This Life Is Yours – Part 2


            PART 2
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Khurana constructions.


Maneet  n vikshu  entered the kc.the staffs wished them n they all wished them  back with  smile.Jaanvi always enters a few minutes after or before their entry,though all came in the same car. According to Kc jaanvi is a trainee student from her university .other than pinky n adi noone knew jaanvi as maneets daughter.adi n pinky had two daughters priya n  piya .priya got married 2 months ago n lives with her husband abroad..piya accompanies jaanvi to kc as another trainee..they are best buddies from childhood n piya is a junior in college to jaanvi.

Jaanvi n piya enters maneets cabin.

They both in unison

Guddd morning siiir

Guddd morning mam..

Gud morning beta..u two started ur naughtiness   morning itself.when noone is there u dont want me to call sir.i have said this before also jaan..and u piya…u too..joining her mischieves..

Wo ..u know what sir,if i call u papa here..i cant stop it later.. n  afterall maansingh khurana ki beti hoon.i’ll be professional in profession.

Haan bade papa..oops sry..sir..we are trainies here..not family..

Geet came n stood between them both.she pulled both of their ears.


They both pretend to scream in pain.

Maa..papa ..see me..

Badima..pls leave our ears..


G:now u came to form.. u both r equally naughty..i know how to handle u both.

She left their ears.

Jaanvi came to maan. i wrong.

Maan hugged her sideways n kissed her forehead.

M:my jaan will never be wrong.

P:and me

Maan hugged her by other side.

M:u too can jaanvis frnd be wrong..n u r our daughter too.

He kissed her forehead too.

Geet cleared her throat.

J:papa..i think someone is burning.

Piya n maan looked at jaanvi with confused expression.

J:see maa is burning in jealousy.u kissed us n didnt give her..

She said naughtily,geets mouth opened wide in O…n maaan too was red…

G:Jaanviki baachi..u..u..u r kidding me.ur mother…wait i’ll ..i’ll..

n she tried to pull her..

J:what maa..i’m not jaanviki bachi..i’m ur bachi..she escaped from her..they both had a small running n chasing,while maan n piya were enjoying their fun.

Maan atlast caught jaanvi.helping geet.

J:papa..its too bad…u r helping maa..

M:u only asked her to give 1..i’m giving u to her..

Geet screwed her ears.

G:jaan..dont u think u r talking too much nowadays.

M:ya..its true..jaan..tum bohut bolthiho…like ur mama..maan winked at her.

Maan n jaanvi hi 5ed each other..

J:geet singh khurana ki beti..will be like her only na..

She said proudly..their moments were disturbed by the knock.

They all positioned themselves.maan n geet were back to their seats.jaanvi n piya took some random files n pretended to go thru it.

M:come in.

Vicky entered the cabin.

They all burst into laughter,which they were suppressing.

Vicky not knowing why they are laughing glared at them.

J:gud morning chote saab..

P:gud morniiing siiir.

J:what made u come here ?troubling urself sir.

Vicky saw the naughtiness in her face.he guessed,they were sharing some funny moments before.but,he is also her chachu.He made a stiffy face..

V:miss jaanvi n miss piya..u both r trainees..just go n do ur work.. this is office not ur playstation.

Jaanvi went speechless.n so were others. Vicky has never behaved like this.Jaanvis face fell down.all tried 2 read vickys was blank.

Vicky brought both piya n jaanvi to his embrace.

V:what do u think.u only can pull others leg.i also can do it..

He said smiling at both of them n they both started to hit him playfully..

J:u scared me chachu..

V:scare ..u..i dont beleve it.maaan singh khurana ki beti can never get scared.

J:but,his brother is capable to scare his daughter..

V:o..sry dears..i’ll not repeat it..but never get scared at any situation.face whatever it is..its my bro’s advice to me..i’m repeating to his daughter.

J:yes chachu..

Maan:vicky,u did not say why u came here.

V:ya bro..wo about the deal thats after 3 days…i’ve made mostly different types of quotations by all staffs. Now we have to finalize which is the best..

U know rahuls. Cha…

Maan cuts him in middle.

M:i know ..u dont want 2 say.

His raised tone said he was angry.

Jaanvi has never seen maan raising his voice.

J:is rahul is our rival.i mean i know from medias he is our competitor.but,is he taking part in this deal too.

M:hmm..he cooled himself ,not to show any of his expressions before jaanvi.

M:ok jaan..u both go n look after ur projects.i want to talk to vicky about this project.

Jaanvi felt like maan doesnt want  her to be there .so,he is pushing her out giving lame excuse. Bcoz,he never does this type of action,while discussing other projects.he always keep her by his side n teaches her business.n how to run it.she found something fishy. As an obedient daughter she went out with piya.she remembered,maan n geet behaved the same way last week too when it comes to rahul chopra.she made her mind,she will not ask about rahul to her parents.but,will find what is about that rahul in her own way.

Maan shouted at vicky.

Vicky..u know,i dont want jaanvi to know about rahul.or face rahul at any circumstances.but,why you mentioned him before her.

I’m sorry bhai.

Maan..leave it..vicky didnt do it intentionally…n what about u…u accepted his challenge.knowing his intentions. i dont mind if rahul gets this deal.but,i dont want to loose you.u must win this,u must win this deal. I dont know what is he upto.but,my heart is saying something bad is going to happen..i have a weird unknown fear is running inside me.

