You Are My Love – Part 22

                                                                   PART  22
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Geet came to maan with his next day schedules.


Yes geet..this is ur schedule for tomorrow..u have an appointment early morning at 7 am with mr.tiwari..

Ok..i’ll be here soon.he took the paper from her.




I’ll not come tomorrow to office..i’ve said adi sir to  be with u in morning.

Hmm..ok..What?he just screamed in shock..he cant see her the next day made him shout like that.

I mean..u took now only 10days leave again’why..?

Am I blabbering..maan thought..

Wo..sir..kal rajji ki b’day hain..i’ve promised her to take around the city..she fill feel alone.none is there for her now,except me..pls understand me..if bro was there I’ll not ask leave..pls sir..

Her pleading face can melt anyone.maan could never say no to her for this expressions..


Thank u sir..she jumped in joy..he smiled at her gesture..

Maans st:Pagal ladki..behaving like a child.iske bareinmei sochkar mein paagal hojaunga..

Sir..gud night sir bye sir..


He too went to km after finishing his works..dadi was waiting for him at dinner table.maan freshed up n joined her quickly..dadi ate a little quantity of food..

Dadi..u r having dinner like a kid..

No maan..i don’t like to mouth is tasting bitter..i’m thinking I’m going to have a fever by tomorrow..

Maan was too much concerned about dadi’s health..

Dadi,lets go to’ll call the dr. here..have u taken ur bp tablets.dr. will ask me..dadi what u ate in afternoon..nakul’kya kilaya dadi ko..he shouted at him..

????nakul was blank

Maan’I’m ok..just feeling need to call dr..i’ll be fine after having a sleep..then too it remains the same we will go to dr.tomorrow morning..ok


I’m saying na..if I take rest I’ll be u go n sleep..we’ll see in morning..

Hmm..teek hain dadi..

They both slept in their respective rooms.

The next morning maan came down at 6.30 after his regular excercises n works..he was ready in his office attire to leave for kc.

Nakul came with his coffee..maan took it..

Dadi kahaan hain..

She is still sleeping.

Ok..let her take rest..when she wakes up give me a call..i want to know how is her health now..

Ji sir..

Maan left for kc n attended the meeting with adi..he muted his phone .it finished nearly at 9am.the other staffs has arrived.he came to his cabin..the faded flowers reminded him geet..she would have replaced it with new flowers..his stomach growled .i need something to eat..adi must also be hungry.

He went out n gave instructions for the staffs.adi n maan went to a nearby restaurant n had their breakfast..they returned to kc..pinky was not their in reception.

Where is pinky. has taken 2hrs permission..


she has gone to wwish geets sister..she will be back here after that


maan thought :I’ll also wish rajji..she will feel happy.

he took his phone moving to his cabin..he released it from had missed calls from kc..

dadi must have called me..i’ll wish rajji n then call dadima..he dialed geets number.

at that time the phone rang in his cabin.


Nakul..why are u screaming..

Sir..dadi fainted..

What?what happened to dadi..

I trying for ur from last an hour..u r not picking it.i ve called dr..she is on her way..u also come soon..


Sir..sir..r u there..u r coming na..

Ya..i..i’m coming..his voice trembled in fear..his eyes were moist..he did not hear the sound of geet in his phone..sir..sir..he was in state of shock..dadi is his everything..he will not be able to see her unwell.

Sir..sir..geet sensed something wrong..she cut the call n called him again..

His phone rang..he came out of his trance..he did not see the name displaying..he said in hurry..

Nakul..i’m coming..dadiki pass rehna..i’ll be there in 5 min..

Sir..i’m geet..what happened to dadi..

Geeet..dadi has fainted..i don’t know what to do..i’m going to km now.he did not wait for her answer..he drove in full fast breaking all the traffic rules to kc..he ran to dadi’s room..dr.was examining her..he sat near daadi.he took her hand in his..

