This Life Is Yours – Part 15


Hai friends.

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after three hours maan got his conscious..dadi was near him..he hugged her n cried..
Maan:dadi,i dont want to live…dc left me alone..i cant live without her..i want to die..why she did this to my love so week,that she left me…how can she leave me..mein uske bina kese jiyunga..why did not i die in that accident..
dadi kept silent for sometime..letting him pour his sorrow out…when he repeatedly said he want to die,she slapped him ..
dadi:do u know the words u r speaking..u want to die…if i too thought  like that,i would have died many times…i’ll not be alive to take care of u n u want 2 leave me n vicky can we live without u…did u even think about ur daughter..who is fighting for her life…dont u want to survive for her..
maan cried…
maan:my daughter..she is our symbol of dc’s gift to me…how is she…mei jeeyunga dadi..for her…she will not leave me..i want to see her..he tried to get up from bed…
dadi:maan.sambhalke..ur hand is operated..u must take care of it..
maan:i dont need to care about anything..
dadi:dont u want to lift ur daughter in ur two hands..
maan backed to his bed…tears flowed from his eyes n daadis too..
maan:yes,dadi..i want to hold her in my 2 hands..but now i want to see her..
dadi:she is here only..turn that side n see…
he turned his face the other side n saw his daughter..she was sleeping..
he saw the machines around her..
maan:she is fine na dadi..
dadi:yes..but she is under observation.. as she has born earlier.,dr.said.she needs to be here for few more days..
maan:she will be ok..i know..she will not leave her papa..
dadi:yes..she is the meaning for ur life now..she will not leave u…maan,will u listen to me..u will not scream or will get up..
maan:ji dadi..
dadi:maan,now we have to go to km…its ur duty to send off ur wife…
maan wants to scream..he closed his mouth with his other hand n cried silently..his head nodded no…
maan:i..i..i..cant dadi…i cant see her like that…i cant..
dadi:i can understand maan..but u have to do it..dont u want her soul to rest in peace..
he said helplessly..
dadi:i’ve asked adi to make arrangements…dr.has allowed u to come out only for few hrs..u must be back here …
maan:my baby..
dadi:i’ve made special arrangements for baby…a nurse will be here 24x 7 to look after her..we will be back soon..
the nurse came there with an injection..
nurse:this will keep away from pain for few hrs sir..
maan:pain…it will not be more than the pain which my heart is having now…
nurse looked at him pityly..
nurse:whatever happens is gods wish..nothing is in our hand sir..u must thank god,ur wife left u a reason to live..
maan did not say anything…nurse n dadi helped him to stand..
the nurse gave dadi a set of tablets..
nurse:mam,give this after he had some breakfast..
dadi nodded…maan walked like a lifeless body..he turned to the nurse..
maan:take care of my life till i return..
maan:my wives daughter..
dadi:take care of that girl too…
nurse:ji mam..
maan did not hear dadis conversation…he started to walk aimlessly..dadi stopped him..
dadi:maan,exit this way..
maan n dadi went to km…
very few were present…the most was kcs staffs..
maan looked at drashti for last time..he got the flashback of his lovely moments,their fun their closeness…her pranks..he cried holding her hands..
maan st:why did u leave me n our baby…now how will i live without will i take care of our baby.u came in my life as  a breeze…now u left me snatching away all my happiness like a storm…
adi came n touched his shoulder..
adi:maan,sab tayari hogayi..we have to leave for crimitorium..
maan made his way out..vicky n pinky was holding him..he did all the rituals there n came out like a dead body after giving light to dcs body..
dc.why did not u think about our will she grow up without u…now who will give the mothers love to our baby…

here in hospital after maan left…pari ,the nurse came to vips ward..
pari:sry didi…im late today also…ur shift is over n i made u work on my duty time too…
nurse:pari..this patient..
pari:di,ask me why i am late…
nurse left a long breathe..
nurse:if i stop u will u leave me haan..i know u..u will not leave till u finish..say ..what is it who is ur dream boy..
pari:ddi,yesterday na,i saw geet serial..wah..kya hot tha..
pari:gurmeet chowdry..he was doing tai looked hot..i wish my dream boy is him..
nurse..:if u have finished will u listen to me…this is vip ward u know it better..n u know who is the patients here..
pari:whaaat..?maan..the great maan singh khurana…wow know he is the handsome of all business men..i love him..
nurse:stop dreaming pari..this is maan s daughter..maan n his wife met with an accident n the baby is premature…she is having breathing u must be careful..dont make her cry..must feed her every two hours..i’ve fed before an hour..there is
pari did not leave her finish..
pari:ok baba..i’ll see to go…
nurse:pari..a single mistake will turn our carreer..
pari:u have all reports here na..i’ll see to it..afterall i’m also a nurse here..i too care for patients..
nurse:pari..u dont understand..
pari:i do
nurse:you must take care of all here..
pari:i will..i know..u leave didi..pari is always perfect in her work..u better leave now..jiju is waiting for u down in reception for more than an hour..if u made him wait,he will straightly go to court applying for divorce..then dont blame me..
nurse:my husband is waiting..n now u r saying it after all ur bak bak..ok..take care  of patients carefully…bye..
the nurse ran to save her married life..

