You Are My Love – Part 35


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Maan went to his room in km..dadi,meera geet dev noone was there..maan refreshed..nakul came their with dinner..maan avoided n slept..sleep has lost its way from morning..he was turning on his bed..he can hear noises from downstairs..may be all have arrived..
dev n meera came upstairs..maan remained calm n acted as sleeping…
meer,bhai is sleeping..
hmm..i can see..
ok..gud night…im leaving to my room..
go go…i know why are you landing on bed so soon..
why ?

u can dream about naina…n call her late night…no one will disturb mein na maan aur dadi..
meer…Embarrassedhe blushed..
ok go...
he left..

maan n geet..didnt talk…nor meera too..all three were thinking what will be next..wil maan accept geet..?
maan was turning in his bed restlesly…meera went to change.she knew maan was not sleeping..she slept in the couch.geet too was in the same turmoil..maans silence was killing her…she has not seen maan after noon..he did not call her from office,even to ask any details about office was unusual..maan has made himself dependent on geets he did not call even once…what is he thinking about me..?i cant understand he is going to react..till now he is this a storm behind peace…or its his turmoil he is silent..she too lost her sleep thinking about maan..when she slept she dont know..
next day morning maneet woke up early with puffy eyes.maan went to wash room n got ready to his office.geet too went  to office,but maan closed the blinds inbetween them n avoided her through out the day..his flight was at 7,he finished his work.gave instructions to adi n came back home by 5 pm.his bag was ready packed for his tour.He took it .he bid bye to dadi  meera was sitting beside dadi..
he said bye meera..
bye maan..have a nice week…she winked..
maan looked at her in confusion..
whats running in her mind…
when he took his seat in car..he saw geet inside he understood what meera said.geet  was looking at meera..
maan,i must have accompanied you to this meeting…but ive works regarding,devs  marriage..she knows all the details about the meetings .so,geet will accompany you instead of me..she will help u in all ways
meera stressed her last sentences.the meaning was understood only by maneet..
maan take care of geet.geet u too take care of maan…n think only about the final decision..dont think of the small problems which is going 2 pass away,think about.the fruit when u will have in ur hands…i mean think about the deal u r going to get..
maan wants to run away from there..
why meera always making me impossible..she is trapping i cant even backup or change my plan..the deal is important to Kc..
the car dropped them in airport..geet silently followed him till they are seated..
they both were sitting next to each other..geets was  seated by window side..she loooked at the lights n the run way..she was getting scared..This was the first time she is going in plane..she closed her eyes not to get feared ..the plane is taking off.maan looked at her when she did not buckle her seat..then only he saw her  eyes closed tightly..she was sweating ..n the fear was plastered on her face.the announcement was given again.the plane is going to take off.with noother way maan buckled her seat belt around her waist,which made her eyes open..his single touch always had magic..the plane started to move  n geet was scared..she held maans arms tightly…maan slightly moved his arms around her shoulder to comfort her..she leaned on his shoulder..
is this ur first time..
she nodded yes..
just 5 min when plane is in sky u will feel comfortable.
hmm..she said weekly,but did not let go off his arms from her..
maan closed his eyes…
i cant see u in pain nor i could give pain to meera..oh god!where u r leading me..i thought one week of seperation from these two girls i can have some i could get into some decision..but all was drained..
unknowingly their was peace in maneets heart,holding each other.
maan n geet dozed off soon as they did not sleep the previous night ..they were woken up by the airhostess..
AH:sir,the plane has landed..say ur wife not to be scared more.
she gave a cheeky smile..then only maneet realised they both were sleeping on each others shoulders for a long time..but the truth hit maan hard..geet is my wife..
he removed his seat belt n helped geet too..