Nothing will happen  to u dadi..i’m with u..he was repeating the same words..tears were flowing non-stop from his eyes..nakul n dr.too was taken back seeing his tears..they have seen him as a tough business man n lovely pota  n caring bhai.before also whenever dadi or dev gets a light fever too he will bring the world upside down..he has faced all with courage.but,he is too naive inside they didn’t know. There is no one today near him to give him courage. He is feeling lonely n that is making him shed tears.

dr.gave dadi an injection.maan hissed in pain as he is injected..dr.smiled at his childishness..she then gave dadi a drips..she prescriped some medicines..


Dr..dadi is okna..when she will get her conscious..why she fainted..take all tests..i want her to be cure soon.. dadi is ok..nothing to worry.she is weak…high fever hain n bp is also high..i think something is bothering her..just try to remove it from her..she must be in full oily or cholesterol items..add less salt in her food..for today give her liquid food only..give these tablets after she had something.pills will make her sleep…make sure she takes full rest…she will get her conscious in one hr..

thanks dr..pls be here till she wake up..

ok..she sat on the chair.

Few min later geet, rajji n pinky came there. maan was totally numb. He was totally broken inside seeing dadi laying like that.his eyes were fixed in dadi’s.

How is dadi..

Fever or high bp hain..dr has given injection..Waiting for her to gain conscious‘nakul said..

Bhaiya,aapsir or dr.keliye coffee lekar aayiye.

Ji babyji..

Geet asked pinky n rajji to wait there.she followed nakul to kitchen..

Bhaiya..i’ll make food for dadi..what dr.said to give dadi.

Nakul said the diet dr. prescribed..she started to make it..they both came up.

Nakul gave dr coffee..maan was still in same position.after 3  to 4 times of calling maan looked at nakul.he gave him the coffee.

I don’t want nakul..

Have it  sir..dadi will be well soon..

He looked at geet..bina maange coffee,sirf geet de saktha hai..

He sipped slowly’dr.removed the drips when it finished.dadi moved a little..


She opened her eyes.she saw the puff red eyes of maan..

She smiled weekly at maan..

Dadi..u scared me..

Pagal..u r doesn’t cry..

Hmm..lekin ,now too I need u..still I feel like a child before u..i cant live without u..i’ll die if anything happens to u..sirf aap ho mere liye..

Don’t get emotional’mein ithni aasanise jaane wali nehi hoon..still I have reasons to live..i want my wishes to be fulfilled before departing..


Dr.checked dadi once again repeated her prescriptions n went away.

Geet came near dadi..

How  do u feel dadi..all 3 asked in unison..they giggled..

Better beta..i did not see you’who informed you..

sir said n Meera mam too..she sent car to pick us from house..she called to wish rajji.then she said about u n asked me if I can take care of u..till she sir bhi nehi can maansir take care of u alone..

Maan looked at geet thankfully..n he cursed himself for forgetting meera..he had not even talked to her n asked her how her maasi is..(he doesn’t know meera is now in delhi in hospital under treatment..she has given them an excuse.)

Rajjiko wish..matlab

Maan just got it then only..

Today is her b’bay.

Rajji touched dadis feet..

Be happy always beta..may god bless u n help u always..i’m sure u will make ur family feel proud of u.

Bacha.happy birthday..i am sry ..we spoiled ur outing..

Rajji’s throat choked in his word bacha..pure love was evident in his words..

Geet eyed her to touch his feet also..she did it.he hugged her..

u r a need to touch my feet..

What made her say so..she said..

Thanks jiju..i want only love n care..outing we can go any day’nothing is important than dadis health..u r elder than me..aap ka per chuna galath nehi hai.

He wondered her matured words.

Geet made dadi lean on the bed post.she spread the towel under her neck n feeded her slowly.she gave the medicines..

Daadi whispered something in maans ears..he nodded yes..

Geet ,I’ll look after dadi..u take rajji for outing..take car with u..

Sry sir..we are not going anywhere..she said in a stern tone..

Par geet..its her b’day..she must enjoy..u took leave to make her happy..dont be stubborn..

Stubborn..kaun..mein..u r stubborn..i’m saying na we r not going means we are not going..

