You Are My Love – Part 14



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It was more than hours maan has left from there room.
Meera heared the sound coming from gym.she knows maan is taking out his anger by doing his work outs n taichi.Though,she wanted to go to him n apologize, for raising her voice against him,she decided to remain quiet.she came n sat near the window looking at the sky.the moon with asmall curve like her life.her eyes fell on geet who was sitting same like her near the window in the outhouse.geet could not see meera as the rooms lights were off.The outhouse n mansion was only separated by a lawn with swimming pool in the middle of it.meera tried to read geets face.she cannot get a clear view from distance.meera took the binocular n through it she saw geets face.

Geet started to cry ,once she reached the room of the outhouse.she was holding her inside for a long time.she could smell maans aroma still on her.She directly went n stood under cold was not reducing her fire..after an hour,she came out n changed .why bapaji’today,you made all type of exams on me’aren’t you satisfied with testings with me.why again n again you make me n maan sir in an awkward much,I try to stay away from him..but it all goes in vein..i don’t want to be a cause of spoiling their family’acha hua aaj jo kuch bhi hua,meera mam aur dev sir aur koi  ne teek se nehi dekha..warna kya ho jatha..

Then she saw maan walking only in his  black pants towards the pool.he was sweaty.she looked at the masculine body.his every part was perfectly shaped. Her throat went dry.
What is he doing here at this time.
Maan removed his pants.he was in his shorts.he dived into the pool..he swimmed all over the pool.after several laps also,he was not able to control himself.he swimmed till his body got tired.he relaxed on the floor.,looking at the sky.he closed his eyes.he remembered what happened in party.

Maan,dev,meera n geet entered the party.Geet tried her best not to look sexy to others.she checked herself.her hair fully covered her bare back.Only her slender hands was visible through her sleeveless blouse ..all the eyes were fixed on geet.she looked adorable in that sari..maan did not like that.but,he can not find the reason.They moved into the party.they were welcomed by natashas family.Dadi n rajji were already there.Rajji wore a half white chudi .
Omg didi’I can’t believe its u..u r wearing a sari..
Geet was already feeling restless at the gaze of everyone. do I look..
I have not seen u this beautiful before.u r looking gorgeous
Ok.i’ll meet dadi n come.geet went to dadi.

Hai meera didi..hai sirs..
Hai look simply beautiful..she blushed..
How r u r ur studies going on..
Perfectly fine sir..
Rajji..if u call meer didi..then y don’t u call him jiju..
Mei..sirko kese jiju bula sakthi hoon.. him jiju’bcoz he doesn’t have any Sali’tumhari wajase bro ko ek nehi do Sali miljayegi..tum aur geet..
dev whispered in maans ears.
bro..Saali aadhi gharwali hothi hain..u tell her to call u jiju..u will get 2 beautiful saali’s’
maan gritted his teeth.Angry
Dev,daadi was right.u r growing too naughty nowadays.but ur brain is going too small…atleast look at her age n stop talking non sense.Angry
He frowned.
Rajji,I don’t mind .dont take his words serious.u can call me whatever u want.
Ji sir..
Excuse us ladies..we’ll go n meet others too..

Maan dragged dev from there .they both took the chairs near the bar.and ordered for a drink.maans eyes was stealing glances of geet now n then.
Bro,why did u drag me from there..
If I let u some more time with them,I don’t know,what more nonsense you would have speaken..only for few days dev..then lets see’
Dev chocked the drink’
What bro?
Let ur wife come..i’ll screw up her’then u will become a doll in her hands..
Maan laughed..then he saw dev was lost somewhere..
Dev’kya hua..where are u lost
Think of the devil n there she is..
Really..ur dream girl is me..
He pointed the girl..
Kaun..dr.naina.. know her..
Dev ..are you sincere in ur works in kc..
What bro..what I’m asking n what u r saying..
She is the dr. of our kc employees..
How don’t I know it?
if u r in kc u would have seen her.Have u proposed her..
not yet..dar lagraha hai..
Don’t delay..otherwise some other will propose her before u..
I’m telling the truth..achi ladki hai..koi bhi pasand karega.. u agreed with my selection..
Me too’gud selection dev’
Meer..when did u come.

