This Life Is Yours – Part 22


Hai friends.

thanks for the friends who gave cmnts n likes

this part is just a filling update..hope i didnt bore you..


Maan was awake already at the first cry of janvi..he stopped himself seeing baby taken care of geet..the wall he was facing had a mirror, which geet didn’t notice..maan saw geet watching him n then turning her back’covering herself fully with pallu n feeding baby..he closed his eyes not to disturb them or make her embarrass..he heared geet  cooing n talking to baby..then made her sleep’then she too slept..maan closed his eyes..his heart was in peace..he don’t know the reason’may be jaanvi is getting mothers love,he thought..after few hours maan found baby again crying..he immediately took baby in his arms n tried to her..he looked geet..

Maan: jaanu,don’t disturb mama’he said to baby in hushed voice..but geet heared it..a small smile formed her lips unknowingly’

He walked to the sofa silently’geet saw him..he placed baby their n changed her diapers..

Maan:U are,only u r crying’now ive changed u sleep’

He kissed baby..n baby was no mood to sleep..she pulled his hair..

Maan: Ouch..jaanu..papa s hair..

Baby laughed at his scream’she did it again’

Maan:u naughty girl..

Jaanvi giggled..maan was happy to see the smile in baby.. a baby’s smile, always take away all the tensions..its not only for maan..its natural in our life too..

Geet sat in the bed n looked them both..maan was touching her nose with his,which made baby pinch his nose..

Maan: ouch..not again baby..

Geet never knew maan can change babys diaper n look after baby  like that..she looked at them both admiringly’it was more than a hour they both were playing n maan was yawning’

Geet: give her to me..n u sleep..

Maan: u r awake..sorry..we disturbed u..

Geet: why r u asking sorry’jaanvi wakes  3- 4 times at night ..its her  usual’but today u r playing with she is not sleeping..

Maan:how I don’t know..

Geet: bcoz,jaanvi always stays with me at,only..

Maan: it means,if she sleeps now,she will awake again..


Maan:..ok I’ll make her sleep..

Geet:no..u give her to me..i’ll make her sleep..

Maan:no geet..u sleep..i’ll take care of her..

They both were arguing who will make her sleep..this SR of them was different’geet was fed up .at last she said..

Geet: wo..she is still small baby..she needs to be fed at midnights too..with empty stomach she cant sleep..

She said without looking his eyes..she was too she was blushing saying it..

Maan wacked at his stupidity..their was silence in the room..

He gave baby to her n walked to balcony’

After some time’

Geet; u can come inside..

Maan walked inside..he was too shy to face her..he saw baby sleeping in middle..he showed his back to both of them n tried to sleep’

Geet smiled at his back’but,her eyes started to notice his structure..his abs..his shoulders..his neck..his exposed skin through his vest..he is a perfect man every girl would look for’but,he is too gud’if he wants he can marry any girl..but,he married me..thinking only about baby n my my affection towards baby’maan sir..its my promise to you..i’ll never let my baby cry..u asked me to be her mother..i was always..n I will be a gud mother..bcoz she is my life..this life is yours jaanu..

bcoz this life has no meaning without my’she stopped..

no.our daughter’maan sir’yes our daughter..aur mei aapka shikayad ka moka nehi doongi..kabhi nehi’

it was after another 2-3 again woke up..

both took baby at same time..they both were thinking doesn’t wake the other..

geet saw maans puffy red clearly indicated maan was not having a peaceful sleep..

geet took baby..

geet: u look tired sir’u sleep..i’ll take care of baby..

maan: no geet..i..

geet cuts him..

geet: why u men always want to argue with us..maan sir,jaanvi needs me..not u..why cant u understand in one time..

maan have never heared geets raised it was like she is in her princess tone..ordering her servant to follow what she said..

maan looked at geet without blinking..

geet realized,she has raised her voice n he was shocked at it..

geet:I’m sorry maan sir..

maan :no..dont be..i just want to help u..but didn’t think baby needs u only..sry tho muje kehna chahiye..

geet:no sir..i must not have said sry..

