You Are My Love – Part 12



Hai friends,

Thank you all for your support .Special thanks for my friends who clicked like buttons and commented my updates.. Please encouraging me in the same way’SmileI love you all.Wink.sry guys,I made you all wait for a long time…thanks for baring meLOL

The next day in office…
all were busy in their works as they have to finish it earlier before going to the party..
they also have to go to their house and change n come…so all were so much busy than ever..
the girls were making appointments with beauticians’.all were excited for the party..they have made their mind that they will look the best n impress all by their looks…the least interested was geet..she dam cared about it..
meera n dev left earlier to house after lunch’adi n pinky came to geet ..
geet lets go..
no pinky..i’ve work..
are you not coming to the party..
no..pinky..i’m not interested in it and rajji  will be alone at home..and I’ve to prepare for semesters u both go..
geet,sometimes  you must have a break also.dont be workaholic..yese moke baar baar nehi will enjoy it.
I know it sir..but I’m used to it..aap dono jayiye..i’ll finish my work n go home..
They sighed n left…later all the staffs also left leaving maan n geet alone in called maan after some hours..
 hello bro.
haan dev..bolo..
where are you..
in office..kyun..
are you not coming for the party..
I forgot
Now come fast..we are waiting for you..
Ya..i’ll be there soon’
He shut down his lappy..when he was about to leave he heared the knock on the door..
May,I come in sir..
Geet came inside. she was wearing a blue suit with tiny dots like stars..
She was stunning.How can a girl look so beautiful even in a simple dress’he thought..
Maan nowadays your mind is roming over this girl..have a hold on you man..
 said to himself..

Sir,I need your sign in these papers..
She came n stood near him..she showed the papers..
He  checked n signed it..
Anything more geeet..
No sir..
Ok..he stood to leave..
She moved forward from him,when she slipped and maan got her from back..maan fall on his chair..with geet in his lap…he was holding her waist..her one hand was circled around him..he inhaled her smell near her crook of neck.both had butterflies in their stomach…she looked at him n he looked at her..both were lost in each other till the reality hit them..geet got up from him..
Sorry sir..mera pher fisal gayi.
.she was feeling uncomfortable She moved fast  from him, without realizing her dupatta was struck under him..As she moved the cloth fully came out from her covered parts..she covered herself with her hands.maan was drooling her from top to bottom..she could feel his gaze all over her body..she could not bend to take it until he gets up from the chair..bapaji’pehle bhi aapne muje inke saamne parishan karke rakhi hain..wo kafi nehi hain kya..aaj muje yese inke saamne khada kardiya..
she cleared her throat to gain his attraction.
He was starring at her soft it will be if I touch it n taste it..his mind was travelling beyond his limits..
s..s..iii..rrr..she called weekly..
‘he was so lost in her beauty..
 hhaann geet..
mera du pa tta..
he saw the cloth under him..he took it in his hand n neared her’he placed it around her shoulders..his touch made her shiver..
she left his cabin..she grabbed her things and moved to the lift’whereas maan was already in the lift lost in her thoughts..
she did not see him..she pressed the ground floor..
why in this world this girl is attracting me like no one did..she is making me do things that I’ve never done ‘
He was getting angry at himself..i’m a married man..i must be honest in my relation’then why my heart n mind is slipping when she is around me’shit..i hate myself for my wavering thoughts..Geet  noticed him,when he said shit loudly’
he was cursing himself more n more’when the lift stopped in the middle with a jerk n the lights went off..
geet screamed aaahhhn ..
geet..she grabbed his arms’
why are you screaming..
muje andhera se darr lagtha hai’
she hold him tightly in fear’
he hold her back..daro math..mein hoona..he tried to console her..
he looked for his phone..shit’devse baath ki’phir table parhi chodthiya..
until geet is near me all will happen like this only’
i forgot all things..
give your phone geet..
I kept it at home sir
You must also be in house ..he yelled..
Muje kya patha aaj phone ki zaroorat padegi..rajji ghar mein thi isilye meine usko dediya aaj..par aap kyun booli
Tumse koi‘he was about to shout at her again’he felt her shivering in his arms’
Geet..tum ithni darthi kyun hain’I’m here ..he hesitated .then he gave her a side hug.she remained there itself.
Jii..sirr.i’m like this from child hood..hamesha bhai muje samhalthithi‘her voice cracked remembering her brother’
He knocked the lift..
Is there anyone outside’security‘he shouted for few minutes’as much as he can’they got no response..he got tired..
What will we do now sir‘he could feel her tears soaking his was pricking him inside..
Don’t cry geet..
In that darkness too he can see her worried face..
He slowly took her tears in his lips..she stood their mesmerrised by his touch..he did the same in other eyes’she has stopped crying’she closed her eyes to feel his closeness more..she digged her nails in him holding tightly..
He jerked..what am I doing with an young girl..chi..sharam ani chahiye muje‘he wanted to move her from him’what if she again shiver’he controlled himself‘no are not weak’before this girl‘he said again n again to make him calm’
The silence killed her..
She moved away from him..but did not leave the hold in fear..
Sir..ab kya karein..
We have to wait for someone to came or until the power comes..let us sit down
He was so tired from the previous day..more over the present day was also hectic for him..
He relieved his tie n sat down’he took his coats n freed his first three buttons’
Geet could hear the sound of what he was doing..she gulped her saliva..
Don’t scare..i’m not going to rape you’.. mein kya kehrahi hoon
wo..umhh.. I’m suffocated with these thick clothes

