This Life Is Yours – Part 19


Hai friends.

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next day maan woke up n finds himself in geets room..he has slept peacefully..he looked around the room..nor geet or baby was their…he saw the time was 8.30am..
maans st:how i slept like this..i’ve never been so that too in geets room..
then,he remembered geets lori..after that he must have slept..she indeed have a gud voice..he went to his room n got ready quickly..maneet n jaanvi went 2 office…

a month later,one morning.

maan came out of the room n saw baby in vickys shoulder..he was patting her back to make her sleep..on seeing maan it jumped in vickys arms ..maan smiled n took her in his arms..
maan kissed her n rubbed her nose with his..
Maan:oh my baby missing me..
baby nodded..yes..maan kissed her cheeks..
vicky:what r u doing vicky?dont u have college..
Vicky:no bhai.. geet didi  told me 2 make jaanvi sleep..
maan knotted his brows..nowadays,geet behaviour is indifferent sometimes.she is trying 2 keep distance from baby…he shrugged his thoughts..
maan:vicky,ok u hold her for some time..i’ll fresh n come..
when maan came down ,he saw geet trying to feed jaanvi by bottle..n jaanvi was pushing it n  was crying..she doesnt like it.jaanvi was lifting geets sari..searching her bossom..
.maan was getting angry at seeing his princess crying..but he stood shocked as geet was forcing her again with bottle milk…baby was turning its face…maan s eyes spitted fire…dadi came near him n kept her hands on shoulders..

dadi:geet is mostly cured..n now jaanvi is also 7 months..she is growing.we cant expect geet to feed..what she is doing is right..
dadi said as she read his mind..
dadi:maan,why dont u marry  again..jaanvi needs a mother too..
maan gave an angry glare…
maan:how can u say this dadi..DC left me..but my memories with her is still alive..never ever take this topic again..or what i’ll do i dont know..

jaanvi: nguaaa..ungaaa..
geet kept the bottle aside..her attempt failed n couldnt see baby crying more..she started to feed her..maan sighed in relief..
dadi:there is no relation between geet n jaanvi..phir bhi..jaaanvi keliye geet ki mamta kafi hai…

maan walked to dining…geet placed baby on the crib n she too joined maan n dadi..after that they left to Kc..
sasha was feeling jealous..seeing maneet ,she always fumed,.bcoz of the concern n care maan takes for her..geet sharing maans cabin..most of the staffs too had started to gossip behind maneet..

maneet in maans room..
maan took sleeping baby from geet ..he carressed her face n gently placed a kiss in forehead.. n placed on the craddle…
maneet started their work..sasha came inside to get maans sign in a file..
sasha:sir may i help u,with ur work…
sasha wants to be with him..She was there to find some way to get rid geet first out of cabin ,then out of KC..

maan:no need.geet is here to help me…if i need anything i’ll call u..if u have no work..go n help adi..
he said in a stern tone..sasha stamped her feet in fury n left his cabin..

after some time dadi called maan..
maan:ji dadi..
dadi:i forgot to remind u there is appointment with dr..for jaanvi..a shot 2 be given..
maan:at what time dadi..
dadi:by 3..geet knows it..she said she has not made any appointment at that time  for u..didnt she say u?
maan st:when we have talked other than work..
maan:ji..may be i’ve forgotten..ok..dadi thanks for reminding..
maan st:y geet did not say me..ok..lets c..if she says or not…
dadi:if ur wife was there,i’ve no need 2 remind you..
maan:pls dadi..i dont want 2 talk about it..
he kept the phone with thud n his shout made geet n jaanvi shock..jaanvi started to cry..
maan closed his eyes in frustration…geet took baby n tried to console twisted its rosy lips in anger for disturbing her sleep..n was restless geet took baby out of the cabin..she roamed around the baby in office..many tried to get attention of baby..n tried to take her in arms..sasha too tried..
sasha:olele..jaanvi..come here baby..come to me..i’ll keep u..i’ll bring u ice creams..(7 months baby eats ice creams hai sasha na pagal hai..n will baby know what is ice cream )
baby turned its face n circled its arms tightly around geet..all other staffs laughed..
sasha was hell angry..
even this baby too gels with geet..ok..geet now i’ve found another way..i’ll make maan sir hate u bcoz of baby..she smirked..