they would have continued.if the baby would not have cried’


they both bursted into laughter’they both were arguing for a sry’.this laughter was which they both have lost months before..they laughed whole heartedly..n baby stopped its cry seeing her mummy daddy laughing..

maan:ok..u carry on..i’m leaving for study..

he left the room giving mom n daughter to spend time for each other..

they never thought the night is making things change between them..understanding each other..the needs of baby..n the care towards each other..


the next morning geet woke up early morning’her first day in mansion as bahu..she went to her previous room ..her dress was their..she quickly took a bath n changed to a simple ..yet colourful saree’she came to dresser..she looked the mangal sutr’

she filled her mang with sindoor n came to living room’

she saw dadi their..

geet: gud morning dadi’she took her blessings..

dadi: gud morning beta’sadha suhagan raho’be happy always’

she blessed n gave a kiss in geets forehead..

geet didn’t know what to say’

dadi:beta,today is ur first day..u have to do pooja first..then make a sweet..then we have to go to mandir also..

geet:ji dadi

dadi:maan n jaanu kahaan hai..

geet:jaanu did not sleep all night..maan sir was playing with her..they are having a gud sleep now only..

maan:who told we are sleeping..haina baby..we are also awake’

maan came down with baby in hands..

geet:zaroor jaanu must have made u a wake ..

maan:so what..its time to awake na..we are not lazy people..haina baby..

geet saw baby nodding for all maan said’


she extended her hands to geet asking her to take her in arms..

geet took her in arms..

geet:gud morning baby..

she kissed her both cheeks’

geet: say gud morning to dadi..


baby kept her hand on her forehead like wishing’

papa ko..kahaa..aap..

jaanvi nodded no..

then say papa gud morning’


she kept her hand like saluting ..

morning baby..

dadi: maan u go  n get ready. For pooja..geet beta,u make jaanu ready..

geet :ji dadi’

maan wentto his room n geet  made the bath tub for baby..n gave her bath’.she came out wrapping towel on baby..she wiped n weared her diapers’geet was searching a dress for baby..when baby cried for her feed’geet fed her n burfed her’maan cam inside..

maan: is she ready..dadi called u..

geet:ya’pls just hold her till she burf..i’ll take a dress for her..

maan took jaanvi n placed her on shoulder n patted her burfed’maan was looking geet..she was taking dresses out n putting it again in..he can say she doesn’t like it..maan has brought so many dresses n choosing among that collections was too hard..after taking nearly 50 dresses geet took a sleeveless  pink frock..maan thought..she is impossible’

geet looked at him..she answered him like she read his mind’

geet:wo..we are going out also..the other dresses are heavy.some with beads..some are silk..those may make baby feel uncomfortable..sweaty..if nice the colours will not suit only sir..

maan looked at her in awe..

she thinks too much’

geet took baby from him n dressed her up..she wore her pink bangles,pink cap’all

after dressing they both made their way to pooja..dadi,pinky n adi are there..

geet:gud morning all of u…

they too wished her back..

Vicky came there running down wishing all..

Vicky:hai my pinky.. ur sis..u r calling me by name..

Vicky:who told u..if I want to call u I will call u fatty..i’m calling my cute princess..looking like a cute doll..

today jaanvi is really looking so beautiful in she is pinky..pinky..not u fatty di..

pinky’s mouth opened wide..whereas adi n others laughed..pinky slapped vicky playfully..

pinky:I’ll look after u its getting time lets start pooja’

dadi:yes beta..lets start..geet light the dia beta..

geet gave baby to maan,but Vicky took from him..

the pooja started..geet looked the god s idol n prayed..

geet :god,u have stole all from family,my friends,my husband n my maan has given me a life to live again..with his family .made me mother again to his  baby…please help me..i could live upto their expectations..n I want u to shower all happiness to this family..i don’t want anything else..let any storm face me before it reaches this family..which is now my family’who are caring for me without knowing who I am’

maan n geet did the arthi together as dadi said’they all had coffee together’maan was reading the news paper..his reaction changed’geet took the paper when he kept aside n saw maneet s marriage photo had pic of maneet..all papers had published same photos..the great business tycoon married to his secretary geet’the outer world doesn’t know about maan’s first marriage or baby..he kept it within a short circle’but this marriage was before all..somehow the news has leaked out n the outer world has known about maneets marriage’geet kept the paper aside..the fame which she scared follows now too..

