This Life Is Yours – Part 21


Hai friends.

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rahul:how can it be…why i didnt think like this..jaanvi is my sisters drashti’s blood…meri behen ki aakhri nishaani…

..jaanvi n abhidya both looked at the press n crowd be introduced as maans children is pride to them..vicky hugged them both ..adi n piya also joined them..
rep:sir,till now u have kept them from lime lights..why this sudden introduction..
maan:for which reason i kept them away,has now sorted out..
he said looking at rahul..
rep:how is ur sir.
maan:she is fine..when her lovable ones are there for her ,nothing can happen to her..
rep:piya mam..ur bid made KC get this project..what will u say about it..
piya:sry..that bid was by my didi..jaanvi..she only asked me to say..
maan looked at jaanvi n piya in surprise

rep:jaanvi mam..n abhi sir how r u feeling now.
abhi:proud to be his son..n proud to have a sis like jaanvi..
jaanvi:same here..proud to be maan singh khuranas daughter..
maan:no..i’m proud to have childrens like i’m proud to say im jaanvis father..bcoz of her we got this deal…
rep:what do think about this hide ur identity n came to this bid..n u have proved business tricks runs in ur blood..
jaanvi.:.sometimes it is necessary to hide we can see the true faces of others..
she pointed indirectly arjun..n he felt someone is stabbing his heart..
jaanvi:..n about this deal…its all group effort..i just made a slight change at last in blood ..yes..after all im maan singh khuranas daughter..i should have atleast 1%of his brain na..
she laughed n all joined her..
abhi:di u have papa n mamas brain in total..thoda mujei bhi dhona..
he commented funnily..
jaanvi screwd his ears:doongi..ghar jaungi na tab..u have already kept ur pea size brain in house..wo doond kar doongi…
abhi:di..leave me..ouch..
jaanvi:oops..abhi is it paining..
she panicked smoothing his ears..
abhi:no di..its not paining..i was acting..he showed his tongue out…
all were looking at them..they were fighting like kids…but in a loving way..
vicky:bhai,i think we should go now..bhabhi will be waiting for us..

maan:i think we can have a press meet later..i have to be with my family..
rep:ok sir..
all dispersed..leaving arjun rahul.n maans family..

rahul came to maan:
Rahul:why didnt you say me..jaanvi is my sister drashti’s daughter..not geets..
arjun was shocked hearing this new information..
maan:whats going to change you rahul..u tried to kill her in dc’s womb..n when u came back from london ,u said to me clearly..u will harm my wife geet  n my childrens..
rahul:no maan..i would not harm her..bcoz she is my sisters last gift..i never thought ,geet is not jaanvis real mother..
jaanvi was angry at him..
jaanvi:will u please stop this nonsense..i’m geets daughter..n will be for ever..may be drashti maa has brought me to this world..but,what im now is bcoz of geet every inch of blood is hers..where were u when i was suffering for life n death..its only my geet mom who gave me life…this life is her gift..n yaad rakiyega…dont ever say again geet mama meri mama nehi hai..or i’ll kill u on spot..
Rahul was baffled by the outburst of jaanvi..
maan:jaanu..he is ur uncle..ur dc moms bro..give respect to him..he is elder .
jaanvi:sry papa..i cant accept him as uncle..if someone deserves respect,he must be a gud person too..

vicky:bhai..the medias are seeing us..
maan looked around..
maan:yes..we must leave the place..

rahul stopped maan..
maan i want to have a few words with you..please..
maan looked at rahul..his eyes spoke truth..pleading him.. im going to hospital…if u dont mind u can come n meet us in Mansion..
rahul:thank s maan..

maan :jaanvi,you piya n abhi go to mansion with vicky…i’ll discharge ur mom n come..there with adi…
jaanvi:ok papa..

maan went to hospital..n vicky was driving with all to Km..but failed to see the persons coming back with them..keeping distance from khurans securities..

