You Are My Love – Part 34


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maan entered geets room n patted her..
tum yahaan kya kar rahi rahi ho..muje chodke..
geet was sleeping  showing her back to him
hmm…she whispered in her sleep..
utto ..u cant sleep without me ..make me sleep..i want 2 sleep..utto..utto…i did not sleep for past few weeks u know..u r avoiding me..u didnt  talk with me..

he was talking to geet thinking her as meera..
geet tried to opened her eyes n turn,but she could nt..she was feeling dizzy..he took out his shirt n vest n throwed it.
..maan came n slided beside her.he made patterns on her back..she felt goosebumps,when his bare body touched hers…maan moved her hair to front..he removed the strings n buttons of her blouse..he kissed her bare back .He moved his hands to front hugging her from back..he was nuzzling his nose in her neck..he slided the saree n removed the blouse..his hands moved freely on her bare upper..her subconscious mind alarmed her to stop whats going on.but her body was reacting differently..
you are so irrestible....he touched her face..he drew lines from her face shoulder n came down.the room was dim n he did not look at the face..geets eyes still closed…his lips replaced where his hands went through..
he removed her saree fully n pulled out her skirt..

then he heared the song playing..the last song of the party was going in full swing..most of them had left..only a few close friends were there with dev n naina teasing n pulling there legs…
i want to dance..i did not dance todaybcoz of u..will u dance with me..
he pulled her close to him..why you are not answering me…he .asked her.

.u r too soft…he squeezed her skin agin..
hmmm..she moaned..she tried to open her eyes.but failed again..the drink has over took her..he turned her facing him n took her lips in his ..he kissed her again n again with full passionn tasting her sweetness..
she responded slowly with same passion..both were equally burning…both were not in senses
he was no more  soft n gentle…her touch has made him electrified…he bite her slowly..he moved  over her,squeezed her ,kneeded her every softness…she didnot stop him..she let him do whatever he want …as she herself dont know how to stop him,bcoz of the havoc he has created in her..he came to her mounts again..
u r so perfect..he said..his vision blurred n went black..he placed hid head on her chest n slept…

it was morning
geet stirred in sleep.the drink has lost its effect..she felt  weight over her body..her moments made maan also move a little..he opened his eyes n saw himself  sleeping inbetween the curves..he took one curve in his mouth n started to tease her…geet thought she was dreaming in her sleep as usual..his hands moved over her again n she kissed him in her sleep..both were again sharing a romantic time.they both hugged each other..when maan bite her hard she too bit him n both screamed in pain n pleasure…which made them open their eyes..n both sat on the bed..they were trying to look at each other in dark.maan switched on the lights near the bed…his eyes caught the beautiful vision of hers.he was unable to take his eyes from her..she crossed her hands over her chest..he saw his bites all over her..

