You Are My Love – Part 23


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she just lowered n kissed him on his forehead n left the room..she did not realize what she did..but,maan was in fire..her touch has made such an impact on him.he sat there touching his forehead..he has not felt like this before. whenever meera n maan shared their kisses too he did not feel this fire..he sat there with his mixed emotions,trying to figure it what ehsaas it is..

after a while,Maan came to dadi’s room n had a chit chat with her.geet came their with maan’s coffee n milk for dadima.

I’m not a kid geet to drink milk.

But ur health needs it.have it dadi.pls.

Dadi drank it .

We are troubling u,geet.

Don’t say like that dadi.its my pleasure serving u..atleast I can help u this way.for all that maan sir n meera mam had done to me,I cant repay it.  we don’t feel alone bcoz  of the love n affection u give to me n rajji other than my bro. we are happy bcoz of ur family .so,don’t say u are troubling us. We consider u as our own dadi.if u repeat this I will not come here again.i swear.

Dadi n maan went speechless.the affection in her words made them so.

Ok.beta.i’ll not repeat it.

That’s like my gud dadi.

Hello ye mera dadi hain..maan said possessively,holding dadi’s hands.

So what sir..i can share her..haina dadi..

Dadi smiled at both of them..she was really happy.their fights made her forget her sickness.

Maan looked at geet.there was no effect for what she did.she has forgotten .maan realized,she did not mean it. the kiss was to comfort him .he too shoved his thoughts from his mind that was reminding the kiss..

Evening dr. came again to check up dadi.

Wa..savithriji..kya jadhu hai..u r absolutely fine now.ur bp is in control..ur fever is better.maan has taken gud care of u.

Maan nehi dr.geet took care of me.dadi introduced geet to dr.

She was there in the morning..well done geet.take care the same way for another day. she will be fully fit.continue the medicines

Ok dr.

‘n savithriji,u must take ur bp tablets regularly.

Ok can I get out of bed’these two are not allowing me to get down..i want to walk a little..i’m getting bored taking rest.

Hmm..u can walk for a while…but bed rest is compulsory till tomorrow.


The dr.went away.later pinky n rajji came back.maan whispered something in  low voice to pinky.n she nodded her head in yes.she took rajji with her out.

Geet found something fishy.

Dadi,lets go out for a walk.maan winked at dadi,but it was noticed by geet.

Now,she is confirmed.kuch tho hai..but,she did not ask him.

Maan n geet was on either side of dadi. they came to outhouse.geet was confused.why are they here?

But entering the hall,she understood .it was decorated n in the centre was a cake.they had arranged a surprise for rajji.a few of office staffs including adi,who were close to her were there.(no sasha)she had tears in her eyes. she hugged dadima.

Thanks dadi..i..i..dont have words to express my happiness..aap meri behen ke liye itna sab kuch kiya..her throat chocked.

U told me I’m ur u made me a 3rd person saying thanks..

Sry dadi..she smiled.

Pinky came with rajji..rajji was looking totally different..she was wearing a new red ghagra was so grand..pinky has done a little make up.she was looking like a small princess.

Rajji came n took blessings from maan n dadi.she thanked both of them for giving her such a wonderful day in her lifetime.

Ok..lets celebrate.

Rajji  cut thecake.she took the first piece n was little confused whom to give.geet guided her to dadin then maan.rajji fed the rest of the cake in her hand togeet..(it was maan’s juta)

She distributed cake to all the other friends.they all enjoyed a lot.they played games,antakshari n all..maan n dadi sat alone.they did not mingle with them,but enjoyed the view.rajji went with pinky to their house.she will be going for school from there for the next day.maan asked her to stay in km,but geet told she will be late n she will take her books n uniform on the way.

Geet gave dinner to dadi.she gave the medicines.when dadi slept ,she switched off the lights n came down to have her dinner.maan was waiting for her.they both had their dinner silently. But their eyes were speaking volumes.they both were thanking each other .

Maan n geet came to dadi’s room.maan saw dadi sleeping peacefully.

Geet,I’ll be with dadi.u will b tired.u take rest.

No,sir..i’ll sleep here..u go n take rest..

R u sure..

Yes sir.

Maan went to his room.geet took a pillow n blanket n settled in couch.Then she remembered,she forgot to tell his next day schedule.she walked towards maan’s room.she was about to enter.but stopped hearing nakul n maans conversation.

Dadima ki haalath unki friendski wajase hua..


Today dadi’s frnds came to see her.noone was here in mansion.her friends hurted her by their words.

Come to the point nakul..

They said.”u have a big palace .but c u r alone now. C me I have my son dil,potha pothi n even their children..u r so unlucky..ur potha married someone bfore 2 yrs..still u don’t have the luck to c ur great grandson ..even in my house all r busy in business but I’ve their kids to play.y don’t u ask ur potha n his wife to go for a checkup'”n so on..dadi could not digest it.that’s the cause of her fainting.

Why didn’t u say this in morning.

Babyji was there n I know family matters should not be said before others.

Thanks u may go.

.geet hide herself  till nakul went down.she looked at maan.

Maan was sad.he was also fond of baby’s.he too wants to see his baby.every one wants to see my’if  fate is not with me what shall I do?i checked up myself..i’m healthy.i’m capable of being a father.meera also loves babies.i have seen her happy playing with kids.

Then he remembered his fight with meera n his promise ,that he wont touch her.he closed his eyes in frustruation.what I ‘ve done..this promise will lead us to more troubles.i cant keep up this promise.i must take it back.i must apologize to meera for my rude behavior. We want our child ,which can bring happiness to this family.specially for dadi n dev.he tried to sleep.but he can’t.he started to pace to n fro in his room.geet saw his restlessness.she was not able to see him like this.she entered the room

Sir,u have not yet slept.

Hu..geet..u also have not yet slept.

First I asked u the question n u r repeating me the same.

Wo geet..i’m having head ache..i’m unable to sleep.n u say y u did not sleep.

Wo..i came to remind u ur tomorrows problem.i’ll say it tomorrow morning..will u like to have a cup of coffee..ur head ache will be gone..

Yes sure.

if u have tablets..take it..i’ll be back with ur coffee.

Geet  went to kitchen .she made his coffee n came back..maan drank it.

Sir,.aap tablet leli..

Hmm..he  pressed his forehead.he was really having headache.

He kept thecup on the side table n slided on his bed.

Thanks geet.

He closed his eyes.

She took the first aid box n took the balm.she sat next to him n applied on his forehead.he opened his eyes..he stopped her hand  holding her wrist.

Geet.what are u doing..

Nothing sir..applying balm..u will feel better.


Aapko dard horaha hai’mein dava lagaraha hoon..nothing more than that’.

She said looking into his eyes..she can see the hidden pain in hiseyes.n maan  was lost in her eyes.he left her wrist..she continued massaging his forehead without breaking the eyelock.his eyes slowly closed n he drifted to sleep..she tried to move.then only she realized maan was holding her was so tight n she could not take it off..she decided to stay there still he drifts into deep sleep.but she dosed off.she woke up at the middle of night when she find his hands roming under her kurti.he felt his hands squeezing her bare waist.she was losing herself.

No..this is wrong..

She saw him..he was in deep sleep n was not in reality..she remembered the lift incident..he is thinking me as meera..i must not have stayed here.its my fault.she slowly removed his hands n kept it on a pillow.she moved to dadimas room .

Maan opened his eyes when he missed the warmth.he saw his hands on the pillow squeezing it..

Hmm..i was dreaming‘he slept again.

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