arjun stopped their car few streets before of Km by blocking them with his car…
arjun came to jaanvi..
arjun:jaanu..i want to talk to u..
jaanu turned her face not willing to see him.
arjun opened her car door n pulled her out ..
jaanvi:leave me arjun..
abhi n piya..hei..leave our di..they all got out of the car..
the securities tried to hit him..
vicky stopped them..n said he will look after the securities stepped back..
arjun:please jaanu..forgive me for what i did..
jaanvi:why this sudden change mr.arjun chopra..
he felt hurt..her sudden change of voice n sarcastical way of speaking..that made him feel how much pain he had given her by breaking her trust ..
arjun:im sorry jaanu..i really love u..
jaanvi:oh whats the plan behind this mr.chopra..any ways i should appreciate ur acting talent..aapko bollywood mei ho na chahiye…
arjun felt like a slap..
vicky:arjun leave her..
arjun:no uncle..till i prove my love i’ll not leave her..jaanu listen to me once…
arjun cupped her face..n tried to make her look at him..but she denied to see him..
arjun:look at me n say u think i ‘ll hurt u again..i did a mistake..i didnt recognise my love to u at that time…but now i know i love u..
jaanvi:if u have done with ur drama..shall i leave..chachu..start the car..
she tried to get inside..arjun pinned her to car..
jaanvi:u know arjun..i dont like anyone touching distance..
arjun:why jaanu..try to understand …
but before he completes he was dragged out by many peoples..they all were in same uniforms..but unique..
all were shocked..but vicky recognised whom they are..but was confused why they are here n so much in numbers..
arjun :hei..leave me..who are u..

man:we are personal securities appointed to protect our princess n yuvraj.
jaanvi,abhi n piya:what…????all were shocked…
the man saluted them n bowed her ..
man:sry for interfering mam..sry sir…
jaanvi:n abhi..who are you..we dont know whom u r talking about…i think u r mistaken someone for us..
vicky:who gave u the order..
man:it was an order by maharaj…
vicky was surprised..
vicky:where is he..
man:he is on the way sir..
jaanvi:chachu..whom are u talking about..
abhi:who are they..
piya:maamu..who is maharaj.. the king of mysore..
all three…kya?
vicky:i think u can know the truth u know mostly..
vicky:he is geet bhabhis father..
all three were about to faint..
piya:maamu..u mean..geet maami is princess..
vicky :yes..
piya:so,jaanvi di n abhi is princess heir..they are here protecting them

arjun stopped he cant even near her..
arjun:leave me..
vicky said them to leave him..they all left to km..
vickys friends were waiting there..the securities were not allowing inside..when vicky gave permission they came inside..
jaanvi:i only called them..mama keliye surprise karni short time how can we only..
vicky smiled n gave permission to them..they started to decorate the living room instructed by jaanvi…
later all were tired n took a nap in guest room..

after a while rahul n arjun came to KM..vishali was there n she recognised..vicky has already said to her rahul will come…so she let them in.n. guided the way to geets previous room where vicky n childrens are…
vicky was in the same room narrating the incidents..rahul stood there n heared it all..
jaanvi n vicky:chachu,mama is princess of mysore..papa know it already..
vicky:yes…but we dont know at that time…the man who was meeting bhabhi was her personal security gaurd..he often came to bhabhi to see her..bcoz of his uniform only i came to know today the gaurds were the same like him..

rahul’s st:geet fed my sisters only jaanvi cant stand a word against her..coming from a royal family,how she did all things for my niece..she is goddess of motherhood..
rahul felt ashamed of his deeds..
rahulknocked the door..can i come in..
vicky let them both in n made them sit..
they looked at the pictures in the room…all the photos were symbols of their previous love..
rahul took drashtis photo hugged n sat down silently…jaanvi abhi or piya did not like his presence but accepted for vicky..
pia:maamu..phir kya hua?

maan geet dadi n pinky were in car back to home.from hospital…
maan entwingled his hand with geets..
she gave an assured smile she is ok..