he looked at her i dreaming or its true..he looked at her in can i do this to her..ive no rights on her.
she was nude..but her single inner was there.checking her, his eyes roamed all over her body,only to see his marks on her…he checked himself..he was in his pants..He sighed…
nothing happened.
How I came here to geets room..he thought about last night n the drinks…oh shit..nashe mein i came to geet…geet tried to pull the spread which was under him..she was feeling shy to be like that before him.geeet again pulled the spread with full force..he fell on her..boths face were inches away..
her hands snacked him,giving him the view of her beauty..She saw only confusion n guilt forming in his eyes..
she have to clear it now..n she has to take initiative steps to move this relation…
you dont have to feel guilt..we both are equally responsible ..i too was drunk..wo umm..i dont feel guilt about what happened bcoz..he placed his fingers on her lips n shut down her.
maan looked at her eyes…it was speaking truth..n her love was visible in it…
maan lifted himself from her.he  covered her with the spread looking at  her beauty ..he brushed his hair backwards..
sry geet..i’m  married …what happened between us  is not acceptable..n u r too young..i dont want to spoil ur life giving false hopes..
Saying he stormed out of her room..n entered his room locking himself..he moved to the mirror..he saw his image with geets love bites n her lipstick marks all over his upper body.,face n lips..he closed his eyes..
why i did this…when she said all are after  her  only for her body.. .then why i did the same..why i took the advantage of her always..yesterday i ve broken all my limitations..but,y geet reacted differently..she did not find it wrong..y?
he punched the mirror in frustration..then his eyes fell on the copies on the was his divorce papers n the other was his n geets marriage certificate…in both his sign was there..
When i signed these papers..i dont remember signing this..i never thought to divorce meera..
n in marriage certificate witness signature was done by meera…maans mind went blank..the other  sign was dev. can she do this to herself…i’m married to geet..geet is mine now..a part of his heart jumped,at the same time wanted the answers .how meera made divorce her without his knowledge..
he turned to go to km,but saw meera sitting in bed.
he came near her..
Whats this meeera..he throwed the papers n shouted at her..he came close to her to hold her shoulders..
She crawled back on bed…
keep ur promise maan…u said u will never touch me..
he rooted at his place,the words came in return to him..meera got out of the bed n switched on the lights..
You did this for what i said..i’m sorry meera..i didnt mean those words..wo gussa mein agaya..but u r my wife n i’ll not keep my promise..
but,i’ll not let me touch you .i cant ..n i’m no more ur wife..
why meera..i dont remember signing divorce papers
..he said in pain.
i want u n ur family  2 give the happiness,that i cant give..
He looked at her questioningly..
maan,i cant become a mother to ur child…u checked urself…but never suspected that i could have some problem..u dont want to adopt a child..nor u want to go for scientifical process.nor u liked surrogate mother..tho mein kya,i decided to make u marry geet..i know u will not back up from our relation..n no pure girl will accept to sleep with a man for,i planned everything..
meera…he looked at her in shock..
maan..i got sign from u n geet without both of ur knowledge..i’ve already said to geet about this u both are legally married..
so,only geet did not deny my touch..
...u would have said the truth before..we would have sorted the problem talking with each other
there is no other way maan..
he came near to hold her again..
Maan pls dont touch me..
am i that bad took my one word so seriously.
maan,its not only for promise.i cant let a man touch me,who has touched another girl n now who belongs to other girl..
she showed his marks on his body..
nothing happened meera..its its..he searched for words…none came out of his mouth..
meera smiled sarcastically..
do you want to say infatuation maan..u love her..
maan looked at her .in disbelief..
no could not be love.. its a week moment in drunken state of both..

meera smirked..
how many times you will have week moments maan…in lift,…during her bed many times u know u have kissed her..
maan closed his eyes..meera has witnessed all..n bcoz of that she is moving away from my life..the thought killed him…
maan,we have never meant to each other…
i cant accept it meera can i love another girl when u r in my life?
we never loved each other.we were sharing our bed only for baby to fulfill dev n dadis wish…nothiing more.n now its confirmed i cant give u a y 2 continue this relation maan..but,u love geet..ive seen the love in ur eyes for her
one more thing..ive not said this to dadi..we will be acting same like husband n wife before dadi till devs marriage..after that i’ll leave you…
meer…he panicked..
maan move on with her..i want to see ur child too..think about dadis health n devs wish…u have never disappointed them..
meera st :i  wont tell u about my health now…u wont accept geet thinking about me..i’ll say it after devs ma
rriage..only a month more..n i’ll make u move on with geet..its a promise maan to myself..
meera left maans room leaving him fight with himself..
meera is not capable to be a mother..i cant be a,meera did all this…
he sunk on the floor..
flashbacks of devs wish came to his mind.then, dadis health,which  went down bcoz of the talk of the heir…he sat their for hrs not being able to come to a decision..he cant leave meera nor go 2 geet ..
geet came there dressed again in same sari..she heared half of maan n meeras talk..she looked at him,who was lost in his thoughts..she looked at his fists that are bleeding..she took the first aid box n cleaned the wound n bandaged it..he looked at her quietly..when he felt pain he grabbed her waist n squeezed it..she did not say anything..she left him,thinking he needs time alone to accept the truth..
maan spent the morning fully in his room..the continuous calls from office made him go to office…once he was drowned,he forgot about meera n geet…geet has gone out with dadi to help her in marriage purchase…meera did not show up ..she spent her time in devs cabin..
later adi came n informed maan has a meeting in shimla…n all arrangements were done..
maan accepted to go..he himself wants some lonelinesss,to find whats in his heart…being away from meera n geet he thought he can make himself clear…


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