later dadi took geet to kitchen..she did rasoi pooja n started to make sweet along with breakfast for all..when pinky told she will help her..she said her to stay with priya n jaanvi..she kept nakul with her to help in getting the things,chopping vegetables..n grinding’

she came n checked baby..pinky was making her eat biscuits dipped in milk..geet again left to kitchen

she herself made all things n set the table’n called all to have breakfast’

all praised her ..she has made favourites of in km she knows all their tastes..

maan looked at geet..

how can a princess know to cook this delicious..

maan:u know how to cook..he asked her without thinking..

geets face fell down..

geet: abinaya taught me to cook..her eyes clouded thinking about her friend..

maan felt bad for making her remember her friend..

maan:ho..i’m sorry..i must not have said that’

geet:its ok..

dadi was thinking something..maan went inside n came out with a box..

maan:dadi,u was thinking about this only na..

dadi:haan beta..but hesitated how to ask u’

maan:don’t hesitate for small things dadi..u can give her..

dadi gave geet the box..

dadi:keep this beta..humari taraf se shagun hai..maanki maa ki kangan hai..

n others too gifted something..

the things were not woorthable for a princess he thought’then he saw the smile in geets face..she is happy with it..yes,she is. the gifts are not worthy..but she sees the love behind it’that’s what she needs..

then geet  too joined them n finished their breakfast together..

dadi:beta,ive kept a new saree in ur room change to it..

geet:ji dadi..geet n maan went to their room to change..

geet:is this bangle belongs to ur wife..

maan looked at her..

maan:..yes,my wife used it.. dadi gave this to her as shagun, after my marriage.but, its my mothers ..

geet:u must not have given this to me..its one of ur wife’s memory..

maan:its now urs geet..more than it..this bangle belongs to the dil of this house..n to mother of my wife’s memory is here..he touched his heart..

he took the bangles from geet..

maan: geet,i don’t want these things to remember her..

saying he himself weared it in her hand unknowingly..geet made her way downstairs after changing to saree n packing babys necessary things..maan followed later changing to a kurta..

then all went to mandir in two cars..maan ,geet n dadi were in back seats..vicky was in front seat ..adi n pinky left before in car to see the arrangements in temple…jaanvi was in geets lap first..then she went to maan..she was having fun with both ..but maneet were feeling something else..they both were sitting  very close to each other..there was no space..when the car moved over speed breakers their body touched each others..sometimes baby also made them touch each other while passing from one to other..geet looked outside ..both avoided looking each got bored..she took geets corner of sari n started to chew..geet pulled it made a face to her..geet gave her a toy to play..n jaanvi played with it’they all reached mandir..all four climbed the stairs..

vicky:bhabhi,u know,this mandir is built by our grand is maintained by us..

geet felt lump forming her throat..when he called her bhabhi’a new relation in his words..

geet:oh..thats great..

geet was climbing with baby in her hands..she was showing the birds to baby n saying its one stage,she slipped the step placing her feet on her saree..she was about to fall’when maan got hold of her n baby safe in his hands..she closed her eyes in fear n hugged baby tightly in 1 hand n maan in other hand..

maan:r u ok geet..

geet opened her eyes..

geet:baby is safe..

maan:yes she is n u too’

geet had a little twist in her leg..n she couldn’t move..vicky has taken baby with him now..

maan:geet are u ok..

geet:I think my leg has got a sprain’maan was still holding her..

geet looked the steps..more 8-10 steps..

geet:lets move’

they both started to climb the steps again..dadi saw them climbing hand in hand..maan helping geet..she felt peace at maan is no more alone’god himself want them to be together..

reaching the upstairs,maan made geet sit n took her leg in his hand

geet:sir..what are u doing..

maan:let me see geet,where u have got hurt..

maan found the place n made a twist ‘she screamed in pain..but felt better after that..

they all worshipped god..

panditji gave kumkum to maan..

panditji..:beta..apply this in ur wife’s forehead..this is specially kept in pooja for 48days..u r lucky to get such blessings from god..

maan looked at geet..he took a pinch n filled her forehead again..

panditji:sadha suhagan raho beti..he gave Prasad to her n rest..

geet looked at the statue.

