You Are My Love – Part 21

                                                                     PART 21
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After Dev left maan called geet to take some dictation.He asked for some files too.geet entered his cabin nervously.She was telling herself its wrong to look at him,but,she cant stop herself from stealing glances looking maan now n then.maan was engrossed in his work.he did not see her.

May I come in sir.

Yes..without looking at her he said..

She came near him.her heart beat raised at her every step.

ss..ii..rr’files’her hand was shivering..

babaji,whats happening to me..why I cant behave normally..he is meera mams husband..before she completes her talking to babaji,her mind stopped when his hand touched hers under the file..she can feel the current running in her body at his light touch.maan too felt the same.she dropped the files.both maneet bend to take the files.their heads banged with each other..

oh..sry geet..he started to rub her forehead..

is it hurting’

she nodded no..

his touch was driving her to a new land..they both were last in each other.His hands lowered n touched her eyes.she closed her eyes feeling him..he moved to her nose,cheeks ears n down her neck.she slided her neck giving him more space to touch..his hands moved around her neck giving her goosebumps..his other hand was on her waist.his hand moved tfrom neck to chin n cupped her one cheek.she leaned fully to his palm. her lips twisted..maan rubbed his thumb over it..she lost herself in his touch.when she felt she cant hold her more,she hugged him..maan too hugged her back..he lifted her chin n made her face him..she lowered her gaze in shy..he lowered towards her n took her lips in was feathery..she  want to respond but felt shy..he asked her to respond..she slowly took his lips in hers’when the fire started, they both were kissing like there is no more tomorrow..his hands roamed on her back.when his fingers felt the dori he removed it n started to slide her kurti..her white skin invited him to take it..he nuzzled his nose in her neck..he sucked the flesh of her shoulder.she moaned maan..he lowered to her curves sliding her kurti more ..he kissed there..he moved to the next..

the phone rang..they came to the reality..

maan was still rubbing her forehead…they both parted apart.. maneet were shocked.,when they realized it was a dream. Both of them were having same dream with each other..

attend the phone geet..he somehow managed to say..he gathered the file n sat on his chair.he took the water n drank it in one go..his mind n brain started its fight..

whats going on with me..i am imagining myself with geet..its wrong’

u can imagine all in dream only u call it a dream..noone knows what u r dreaming..u did not do it in,its not wrong..take a chil pill man..


hmm..yes geet..

sir its from mahta..he wants to see u..i ve made the appointment with u next week..



maan was still thinking about the dream..geet too thought about it,but after attending the call,she gained her courage to behave normal.

haan geet..bolo..


haan..dictation..i called u for dictation..likho..

maan dictated the letter..but,sometimes he lost his words looking at geet..geet hold herself not to look at maan.otherwise,she knows she will be lost again drooling him..somehow,they managed to finish the work.





Fax this to the client..

Yes sir..

She did not look at him..she left..

Maan released his tie..he threw it on the floor.he started to pace to n fro in his cabin..geet looked at him now n then through the blinds.

Maan’s ST:I’m growing insane..this girl drives me so..i don’t know how I managed to keep away my hands from her.whats in this girl..she always diverts me..i forget everything when she is around me..i have seen many girls ,throwing themselves on me..even when they wear revealing dresses or with heavy makeups..i ‘ve never felt like this..she is so revealing makeups.why I want to feel her’dammit. Am I craving for her body..whats that?is it lust…why I’m feeling this restless..

He knotted his temples.he rubbed his forehead n sat in the chair holding his head..

Geet came to his cabin.


He looked at her.

Hmm..yes geet..

She is simply beautiful..she has a perfect structure.

Maan again u r drooling her..his inner voice said.

Ur coffee..

Coffee..i didn’t ask u ..

I thought u need it..

Yes..i need it..i’m having headache..he took the coffee from tray.

Sir,I’ve bought u headache tablet also..she gave it to him..

He wondered,how she knows his every need..without him asking for her.

Thanks geet.he swallowed the tablet n sipped his coffee..

Haa..perfect geet..really I’m feeling better..he smiled at her.

His smile made her  feel the butterflies in stomach.she smiled shyly..

She went to her cabin..

Sasha came to maans cabin to get his sign.maan was smiling at geet through the blind.sasha fumed in anger n jealousy.

Kuch tho karna padega is geetko..

Sasha tried to get maans attention.he simply signed the papers reading it n ordered her at her to leave his cabin..sasha stamped her foot n left.


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