This Life Is Yours – Part 13


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It was a week end..
geet was 8months n drashti was 6months..
geet n friends went to hotel for night dinner..the same time maan,drashti ,vicky adi n pinky with baby priya also went to the same hotel..they were having dinner in a private hall booked specially for themselves..they all were having a nice time with each other pulling each others legs n having fun..they ordered for deserts..drashti desert spilled on her dress..she excused them n went to the same time geet too wanted to use washroom so,she asked her friends n guru to wait outside..she will join them there..
geet entered the washroom the same time drashti slipped due to the slipppery floor n geet hold her from falling… geets one hand was on drashtis stomach n the other held her 2 stand straight with her support..
geet:are you alright mam.
drashti:i feel something..its paining inside my ko kuch hua tho nehi..she panicked…
geet too felt it. she laughed…she made drashti sit on the chair outside the restaurent..
geet:mam,ur baby is kicking you..i felt it..thats why u felt the pain..
drashti:how do u know…
geet:i  can mam..aap shayad boolgayi..mein bhi pregnant hoon..
drashti:sry geet..i asked u a silly question…
geet:i think baby kicked u first only u got scared..
drashti nodded yes..
drashti:first time..
her face expression changed again..geet touched her stomach where she was holding..they both could feel the kick…now they both laughed at each other..
drashti:it kicked again..
geet:it will feel heavenly..
drashti:yes..this feeling is different..thanks geet…if u r not there i would not have realized it..
by the time searching drashti all came there..
all unison:what happened..
drashti shied..
maan:mrs.geet aap yahaan..kya hua drashti ko..
geet:nothing sir..mam is fine..ur baby kicked..for the first time..
maan touched her stomach..he did not feel anything..
vicky:sach bhabhi..i too want to feel it..
he placed his hand n searched..he did not feel anything..geet placed his hand on a certain place..he felt the kick..n maan kept his hands again n geet corrected him ..he too felt the kick..
drashti:geet,meri bacha tumhe kyun mehsoos kartha kicks when ever u touch me..
geet:may be,im the first to feel the the baby recognizes my touch…
adi n pinky:bhabhi lets go..its getting late..
adi:haan,we are relatives of drashti is our bhabhi..but we dont show in office..
geet:thats so nice..this baby..
pinky:its our daughter priya..
geet:she is so cute..ok..i’ll take husband n friends will be waiting for me..
pinky:when r u going to take leave geet..dr.must have given u due date must take enough rest too..
geet:from next due is next getting late..

one night at km..
maan n drashti were fighting like kids ..
drashti:its boy.
maan:no,it will be girl..
boy…my jaan..
girl if it is a girl..
i;ll not talk to u after that..
her mood swing take over her anger n said that.. cant stay away from me without talking to me..
drashti:lets c mr.maan singh will be a boy like you.
maan:no will be a you..papa ki beti..she will listen to me..i’ll teach her how to annoy u..
Drashti:hahaha..:n if its a girl..u grow up urself..i’ll not come between u both…baap beti ek team banayegi..mein bhi dekthi hoon..
they fought for a long n slept later..after they got scolded from dadi..
few days later
maan decided to contact drastis,he sent adi to see them..adi came with the msg,that her mother died in shock n her brothers family moved to london to avoid humilation before the relatives..maan hided it from drashti..but,he felt bad inside..bcoz of them drashti’s mother died n she did not see her for last time too..maan now took extra care of her..

vicky was narrating the incidents to jaanvi n abhidya..
Vicky:that was the first time i saw geet bhabhi..she looked beautiful.with her baby bump..yet she wore a simple  salwar suit…it was strange that she was the first one to feel you know her when u r inside ur moms womb…for the next few days too,drashti bhabhi use to kicked her whenever geet babhi touched can feel her n recognize her voice,even inside ur moms womb.
jaanvi:that baby…geet mama ka baby…you said it was elder to me..where is that baby..
vicky:bathatha hoon..what i know was,geet bhabhi went in maternity leave..