mhh..i..i..understand‘that’s what she could say..
maan immediately fell into sleep’adjusting himself by leaning on the wall..then slowly he slept on the floor’
geet started her complains to babaji..
are you happy babaji..why you always put me in hain wo kafi nehi hain kya’you always make me fell on him..or make me do foolish things ..that makes us both embaressed..and now only I created a scene inside his room..see now we are struck inside lift…only we two…kya sochainge sab..pehlesehi ye sasha muje tali maarthi hai..ab ye..bhi..kuch tho keejiye babaji..waha rajji..will be waiting for me..she will be worried about me..aur ye maan sir…he told me daro math hoon..aur ye bhi so gayi..
she saw maan turning his head uncomfortably..she chuckled..he wants a pillow..bichaara maan sir..kitna kam kartha hai..i’ve never seen him taking rest

seeing him restless she took his head n placed on her lap’he felt comfortable..he placed his hands encircled over her waist..he tugged her closer in his sleep.he kissed her stomach..she was getting uncontrolled’maan was used by this in his sleep with meera’so,it did not affect him..he slowly made her lay beside her.he kept his head over her…she started loving this.he is the first man to touch her awaken her feelings…she forgot he is her boss n meera’s husband..he squeezed her curves..she moaned..she started to feel the burning desire..he kissed her  chest over her salwar..he was totally unaware of his antics..he is doing to her..though she did not hug him or respond to him..she did not deny his touch..she did not think it is forbidden sin with another women’s husband’it was her emotions that he has awaken inside her ,that is blocking her mind,that is not working after his touch’he was totally on top of her moving his lips over her exposed neck’she felt current passing through her body when he pressed his lips’she got her conscious’this is wrong..this is wrong..
sone dona meer‘he agained pressed his lips on other side oh her neck’.n slept again.
He is thinking me as his wife‘.she slowly relieved herself from him n leaned on the wall..he was sleeping in her lap’holding her’she was breathing heavily’

babaji..aap mere saath yese masak kyun karthi hai..i’m falling for him..I can recognize it..but it is can I fall in love with a married man..his wife trust me..i cant break’ll not come between them..i’ll keep me away from him..yes..that will be gud for me..n him
she did not realize the power came n the lift has started moving n touched the ground floor’
When the lift opened she got shocked to see meera n dev standing outside..they are also shocked to see maan sleeping in geets lap..


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