You Are My Love – Part 29



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KC..morning 8.45..staffs have not arrived yet’

maan is pacing in his cabin to n,he was sure ,meera is avoiding him’she did not enter their room,when he was there’his guilt was eating him more’.

Today I’ll force u meera..u have to here me’I cant live with this guilt‘he decided’

He did not see geet entering her cabin..n meera entered following her with dev..

Meera pinched geet’

Geet looked at her..gud morng mam..gud morng dev sir..why u pinched me mam..

Same pinch’we both are wearing same blue colour chudi’n  in the otherway ,u were,I brought u 2 reality..

Geets mood was lighten seeing meera..

I did not see u mam..yes we are wearing same colour..she chuckled’

Meer a looked at maans cabin’he was showing his back to them’he was standing with a file in his hand..

Ok..geet..i want accounts file of past year  of,u bring the present file..its in ur cabin’ left’

Mam..i think its in archieve..i’ll get it’said geet’


geet left to archieve..

Maan turned n saw meera there..she is I can talk to her..he opened the partition door.

But,for his bad luck meera went out’where is she going’

He opened their door n saw her entering archieve..

Ok’I’ll talk to u there’that time his phone buzzed.he turned and attend the phone..that time meera went out of archieve,he missed to see it..


He went to archieve n he saw someone standing on a ladder..the light was so dim n blickering..

The legs with blue pant,he guessed it as meera with the colour of chudi he saw..(oh maan its geet)

He neared n touched her legs..geet lost her balance n fell down..before she touch the ground she felt two muscular hands holding her waist tightly’ahhh..she screamed..but was cut half way,when maan closed her lips with his’he did not see geets face’he slammed his lips on hers to shut her scream’but it drove him crazy..he did not have touched meera more than a month’geet tried to push him away..but her ignorance mde him claim her more..he was tasting her madly closing his eyes..he could not stop himself..he was kissing her aggressively..she was still struggling ,locked in his arms..he increased his passion..he nibbled her lips…he wanted her to respond’when there was no response,he  bite her..she opened her mouth in pain..he entered her mouth n started to discover her treasures’he rolled his tongue fully inside her mouth’

Geet was first regretting ‘its her first kiss’maan stealed it’her mind said her to stop him’she tried n all went in vein’but,he is her love’his touch made her goose bumps..when he increased his passion,she could not deny it’she was melting on her knees’when he entered her mouth,she was totally lost..she started to respond him.she hugged him ..maan felt his inner self,which was feeling alone in emptiness has vanished today’his soul has got some peace.

.maan smirked at his victory.,when he got the response..

he thought when meera was lost,he will apologize..but now,he was totally lost in kiss,thinking geet as meera..

U taste so delicious than ever..he said inside her mouth…

How will u avoid me now…he kissed again..

geets mind did not register what he is saying’

his  one hand moved under her kurti n started to feel her softness over her inner..

reality started to hit her..tears rolled down her cheeks..she tried to say maan,it is wrong’but maan did not leave her mouth to spell even a word’geet was lacking air’still maan was kissing her aggressively without leaving her n his one hand squeezing her breast ..maans hand went behind her back..he undid her bra hook’

then only he realised  meera never wears bra..she always uses slips..then ..who am i withShocked(bcoz of heart problem meera never uses she felt it made her more uncomfortabl to breathe..thats why she took the sari packed to party also..the blouses  she used had bare back mostly only to avoid wearing bra..)

he stopped kissing..he opened his eyes n saw .it was geet..she collapsed.. then he heared a sound at the entrance..he turned ‘it was meera..the file in her hand slipped down..she looked at geet who was in his arms unconscious..maan took his hand from geet back instantly..then maan saw her dress..both are wearing same’

shit’.how  did not I realize it is not meera‘the guilt surrounded him..he could not read anything on meeras face..their were mixed was hard for him to know what is meera going through..

wo..meer..i..he struggled to frame his words’meera  took steps back n moved away..maan wanted to go behind her..but geets unconscious stage made him stop’he placed her on the floor..her kurti was up revealing her bare waist’maan straightened her dress’that’s when dev saw maan’dev came there to meet meera..but when he saw meera moving from there motionless,he want to know whats the reason behind it..but,the sight was unbearable for him’he went behind meera’now she needs me more’I’ll look after bro could he do this?..

maan looked at geet..he cursed himself for his behavior..