.when u said think of the devil..but I’m angry with u dev ..maan knows about ur love..but u did not tell me’
Wo..meer..he blushed..Embarrassed
Hai haye..mera devar ko sharam aarahi hain..lets click me a pic of this..she took her cell n captured a photo of tried his best to hide behind maan..
Bro tell meer to stop..thats y meer I didn’t tell u..u’ll kill me teasing everyday..
Acha ..bacho jaise behave math kariye tum dono…ye party hai..dont create a scene..
Dev..i think i can help u..
Meeer’u r such a sweetheart..but’
Before he completes.
Meera waved her hands at naina..naina came near them.
hai.,meera’how r u?
fine..n how r u…
I’m gud..
u know natashas family..
ya…so came up..
hmm..naina..u have already met my my devar dev singh khurana..
hai naina..
hai dev.I know him meera..naina bit her lips..(holy crap..i spit the beans)they both shook the hands.but both did not leave each others.they were lost in each other.meera n maan saw them.
A hem..How’
Wo..I’ve met him already in some get together party’s.but,I don’t know him as younger khurana.

By the time dadi,geet n raji came near them.maans eyes were fixed on geet.geet has seen him watching her for a long time.a part of her heart danced in joy n the other cursed her for seeking his attraction.
Maan,we are all enjoy..
Dadi..r u taking geet with u..
No meera..i know as a staff of kc she must be here for some more time..i’m old n raji is,before u youngers get into dance, we have to go..
All  chuckled.
Who will say u r old dadi..u r young still’
Ok.ok..tell me..whats this buttering for..
Dev rolled his eyes..meera eyed on naina to dadima..she understood.. dr.naina hai..she works with our family dr.

namaste dadima..she bent n took her blessings.

namaste happy always..

.Acha bacho..hum chalthe hain..u have fun..but in earlier at home..
Par dadi raji gharmein rathko akheli nehi reh payengi..
I’m not dropping at ur house.i’m taking her with me to km.i know how a child will feel lonely at home at care about her..she will b with me..have a nice time..
Dadi n raji left..mostly the elders left the party n only the youngstairs were left..then the announcer asked all the pairs to join the asked naina n she accepted it without regretting.maan first hesitated n then went with meera to the floor.adi with pinky..all the staffs picked some pair n hit the floor..geet sat alone..she was looking at the pairs,who were enjoying their dance with their partners.she looked at maan n meer..they are not enjoying like others.they were going by the music.
Sasha burnt on jealousy when geet entered the party.,bcoz geet caught the attention of everyone.sasha weared a most revealing dress to attract everyone.but no one cared about,seeing geet sitting alone without partner,she felt happy.some persons approached geet for dance,but she said no.maan felt like punching the guys approaching her.meera felt his body stiffening n face turning in red..after the first song ,meera n maan came back to geet.
Maan I’ll go to freshroom n will be back in 5 minutes’till that why don’t u dance with geet..
No mam..i’m not interested
But geet u r sitting alone..u will b bored..