Geet:god..give maan sir a long life..i want to be suhagan’.dont  make my unluck fall on him..she prayed their..deep in her heart,she had that feel..her married life did not last long..not even for a year’she feared something may happen to maan too’

All sat their n chatted for a while..geet tied the bib n started to feed cerelac to baby..when baby started to push..vicky came n held babys hands n diverting her mood n playing..geet finished feeding her’she wiped her mouth ..she placed her on shoulder n patted her she may sleep’her sleeping time has already was rubbibg her eyes with her back of palm..but she wasn’t able to sleep..all tried to make her sleep,but she was awake..

dadi has made small offerings for poors..all blessed their family..

rest of all went peacefully as dadi a very simple way..but it was also noticed by medias..but maans securities kept them distant from the family..

they all reached noon..

nakul arranged the dining

dadi: all of u have lunch n take rest for some time..

geet:u all carry on..i’ll join u..

all seated in dining..nakul was serving them..

geet placed baby on sofa n changed her to a soft cotton dress’baby was crying for her sleep..

geet:baby ko neend arahi hai..yesna baby’

just then she said..mama..nini..mum..mum..

geet:so,baby is not sleeping bcoz of it..

geet turned n saw all busy having lunch’she was sitting facing her back to them’..

geet  started to feed baby’.baby was so much frustrated.n restless .she was latching her only to get sleep..

geet screamed :ouch’

which made all turn towards her..

dadi:what happened beta..

geet:kuch nehi dadi..i’m feeding her..she is ..ouch..

dadi smiled..

dadi:ok..mei samj gayi..

maan:what dadi..

dadi: our jaanvi is becoming naughty..

maan:I didn’t get u..

dadi whispered..

dadi:buddhu..she is biting geet,while feeding..her teeth is growing..

maan don’t know what to say..

baby slept soon as she did not sleep from morning.’it was a tiring day for her’

geet placed baby in crib n had her lunch..


when baby woke up at evening ,maan took baby.he played with her for sometime’

Maan:baby  open ur mouth..aaahh

Baby said aaahhh

He watched her gums..

maan: she has no teeth..

dadi n geet chuckled seeing him..his way of checking made them laugh n he was so much embarrassed  seeing them both..

dadi:give me jaanvi..i also want to be with her..

maan gave ..

dadi:haan mr..maan singh khuran..u know all things..did u concentrated on my words..teeth is growing I said..i did not say she got teeth..hmm may be in 10 days u can see her teeth’u don’t want to examine like this..

maan:dadi’he said in shy n left the room..

the rest of day moved slowly’n the night maneet were again in their room sleeping with baby in middle..they took care of baby in turns at night’

their days started to move like that in routine..maneets day started with baby n end with baby’they were again in office now..but now geet was their boss..sasha has resigned the job as she felt ashamed of herself..maan has specially instructed the securities to give freedom for geet..they will keep distance from maan wanted geet to give the freedom she wished in her palace.

Geet has started to behave like a wife..she made all maans works..taking out his dress ,serving him food..remainding things which he had to office also geet made all his work easier..both were started to know each other ..they gave their relationship the name of starting maneet were lost in their pasts..slowly they started to forget n come out of was now a month of their marriage..they found comfortable staying in same room’maan was amazed to see geets simplicity n her happiness was always on small things..dadi n Vicky pampered her a lot’the mansion was getting back its light..jaanvi has started to speak with single words..dadi,papa,bua as wua..maamu..the word which all laughed was chachu..jaanvi called chuchu’

Vicky will cutely frown..are u making me run away princess’by saying chachu’say chachu..


All will laugh n baby will clap hands as all laughed..


Jaanvi:then when did you all know mom is princess..chuchu..

Vicky:I must not have said that..

Abhi:its ok chuchu..say us na..when u know the truth..

vicky turned both of their ears..

vicky:bohut badmash hogaye tum dono..


Vicky:now chachu is coming na..

piya..maamu..leave them n tell next what happened..

vicky:one day bhabhis security guard came to our house..





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