when baby was normal ,geet took to their cabin…she placed baby on the baby chair..she mixed cerelac n started 2 feed by was not hungry n already throwing tantrums on her..maan smiled looking them both..geet make jaanvi open her mouth..n baby was pulling the bowl..geet pushed her hand back from dropping..n kept the spoon near her mouth..jaanvi looked at geet ,then sasha opened n had it..
sasha came again with some excuse..
sasha:geet:u have to finish the work u have startedna..give the bowl i’ll feed jaanvi..
she pulled tha bowl from her..
geet:but mam..
maan was about to stop..but sashas next words made his words stop in his throat..
sasha:geet,u r also a staff like me..i can also take care of baby..
geet went n sat in her chair..
maan looked at geet..first she looked shocked,then hurt,confused..then she started to work …with a clear face..

here baby tho bohut naraaz could sasha make geet move from her..jaaanvi took the first spoon from sasha n goggled…grrrhhh…all the cerelac sprinkled on sashas face..sasha made a yuck face..but she controlled her anger n put the next spoon harshly in jaanvis mouth was started to cry n pulled the bowl..sasha dropped in her dress n floor..maneet saw it n both fumed in anger..geet has made baby normal n sasha made her cry again..jaanvi was fully messed up..her hands .face dress all were sticky.geet took baby n wiped her face with her sari showed its hand to sasha making complaining faces 2 geet..Cry
geet:she hurt u baby..
it nodded yes,,
geet:mam..if u dont know how to feed a baby..or how 2 keep it cool..then why are u trying it..rather u r making her cry again..
sasha:u r talking like , u r experienced…ur baby is no more..n u have never fed it..this is not ur …
before sasha continues ,maan cuts off her..
maan saw geet moisted eyes..again the guilt formed him..
maan:sasha…mind ur words..this is my cabin ..n u have no rights to hurt geet or my baby .i warn u again..if i saw u hurting geet again,that will be ur last day in KC..n she knows very well how to take care of baby..where were u these days..when geet was taking care of my baby in this cabin n changing diapers..
sasha’s face again turned yuck..she fumbled..
maan get lost of my sight..
sasha ran out..

maan:geet..r u ok..dont take her words seriously..
geet:she said the truth only na sir..i’m a staff like all..n baby…its true..i lost mine..she was saying all the while patting baby..
janvi looked at geets teary face n kissed her cheeks ..the tears stopped when she kissed her..
maan:jaanvi must be changed..
geet:no sir..she must be given a bath..i’m taking to wash room..
with that she moved to washroom n quickly gave a warm bath to baby..maan took the baby towel from the bag n passed to her..geet wiped n wrapped baby in towel n gave to maan..
geet:sir..have her for some time..i’ll come..
she closed the washroom door ..she washed her pallu n came out…maan has changed baby into a fresh dress was putting maans tie in her mouth..n man was pulling out..his tie was fully wet with babys saliva..maan was smiling seeing his little princess effort..
geet placed her on walker n both returned to work..

during lunch adi n pinky joined them..n baby was sleeping..
pinky:bhai..dadi said she n vicky are going to pandit..
pinky:dadi said..if she does some pooja,the happiness of family may return..
adi:let her do whatever makes her feel happy..why to disturb her..hain na maan..
maan :hmm..

it was 2.30..geet came to maan..
geet:maan sir:
maan:yes geet..kuch kam tha..
geet:now, we must go to hospital..we have appointment for baby..
maan:u didnt inform me..
geet:ive made ur day of 2day free 4m only..
maan:ok..give me 5 minutes..i’ll talk to adi n we will go..u wait for me in car..
geet nodded n went to pack the essential needs for baby..
maan came to adi..sasha was behind him..
maan:adi,im going with geet to hospital..
adi:ok sir..
maan:u take care of office..n when i come back i want 2 c the blue prints n preparations of 2morrows presentation..take pinky for ur help..
adi :yes sir..but i’ve one doubt in it..
maan n adi were talking about it..sasha went silently n pored a little water on the way out of maans cabin..
maan:ok..adi..oh i forgot my phone in cabin..
geet came out with baby in one arm n babys bag in others..she stepped on water n slipped..
she held baby tightly..thinking it must not get hurt..before she lands the ground two muscular arms held her tight with baby..

