This Life Is Yours – Part 16


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dadi made maan lie on the bed..
maan:dadi,whats that going around with my baby..who is she…
he asked little puzzled..
dadi:u take  rest..i’ll come back with ur answers..
saying so dadi neared geet,pari n dr..
dr.looked at the elderly she is going to react for paris mistakes..
dadi:kya hua dr..
she asked chance to explain…geets eyes opened hearing dadimas voice..she knotted her temples in a questioning way why she is here..
the dr.explained…
dr:ur gr8 grand daughter got in trouble..she was crying continuosly..,pari dont know baby is drashtis daughter.she thought she is geets daughter n made her feed was a mistake..but it saved the baby in time..for 2nd time.
geet looked at the baby.,who is sucking her with a small smile..a small bundle..looking smaller than usual babies..pre birth..ka effect..
.iska matlab,baby is maan sirs daughter…n baby lost her mom..matlab…drashti mam is no more…
she closed her eyes again..the dear ones loss only she is hearing again..why am i in the world only to loose all in 1 day…
dadi came n sat near geet..she ruffled her hair..
dadi:i can feel ur  pain  the loss u r going thru..i cant help u..but,i’m there for u…to share ur will be hard for u to face such things in this tender age..none can change the what u did to our child no one can do it..u have saved not only the babys life..maans too..he has already become a lifeless body..loosing his his life is dependent only on the baby..thanks is a small word for what u did geet..bcoz u have saved 2 lives..that cant be get back..dadi wiped her tears..
geet was hearing her silently.but did not register the words..her mind is only thinking why i am still alive..?for what purpose i should live…
.when the baby was full..pari took it from geet..dadi took the baby from her n came to maan.. careful from ur duty..she left..

maan was looking at the baby which is sleeping peacefully now..
he hold it to his heart..meri jaan…i’m not a gud papa..i did not save ur mom…muje maaf kardo beta..he was talking heart to heart with his baby..
tears rolled on his cheeks..
pari:mam:we cant keep baby out of incubator..for a long time …
dadi  gave the baby..n pari placed her again in cradle..with protection equipments..pari looked at maan..
paris st:hai haye..kitna handsome hain ye.dreamyprince…kash im his wife…pari control ur feelings..he is suffering so much n this time too u r in ur imaginary world…go..go n do ur duty…she wacked herself n shrugged her thoughts n sat in a chair looking all of them..

maan:who is that girl dadi?
dadi sighed.
dadi:i thought god is rude to play with ur life..but god has played with her the  worse ..
maan:i cant understand what u r saying..
dadi:wo geet hain.ur secretary…the accident in which u lost ur wife…she lost her husband,child n her friends..
n then dadi said about geet feeding baby…to stop her crying..
maan thought of the accident..he was about to hit another car…so it was geet n co,who were in that car..bcoz of me she lost everything…he was in remorse..he thought it all happened bcoz of him..he was blamming inside  for causing the great pain in her life also..

an hour after,pari was called by dr..
pari:yes dr..
dr:pari i made an appointment for baby khurana with a specialist..she is now,come to my cabin with baby..babyka attender ko bhi saath le auo…we can discuss about babys health…
pari:ok dr..
dr:whats the other patient doing..
pari:a bed ridden patient kya kar sakthi hain dr..when she is going thru her bad time..she was starring the ceiling n wall for a long she is only ive changed her saline…
dr:ok..then u can come now..i thought if she is awake she will need some care from u..
pari:no dr..she is sleeping..


vicky:dadi left me at home with adi n pinky di to take care of guests..after all left we came to hospital…on the way to room we saw u in paris hands moving to drs cabin..dadi n maan bhai was also with we also followed u..
on the way dadi told about geet bhabhi to pinky..i knew all about that by her..we all thought her like an angel to save u at that moment…but we dont know that u r the one who will save her later..
jaanvi:what i did chachu..
abhidya was looking for answer from him..
vicky:u all have seen only a bold bhabhi..she was never a coward..but that day she took a decision only a coward can do..which shocked our life..

in drs cabin
dr:mr..khurana,why u came out of room..u need to take rest..
maan:no dr..i cant sit there thinking about my baby..i want to know myself..
dr.:ok..take ur seat..
dr..introduced the specialist..