how can I do this’to  geet’without seeing I kissed her..what will she think about me..a womanizer..shit’ how I’m going to face her’whats going on her mind’.i’m ruining my relation with my own behavior..he slided his hand again under geets kurti.his hands were trembling now.’he hooked again her bra..i’m sorry geet..i don’t want u to know that I  undid this’u will think cheap of me na geet’

maan sprinkled water on geets face..she stirred n got up from the floor..she closed her mouth with her palms n cried..both looked at each other’they could not explain their feelings’bcoz  both were at fault..

geet’i..i..m sorry..if u can ..pls for give thought meera’ur dress colour confused me’

it hurted geet more’he kissed me thinking I’m meera’but ..i responded him..atleast he had an excuse..what can I say’how can I kiss him back’

she looked at him in pain..he was feeling sorry for his was visible’maan could not withstand her piercing gaze..he left the archieve .he entered his cabin n locked himself for several hrs.he even closed the blinds..geet  went to her cabin..both were fighting with the inner turmoil to overcome the situation..which went in vein..

devs cabin

meera sat their came n hugged her..

why did not u shout at him,meer..

why should i?

oh god’meer’.for gods sake ..he is ur husband’n what he was doing with geet there was not right’

..tell me meer..didnt u get hurt seeing that..i thought of punching bro there..i don’t know what geet thinks’

Meer looked at him with teary eyes..

Yes dev’I was hurt’it was an emotional moment..i forgot what i want..but not  now

Meer’what are u saying’

I saw maan looking at me in can say ..he was so close to geet thinking I’m there’as a wife I’m surely hurt seeing maan like that..i’m also a human dev’but.when I thought sitting here peacefully,I realized..i want that closeness only from them..if they had crossed their limits too..i’ll be the happiest wish is coming truena dev’

Oh meer‘dev gave her a bone crushing hug’

Dev..u r hurting me’I feel like  u r making juice of mine’

Dev laughed..

U r great meer’no one can be gud like u..but,

Ok..enough ..lets go to work’haan’dont  show anything to ur bro..that u saw him in archieve..he will feel embarrassed’n geet..i want to see her..if she is ok..when I saw her..she has fainted in maans arms..dont know what she will be thinking now’

U r thinking about them only now also’

Yes’my plan flop na ho’bcoz of maans act’

Dev looked at her in disbelief’

Meera went to see geet..geet looked like she was in  a state of shock’meera made her normal after a great struggle,by involving her in work’but dev n meera noticed the tears in corner of her eyes’.. as dev thought geet as a girl of values,he thought,maan has forced geet’he cant think geet wrong way’

Maan has already informed adi ..noone to come inside his cabin or to disturb him till he says..n when meera and dev heared it they too did not disturb him’

It was 12.30 noon..maan got a call from MR.Ravi..he asked him to come to xyz place near the lawyer ramnaths house with geet’so,that they could execute the plan..maan agreed..but how could he now face geet after that incident in archieve..

He thought for a while n then called dev to his cabin..


Haan bro

Take geet to xyz place’ravi is waiting there for her..

U said u will be ther e with them..

Hmm..but,I cant..u take her with u..

Maan without looking dev said dev looked at him’his eyes were not able to see,meera was right..bro  is feeling disguisted at,only he is avoiding geet..he could not face her now..

Ji bro’

Dev n geet left to xyz place’but,maan was restless’what if geet gets in trouble’it was pricking his,he decided to go there’he looked for meera..pinky said meera left office after dev n geet went..

xyz is a parellel road of ramnaths office..the police n ravi had already explained geet what to do’geet was having a micro camera as a chain in her will record all that happens in ramnaths house n will be viewed  by the police in the private van..

Maan reached that place,when geet came out of the van..they did not talk to each other..he gave her a blue tooth .he had one on his ears…she weared it ..he pointed her hair’she opened her hair n it hided her bluetooth..he showed her thumbs up’she nodded was a silent spectator..maan came  n sat near dev..all watched the tv screen..

Geet entered ramnaths  office.the reception person informed her to go in’she turned and saw that man too left the the office was empty..

She knocked the door..

Come in..geet..what a surprise’u r in my office..

Sir..i want to talk about my bro’s case..pls save him..u said u cant help in this case..where will I go now..she went on as the police said to say her..ramnath came n sat next to her’he whipped her tears..

Geet was taken back with his closeness..