Bhabhi,nothing will happen..i’m looking after the quotations.we all will finalize it together.i’m sure this time also we will get the deal.bro will win.

Geetu..dont u trust me..

I trust u maan..even u r experienced now.u have got all the deals overcoming many challenges.but,rahul is not only a rival..he is Drashtis brother too.

Maan hugged her

I only i dont want jaanvi to come before him.what if he hurts her too.dont worry everything will be fine after 3 days.just think this way.rahul will not cross our path,once we got this deal.

I pray to god.u win this.

I will…they  remained hugging each other.

Ughmm..vicky cleared his throat..

I’m also here..dont make me go to vaishu..he winked at maneet n said.

Maneet broke their hug.


Here jaanvi n piya started to search the details about Rahul chopra in net..

He had a less personal profile n a lots in business.he belonged to mumbai n studied in london.nothing more than it..there was only a family photo.may be 20 yrs back.he is with his wife.n her wife is having a small boy in her hand. the back ground  said it was taken in london.n there were no more details.all the business news said maan as his first competitor.Rahul crosses maans business path everytime..n maan had succeeded mostly..

there was a news under a picture,which said,rahul considers maan as an enemy more than a business rival.rahul had made many heat arguments with maneet in public.most of the time geet has took maan forcefully out to calm the situation..

jaanvi n piya were dumbfounded reading the articles in net.

P:i dont believe this.he is just disguisting.

J:but,piya..why are mama n papa avoiding to tell us about him.when we know all about other competitors.

P:yes ..i’m also thinking about that only.

They tried to get the answer from adi n pinky.

They both were shocked.but thety somehow managed to answer them.

Adi:nothing beta.Rahul is only a competitor.he is taking too much interest in only he behaves like this rudely.

J:then why papa is not talking about him to me.

A: rahul is a rude man. Maan sir  thinks u will worry about,he is avoiding telling about rahul to u.ok.beta i have work..we’ll go..

Adi n pinky escaped from them.

Jaanvi n piya guessed..its a mere lie.the way they both were looking is not their usual.but why,they dont know.

Abhi was playing cricket with his friends with opposite team..abhi was the team captain. their team won it.all asked  abhi for a party.he promised to give them by can he say,he doesnt have enough money to spend. Now.the opposite team started to make fun of him.

OPP:hay guys,u are asking treat to abhi.u know he cant give u a big treat.he may come in a fancy car,wear branded things.but he is not capable of spending money for u..

N it made abhi angry as i said before,he is a short tempered.he started to beat those of his friends called jaanvi.

Frnd:di..come to play ground.abhi is beating ,the opposite team men.we cant control him.

Jaanvi n piya rushed to the spot.they did not inform maneet..

Jaanvi pushed him into their car.abhiis friends were looking at them both.jaanvi gave him water to drink.abhi quietly drank it.but,his angerwas not yet reduced.

Jaanvi:now tell why u r fighting with him.abhi told her everything like a small boy reciting a story.

J:papa gave u 15ooo yesterday.what did u do.

A:wo..i went with my friends to picture yesterdayna..there some one stole it.(least he knew,its one of his friend stole it from him)

J:y didnt u ask me.

A:u was busy. N mom n dad was there. How can  i say ,i lost the money.they both will start to take class in the morning.i’m so irresponsible..bla.bla..

Jaanvi gave her atm card.

J:go n enjoy with ur friends.

A:i love u didi..u r such a sweatheart.i was supposed to ask u in evening.

J:ok ok..enough of buttering.ur friends are waiting outside.go n party.but be home soon.

A:sure di.he went out n joined his friends happily.

Jaanvi heared him saying to his friends we will celebrate now..


P:jaanvi..u r spoiling him by giving money.he can say it to badi ma n papa n ask for money.

J:no its his prestige issue.n if he asks them,they will scold him.what can he do,when he lost his pocket money.whats there if i spend my pocket money or abhi.its samena.

P:yaya..u will only spend ur money only for purchasing things for abhi.

J:ok lets go back to work. N we ‘ll meet arjun on our way.he is waiting for us in coffee shop.

P:hmm..jiju is waiting..but y am i ..i dont want to be kabab mein haddi..u guys enjoy.

J:u only said u want to see him..dont i arranged this meeting.

P:ya i want to see him..lets go.

Arjun was waiting for jaanvi already.

J:hai arjun.

A:hai jaan.

He tried to hug her.jaanvi backed up.

A:ok..i’m touching before marriage.i forgot ur rule.

Piya looked jaanvi in surprise.

How much she adores her values.

J:this is my sister piya.i have already said about her.

A:hai piya.nice meeting you.jaan has said a lot about u..specially the pranks u both do with parents.

But,piya was lost in jaanvis words.she addressed her as her sister to him n he knows about her.

Jaanvi shook her.piya came to reality.

P:nice meeting u jiju. is he..

Piya made a weird face..

P:hmmm..he is..ok..ok..types yaar..but not handsome like badepapa..

Jaanvi wacked her..

P:ur choice is nice jaanvi.when are u going to introduce him to our family.

Tomorrow or the next day..i dont know papas schedule.

Piya asked her

P:does he know who ur papa is?

J:no.i want to give him surprise.we both have only talked about us.nothing about family.

They all had a small chit chat n went back to office..

Their day ended smoothly.maneets n vickshus also.


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