You Are My Love – part 3


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NOTE:I thought of saying this in future updates..But,now I think let me clear here itself..Meera is Sameera...All calls her meera..


Meera looked at the girl.She was dressed in a pale suit. She has not done any make ups..She was wearing only a small earing There are no jewels around herother than that..She is slim,she looked beautiful in her simple attire.She is not looking at maan like other girls.Her eyes only  showed her little fearness of interview.

Good afternoon everyone.

Meera looked the girl.Some where in her mind,,it said she will be the perfect girl..whom  im  searching for.

Gud afternoon young lady.Whats ur name.

She liked meeras friendly way of talk.,That made her relax her little.

Geet handa..mam.

Meera was staring at geet.only her name geet handa was ecoing in her mind.Does she belong to the handa s ,who went long back to HP..No it cant be.She wants to make it confirm.If she belongs to handas I cant work out my plan with her.meera was lost in her thoughts.

Meer..meer.Where are you lost?.are you going to interview her or may.i.

Oops..sry’I’ll continue.

 Your profile please.

Meera went through it.

You are only 19 yrs.

Yes mam.

You have  discontinued ur college after ur 2nd year..May I know the reason?

I am not able to pay the fees.

She answered straightly.

Is this ur first interview.

No.seventh.All those rejected me.

Why ?

Bcoz ‘.bcoz’She hesitated...Do you want to answer me before these men.

Kyun..koi problem hai kya.They are part of KC.You can say anything before them.

Adi took the water bottle and started to sip.

bcoz all those men wanted me to sleep with them not to work with them.

The pain was visible in her voice.

Adi chocked all the water out and started to cough.



Maan was still looking at Geet .He was attracted to her straight forward answers.,simplicity,and also her beautiful gesture.This is the first time he is noticing a girl from top to bottom other than meera.

Meera  also knows how dangerous this world is,and when a girl is young’its more dangerous to protect herself..she sighed  and decided to change the topic.

From which place are you?

Delhi mam.

Are you brought up in Delhi only.


You studied here only.

Yes mam.

Meera went through her certificates that all belonged to Delhi only.But,she failed to see her parents name.So She is not from hp.She sighed in relief.

You  don’t have enough qualification for this post.Do you think you will get this job.

I know..i don’t have a degree,..I want a job to lead my family.But,I can assure you I’ll give my 100% satisfaction to you.If you give me this job.She was speaking politely seeing meeras eyes.

Meera can see the confidence in her.

How many r there in ur family.

Meera expected a huge joint family n she must be the eldest to take over the family only she needs  a job.

But to her shock geet replied my big bro n my younger sis.

A small family.So,I must only care about her bro.I can handle easy.

Whats ur bro doing other than taking care of you both..Irresponsible person.

Pls maam.Dont say anything about what  you  don’t know.Her voice was  raised a little.

She  was silent for some time.Then she said

.Sry mam.I’ll not hear any words against him.My brother is like a father to us.After our mom n dads death in an accident,he is the one who took care of us..

Iska mathlab,He is not taking care of u both now.

.Meera wondered why I am interested knowing about her..she came here for an interview..We must say yes or no.But im keen to know about her.  No.No. I’m making sure my plan doesn’t get flop in anyways bcoz of her family..

Maan’s eyes were still fixed on geet.Meera noticed it.He was noticing her every mannerism..the way she talks..rolling the edge of dupatta..knotting her eye brows..twisting her lips..This girl can simply attract anyone.He was just listening to their talks. he was also thinking why his wife is asking her such questions that are not related to the job.

My brother is in jail.I know he did nothing.but his friends,Trapped him for their deeds.So, now its my responsibility to take care of my sister,her studies and lawyers fees,who is attending my bros case.My bros bank balance will lead me only for more or less than two weeks..I need this job to spend our rest of our life.

She was honest.She didn’t hide anything about her like others, to give a good opinion to get a job.Meera looked at Maan.



..hmm..He jerked as he came out from a deep dream..he was dissolved in his thoughts.

Will you like to ask her some questions

 H .Meer.

Maan thought,Meera diddn’t interview this girl,like others. she  was not asking anything related to works.So,he thought of being professional.He wants to know if she is efficient for the job.