Sir,if u cant save my bro..say it…i’ll search another lawyer’

Now ramnath was taken back’if geet goes to another lawyer,she will win her bros case..

how much money u want..i’ll give u..

I want my brother out..i can do anything for him‘she said each n every words that police said to her..

His crooked mind planned something..

Ok..geet..i’ll help u ..but I don’t want money..

Phir‘he looked at her with lustful eyes..

He place his hands on her thigh n pressed it..geet immediately stood up..

What are u doing..

U said u can do anything..then why cant u please me in bed..

she was explained that  he may ask her to be with,she put on a brave mask n asked

how can I trust u’till now..u said u cant save my bro’.u r cheating me to take to ur bed’

maan was crushing the coke can he was drinking..he wanted to punch that guy black n blue..his anger has no bounds now’dev kept his hand on him to calm down..n maan tried to suppress his anger..

cheat’cheat.he laughed…ur bros friends asked me to be in their favour..till now I’m cheating u’n I promise,I’ll save ur bro,if u spend time with me’

he moved his hands to her waist’

geet slapped him’she shook him by his collars..

u bas***d’how can u do this to u know how life is miserable for two girls to live alone’we had only brother for us..n u cheated me telling u will take him out of much fees I had paid u,starving ourselves..i did not fulfil any of my sisters wish..i spend all my money to could u be unjustice to ur profession’shame on u’chi’she splitted saliva on him’

ramnaths anger grew’he held geet tightly..n slapped her..her chain fell down..n nothing was visible in tv now for police’

the police started to move to ramnaths house..

dare u’u slapped me’.he pulled geets dupatta n threw on the floor..

now geet was scared..she moved backwards ‘.he came dangerously near her’

u forgot u r in my place’he tore her sleeves of her kurti’

no’don’t come near me’u will be punished for ..

he slapped her again..her lips started to bleed..he whipped it with his thumb n tasted the blood’

hmmm..i love violence’he pulled geet from her legs n sat over her..

maaan me‘..she screamed..

no one will come baby.all have left for lunch.lets have fun’

then he heared the door breaking n maan entered first followed by police’dev n maan pulled ramnath from geet n started beating him’the police arrested ramnath ..

dev neared geet..

geet  are u okay..

she hugged her knees n tried to hide her torn part’maan took the dupatta n covered her..

geet hugged maan as his bones would crush n he hugged her back..her tears has torn him apart..his guilt of facing her has gone away’

dev looked at them..

bro,’be with geet..she is scared very much’I’ll talk with the police n ravi n come..

dev moved .his legs stamped on the chain..he took it n handovered to the police..

geet..dont here with u..

if u had not reached in time what would have happened..

nothing will happen to u till I’m with u..u only accepted to help


maan whipped her tears..

believe me’until I’m with u ..noone can  near u’today it all happened bcoz u time I’ll not allow u to take any type of risk..noone can touch even ur shadow’he gritted his teeth’

but,I must appreciate ur boldness..u made it..

my bro will be out na..

yes..come lets go’

all appreciated geet for helping promised,he will appear as brijs lawyer in court n he will release him as soon as possible..that brought the smile on her face.

the three was heading to  was thinking about what happened few minutes ago..

geet called only maan bro for help..when she knows the entire police team ravi n I were there to help her..she called only maan’n after that too,when I asked her if she is alright,she simply nodded yes’but,seeing bro..she hugged him n cried’when,I did not think of hiding her torn sleeve’bro only thought about her dignity before others’he covered her before all of them notices her..n he was saying nothing will happen to her till he is with him’

meera was right’bro n geet loves each other’.but,they don’t realize I can help meera’but..what about her’how can I mke my own friends marriage smash with my own hands..

ye kesa uljan hai’what should I do?’I want meera to be with bro till  her life’but meera wants bro n geet to be married..n the truth is maan loves geet ‘not meera’.

The car stopped..

Maan patted devs shoulder’

Dev..r u sleeping..

Then get down of the car’

Maan saw geet adjusting her duppatta to hide her one sleeve’

Dev’take her to our floor n give meeras any dress..

Geet,after changing u may go to ur house’u need rest..

He said n walked away..

Dev took geet to the top floor’it was like a guest house..they used to stay here when they work late nights’dev n maan had  separate rooms there’dev took her to maans room n gave her meeras dress..


Ji dev sir..

I’m going down to kc..u lock n come there..

He gave the key n went down’

Precap:another twist’




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