Her voice raised from her usual was like she was bossing him..

Maan has never seen this side of hers..he looked at her in was dadi ,rajji n pinky.

I don’t want to hear anything..i want b’day girl to be happy..i want her wish to be fulfilled..just take her for outing..



They both were fighting like kids..

Dadi thought of dissolving their fight.

Ok.stop it u both..maan let geet be here..

Par dadi..

Let me complete maan..

Pinky will take her for that ok for u both..


Maan gave pinky a bundle of notes when geet was not seeing them..fulfill  rajji’s all needs n  whatever she likes get  it for her .n keep her happy.take care of you both..

Ji sir..

Rajji n pinky went out..maan arranged body gaurds for their safety.they will follow them without their knowledge..he said something to nakul.

Maan came n sat beside dadi..she saw his worried face..

I’m alright maan..dont worry..

Hmm..u take rest..

Geet went to kitchen to make lunch for dadi..she came back after few min..dadi was sleeping n maan was caressing her hair.

Sir..u go n rest I’ll b here..


He went to his room..he called meera..he thanked her for sending geet..she asked him about dadis health..n he said what dr,said..he asked her why her voice was so low..she said there is some problem in phone..he asked her when she’ll return..few more days bcoz,she is in hospital with maasi..she disconnected the phone.

Dr.naina who was a silent spectator asked her’

Why are u hiding the truth to ur husband geet.

Ask ur chief what happened few hrs bfore in km..maan is not as he looks outside..he cant tolerate this..we are not as all husband n wife..but our bond still in life bcoz of our friendship..he will break down completely when he comes to know the truth..atleast,let him be happy till the truth unfolds.

U  make me always speechless..



When I’m back to km,I’ll arrange ur engagement n marriage soon..

Why so soon only dev has proposed me..

Soon..i want to see u both married soon before my death..

Naina shut her mouth with her hand..

Don’t repeat it..i’m unable to hold myself nowadays..ok..if u want to see our marriage soon..ok u can proceed..i’m the one who knows the truth now..n I’ll make u happy by fulfilling all ur last wishes..

Thanks naina..

No friendshipka rule hai..have u forgot..

Ok withdrawn my thanks..

They both hugged each other..naina was crying inside her heart..she is going to lose an amazing a dr.she knows she cant cure her or save her.

Geet fed lunch to dadi n gave her medicines..she slept soon..geet came out..she heared maan yelling at nakul..nakul came out with a sad face..

Kya hua bhaiya..

Kya bathaun babyji’I took lunch for maan sir..he don’t want to eat..he yelled at me to take it back..dadima ka fikar mein ye bimar padchayengi

U give it to me..i’ll make him eat..

He gave the tray to her n went..

She went inside..she gave him the tray of food..

He just turned n said..i’m not hungry..

She went to the other side..he turned again..

Ufff..she took the rice in spoon n took it before his mouth..

No geet..he pushed the spoon..she tried again he pushed it again.

Ok..dont eat..i’ll go n say dadima..she will worry for u..n it will take more longer for her to cure

Geet..he frowned..

She took the spoon near his mouth..he opened his mouth..

She started to feed him..he quietly ate all..she gave him water.he drank it.

She took the plate n was about to leave.he held her wrist.she came near him.he hugged her waist  tightly..she could feel the wetness in her dress..he was crying..

She  threaded his hair till he consoled himself..later she lifted his face n made him face her..

Thanks geet..i don’t know..i felt lonely..noone was here by my side..thanks for taking care of dadima..she is my world.after my parents death…he was blabbering more n more..she could not take him breaking down.she just closed his mouth with her palm’sshhh..nothing will happen to dadima..its just a fever..she will be alright in two days..

Will u be here with me..

Yes‘she just lowered n kissed him on his forehead n left the room..she did not realize what she did..but,maan was in fire..her touch has made such an impact on him.he sat there touching his forehead..


note:i want a suggestion from u all..
       1:meera telling the truth  to geet n making maneet one
        2..maneet becoming one when they were not in sense ..
       how do u want the story 2 proceed..

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