maan looked at geet..the machines n wires attached to her body..
maan:geet,u must come back for me..remember the incidents geet..i will not survive geet..i cant imagine my rest of life without you…i dont have strength to loose you also geet…laut auo geet..mere liye…for ur maan..pls dont push me in dark geet..tears rolled down his cheeks…n dropped on geets hand…
maan:i’ve already seen u like this geet..that time halat kuch aur…you are my life..i cant see you lying here quietly.. geet tum bina kuch bole achi nehi ur eyes geet..i want to hear ur voice geet..
there was no moment in her…but her innerself wants to lift her hand n whipe his tears..

maan came out of the ICU…he grabbed jaanvi by her wrist n dragged her into the icu..vicky n abhi followed him..the nurse tried to stop them..but maan moved her aside..
maan shouted at geet..geet see her..ur daughter..u always say na..this life which you r living is bcoz of cant see her tears na..see she is crying..tumein mere liye na sahi tumhari beti keliye..for ur jaanu…you have to come have to come back geet..laut auo geet..he kissed her hands n cried bitterly..jaanvi hugged maan..maan placed jaanvis hands in geets hands..tumhari beti rorahi geet…wont u whipe her tears…kya tum use rohthe hue dekna chahthi ho..

abhidya turned n hugged vicky..
abhi:its all bcoz of me..all is happening bcoz of me..he came to geets legs..he want to touch her..then he stopped remembering geets words Dont touch me..mama..i’m sry mama…i’ll be a gud boy mama…i’ll obey all u say mama..jaanvi didi ki kasm mama..i’ll never give you a chance to taunt me..mama muje maaf kardo..pls…muje akal aagaya mama..meine jo kuch bhi kaha wo galath tha..wo gusse mein kehdiya..i promise mama…aaj ki baath mei kabhi gussa nehi karunga..his tears fell on geets legs washing away the sinful words he said..
jaanvi:mama..pls utto na..we need you mama…we cant live without you…see papa ,chachu ,abhi all are crying..mama…abhi has promised on me know na..he will keep his promise if he promise on me..for the last time forgive him mama..
maan n jaanvi felt a squeeze in their hands by geet…even abhi saw a movement in geets legs..her toes moved a little..
vicky:bhai,bhabhi is back..she is responding..
the nurse checked geet..n called DR.
Dr::she is recovering.gaining her conscious…nothing to worry..i’ve never seen a lovely family like this…bcoz of ur love she has recovered soon..its her willpower that she doesnt want u all to be worried..i’ll shift her tomorrow to ward..
he gave instructions to nurse n went.. ki rules hai..only one attender can be with patient..i hope you understand..
maan nodded yes..
jaanvi hugged maan in happiness..abhi also wanted to hug him,but kept his head down in shame..jaanvi came n took him to maan n made them hug..
abhi:i’m sry papa…i’ll never give u another chance to complain about me..didi ki kasam..muje maaf kardijiye papa..
maan nodded in yes ..he took his both children on either side ..vicky joined them in a group hug…
maan:now you all go to house…
jaanvi:but papa..
maan:i’m with her…dont worry…u all come tomorrow morng..go home n take some rest…vicky take them..maan kissed jaanvi n abhidya lovingly..
they accepted n went to home…

the nurse removed some wires from geet..maan looked at her..both went to past when they were last hospitalised..


