy’

gurmeet threw his shirt down n removed his pants’he slided near her..he hugged her making each other feel their pacing heart beats..his hands reached the back of hers stroking her so gently..he unhooked her bra’n threw it on the floor’he removed his vest n threw it down’.he looked at her half nude form’it was so beautiful..he looked at the hardening buds..she crossed her upper body seeing his gaze making her every nerves melt’he pinned her both arms over her head..his tongues started to play on it’giving her more pleasure’when he loosened his grip n started to squeeze it..geet hugged him tight nailing his skin..he moved up n kissed her lips again’geet was unaware of what he is doing..making her lose her sense,he removed the last barrier between them..he took her one leg n made her wrap around him’still they were kissing breathless’gurmeet entered her with a full thrust’she screamed in pain’when he slowed down n moved in rhythm,her pain vanished n pleasure took over her..their moans slowed down’when he filled her with his love’he fell on bed with his back on it’geet moved to him..she kissed n placed her head on his chest ..they both were breathing heavily’after some time,gurmeet broke the silence”.he caressed her hair lovingly..



are u ok’.did I hurt u’

she looked at him lovingly’

ya..i’m ok’u can never hurt me,guru’thanks guru’for making me part of ur life..n for making me complete..

I must only say thanks to u geet’to enter  in my life’having u near me,I don’t feel alone’but,I can feel..u miss ur parents must be a really hard for u na to choose me against ur parents..

Geet:guru,pls’don’t talk about them’I’ll broke down’yes it was really hard for me 2 choose u between u both..but,I cant go with their decision me’u will never try to remind my past’now I cant go back..this is my present..u abi n arya are my present n future..

Guru:I promise you..i’ll never hurt u again..or make u feel vulnerable..i’ll give u all love that will make u forget ur past too’

To make geets mood change,he asked her..

Guru:do u want me to repeat the process’

Geet waked him slightly..hiding herself in his chest..

Geet:if u want u can..

Guru:I know u r in pain’so..we will take rest. N continue tomorrow…he winked at her..

they slept peacefully hugging each other..


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