This Life Is Yours – Part 14


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All the members present at the spot viewed what happened in a fraction of second..The fire men tried to put off the fire.maan.drashti n geet were rushed  to the hospital by ambulance…maan is a the police easily  identified him n their accident was informed to maans family…


vicky was narrating the incidents to jaanvi n abhidya.
mei,dadi,adi bhai n pinky bhabhi rushed to hospital..maan bhai was given first aid in ambulance…so.he gained conscious,his head was bandaged.but he was not cooperating for treatment..his left hand too was bandaged,but it was bleeding..n loosely hanging..the drs said he must be having a fracture..but,maan did not allow anyone to near him..he was pacing infront of the labour room,He was madly in love with drashti,he was only repeating the words,he want to see the drs said it will be best if we go with c section.then they can treat drashti fully.he has already signed the form to go for c section…she was in a bad stage..then we  heared  baby crying.. then a nurse.came out of the room…

maan:sister,how is my wife…
nurse:she has delivered a girl baby… calling u inside..
maan rushed inside..
his heart stopped beating seeing his love like that.she was breathing heavily ..looking pale n her eyes were moving up..her monitors were peeping..the drs were trying to stop her  bleeding on head…n her internal bleeding..
the nurse came cleaning the baby..she gave it to maan..maan took the baby in his right hand.
Dr.neared him n whispered..
Dr:she is sinking to her..
Maan frozed.he took steps slowly as he  realised whats happening.n the drs words rang on his ears..his life is in danger..
he neared her n his voice came as a whisper..
drashti tried to smile…
she never sounded this low…
maan,t care of our beti..u win the bet..she tried to cheer him…but ended in making him cry his lungs out..
maan:nothing will happen to u dc…im with u..dont say that..u will be there to take care of her..see her..she is like u..ur copy..
dashti tried to touch the baby..her hands shivered ..maan neared her..she kept her hands on the babys head lovingly..a tear came from her eyes…
drashti:pa…pa ki be…ti..
all  the machines beeped n showed a straight line..the drs checked her n twisted their lips… cant leave me..
nurse took the baby from him.seeing his condition..
he shook drashti..dc..ut ja..mazaak math kar..utto dc..i cant live without u..
the nurse closed her face with the cloth..he shouted at her..
maan:dont dare to do it..she is alive..she cant go..leaving me..dc..get up..adi n vicky came inside n took him out was very hard for all to control maan…dr.injected him n made him unconscious…they took him for the treatment..his hand was operated n bandaged..
the baby was was kept in ICU..n taken care fully..
vicky broke down completely seeing maan..  pinky hold him n tried to console him..
dadi cant hold it…at one side her grandson has lost his wife..a new one is born..n both are  hospitalized..
Adi:dadima,u must be strong now..see vicky is also crying..u r elder than us..u have experienced this type of incidents maan n baby n vicky needs ur care must be stronger than before..
it took hrs for her to console herself..
dadi:yes adi,i saw my husbands death..then maans father then their his wife too left him.leaving her child to us…sab log muje apni zimmadari sopthe chale jaathi hain…i dont know how im going to handle maan now..
adi:he has to be strong for his daughter..
dadi:yes..only the baby can make him strong..adi..make arrangements for …she closed her mouth n cried..
adi:ji dadi..mei sab tayaar karloonga…but all must be done by maan..he is her husband..
dadi:jantha hoon…now you both go ..take vicky with u..
adi:aap akele…
dadi:i can handle..u go n make arrangements for tomorrow..
adi,pinky n vicky left to km..

geet stomach was badly hurt .,as she  was rolled on the slopes of road, in which the baby died in her womb itself..the drs.operated her n took the baby out..her right hand was cracked n her  both legs were fractured…there was noone around her..the police has already said to them all the peoples who was travelling with her were no,the drs took the risk of operating her with police acceptance…

Maan was shifted to VIPs ward..he was unconscious..
the police officer came to Dadi..n asked for her to move the case..though it was not an accident occured by maan..they need her support..what if the girl or her relatives make hustle later…

dadi:do u know who the girl is?n the persons who travelled with her..
Police:no one is alive who came with her..till now we dont know even the name of the girl..she is still unconscious..n drs.said it will take 3 -4 hrs for her to get conscious..then only we can enquire about her
dadi sighed..
dadi:bichari..we lost 1 member..she lost 3..dont know how are they related to her..n how she is going to take it.
police:more than that..she was pregnant …n ..the baby is no more..
dadi closed her eyes..
dadi st:here one lost her baby..n our child lost her mother..why are you playing like this this girl going to tolerate it…
.police:..i ve asked my men to trace thru car no..but now its mid night..we have to wait till morning till the rdo office opens..
Dadi:ok..u trace about her details…u say the drs to shift her to vips room…i’ll take care of the treatment of her..n u can file the case as what happened truely..if any problem comes i’ll look after it…
police:ok..thank you mam..

dadi came to maans room n threaded his hair..dr.came there to check him..
dadi:dr.can u shift baby also here..
dr:why mam..
dadi:if the baby is before maans sight,he will overcome the death of his wife..usei jeeneki waja bachi se milegi…
Dr.ok…but u have to take more care…the baby is not also in safe position..i must have said it has breathing problem..the baby must not cry for long time..i’ll tell the nurse to shift the baby here…n i’ll appoint one nurse permanently to look after both of them..
dadi:ok dr..when will maan gain his conscious..
dr:in 2-3 hrs..but take care he must not move his left hand..

just then the room opened n a stretcher was moved in..
dr:turned to the nurse..
Dr:why are you shifting the patient here..there is already a patient in this room..
Nurse:sry Dr..we dont know ..chief dr.asked us to shift her to vip room…when i checked last time this room was,i took her here..
dadi looked at the girl n said geet
Dr:do u know her..
dadi:yes.she works in kc..
Dr:this is the girl who met with accident at the same spot with ur grandson.
dadi was shocked…
dadi:it means she lost her baby..n the three who was with her must be…oh…no…her husband n her friends..
Nurse:dr,where to shift this patient..
dadi:let her be in this room ..jahaan tak mein jaantha hoon she has no relatives,i’ll take care of her..

maan baby n geet were in same room..
baby was kept in incubator with all facilities… geet too was in poor condition..she was also attached to the machines ,wires n tubes n kept under observation..a small partition was kept in middle .so that maan n baby was in one side n geet was on other side…n a nurse was appointed specially to look after the three…


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