..the specialist was examining the baby..checking the reports..
sp dr:whats th eweight of baby?
1.6 kgs..
sp dr:under weight.. 7 months..
she tested more n then came to maan .
maan:how is she dr..
sp:she is f9…but she must be here for atleast 3 weeks under our observation…we must look after the should gain weight..maa hothi tho she can get extra vitamins energy n anti biotic from her..but we should now give the baby only by medicines..
dadi:what about her breathing problem..
sp:no need to worry..she needs extra care..thats all..some children get this problem..u can use puff r inhaler a year after..mostly she will be normal when she turns 4 r 5..just keep care she doesnt cry or gets excited or sad when she grows she must not run.r climb steps.which will make her breathe heavy…i’ll give u some medicines..u may continue this daily,keep on with regular check ups 2 weeks once..
maan was bit relief..

pari:dr..i’ll go n check the patients saline..
dr.nodded yes..
they were discussing more about baby…
here baby started to was restless..
at the same time the emergecy alarm ,rang in the drs room..
dr:emergency..that 2 from ur ward..
she said to maan n moved forward..


abhi:what happened chachu?
vicky:we all reached the room…only to see geet bhabhi has disconnected all her tubes n salines which are connected to her body…with her one hand she has worked hard to remove all..she has tried to move..she fell on floor…her stitches opened n her dress was soaked in blood..
jaanvi:it means..she tried to attempt…
vicky”haan..suicide..she has no will to live..when no one was around her she took the chance to get rid of her life..
we all helped to settle her back in bed..dr.fixed her to machines…gave her an injection..n restitched her stomach..she was breathing heavily..her eyes was dozing up..the drs lost hope.they came out n .the one word they said was ..’she is sinking.’now it belongs to her will power..if she wants to come back or not…
maan bhai ka halath tho dekhneki layak nehi thi…he cried out loudly..:
i killed her family…her happiness of life only god punished me taking my wife with him..
n u was also crying.pari kept u near her on the,geet bhabhi can feel u..ur cry..all thought pari is not gud  at profffession..but,she always thought thru heart..n her attempt did not fail…a tear fell down from geet bhabhis eyes..there was an unknown bond between u both…even at her unconscious state,she cant see ur tears…n now too if u cry..she will not be able to see it..
vicky wipped his tears..
bhabhi was back,that too bcoz of you…so,only she always says…this life is yours..ur gift..the meaning of her living is u..
vicky turned to abhidya..
vicky:if geet bhabhi was successful that day,u would not be here now..
it was a slight taunt but the love n care was evident behind his words…he cares ..
abhidya dipped his head in shame..

jaanvi:chachu,mama ki aur koi nehi tha kya…
vicky:haan hai ..n now too .geet bhabhi’s father is there.but they disowned bhabhi…
jaaanvi n abhidya in shock..:kya?grandpa is still alive..we have not seen can they be away from they know mama was in hospital…struggling with life n death..
vicky:haan..n that too ..only maan bhai found it..n he never said who they are..
vicky:bcoz there was a big truth behind it
jaanvi:kya..who is he?
vicky:i cant say it to u both..u must ask bhaiya or bhabhi..
abhi:..teek haichachu..we will ask mama or papa later..but who was with mama in those days..
vicky”:dadi n maan bhai..

IN hospital
maan:still u r same geet…u react still only for jaanvi..tumhare pyaar aur mamta jaanvi se shuru hothi hai..we all comes after that only na..
he talked to geet who was still laying in bed with eyes closed..
geet:yese nehi hai maan..
she whispered slowly..
maan:geetu..geetu..u got ur conscious..
he smiled at her holding her hands..kissed her..
maan:u scared me..
geet:how can i scare my life…my love..
maan:geetu..jut math bol..u care only for jaanvi..he said knowing what she will say..
geet:maan..pls…if she is my life then u r my breathe..our family is my heartbeat…dont think i’ll leave u soon…n i’ll relieve u from my bak bak tortures..
maan smiled within his tears..he kissed her forehead.. take rest..we will talk tomorrow..