Well miss.geet.what will you do if you are given an oppurtunity to deal with a project.of another company.what will you see at first’.the companys name n fame,budjet. Aur the quality

Quality  comes first sir.If we failed to give the good quality,we will lose our good name.and when it comes to the budjet it may increase or decrease as per the economical periods..

Impressive miss Geet.What salary do you expect.

The money that will be enough to spend for my family.You may give as your wish after seeing my work.

It showed her confidence.

darling,whats ur opinion..

Geet felt a little discomfort hearing those words’She is not used of these..How could a man call a girl like this infront of others.

Maan dear,I am also impressed with her .

So baby,Are you satisfied to get her as my secretary.

Yes dear.She is perfect..And I am here to teach her the rest of work. are selected .

You can join Kc from tomorrow.

Thank you sir.Thank you mam.

.You will be working as  my husbands secretary and you will be reporting me every dayabout his daily schedules.

NowGeet knows why they are talking lovely

Adi give her the appointment letter and tell her the procedures.

OK sir.

Ok baby,lets go out for lunch.Atlast muje interviewse mukthi milgaya..I want some fresh air.

Maan grabbed  meera by her waist and went out of the cabin.

Geet was little embarrassed to see them.Adi looked at her expressions.He said.They are always like that…Tumhebi iski aadhath hojayaegi..

Think me as your brother..I’ll help you as much as I can..and this is Shasha our chief architect.

Thank you adi sir’Hai mam.

Hai geet.welcome to kc.Though shasha wished her,but she was not liking her presence.She looked geet like a different creature from some other world’mainly her dressing one of Kc wear a suit to office.All were modern and with high make ups.

Thankyou mam.

Adi gave her the appointment letter.

Be sharp here at 9 in office before sir is here.He is always very punctual.

Yes sir.


Meer and maan was having their lunch in a hotel.

Meer dear.You appointed her bcoz she doesn’t look at me..Isnt it

Hmm..such kahoon ya joot.


Haan wo bhi ek reason hein.She is not like others to seek importance.she is the way as she is..moreover she is honest’I liked that quality of hers.

I thought of helping her in someother way too.But these type of people will be self respectful.They will not  like to be pitied by others..Poor girl what will she do alone with her sister without any job. So only I gave her the job.Ek bath aur kahoon.


I saw you drooling her.So,I thought of giving her company with you.If she was with you,you will forget me na’She chuckled.

Meer’what rubbish u r talking..I was seeing her just like that..

Ok ok cool..I  know u..I was just joking..


Geet ‘s house evening.


Rajji,where are you?

In kitchen didi.Kya hua.u are so happy.

Finally Ive got the job.

Oh.Thats gud news Didi.

Rajji hugged her tight.I’ll get sugar for you.

Ab nehi.Mera muu tab meeta karna tab bhai jailse bahaar ayegi.

Didi.bhai bahaar aajayegi na.

Sure.I’ve trust in babaji.He will help us.

When r u joining office.

From tomorrow.Tell me.What are you doing in kitchen.

Making roti for will be tired na.So I was cooking for you.

Rajji’Kitni baar mei tumsei kahoon,jab tak mei hoon tum koi kaam nehi karegi.tired ho tho kya hua..mei sab karloongi..tu ja..aur apna padai kar.

Aaj tumhara class mei kya hua..what you learned today..Do you have any homework..Do u want  any help..

DDDiiidddiii.Will you stop your bakbak.kitni questions poochtiho..My teacher is better than u.I’ve finished all my school works.Bore horahithi.isilye khaana pakarahi thi.

Ok baba sry.

Geet finished rest of the works.They both had dinner together and went to bed early.

She prayed to her babaji.Babaji.,I am going to start a new life from tomorrow.Be with me always.Help me in getting my bhai back and give me n my sis enough  courage  to face this world.we two are girls who live lonely ..jaldise humara bhaiya ko jailse bahaarr nikaldheejiyena babaji..pls..


Least she knows about the future..geet  kuch chathihe..aur wahaan Meera kuch aur’She was planning ,How to make moves with Geet’...Ise kehthihain Zindagika khel.



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