maan saw both slipping n rushed to catch them before both of them get hurt..he hold them both tight in his embrace..geet s back was at his chest totally glued n maans hands encircling both geet n baby..the whole office witnessed it..
geet opened her eyes n found baby n herself safe..she immediately came out of maans hold n kept distance.that was emberrassing for both…adi n pinky came there for help..pinky took baby from her n made her sit..
pinky:r u ok geet,,
geet:i think so..but baby..
maan gave her water to drink..
maan:she is ok..she is still sleeping..r u ok..
geet was checking her legs as she felt some pain in the same leg..
maan immediaetely took her legs n looked if she was having any bleeding or any bulge..she removed.her legs back from his hold..she felt uncomfortable.
all the staffs was looking at them in awe..
geet:what are u doing sir..
maan:i m seing what u r trying to c..hv u got any hurt..
geet:no sir..
maan:really ,if u r ok..lets go..r i’ll go alone..
geet stood ..she felt ok..
geet:we can go sir..
geet took baby from pinky n followed maan..

dadi n vicky talked to pandit to make a shanthi pooja in their house..n pandit asked them to do that day itself as it was a special day for gods..dadi immediately arranged arrangements in KM..n gave instructions to nakul..vicky n dadi left to KC for inviting staffs for pooja..

here in Hospital..
Dr.was checking was always pointing here n there n saying something…dr.was noticing baby for a long time..when she was with maan or jumping to geet or trying to snatch things from table…
then Dr.checked the weight..she compared to the previous one..
dr looked at maan..
dr:mr..khurana,ur baby weight has reduced..are u not taking care..u know she is prematured baby..till now her progress was gud what happened now…
geet knows its because she has reduced her feed can she say..
geet:is she ok dr..nothing to worry na..
dr..gave the monthly shot to baby…n the baby started to cry..kwuaaa..kwaaa…
geet patted her back.
dr:mr:khurana..have u ever noticed what the babys of 7-8 months would do..
maan looked at was geet..
dr:atleast the baby must say maaa or u all notice,she is not speaking..
maan got the great shock.
dr:she uses only hands to express or she just u interact with ur teaching her mama papa..
maaneet  were guilty..they both were always drowned in their sorrows..or were busy in office works…they never interacted ..they always share a hug,kiss..heart 2 heart speech with baby..never interacted orally..
geet sometimes interact ..
dr:so,ur silence says..hmmm..u must spend more time with her…try to make her speak..
maan:sure dr..
dr:did she have breathing problem this month..
geet:no dr..
dr:does she crawl or try 2 stand..
geet:yes dr..she is trying to stand up..
dr:physically she is normal.dont decrease her weight take care of it…lets c after a month.
geet:she will speak na dr..
dr:nothing to worry..may be its bcoz she is preborn ..she may take a little time to talk..some babies speak after a year too..lets think positive..bcoz of todays shot she may get a little fever give this medicine every 4 hrs..
maan:ok dr..thank you dr..

maan said geet n jaanvi to go to car..he will collect the medicines n come..she nodded…by the time pari came there..
pari:hai my baby princess..y r u crying..
geet saw the man standing for her..he has again followed her to hospital..thats the place he can c geet alone..
geet avoided his plea in his eyes to talk..
pari took baby in her arms..jaanvi liked,without complaining she moved to pari..pari played with her n gave back to geet..