No mam..
Maan convince her..i’ll b back.she went away..
geet don’t want to fight within her again. she knows if she dances with him,she will melt in his proximity. so,she said it to avoid him.
The man’s ego was hurt’St:U don’t want to dance with maan singh khurana.first I hesitated to dance with meera bcoz of you…now I’ll take you to the dance floor.i’ll see how u regret me..he grabbed her wrist n took her to the dance floor forcefully.Angry
The song was kurban hua..
Maan sir please..
Shhh..he took her hand in his n the other hand on her waist n started to dance..
There was no other way for her.if she leaves the floor,it will be a great insult for,she went with his steps.the next couple dancing besides her  slipped on geet.geet got closer to maan.he kept her more protective so no other fell on her.the bright lights started to dim..maneet were lost in each others eyes.they were dancing without removing their eyelocks.the dim light was giving all the pairs a romantic mood..he turned her.she hit her back on his chest.his breathe fall on her neck.he inhaled her smell.maans hand which was on her waist moved towards her stomach.he caressed her n squeezed her.she bit her lips.her blood was rushing from head to toe.he tugged her more closer.his one hand moved around her neck..she felt the current passing through her nerves.he turned her again . his fingers slipped from her shoulders to arms n entwingled it with hers.he hugged her with their arms mingled with each other.they both were enjoying each others presence with eyes closed..he opened his eyes.He made her bend towards the floor.holding her by waist..her hair gave the space for his hands to go on her bare back. He smiled when she gasped.he was mesmerized by her beauty. Her softness touching his chest.he pressed her more over him to feel her.the urge of touching her is making its way through the dance.if anyone sees they will say they are dancing.only his hands know,how it was feeling each of geets exposed skin.he only knows that he want her to be near her.maan lifted her up.her belly was near his face,feeling his breathe.while making her stand on her legs,he slightly licked her exposed skin.she shivered.his left hand on her back n right was brushing through her hair.he made her look at him.her lips were dry..lights were still dim..he slowly neared her lips.she closed her eyes in acceptance.only a mm distance was there.the next person banged on them again.n his lips touched her cheeks.they came to reality . she took a step back.,but she felt a tug on her back n her blouse felt loose from her skin .the string was stuck in maans she stepped back,the string knot opened..with no other option geet again stepped back to maan with her back covering with his chest. she struggled to frame words n at last said it.
.maan sir,my blouse string struck in ur
He took her to a more dark place behind a pillar.he made her face the pillar n back to him.He took her hair n placed as one side..her full back was view to him.She had white silky skin.he gulped his saliva..his mouth went dry..he wanted to taste it..he released her string from his watch .he neared her ear
What if I opened ur 2nd one too..her cheeks heated.
U will not..i ..i trust u..u will not do that infront of all.
Maans ST:She trusts me.whats meant by that., I’ll not do infront of all..matlab,she thinks I’ll cross my limit if we were alone.yes.she is correct..i’ve been doing that only today..just feeling her
.he slowly tied it.his finger tip sent her millions of shock through her spine..she moaned.. his one hand squeezed her waist n the other on her shoulder. They both were again lost in their track.maan bent over her to kiss her back.the huge applause of clap n the bright lights brought their senses back..Geet felt ashamed of herself for letting maan go beyond the limits.atleast,she must have stopped him.but,she let him touch her..her skin was still burning.she went n mingled with adi n pinky,trying to slow down her pacing heart beat.
Maan was too lost.he brushed his hair back.he went to the bar n gulped the drinks.he took geet only to dance.then next what happened was beyond his control.
meera left to wash room geet was alone.n maan wanted to dance with geet.but,she did not think,it will backfire her.she saw all that happened between maneet from dance floor till now..her heart skipped several beats when she saw them too close.the other people cannot realize maneets gestures.but as a wife,meera knows how maans hands were moving crazily around geets body. She looked at maneets eyes,which were locked with each other.Their eyes expressed their immense love.The love in maans eyes,for geet . The love which she always expected to see in his eyes for it is visible in his eyes.but for geet.
she controlled her tears n took a seat at corner .o god! Mein kuch aur socha’aur yahaan kuch aur horahi hai’kya hai ye?aap kya kehna chahthi hai..kya mei isei  aapka ishara samjoon’tho teek hai’I’ll make them one..she whipped her tears.
 Dev joined maan. naina came 2 meera.naina looked at meera.she looked pale n she was in deep thought.

naina shook her shoulder..
now naina is sure something is surely abnormal..
meera..are u alright..
hmm..hope  so..
what?r u having pain..lets go for a checkup.
.she panicked..
no..naina.i’m fine..she looked at the surrounding..lets go out n talk..

sasha only saw that happened behind the pillar.maneets closeness made her fume in jealousy. sasha always had a crush in maan.though she knew, maan is married, she tried to near him..she wished to be in his arms atleast for one night.maan never danced with other girls than meera..he avoided all the girls,who approached him in several parties.sasha tried her level best to impress maan by her revealing dresses..but,nothing affected him..
whats in this geet..?just wearing a sari,she bowled maan n made him in her arms’I’ll not spare u geet’l’ll make u pay for this.u made maan n meera by ur side..i’ll make u feel for this..

20.11.2011…10.45 pm.


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