This Life Is Yours – Part 12


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Maan started to miss drashti badly..there is no call or msg from her for the last 10 days…that day morning,he was getting ready to office…he came to the dining to have his break fast…vicky was already waiting for him fully ready for his school..

Vicky:gud morning bhai..

Maan:gud morning Vicky..gud morning dadi..

Dadi:gud morning beta..

They started to have their breakfast..

At the same time outside a car thrashed khurana mansions gate n stopped.the horn was blown continuosly…the hit sound was too heavy for the people who are inside the km to come out…including maan.dadi n Vicky..

Maan asked the security at the gate..

Maan:whats that…

Sec:sir,a girl hit the gate with car..looks like she got injured..

Maan started to move towards the car..the securities were opening the door..the girls face was on the stearing..

Mam..are u alright…


Sir,the girl is whispering ur name…


Maan made quick steps to near the car…he looked at the girl n was shocked to see dhrasti…



Maan took her out of the wheels n carried her to km…maan placed her on the couch..

Maan:nakul…call come home immediately..

Dadi:I’ll get first aid box..

He looked at drasti,who was in half senses..he looked her face…there was finger prints turned blue..her fore head was bleeding..n her lips too had cut marks of someone beaten her badly..

Maan:dc…who beat u..i’ll never leave him..

She opened her eyes slowly.she smiled at him weekly..her eyes were red n puffy..she looked like she has not slept for ages..

Maan:dc…what happened… always say na..i never gift u anything…

Maan:is this the time to talk about it dc..

Drasti:this time,I;ve bought u a special gift…mera jaanka parva nakarke humaara jaan ka bachakar laya hoon…

She took his hands n placed it on her abdomen..n fainted..

Dadi was shocked to hear this…n so was maan..the dr. came n checked her..she confirmed her pregnancy

Dr:she is carrying nearly 5-6 weeks…she has not taken her food properly..take care of it…any kind of stress may lead to miscarriage bcoz she is weak now..take care of her..

She prescribed medicines n went..

Maan thought about that night…one way he was happy to become a father n the other way he cursed himself for putting dc in trouble..he caressed her tummy lovingly…it was enough for dadi to realize what the girl said was true..

Maan looked at dadi..who was waiting for his answers..

Maan:dadi,I know I have broken the morals u taught me…I have broken ur trust…but trust me was an accident…she is drashti my class mate..we both love each other..u know we friends went to picnic a month before …their she fell into the water…she became cold n to save her..i..i..we we…

Dadi:why did not u say this to me before..atleast I deserve to know the person u love..

Maan:Im sry dadi…I want to surprise u..I asked her 3 months prove myself before the whole world..then I’ll send u to her house to ask for her hands…but all happened now was unexpected..

Dadi touched drashtis cheeks..n drastic opened her eyes slowly..

Dadi:how r feeling now beta..

Drastic lowered her gaze..not able to meet the elderly lady..what will she think about me..n our baby..

Dadi:u don’t want to feel low..u both are wrong n I cant blame only u…jo hogaya so hogaya..we cant change it..but we can correct it….i’m becoming great grand mother..i want to make u daughter in law before the world.. beta give me ur house address I’ll meet ur parents.

Drashti was overwhelmed by her love n trust..more than the comfortable wordings which soothed her pain..which she went through..

She hugged dadi n cried..

Drashti:thanks dadi…for understanding me..but…my bro is in full anger..he will kill me..if u go there he will harm u also…I ,,I have left my house..

Maan:what..u left ur house..dc atleast u must have called me n said..i would have reached u..i would havetalked to ur family..

Drashti :no mother n bhabhi started to suspect when I had morning sickness…but they hided it from bro started to doubt me from  when he saw me calling u..from that day all his men started to eave droppes my every call….two days before I fainted n my bro came to know about my pregnancy…he slapped me harshly..i told him that u will come to ask for my hands..he did not believe..more over he asked which community u belong to.when I said u r from different community..he totally disagreed..he made arrangements for abortion n he fixed my marriage with his employee ..he locked me in the room…I escaped through the ventilator..i took his car n came here…

Maan:u came driving alone from Mumbai to delhi..

Drastic nodded in yes…

Maan:pagal hai kya..when u escaped u could have called me from any phone booth na..

Drasti:I had no paisa maan…my only aim was to reach u before my bro reaches me..i’m sure,if he finds me he will surely abort this child.or kill me…i don’t want him to know I’m here..pls maan for our baby..pls..

Dadi listened to her.. u wish..maan take her to ur room..

Maan:daadi ,my room…

Dadi:haan..ur room..u have already made her ur wife in ur heart..sirf duniya ko bathani hain..she needs rest..u heared what dr.said na..i’ll send breakfast n juice for her..

Maan grinned n smiled shyly..

Maan:ji dadi..

Maan took her to his room..he closed the door..he placed her on the bed .he took away her scarf n removed her shirt buttons..

Drashti:maan,what r u doing..

Maan:don’t u know..i’m removing ur dress..

Drashti:maan dadi will come..this is not the time for.. quiet..or I know the way to shut u..he said looking at her lips..

Maan removed her shirt n her full skirtfully..she was not capable enough to stop him,when she was so weak..maan went to his wardrobe n came with apair of jean n t-shirt..

Maan looked at drashti who was looking at him amused..

