This Life Is Yours – Part 5


            PART 5
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The next morning.maan woke up earlier. he was not able to sleep that night.he saw geet sleeping.geet will always wakeup before is unusual. her face seem to be restless.maan started to have some unknown fear.geet also said the same yesterday.but,now,he is having the same feeling.he kissed geets forehead n went for workout.vicky n abhi joined him in gym.

Jaanvi saw geet sleeping.without disturbing her she went to kitchen n helped vishali.all of them gathered for morning tea n coffee.geet came down freshenup.she has made herself strong,that she will not show her sadness before all.

Goodmorning all of you..

Badi maa..the twins ran n hugged geet n kissed her.

Geetu..when did u get up.?

Maa,I’m coming to ur room with coffee..

Why are u troubling urself didi..?

Listen to all geet..u need rest.

Oh no..lots of questions..dadi..i’m perfectly fine now..i’ve slept for so many hours..i had enough rest…not only came down. r u now..

I’m fine abhi..when did u came last night..where were u.

Abhi looked here n there..

Maa,I said to u na..he was with his friends..when I  informed u r not well,he came back..but u were sleeping when he came to ur room.

Jaanu,I know u r lying to me..he must be late as usual .he must be hanged with his friends..u r trying to help him.


I’m ur mother dears..i can read both of ur face.See abhi.he is not able to look at my eyes.isnt it clear,he was late.

Abhi hugged geet.

I’m sorry mama..i’m really sorry..i’ll not come late. promise..

Its ok..but keep ur promise.

Yes mama..

Geet,have ur coffee.

Vishali gave geet her coffee.

Maan ,I want to go out.will u accompany me..

Where geetu?

Elders home..

Maan knew why she wants to go there.if he doesn’t go she will go he agreed.

Ok.get ready.we will go after having our breakfast.

Ok.i’ll make breakfast.

Whaaat..wont u listen to us geet.

Didi..i’ll make breakfast..u go n take rest.

But,,its boring..i cant stay in one place.

No..buts..wuts..mama..we all are here..i’ll help chachi.n more over cooks are there..they will make breakfast..

Dare u try to do any work.

Haan bhabhi..u are kept house arrested..for 10 days..till dr.says u r fine.

Na baba..i cant be inside house without working.

Its an order from all..

Geet started blabbering,complaining to her babaji under her breathe..

See them day I fell ill.all are trying to keep me in cage..i’m ur devotyna me..i cant be within four walls without working..are u listening babaji..i’ll go to itself..n I’ll make her say,I’m fine..u r with me na babaji..

All bursted into laughter.

Geetu.have ur complaining sessions with ur babji has finished.

Geet cutely pouted her lips.

Oh bhabhi,no one can say u r mother of 2 childrens..u r behaving like a kid..

See babaji,my bro-in-law is also kidding me..

She frowned.

Mama,u look so cute,when u complain to ur babaji..will u send a petition instead of me mama..

All looked jaanvi..


What ..why are you mumbling jaanu..

Jaanvi hide herself back to geet..she was fully red.

Papa has asked to bring arjun home today evening..i wish,u all like arjun..

What?all of them were surprised..

Jaanvi..thats gud news.gabraneki koi bath nehi beta…i know..ur choice will not be bad.

Hmm..we too wanted to see that man who has fallen for this nautanki.ladki.


Yes my drama queen,jaanvi..


Hmm..he is complementing himself..not u my dear..he is actually a drama much of dramas he has  done before our marriage ..u know..he will fli..

Chachi,what did chachu do?jaanvi n abhi asked teasingly..

Vicky was embarrassed..

Vaishu,don’t talk things like that before kids..

They r not kids Vicky.they r grown up.let them also know how u r before.. vishu image will  get damage ..pls..

They had a lovely time again pulling each others legs..geet forgot her mother for a few minutes..

Geet:Where is todays abc  paper?

Except abc there was all..

Maan:That did not come today..may be the paperman has forgotten it today.

Maan lied to geet.

The reporter has published the news in paper.though maan took out the negatives n stopped the publishing of jaanvi n abhidyas photos.the reporter who was pissed with maans reaction has published the matter .under the heading khuranas son in jail. Mr.khurana took the negatives forcefully  from reporter.

Geet will get worried ,if he reads the paper.So,maan kept the paper away from her.

Today is my final match..shall I go papa..

Abhi asked permission from maan..maan doesn’t want him to go.

From when u started to ask permission from ur papa,abhi..

Abhi was unable to answer geet.


Its alright abhi..u can go..u practiced these days for today only the match..

Maan  can’t say anything now.he was dumbstuck.when geet has accepted,he cant refuse now.

When will ur match end..

At 4pm papa..

u must be here at sharp 4.30 pm..then only u can go.u know..arjun will be here…


Papa..pakka ..i’ll be here before jiju arrives..

Ok..u can the match..all the best..

Thank u papa..thank u mama..i love u..both..

He jumped in joy,hugging jaanvi n all..

When all were busy with works,maan went up.he called the publisher .maan said sry for his behavior n requested him to stop the news.otherwise,he will make his life hell. He warned him..

The publisher accepts it.when man has said sry to him.he can also cooperate with him.he said,he will make an apologize print on paper.knowing maans power,he don’t want to face maans wrath also.


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