You Are My Love – Part 18



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It was their first morning after that night,which they became one..

They were cuddled with each other..the spread was covering each other..

They both wake up .his eyes did not meet meeras..he was feeling guilty for last night..n that too in a drunken,the drug effect was not on him.. maan thought she would have felt the same way as him.


Gud morning maan..meera’s voice was normal.she kissed his cheek then took his lips..her simple gesture made him realize,meera was expecting him to behave him like a husband.. he closed his eyes.meera thought he is enjoying her kiss n proceeded more..he was thinking deep inside..

They both were married..

She is now part of our family..

Her expectations towards her husband is her right..

She deserves everything..

Bcoz of me I don’t want meer n dev to feel bad ..

I’ll try my best to be her husband..

I’ll fulfill all her wishes..


Maan started to kiss her back with equal passion’their body reacted to their needs..

You are beautiful have a perfect structure..

This was the complement maan  gave meera first’

The first time meera had a little pain in her chest’she ignored it’


From that day,maan was used to be with her in bed..

Maans mind stopped at a point having sex is enough to keep the relation..

And by that he can satisfy meera also’

And if she gets pregnant,dev n dadi will be happy’



Their second year of marriage passed the way like that..maan started to call meera in sweet names,which made all think they love each other more..meeras love was growing more..but,still she can feel,maans eyes doesn’t express the love..which she is longing for..maan never gifted her anything..even for b’days n anniversaries dev will pick the gift instead of maan n he will give it to meera’.


After every love making ,meera started to feel her chest pain’atfirst,she thought its bcoz of heavy breathing n panting..

Dadi went to holy trip n dev went to Mumbai to check the site there..

maan went to attend a business abroad for 10 days..meera started to have vomiting n dizziness in she went to dr..n the tests said she was pregnant..she was 3 months’meera was in 9th cloud..she touched her tummy’

my baby..maans baby..we are longing for ur arrival’

Dr.called her n started to take more tests..she did scan too’

(in 3months scan..?but why.?.may be drs want to know how the baby is..)

Mrs.khurana’can u answer my questions..

Yes dr..

Do u have any other problems..

no dr.


No dr.. u feel pain in ur left side’sometimes..for 5 min..or like a shock for a that..

Yes dr’I feel like that when I breathe walking faster..climbing stairs..n after love making.. but why are u asking this.. baby..its okna..

U have to be strong mrs.khurana..Ur babys beats are not normal..we have to wait for ur other reports..

Tomorrow u come here with ur husband ..we have to discuss with him also..

He has gone abroad dr..he will come only after 10days..

Ok..then u come here..i can say anything after seeing ur reports only..

Meera came heavy hearted to km’she wanted to say the gud news to everyone.but,the drs..worried face n saying that there is some trouble in baby..i cant hide it from him..she decided she will say the news after meeting dr.the next day..


Meera went next day to the hospital..


Drs cabin was little open..she was surrounded by few more dr.s.n they did not see meera at the door step..they were in serious discussion..meera was about to leave when she heared her name,she listened what they are discussing..

We must tell Mrs.khurana about this..

Before the baby grows,she must abort it..

Its gud for both of them..

If she aborts ,her lifetime will extend..

If she carries the baby will not live long..n even she may die in delivery..

Her heart is week..she was so careless,that she doesn’t know she is counting her days..

I don’t know,how to say this news to Mr.khurana..

How will he react’I remember,when his parents died he lost himself..he went numb n didn’t speak to others..only bcoz of the responsibility over dadi n dev,he tried to get away from will he take it,that his wives life is in danger..n she cant deliver the baby she is carrying..


Meera’s floor slipped away..she sunk in the floor’she cried n cried for a long time..not for her’,for the baby’dr.s tried to make her calm..she started to breathe heavily..the same she felt more severe..drs started to treat her..

She got normal after several hrs’she was numb’her mind was not working’.

My baby will not be alive..if I give birth too, can I say this to maan..he took our relation to next level only for baby..devs wish to see our baby’ can I sayhim he is going to be a father’n if anything happened to our baby,that happiness will only live for short term..mein kya karun..

Dr. was saying something to her’she did not hear it..dr.shook her..

Mrs.khurana..are u ok..


I know it was hard for you to digest’but,it’s the have to face it’you must be strong to face your rest of ur life..i think u should call him now..


Mrs.khurana,we have to make the decision fast..ur husbands signature is a must in our procedure..before it gets too late,u have to abort ur child’

No.dr..i’ll prefer dying than aborting my child’she hold her tummy..

If u delay mrs.khurana,u both will lose ur life..u n ur baby has heart problem’it seems like heriditory’can u say about ur previous generations they have this type of problem’

Yes dr’now I nani died in heart prob’my mother too had heart problem’she died giving birth to me’

So.i’m right..ur mom too had prob..see u r suffering’n ur baby too..i don’t know how severe ur baby will be affected,when it grows’but,its too is affected in ur womb itself..decide mrs.khurana’do u want ur baby to suffer daily in this world’or giving peace by aborting now itself..

We dr.s don’t prefer abortion other than circumstances’if I myself saying to abort,then u must see the seriousness’u r also counting ur must start ur treatment soon’

I’m leaving now..think n say me ur decision after consulting ur husband’

Meera lay on the bed thinking of what she said’

do u want ur baby to suffer daily in this world’or giving peace by aborting now itself..

after several hrs of thinking she decided to abort the child. she decided,she will never let know maan about the baby n her illness..atleast till she makes him strong to accept their departure from earth’.

After lots of convincing’dr.aborted her child without telling maan n promised meera.she will not tell about her heart problem,till she herself tells to maan..


Meera decided to adopt a child’but maan disposed her thought..we are still young we’ll have a child of our own..i myself went to dr. for check up..he said everything is normal..i can become a,don’t worry we’ll wait for our baby..

Meera was totally shocked with his statement’he did not doubt me..he doubted himself n went to dr’


Then,she purposely took him to some neighbours,who had babys with surrogate mothers n test tube methods’all of her plans flopped..maan was stubborn in his decision’ I want my blood..which dev wants to shower his love’I don’t believe in all these..


That was her last attempt’then only meera planned to get a girl who can carry his child with her own wish’she searched for such a girl..the result ended in girls who are sex workers..she don’t want maans baby from that type of girl,,,then only she saw geet’meera liked her at the first sight..her mind planned her to  make her carry maans child’her poverty n her circumstances..she can make utilize of it’as a women she cared for her future she made geet  continue her studies..meera came closer to her..she trusts meera a lot’she can do now anything for her..before meera asks her,god has played another game’now maan is in love with geet’n geet too..they both are confused only with the fact of our marriage’so,now’If,I leave him..they both will come closer..before that i have to bring them closer..they have to understand each other..geet is a good girl..she will keep maan n his family always happy…

  I know guys,this part doesn’t have maneet part..pls dont throw chappals on me..first i thought of giving the story ,for 4 -5 parts then made in 2..hope u all like it..this is necessary for story na…

i can guess dd typing i hate u didi for maan -meeras part..
dd ur favourite dialogue
i’ll be expecting in my cmnts column..



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