geet moved to the car parking n maan was  already there waiting for geet n jaanvi..he saw the man blocking geets way..he was in same unique uniform..the man gave a different gesture n bowed before her ..
maan understood..who he was..
geet moved from him..
he again followed her ..his face said he was pleading her ..
geet:kaka..pls..just go away from here..
man:talk to ur mother once..she is sick..
geet:father is their to take care of my mother..she thought for a while..
geet:does father know u came here to meet me..
the man stood still,lowering his head..
geet:so,my father doesnt u know ..what the sequence may be for u..he will kill u..i dont want 2 be a reason for another death…pehlesehi mein sab kho chuka hoon..wo boj banchuka hai mera..bcoz of me they 3 died..i dont want ur family 2 suffer..pls go..
geet:i now realize..kaka..for a girl..her mother n fathers blessings is must in her married life..i made them cry..see now i’m living like a dead body..pls dont come again before me ..mein toot jaunga..pls..pls..
she pleaded folding her hand..
The man again made a similar gesture..bowed his head before her..she nodded her head..he went away..

geet came n sat in the car..maneet did not talk..both were disturbed..maan was thinking about baby n geet..same geet was thinking about baby n whether maan have seen her with that man..
driver:sir,where should i go..KC or KM..
geet:KC…there is bending works..
maan agreed..
they both returned to their cabin..pinky entered with soup for baby..she fed it..
pinky:kya kahaa
maan said with choked throats..
pinky:so only u r worried..o fo bhai..who said noone interacted or taught her..whenever jaanvi is with me. n adi..or dadi n vicky we have taught her..mama papa dadi chachu..sab kuch..
maan looked at her in amusement..
pinky..:wait i’ll prove where is ur bua..
jaanvi pointed pinky n clapped her hands…
pinky:papa kahaan hai beta?
jaanvi turned n pointed at maan n extended her two hands to take her..
maan rushed n took her in his arms..he never thought his baby knows him by papa..

geet stepped out for some time..she did not see pinky asking where is mama n jaanvi searching geet..geet stood in a corner of the window…she looked the outside world..

GEETS POV:all were busy..working for their fulfil the responsibilities…but..what i’m doing..i have no parents disowned husband who promised me to be my side for seven lives left me..bcoz of me..i lost my friends..ive no a daughter,a wife nor a friend…i took responsibiltiy of jaanvi..bcoz ..somewhere,im the reason for her mothers loss also..i want her 2 be safe..atleast she gives reason for smile in dadi,maan n vickys she has started to take other foods..only a few days,when i make her forget my feed totally..i will be not having more responsibilties towards her also..i’ll leave them..
geets thoughts were disturbed when adi came..
geet:mujei ek file nehi milrahi hai..i came to ask if its with u r maan sir..
geet n adi made their way 2 maans cabin..she gave him the file..

all staffs were busy in their works..sasha did not c maan going to conference room with adi…it was more than hrs..sasha did not see maan or baby wake up n geet took it ..
geet:jaanu,u wake up dear..
she tried to speak up with baby..
baby rubbed her eyes with her hands n searched for maan.. is searching her papa..
baby nodded her head..n then it started to lift geets sari..pointing her bossom..
geet:so,baby is hungry n wants mum..mum..
jaanvi nodded yes..n said..aum..aum.
geet removed her blouse buttons n baby hungrily started to latch her..

here dadi n vicky entered n stopped at the entrance when they heared sasha n some other staffs gossipping..
sasha:something is between maan sir n geet..
staff:yes..after all they both have lost their partners..
sasha::n maan sir is hot ..who can resist him..a millionaire too..
staff:haan..geet also looks very young..beautiful too..
sasha:tabhi tho..they both are always in side the cabin..
staff;yes sasha,geet shares maan sirs cabin..
sasha:c the blinds are always closed..
staff:today also u saw maan held her tight from house dadi will be they are making out here..
they all laughed.