maan thinks about the past:

geet opened her eyes only to see the baby..her small hands were touching her bossoms,while swinging its hand in air…when she looked at her the baby stopped its cry n smiled at her..there was something in the babys eyes..a plead..dont leave me ..thats what geet felt..she felt helpless..all have pushed her again to this world..she looked at pari..pari told all to leave making the partition between them..
geet said to pari:till i’m here,i’ll  feed baby..waise mein tho kisiki madat nehi karsaktha..lekin babyki kaam aasaktha hoon na..
pari  nodded yes..feeling her motherhood love towards the baby..
..pari came out after a while with baby..the baby smelled milky,which was enough for all to realize baby was again fed by geet.
n dadi also did not object pari helped with babys feed always…

after that incident geets other hand was also tied with straps in bed..all were scared with her behaviour.n all took extra care for geet..maan will see geet long from his bed..her numb state..the machines which are making her cure..he cursed him for that night..if he had a little concentration on road it would not have happened..
geet first ignored to eat…but pari told..if u want to feed baby then eat..and she ate only for baby..she felt alive only baby was with her..that 1/2 an hour when she feeds her the life was within her…then she will again go to her black memories..n drown in the world of sorrow…

three weeks ran fast…the drs asked geet ..if she wants to inform anyone to take her home…she said bluntly..
.i’m dead for all…
dadi wanted to help her..all three were discharged from hospital..n now in KM..geet was alotted a guest room at down floor.still she could not walk..she was bed ridden…one maid was 24×7 for her to help..maans room was at first floor..maans wound was healed..his head n  hands plaster was removed..he was able to take baby with his two arms..he was like a zombie…kept aloof from all.. his mind was always cherishing the moments ,he spent with his wife ..he lost his smile..naughtiness..n the sweet talks.(i dont want too many sad moments so shortly said..i want to move with maneet scenes).now he lives only for his baby.he has stopped thinking about kc..n dadi gave the responsibilities to adi to look after kc for some time..

.geets arms was also healed…but her legs were still bandaged..the drs said strictly..she can move from bed only after two months as steel plate was fixed in two three places where her bones were broken badly..
baby s weight increased n babys health also never expected by the drs..they all knew its all bcoz of geet feeding her..the artificial milk or medicines cannot give this much improvement…dadi was very thankful to geet..maan did not even talk to her..his guilt killed him inside..but,he cared for her health..he always asked drs about geets progress…
maan named baby as jaanvi,as drashti always called the baby as jaan..he also sent msg thru adi again to her house that drashti is not alive…he came again as drashtis brother has not yet returned from london..

maan was searching for geets relatives,if she had anyone than her husband n friends..he did not get any clue..nor adi..nor pinky had any details.geets profile had only details about gurmeet..her certificates from mysore college…pinky went to geets apartment n searched for details..but she couldnt get any..the owner asked the apartment maan said,pinky packed all the stuffs their n kept in other room of km..

the policemen came to maans house..they handed him the things they found in accident…maan took  his n dcs things seeing it..the next was cell phones fully in damaged condition
police:it was the phones of persons who was in other car…it did not work..n we verified the numbers..the most done was within these 3 numbers n the other was the office number.all 3 worked in same company..
maan:any other details..
police..all came from mysore..all are college..sir,do u want to collect informations more..
maans st:i  dont want to involve police..if geet has relatives what will they think…i’ll find it myself..
the police went..

maan called adi n asked him to go 2 mysore n collect informations from college..
adi came back with the news all 3 came from orphanage..
maan:what about geet..
adi:the administration refused to give any details about her..
maan:what?how can they refuse..u said the reason..she met with an accident..
adi:i said..then the principal went out n talked 2 someone..n came back…he again said he cant give any details..geet is mystery..
maan too thought that only..adi went back to kc..maan went to the room were geets things were kept..he unpacked everything n searched for any information…he did not get all belonged to the 4 n the details were also only for the the world revolved only for them..each n every photo said how they loved each other..

