You Are My Love – Part 10



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 meera was working in her cabin..she looked pale.geet saw her taking tablets..
Mam,are you not feeling well.
Yes geet.i’m having severe pain.
geet took the balm from first aid kit
Where mam.i’ll apply the will feel better.
wo…i’m having head ache.
geet felt like she is telling a lie..
mam.where is maan sir.
he has gone to see some site.
o.mam shall we use sirs cabin.
yes.but why.
come with me. she took her to maans cabin.
.mam,you can take rest here,till maan sir comes.there is no couch in our cabin na
she made meera lie on the couch.geet  sat on the floor n started to apply the balm on her head n massaged gently.
meera closed her eyes..
Maan entered his cabin.geet saw him.what happened geet?
sir mam is not feeling well.
she didnot notice her dupatta was now one sided
maaan was standing near,he could see her.
she was wearing a black chudi n her white skin revealing her cleavages.attracted maan.
meera opened her eyes hearing maans voice.
she looked at the place where he is seeing..
maan had a hard time to distract himself.
he sat on his chair.he drank water.
geet go to your cabin.
yes sir.
meera laughed at his plight.
meer why are you laughing.
i caught you.
i saw you seeing her.*** it was.. not like.. that think...he struggled to form sentence.
Ya I maan is not like others ..
maan was feeling guilty to see geet..n here his wife was teasing him.he cant even ask sry to geet.
maan..we girls watch john abraham..isnt it..
n you boys watch bipasha..isnt it..
sometimes girls n boys drool each other whom they dont parks,in theatres..noone feels guilty for was a time of distraction on that second .like you was now dont feel guilty of watching her.
you always make me feel lighter.I dont know..w..hy.h.ow.
i dont want to explain
geet said you are not well..why dont you go to dr.
no need better now.

Few days later..maan left  for a conference to mumbai.he came to office after two days.he came to office at 1o am.all were already there busy in their work.maan was also busy,he did not have time to talk to meera.he waited for all of them to leave.
geet came with the next days programmes.n his appointments.
he went through it.
meer do you know,i missed geet there..
Both geet n meera looked at him in confusion.
she always gives me everything before i need..
Meeras ST:Will she agree to give you what i need for you.
her every files were always perfect..and there i struggled without her..specially her coffee also.
sir,may i go.
ok.geet you may go.
yes sir.she left  to her cabin.he saw her through the blinds.she took her bag n switched off the lights n walked towards the lift.
maan did you miss me there.
to be was busy in my work...
maan grabbed meera by her waist.he pinned her to the wall n kissed her in lips.(dont curse me or throw chappals yaar..)
maan,what happened..
i missed this..he again claimed her lips..
you missed my kiss..something pricked meera inside her.
nowadays you dont behave like this in office.but why today.
geet was always with you..i dont want her to see  us like this..she is young she will get disturbed by our only i was maintaining distance..but now noone is here in i can do what ever i want.
he removed his shirts n vest n threw it on the floor.
Maan,this is office..
You are saying like we are doing this for the first time..
maan koi aajayega..
all have left..
he was in his pants.hugging her..
geet went to the lift.then she remembered she left the phone in her cabin.
she entered her cabin.she was about to switch on the lights.She saw maan  cabins lights were switched on.n she saw maan n  meeras closeness through the open blinds.their hugging ,kissing,his hands roaming under her kurti.
geet  saw maans six pack.she was drooling him.what a structure.she stood numb..she blushed at her thought.meera mam is lucky..then she mei kya karrahi hoon..chi chi sharam ani chahiye muje..doosro ki nastheekyan dekna pap hain..she closed the blinds.she took her phone and walked outside without making noise.but maan heared the sound of closing the blinds.he stepped back from meera.
kya hua maan..
i heared some sound..tum ruko mein aathi hoon..
he came out of his was dark only a single light was on.geet was in hurry to go outside before maan or meera see her.but she straightly banged into maan .
he held her tight before she touch the ground..
she straightly  landed on his hard chest pressing her lips on it..she circled his neck tight from falling.her eyes were closed..
She opened her eyes slowly.her hands slowly wandered over his bare back.butterflies were running in her stomach.Maan also felt electrfied.
geet are you ok.
she came to reality..
ji sir..i came to take my phone.
she ran away from there in emberrassement..
maan came inside.he took his vest and started to wear.
kaun tha maan..
geet.she came back to take her phone.
did,she kiss you maan.
meera showed the lipstick mark on his chest.
no banged into me..may be that time..
so,she saw  you half...
meer..stop kidding..he shouted…he dont know the reason why he was shouting at her.did he hated her for disturbing him..or the touch of her hand that roamed over his back..that he felt he needed more to be touched by her..her soft body..her proximity was still on cant feel anything for her..meri zindagi mein meera hain..meri patni hai..
lets go home.he weared his dress and walked to the car.meera followed him silently.this was the first time maan shouted at her.he used to be angry with all.but never got angry with meera.
the next few days,both maneet avoided each other for few days,till they forgot that incident.
Maan avoided fully meera in office..

PRECAP:Medical check up..geet afraid..

Next :PART 11


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