maan went to the past when they promised to be with each other the whole life with pure love..n care for each other..


maan:mysore maharaj ki ek lothi beti…PRINCESS AMRUTHA VARSHINI MEENAKUMARI GEETANJALI DEVI…Am i correct geet…
geet looked at him in shock..
geet:how do u know…till now noone has recognized me…

jaanvi was playing with geets pallu.n trying to stand…geet was holding her so,she doesnt get hurt..

maan took the fur doll from the cupboard n opened its back..he gave the phone to geet..
geet took the came to operating mode instantly..
maan:so,ur phone operates by ur fingers prints..
geet nodded yes..
maan:i traced all info of ur friends n ur husband..from college..but they ignored to tell anything about suspect started there..i searched ur bags…when i found a costly phone in ur bag..i was shocked..then ur last call..i traced it with my friend..a call transferred to the main person after full 20 phone was taken by ur mothers maid..when i said i want to talk about u…she blasted on me for not giving respect..
he remembered the words of maid:how dare u call our princess by name..even if u want to talk about her u must give respect..address her as princess say what u want to talk about?
then i talked to ur mother ..she really cares for u..but ur father said he disowned u..n even said he will kill,i came to know u came out of ur palace for ur love..i was in remorse..more over grateful to u for taking care of our,i decided to keep u with us…i never thought a princess could be so down to never complained when i loaded with works..ur simplicity..just i couldnt imagine how u worked under me for 4 digit salary.. say..what else u want me to know..
geet stood taking jaanvi with her..
geet:yes its true i’m a princess..but i dont like it…i want to live a normal life..but all i got was ordrs from a cage bird,who must do whatever he says..dont do that dont do that.he was my ring master…i was always treated like a princess..physically..but im the most poor who never knows what freedom is..what a colourful life is..i am also a girl with blood flesh n feelings..i hate to be a princess..noone was allowed near me..i was always secured by securities..i had no friends.. its bcoz of my safety,my father hid my identity in school n college..n i got abhinaya as friend..from her i came 2 know how lovely life is,even if she is poor..thru her i got guru n arya as my friend..i got the selfless love from them..i know my father will not accept my love to guru..phir bhi meine pyaar kiya..i somewhere thought i can make my father accept once he steadies in life..but to my unluck he decided to marry to chandigar prince without asking me..he was a bleady b**in our first meeting itself i found his lust on me..i said to maharaj i love gurmeet n wanted to marry him..i dont want to be marry the groom he choosed for me..he was very anger at me..he increased my securities n i was kept in house prison..i’m also his daughter..i know the way to escape..i cant betray my i escaped from mahal n joined guru n my friends who are on their way to work in delhi..but i hide the truth from them too..bcoz i was scared..what if they treated me different..
…i was officially announced as a princess on my 18th birthday in our rajdharbar..only few people know that photo came out idk..but it took all away from me..on that day of accident..he got to know i’m a princess thru that photo on an old paper..we fought bcoz,i hide it from him…the lack of trust they felt made a permanent distance from me…
our life started with lie..n the lie took all the three important people who taught me to live happily..i’m the reason behind their only i dont want to live..i feel suffocated carrying this life…i dont want to live..she broke down into tears..

jaanvi started to cry seeing geet in tears..maan came to her…
geet..i think now there is no other reason now..i repeat my question..can u be mother of ur jaanvi..can u give her the happiness to be ur daughter..she needs u..n u need some reason to live..i know u love for her as a mother..pls..
jaanvi wiped geets tears n geet wiped hers..geet took the lehenga in acceptance..
maan was happy..he took jaanvi from her..
maan:did u realize she called mama first..thats u..her first word is u..
geet :i’m happy to be called mama by her..
maan:u change..we will be waiting for u out side.. minute..
she took the pendant chain n wore in jaanvi’s neck..
geet:this chain is heriditory from our grand mother gave this to me..n now this chain belongs to our daughter..
geet walked to washroom to change..
maan came out n saw all looking at him tensed..
dadi:geet kahaan hain..what she said…
maan:pinky..go n help in dressing her..
all were happy..
dadi:she accepted..