maaan closed his eyes not able 2 see their smiling faces..their laughs..their pranks…their childishness..
mein apni hathon sei tumhari zindagi ki sab khushi cheenli geet..he closed the albums n opened the last packs..untill now he had not got was fulled with books which said they 4 were doing there masters in postal…the other was full of toys n dolls..some for boys some for girls..he remembered how drashti will fight with him will be a boy..geet must be having the same feelings he thought..he threw all the stuffs out…a pink baby fir doll landed the ground with thud…first maan did not think about it..then his mind said,how a fir doll can make,he took it n watched it had a zip at the back..he opened it..n saw a cell phone..some close pictures of gurmeet n her..n some photos of gurmeet alone taken in college.a small chain with similair earings n pendant…it was also some thing different..

maan tried to switch on the phone..the look of phone was unseen to was something special.foreign made…he called some friend of him who works in manufacturing cell phone company..
maan showed the phone n asked him to on it..
his friend whistled..seeing the phone..
friend:i never thought i’ll ever see this type of phone in my life..
friend:yaar.only vips like rich n royal peoples have this type of india we can count it in fingers.this is made in other country…this costs 65 lakhs..n this has special features..noone can operate this than the can open with special password..hand print ..eye scan…somethings unique..we can take video with audio from far distance..we can store 100s of films n thousands of songs ..we can see films in full clarity,like we see in big screen…the net connection has so many features..of uploading downloading…n he went on  n on with it..

maan was dumpfounded…geet ke saath itne mehenga cell phone..kese..if she belongs to a rich family..then whats the need for her to work..the salary ive given till now will not exceed one lakh..what is behind her ..why she is like a puzzle..
maan:can i get the information this phone belongs to whom..?from this company..
friend:they will not is highly official ..i know..
maan:then how to find whom this phone belongs too..he asked in frustration..
friend..:i can trace the numbers called from this phone..
maan:do it fast..
friend:i can trace only from my office..this needs special devices to open the sim..
maan:ok take it..but i want it in return..
a week later,maans friend gave him the numbers dialled from the sim..n at what dates..all numbers were same..but a year before…only one call was done before 7months..after that no calls..
maan dialled the number from his phone..
the other side:hello whom do u want to speak…
maan:i want to speak about geet..whom must i talk to?
the other person was silent for a while..
OP:ok…i’ll connect u the line..
maan was getting restlesss as the connection was forwarding from 1 people 2 other..
maans st:even my company is better..they dont transfer this late to me..uff..
after 20 minutes a lady took the phone..
lady:how can i help u sir..
maan:i want to talk about geet..
lady said something,that sealed his lips…n blocked his mind to think…maan was in shock with what he heared..did he heared right…(i’ll not say now what the lady servant said..will say after a few updates.)

lady:wait..i’m giving 2 her mother..
maans st:geets mother..
his thoughts was disturbed with another lady voice..
geets is my daughter..wo khush haina..i want to see where she is..before leaving us behind,she did not think about me once…is she happy with her husband..muje unse koi shikayat nehi..if she is happy with her love..
she was continuosly asking him questions..maan can see the love n care in her voice..
maan:please listen to me..i’m calling from name is maan…she had an accident..
maan:she lost her…husband in the accident…i thought if u can take her home back..she will feel better..she looks lost always..she neeeds some support from her family..she attempt to end her life once..
he heared snatching of phone..n her mothers cry..
a rough male voice came on other side…
wo jiye or marei…humein koi pharak nehi padtha..i have forgot that i have a daughter too..we have disowned her…dont call here again..if she comes here i’ll kill her with my bare hands…
with that the person kept the phone with a loud bang..
with his words maan guessed ,the person was geets father..his voice was so arrogant in which all can say he meant those words..

maan:geets father can kill geet,if he faces her..geet knew it only she said im dead for all..
now geets family is not with her..nor her friends..nor her husband..
i’ll leave to geets decision what she wants to do …
now after knowing all about her, i’ll also behave like i dont know about her parents..if i said i talked 2 them..she will get hurt…i’ve to talk to her,once she comes out of this shock…im responsible for her state..n i’ll help her with whatever decisions she take…

precap:geet helping vicky in studies n working for kc from home..


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