it was 9 months..geet baby bump was big…she tried to work with huge her due date was  a week moren she started to latch before babys birth.her dress became wet often..n she covered with heavy dupatta always..
..,the three took turns n looked after her..the three planned for a outing at weekend to take geet out..they took their collegues car.n took  a round on delhi that day.arya was driving the car..the full day was full of masti..she has never felt that much happiness..but,a corner of heart was having a weird feeling,that something wrong is going to happen..she even said it to gurmeet n her friends…geet wished to go to make her mood change they went their too..geet looked at the statue n prayed to god…it was a temple maintained by karnataka peoples…
the priest gave her n friends prasad..geet looked at the kumkum store..
guru:haaan geet:
geet:i want kumkum…she showed the shop..
he went to buy..
guru:behenji,give me kumkum..
the lady took a paper n placed scoops of kumkum in it n gave it to him…he paid n returned to her..
his eyes went unknowingly to the paper to read..n his face grew pale..he dropped it.n the kumkum fell on floor..
geet came to him..
she looked at the floor..
geet:ye tho abshakun hai..
abhinaya came to console her..gurmeet did not say anything..
abhi:kuch nehi geet..wo galathi hogaya hoga..
abhi n arya consoled her n they all were back to the car…
guru:i’ll drive..he took the keys from arya..he expected geet to sit back..but geet took his side seat n arya n abhinaya sat in back seat..gurmeet was was totally abnormal..only her friends were chatting.
it was night..geet looked at him.
geet:why are you so quiet..
guru:what you want to talk about geet..
his anger was visible in his voice..
geet:why r u angry ?
guru:like you dont know..
geet:what guru..i dont understand
guru:who r u geet
geet gasped in fear..
geet:i..i.m ur wife guru..
arya:what questions you are asking guru..there is a limit for fun..
guru:im not in mood to have fun..arya..he shouted..
guru:itni badi baath tum humse chupaya kyun geet…we have got married nearly its going to be an year…dont u trust us..why u hide the truth geet..
abhi:what r u asking about guru..
guru:ask her..why she hided the truth…not even once she has thought us only she did this to us..i’m ashamed of myself geet..
geet cried…
geet:i never thought to hide the truth,but,i never got the courage..
guru:1 yr mei ek baar bhi tumei humei such kehna zaroori nehi samja..
geet was speechless..
gurmeet was shouting at her..n when he said what the truth he was talking about to arya n abhinaya..they both too went speechless n an unknown silent covered inside the car..none speak to each other…gurmeet was taking his frustration by driving car harshly..he failed to read the board TAKE DIVERSION when he entered the peak roads of Delhi..n the police,ambulance n fire vehicles standing there..

drashti  is 7months now…she forced maan to take out for evening show was her favourite actors movie..maan never disappoints her..he always fulfilled herevery wish…they both went to theatre..after the film they both were coming out..drashti fell down in the sudden rush of people getting out..she started to scream in pain holding her stomach..maan scooped her n ran to car..he saw the blood stains in her sari…she was screaming ..
drashti:maan.humara jaan ko bachao..i cant bear the pain..
maan:5 minutes dc..we will reach hospital…maan was driving he car in full speed…he was in the same road in opposite direction…he too did not notice the TAKE DIVERSION BOARD n surroundings..
(those who are weak at heart please dont read this)

In the middle of road was a petroleum tanker lorry ,which was upside down..n the petrol was spilled all over the road…so the police has placed the take diversion board to avoid more damages n the fire service was kept alert to prevent any fire accidents..
who can stop the fate..
maan n gurmeet later found where they are..n panicked..
maan was about to hit geets avoid accident he took a side turn immediately n the car started to loose control bcoz of the oil..he kept his left hand protectively on drastis stomach n pushing her back in seat,,with other hand he tried to stop the car ..the car hit the tree n stopped…maan hit his head on the front n went unconscious,whereas drashti too was badly hurt..the windows broke n hit her head .due to the sudden hit,she got  hurted in stomach again…

gurmeet tried his best to stop the car..he said the three to jump out ..but none realized what he is managed to push geet out of the car..the car wheels ran over her legs n she was rolled on the slope of the side of the road ..her stomach hit on something badly..she tried to move..when she lifted her head she saw their car hitting the tanker n it blasted..she saw her beloved burning into ashes n she fainted…


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