vicky was about to blast..dadi holds him..not to go.bcoz vickys temper isworse than maan sometimes..he may hit them.. pinky who came from conference hall to take a file  heared the last conversation..n she blasted..
pinky:kya jaanthi ho aap mere bhai ke  bharein mein..
pinky:yes..maan in my brother..n wat u know about the relationship between geet n my persons only think about sex..not the all want to know what geet is doing behind the blinds na..come i’ll show u..pls gents be here..
sasha:haan haan hum bhi dekhthei hain..she said sarcastically..
pinky entered maneets cabin..
geet turned.n saw pinky…
pinky:sry..wo..i came to take a file..u carry on..
geet again turned n started to feed baby..pinky opened the blinds…n the staffs witnessed geet feeding baby..she again closed the blinds n went out..
pinky:yehi rishtha hai..geet is not a normal girl to think like you all..she is an angel..the god sent to save our jaanvi..geet was the one who was taking care of baby,beyond her mental tortures n physical pains..she lost her life..then too she is saving the little life..arei tum log kya janthi ho rishtha kya hotha hai…bina koi rishtha..koi blood relation..she is doing it..can anyone feed another girls child..have u ever heared it..or seen it..she is doing it in base of motherhood..chi..sharam aani chahiyei.u changed a sacred relation to physical relation…u thought low of them..still they are living their life a hell…they are standing still,where their love left them..bhai still thinking of bhabhi..n geet her husband…ive seen them crying seeing their loved ones photos.we are trying them to get out of past..geet ..u all witnessed her in widow much we forced her to wear colour dresses ..only i n dadi know…chi..i never thought u all have such a low mentality..

maan n adi came there n was shocked first to see a crowd..then the soft speaking pinky blasting on them…but when they heared all..they were rooted at their places..maan was so numb

adi saw geet was not there..
adi :pinky..pls..chup ho jao..
pinky:no adi:u know what they all talked..
adi:ya..i heared from u..but now..think about geet..if she hears this she will be totally upset..n i cant think what may happen..

maan roared:this is what the respect u have on ur own boss..n that girl.geet..yes i was concern..bcoz..the hell she is living is bcoz of car hit their car..n bcoz of me she lost her life..n being a women u talk low about another women..shame on you…im not getting out of my remorse,..Even after smashing her life,she gave life to child my family..n u all named it this way…maan shed tears..
adi:maan..pls control..i’m saying pinky to stop n u have started..
he turned to the staffs..
adi:all back to ur seats..go..n noone will talk about it..before geet..
staffs :ok sir..
all the staffs dispersed..but their faces hung down in shame..even sasha..

adi  n pinky took maan back to conference room..they gave him water to drink..
maan:how much still i have to face..why god is punishing geet for my deeds..why i must be the reason for her to be pointed as charecterless..they dont know who she is..shayad if they know they wont be able to spell her name too..that girl..she saved my light to my family..but what have i done to her..pushing her to darkness…
adi:maan..pls stop crying..if geet sees u like this..what will u say..will u be able to say the truth to her…tande dimag se soch..
maan wiped the tears..
maan:ok..i must now think what should i do..before this gossip reaches her ears..i’ll send her to another branch..but,what if…he left the sentence mid way..
maan:no i cant send her from my sight..
adi:maan,y cant u send her..bcoz of jaanvi or r u hiding anything..
maan:yes..not becoz of jaanvi..
adi:split out maan..
maan:she is upto something..
pinky:bhai..dont talk in riddles..
maan:idk.whether my suspection is correct..

there was a knock on the door..
maanstraightened himself.
adi:come in..
peon:sir,dadi n vicky sir has come to office..they are waiting in ur cabin..
maan:im coming..
pinky:why are they here.
the trio went to maans cabin..n saw dadi n vicky playing with jaanvi..geet was engrossed in some files..
maan:dadi,aap yahaan..
dadi:yes beta…wo ..ive arranged a pooja in our,i came here to invite our staffs n say it to you n geet..i’ve informed staffs..
maans blood boiled hearing staffs he cant say to dadi..the reason..he dont want anyone to see..adi squeezed his arms to keep quiet..he nodded n said..
maan:ok dadi..
dadi:u three reach home soon..
dadi..yes..i’m taking pinky with me..i need her help..u,maan n geet come home..
adi:ji dadi..
dadi:geet..finish ur work soon n come home soon with them..
geet:yes dadi..

precap:geet:  i think,the time has come.. i must leave  now..

maan:ok..atleast can u assure me u will be alive..
all the guests including dadi, adi,vicky n pinky looked  maan in shock..


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