You Are My Love – Part 15



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meera took a long breathe..

meera are you having again chest pain..

no naina…Naina..if i ask u something will u answer me truely..
tell me..will u say me?
tell me how many months or weeks or days left for me..
i  am a dr…meera…i cant say this to my patient..
i am asking u as a friend..tell me…please…
but,why now…u know..u  r living with the help of medicines n under  treatment…then y r u asking this type of questions..if u know the duration of ur life time..,u will lose hope enjoying  ur rest of life on earth..
but,i want to know…i want to make all settled before leaving this soul from body..
i want to know how  much time?the time i have to make maan’s life happy…
but,u already planned for a baby to give to him..then..
i was wrong…i thought maan will not marry any other,he will be happy with his baby..he will live for his baby…but,today..i saw the love in his eyes…I want him to marry geet..agar mei margayi tho ..wo aur kisi ko shadhi nehi karega..i want to do something to get them married..tell me how much days are left in my life…please naina…mera aakhri kwaish samajkar jawab do…
meera..i have never seen such a selfless n brave women like u…no one will think of her husband marrying someone else..
this is not the answer for me naina..
hmmm..she sighed..
first tell you  still have physical relation with ur husband..
doesnt he doubt u…or have u said the truth to him..
no..i havent said him the truth..n ..u know..i was under treatment few days before in hospital ..the other days…i’ll hang up in friends house…or will be earlier to bed…so,maan never doubted me..
how long will u hide it from him..
till i can..he has lost his family members at small age..he will not be able to take another loss in his life..atleast let him be happy..till he knows the truth…naina..u have not answered yet…
ur heart problem is in last stage..if u carry on this way..without stressing n having enough of bed rest..n taking ur medicines regularly…you will survive a year maximum…otherwise…
she stopped..
say the minimum .. how long will i survive…
5-6 months..
6 months..i have enough time..
naina looked at her surprised..
r u not shocked meera..u have only a short time..n u r saying u have enough  time..
enough time…not for my life i said.nain…i said that to make maan marry geet..

before she continues…dev came there..
whats that going between u 2 beautiful ladies..?gossips…
dev…i dont gossip..u know..
ya..the party has over..lets go..bro n geet are waiting near the car..
naina..shall we drop u..
no dev..i have my car with me…gud night..
gud night..

the ride to km was again silent…only dev was chatting in between n they will answer..geet said to drop her home.meera asked her to come with them as rajji will be there..
she silently accepted..they reached km..
maan silently went to his room fighting with his inner went to his room bidding gud night to them..
nakul.dadi or raji kahaan hain..
wo dono sogayi..dadima ki room mein..
teek hain..
geet i’ll show u guest room ..
mam..i cant stay here..thats what she can say..
GEETS ST:the mansion is maan’s,where he lives.which is  filled  with maans aroma…how can she sleep here..
meera saw her pale face..her changing  facial expressions..n the way she is not looking at her eyes when talking to her…her inside feeling guilty..
ok..if u dont want to stay here..u can stay in out that ok for u..
ji mam..
nakul..geetko..outhouse lejana…aur usei jo kamra pasand hai…wahi dena..
ji mam..aou babyji..i’ll show ur room..
geet followed him silently…

maan went to his room…he was aroused  with the touch of geet.he paced in his room..

..her smell ..which is driving him insane.he throw away his dress…something striked his mind..he took the dress he weared before in office..He smelled it..he smelled the party wear dress..both had the same,it was not a dream..i really kissed geet…but,why did she say nothing happened..then he thought about party.How both were lost in each he made her glued to him..their dance,which made him loose his sense..I kissed her cheeks in can i behave like this with a girl..i’m married..i  must not have behaved ike this..he gave all types of names for his behaviour..trying to figure out what he did with geet..n why..
her young age..
her beautiful looks..
Its attraction
Its infactuation..
Her perfect structure..
her silky skin..
his bloody ego got hurt by her ,that he took her to dance floor
no,,staying away from meera…yes…we dont have enough time for each other…it has been long time,i had made love with meera..may be my physical need..yes..just a physical need.. if i spend night with .meera ,i’ll be out of this need..yes..

thats what he decided and started to kiss  meera…and it turned all upside down…meera regreted him ..He was fighting inside with his unknown emotions..he worked out in gym…it doesnt relieve him..his burning desire..he came to swim to make himself cool…all  his attempt went waste.nothing made him relief.hear he is lying on the floor looking at the sky..
whom he must blame ?geet for making him physically weak or meera for regreting him..
he is sandwiched between the two girls…

meera was thinking how to make maan marry geet..lying on her bed..
here geet was thinking how to get away from maan n meera..if raji’s responsibility n brij bhai’s case was not there,she would have resigned the job.she decided to search another job..when she decided,she went to sleep..
maan ,is the man who was still in confusion …when his eyes started to burn for sleep,he came to his room..he saw meera sleeping.(she pretended).he slept on the other corner of the bed..
it was morning 4am when all the three slept.

20.11.2011…11.15 pm..


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