pari looked at the baby..
baby..u r so cute..n ur papa is damn hot..dont worry..i’ll take care of you..
she then saw geet on other side..pari was reading the medication prescreptions of geet..she saw her wet dress..
pari:u r  latching..i think its time to feed..dont worry i’ll help u..
geet was still unconscious..
pari came with a bowl of water..she undressed geets upper n wipped ur baby wont feel u with this hospital smell…she made the bed to slanting position..
pari took the baby out of the cradle n kept under geets bossom..pari tickled babys woke up n started to latch from geet…
unknowingly  a tear escaped from geets eyes.its her mother hood which felt the babys touch..she tried to open her eyes..but the seductives effect did not make her open..but her senses were awake…
pari changed the position of baby from left to right..n made the baby latch on other side..when the baby was full pari took the baby from her n closed geets buttons..
dr.who came in was shocked..
dr:pari..what are u doing..
pari:made baby feed by her mother..
dr. came n checked geet..
dr:are u a fool..dont u see the bottle there..this baby is not her child..
dr:did u read the medical reports of this girl..
pari:no..i only read the prescreptions..if she is not babys mother,then who is she..then why is she latching..
dr:bichari..ek ye hai…lost her child her husband everything in same accident..aur ek ye hai..apne maa khothi is accident mei.. aur iski papa has went to cremitorium to give light to her mother.
.who did the duty before you..did nt she say about the patients..
pari st:didi tried ..but i only made her shut with my bak bak..ab kya hoga..
geet heared everything..her eyes opened..she tried to move..she was like a stone that couldnt move..her both legs n one hand was fractured n the other hand was bandaged  .
.geets st:its not my baby is also no more..all left,abhi arya..all  left me…why god..why all of them left me..why didnt u take me with them..
pari:im sry dr..i’ll not repeat it..pls is baar maaf kardejiye.
dr:ok..only we two are here..thinking about ur future im leaving you without taking any action..if u do it again ..i’ll dimiss u..
pari:thanks dr…
dr:checked the baby..
dr:pari..take care of baby…bcoz it is vips child..n the meaning of his life..
pari:ok..dr..the patient has gained her conscious..
dr.came to geet again..
dr:how r u u feel any pain..
geet did not answer..tears was flowing from her eyes like a river..her eyes was fixed to the ceiling..she was still continueing her prayers with her babaji..
geet:st:do something babaji..atleast make me move..i want to end my i have lost my hope to live..i cant go back to my parents..but i can go to my husband n my baby n my friends…pls babaji..take me near u..
dr:i can understand ur pain geet..but life is to live..god has left u alive..there must be reason behind his every,dont loose hope..
pari,give her this injection after two hours..continue her saline..
pari:yes dr..

pari tried to speak a lot with geet…her eyes was non stop flowing n glued only to the ceiling.geet s dress was wet again…pari really felt very bad for geet..

it was 2 hrs..pari made her way 2 baby..she mixed the tin milk powder n poured in bottle..she took the baby in her arms n placed the bottle in her little mouth…the baby refused to take spilled it out n started to cry..
pari:oloele..pyari haina tu..achabachi haina..peelo beta…doodh peelo..
but the baby refused to have it…pari tried her best..the baby was crying n its breathe started to be heavy…pari placed oxygen mask for baby n called dr..
geet was restless..the babys cry was making her mad…n the sudden heat surrounding around n the panic voice of pari was making her restless..
dr. came n checked is still crying..
dr:what happned pari ..why the baby is crying..i already said u baby is preborn,,,it has breathing problem n never let her will be dangerous for her life…
pari:baby doesnt like tin wants 2 be fed by mother..
dr:you are irresponsible..where can u get her mother who is no more.
pari was looking at the baby n her breathing…she looked at geet…who was looking at baby…geets eyes said something which pari understood…
pari:i’m sry dr..for what i’m going to do..dr.looked at pari…
she took the baby n went to geet..she opened her buttons n kept baby near her bossom…the baby stopped crying n started to latch…the baby  feels geet n smiles as it know her…
geet was able to move her left hand…she took the baby from pari..she closed her eyes..

she is a mother,though her child is not alive…after listening to them she cant leave a baby to die craving for milk..i’m  a useless body now..atleast i can help a baby  with what i can..

the babys breathe became normal when it stopped its cry..
dr. n pari looked at both..more than that the other two persons were shocked one was dadi who saw it..the dr n pari stood like a partition from maan n geet…but he could guess baby is fed by geet..
dadis st:ye kya karrahi ho bhagwan..ek ko maa ki zaroorath hai…aur ek ko bache ko..why u played with this two lives..


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