maan sat in the mandap n waited for his bride…pinky came with her..for a minute all the guests forgot to blink..she looked really like a beautiful princess who has arrived directly from an angel..her red lehenga ..her heavy jewelleries..her minimum make up..
jaanvi jumped in vickys hand..mama..mama..
geet took her in her arms n sat in mandap..
this is a marriage they are doing only for baby..n the family..
they will live the past always..their love will never die in their heart..
both maneet thought..but fate has its own way to play..they are made for each other..the magical pairs..where they are,the love will be in air..

this is the marriage for both of them..totally a different way..both did not marry before all..both their marriages were simple only with their loved ones..but today,they are marrying before the world..the relatives..the friends..with full rituals n traditions.both took saath phere with baby in her hands..geet did not give to anyone..the reason of her life is in her hand…maan filled her mang ,tied mangal sutr with the vows before the fire..they vowed to be together for the next seven lives..they were repeating whatever pandit said..but it became true later..they fall in love n accepted the relation..
they took blessings from all..

vicky came to sasha…thanks sasha…
she looked at him in were others…
its only becoz of ur gossip…my bro accepted this marriage..our jaanvi got her mother to be with her always..thanks a lot..
sasha was ashamed..yet now she was really happy that maan n geet are married..who truly deserves happiness in their life..

later geet entered KM carried by maan to do her hand prints on the wall then she left imprints on floor to enter mansion
jaanvi was with pinky at that time……
noone understood what baby is asking..
geet:dadi..wo..hmm..she is hungry…
dadi:pinky..take geet to maans room…
geet did not say anything before guests..
she followed pinky n entered maans room for the first time..the room was decorated for their sr…but she didnt care for it..she only looked at the walls filled with dc’s n his photo’s as her room down..
jaanvi rubbed her eyes with the back of her palm n cried..mama mum..mum..
geet opened her blouse hooks ..the baby made its way to latch..geet felt completed jijag of feeding jaanvi..she is her daughter now.she has alrights on her now…jaanvi was holding her softness n sucking..geet was looking at the baby who was hungry..n sucking her fast ..she was still hungry did not get enuf from one side..she again cried..geet smiled at her n turned the baby to other side..she was full..she drifted to sleep slowly..
geet released her nipples from baby’s mouth…n corrected her blouse..she looked around for babys spread..only few toys were there..
maan came in n saw her sitting facing her back to in her laps..
maan turned..i’m sorry..
geet:no..u can come in..i need babys bed or crib..she is sleeping..
maan looked at geet..she has facing him in same position…baby was sleeping in her lap..
maan:its in ur room..i’ll get it…
he came with both n few more things of baby..
geet:hmm..can u remove the will be uneasy with over smell .
maan removed all n soon it was like an ordinary room..
geet placed the small bed in centre of the king size bed..she placed the sleeping baby in it..
maan:i’m sry..i didnt expect this..if u want u may sleep in ur room..
geet:dont be..we know why we did this ..but they dont know.why should we spoil dadi’s happiness…n sharing ur room..if u dont mind sharing with me..i too dont mind..i trust u…
maan looked at her..with amazement..
maan:i dont mind..u change..
geet took the sari placed near the bed n went to change…maan changed in the room before she comes..
geet came out ..she was simple jewelleries except the blackbeads n the sindoor on her fore head..
they both slided on either side of baby…n slept  peacefully..
baby woke up in middle..she changed her diapers..n lifted her saree asking her to feed..geet was hesitant at first to feed in same room..she saw maan she showed her back n fed baby..then she played with her..talked with her then patted her to sleep.. ..

PRECAP:nothing…but from now..maneet scenes ..falling in love..


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  1. I startd readng ur ff yestrdy n compltd readng s realy gr8..u r an amazng writer..thanq so much..waitng 4 the next updats..plz plz plz updt soon

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