Maan:what u thought..i’m going to love u ….

Drashti:maan…her face blushed ..

Maan neared her to wear the dress..

Maan,I’ll fresh n change..


Maan went to bathroom n prepared the bath tub for her..he again scooped drashti in his arms n placed her inside the water…the warm water was soothing her body pain..maan was also giving her a gentle massage..soon she felt relief..

Maan helped in changing her..

Thanks maan..

By the time nakul knocked the door..he gave the food n went..maan fed her.n gave the juice n medicines..

Ok u take rest..

Thanks maan..

Ok..then,I too want to thank u…

With that he bent n kissed on her forehead..

Then he lowered n rolled the tshirt up..

Princess..papa loves u..he kissed on her bare stomach.. do u know its girl..its a boy..

No dc..i know it will be a girl..papa ki beti..

They were fighting like kids,when dadi entered..

Dadi:Will u both stop it….i have a gud solution..

Drashti:What dadi..

Dadi:Drashti beta…what if it is twins a boy n girl..

Maan:That sounds gud dadi..

Dadi:ok ..fights n jokes apart..i seriously want to talk to u both about ur marriage..we cant delay now..

Drashti:dadi,don’t mistake me..i want to go with a simple court marriage..

Maan :I too agree with her dadi.. if we went with grand marriage she will feel uncomfortable,what if someone asks about her maika…moreover,she needs rest n grand marriage n rituals will not give her enough rest..

Dadi was little disappointed..but,maans point was valied…so she accepted n went to make arrangements for court marriage..

Geet n trio were sitting n chatting filling some forms given in their office..

Guru:they have asked 4 marriage certificate as proof..

Arya:we both did not register our marriage dude…so,y don’t we make it or tomorrow we need the proof na..

With that they decided to register their marriage or to say marry


Register office.

Geet was wearing a red sari n abhinaya was wearing a green sari..their both husbands have brought it to their respective wives for their marriage..they both were also wearing a new sherwani..they have registered their marriage n now standing under a tree shade pulling n kidding each other..

Maan n drashti with dadi,Vicky ,adi n pinky with piya in her hands came out of register office..they have become legally husband n wife..maan was in light blue sherwani n drasti was in red sari..she was wearing jewels given by dadi..her blush was adding extra beauty to her…maan got a he stopped midway n finished..he looked for his people..he saw adi,pinky under the tree…he moved towards the tree…geets sari was similar as drastis..maan mistook geet as drastic as she was facing her back to him..

Maan slided his hands on her waist n said..

Mrs.maan singh khurana..lets go home..(it was the fate,he unknowingly addressed geet as  Mrs.maan singh khurana)

But geet jumped bcoz of his touch…whereas her group was shocked to see a man misbehaving in a public place..gurmeet was about to punch him..haha..

Maan looked at geet..

Maan:geet tum…I’m sry..sry.sry sry.i thought my wife..

He some how managed to say..

Adi:maan sir,bhabhi is there…he pointed behind the tree..the two groups mingled.n introduced each other..n when they looked at both geets n drashtis sari,they accepted it as a real misunderstanding..

Dadi:geet,kaunsa mehina chalraha hai..

Geet:4 months dadi..

Dadi:are u going for check ups..

Geet:yes dadi..

Then they all returned to their home…

After graha pravesh maan saw drashti in tears..

Why r u crying dc..remembering ur mother..

yes maan..i miss my bro too.i cant forgive him for abusing me n for trying to part me from you..but,the fact is he loves me unconditionally also n I too love him…he brought me like his own kid than a sister after our fathers death..

maan:we will go back dc..we will get ur families blessings also..let ur bros anger vanish..we will go after some time..time heals everything

maan n drashti started their new life with full of love ..dadi took care of drashti n her baby..vicky filled drashtis bros place.

Geet was taken care by three..her cravings made the three head upon heels.the four fighted what baby it will be n who will love more..the 3 fighted to feel babys kick everytime..

geet n drashti totally forgot their families..

all their lives were filled with happiness..


dadi with drashti n geet with abhinaya..they had their regular check up n waited for scanning..there only they met each other..

geetn abhi:Namaste r u ..drashti r u n ur kid..

dadi:geet beta..i’m fine..

drasti:my jaan is fine..n u say how r u n ur baby..

dadi:r u here for scaning ..

geet:ji dadi..

dadi saw an old friend of hers n she went to chat with her leaving the girls to have time with each other..

abhinaya:kaunsa mahina chalraha hai..aapka..mam…

drashti:5 months…geetka..

geet was called n she went in..

abhi answered 7 months n she followed geet to scanning room.the reports were they went back to their apartment.

then drashtis turn..she went with dadi..

everything is normal…the baby is fine..but drasti  u r still weak…take care of ur health..u must gain weight..or u will give birth to an under weight baby..

ok dr..

they too returned home..

at geet ‘s apartment both were lost in their thoughts..

abhi:are u also thinking what I’m thinking..


abhi:they got married 3 1/2 months she is 5 means…it means they were too close before the marriage only a rich man went with simple marriage.

Geet:abhi,don’t think rich or poor..only love matters..what if they were too close before or after marriage..the trust matters in love..n I think maan sir is a trustable person …he did not use n throw a girl like all  guys do…..simple or grand marriage…he married her…isn’t it enough to prove their love…

Abhi:u r right…


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