they made their way out to hotel..n their waited another shock for him..
i have a room booked..
receptionist.whats ur name sir..
maan ..maan singh khurana..
ya..MR.khurana..a suit is booked for no 75
maneet were shocked..
how many rooms have booked..
only one that is in the name of Mr..& Mrs.Khurana..
what..both said in unison..
u r husband n wife na..
the receptionist asked in a suspicious tone,which maan cannot accept..
it has both of their reputation.. there one more room pa will come today..
no sir..all rooms are is ur key..
she told the helper to keep the luggages in their room..
maan was now in full rage..
meera…why in this world meera is planning like cant do this..i’ll think of a solution soon..we both in one room…no ways..i dont know what i’ll do…i dont trust myself when geet is with me..
once they entered the room,maan closed the door n started to dial other hotels asking is there any rooms available..
all said no..n maan looked at geet helplessly..
geet silently watched him..she was giving him time to do what he wants.she was waiting for him to speak..his silence gave her the approval to share the same room
geet took her bag n fished for night dress.n she got the shock..all her dresses were short n revealing..she has never weared before…she took her another bag..that was full of sarees n rich salwars.which was kept for the presentation.she looked at both bags confusingly..this bags were not packed by her..then who..?
meera mam..she said loudly..
nothing.sir .she managed to say..but packed her bags again in rush..n hided it in cupboard.she took the towel n went 2 washroom..maan was suspicious with her acts..when she left to wash room he opened her bag n saw the dresses…he could easily say its the choice of meera..why she is head on heels with her decision..
maaan called the restaurant n ordered for food for both..indian for geet n italian for him..
he then called meera..
she took it in the first ring like she was expecting his call..
meera…whats all this..from plane ticket to room u have booked as mr.n mrs khurana
the fact..
do u know the consequenses ,what will happen staying in a single room..with geet..
i want that only..u have to move on..
do u think marriage is a game..
no.. a fulfil each others needs..but,when i know i cant fulfil ur familys wishes to promote u as a father,whats wrong that i made u marry geet…the love of urs..
i dont think it as u say..
then do u want to say its lust..
maan closed his eyes,but he want to say..
meera smirked..but was angry at him for not respecting his love..
ok.fine..if u dont want to accept ur love..then satisfy ur lust…geet will accept it too..
with that she switched off the phone..her eyes whelled up..
why maan..why u r not accepting the fact..u r in love with her..pls maan i want u to move on..this one week,i have given u both to move ahead..u must forget me.n .u both must start a life as  husband n wife..oh god,i have less time..i want 2 see ur happy life..
dev came n hugged meera…
meera,.ur sacrifice will not go in vein…if ur god has some mercy on u..ur this wish will also come true..

meera..ek baaath kahoon..i wish u must be my mother in all life..

meera smiled..
is janam mei tho mein kabhi maa nehi bansakthi..tum agle janam ki baath karrahi ho..whats written in my fate in all lifes…who knows..
no meera..dont say like that..u will be the most precious mother in all lifes..this time..
he stopped…think me as ur son…bcoz i see my mother in u..
meera hugged him n cried..
the love the care..the bond..more over all the sacrifice u r doing to keep bro happy,only a mother can do all this for her family..for her families happiness..
meera did not say anything..


geet came out wearing the same salwar after fresh up..maan saw it..but did not say anything..the food arrived..
you have ur dinner..
he went to washroom to freshup..when he came out geet has already  had her dinner n slept in the corner of bed..maan finished his dinner..with no other way he took the other corner of bed n slept..the jet lag swifted them easily to sleep..the next morning geet woke up n saw herself  cuddled in maans arms.she starred at him for a while ..
he will not feel gud seeing me in his arms…still he needs time to accept the relation…she slowly came out of his hug without disturbing him  n walked to washroom .she got up ready n took all the files for meeting..she ordered food for them both..maan was still sleeping..she saw the time..its 8..she slowly took small steps to wards maan..
must i wake him or not..
she stood there looking at maaan..he is sleeping peacefully like he has not slept for ages..
how 2 call him..maan ya maan sir..
maan sir..
he did not wake up..
she touched his arms n wacked him..
maa..n..sir..maan sir..
its getting late for meeting..get up sir..

maan snapped n saw geet..she was looking gorgeous in her salwar..her hair left open..
its nearly 8.30 sir..our meeting is at 9..
he jerked n sat..but his legs hit her legs n she unbalanced n fell on him..maan hold her waist..they both were having a brief eyelock..maans hands were smoothing her back…his one hand moved n settled her hair behind her ears which was blocking his view..
both were lost in each other..trying to close their distance between the lips..
the knock on the door brought them to reality..
geet made her way to open the door .the waiter was there with breakfast…maan made his way to washroom .
why i always lose my self control when geet is with me..
he stood under the shower..he came out dressing fullly in black n white suit..
geet was waiting for him to join the breakfast..they both knew even their silent languages..
he sat opposite to her ..they both had their breakfast silently..n went to the clients office..the first day they went to see the site..which is 200 kms away from shimla.due to snow fall,.they used only car for travelling..when they came back to hotel they were so tired n slept..the second day was the meeting regarding the designs n plans..geet was explaining to the clients..maan was looking at her..must say drooling at her..
whats in her which make my senses week…now she is my wife legally…but why there is still hesitance..
he closed his eyes n searched for reasons..
we are taking her innocence to our favour..her loneliness .. that we have removed from her..her needs..hat we have fulfilled her…are we using it for our selfishness..why meera..why u made this decision..atleast u must have asked unable to choose between u two..yes i made a mistake ..i was always sharing close moments with her..but i cant name it ..what is it…love or lust..i easily told you..i lust geet..but i cant accept it too..nor i cant accept i love her..when u r in my life..
the clap sounds made his eyes open..
all were appreciating her presentation..
mr.khurana..all are ok..but a small suggestion..i need a small change..i need a park too..i have bought the next site too..tomorrow is registration..if u want u can use it too in this plan…

ok…but we have to visit the site again…we need to take the measurements  their for extending..n i’ll give u the plan day after tomorrow..
thanks sir..
the night they had a small party..maneet were so much aware after devs engagement day…so maan did not take drink..nor geet took soft drinks too..
they both returned late n straightly fell in bed..they did not even change.
the third day too geet saw herself again in maans arms..
how we land up in centre of bed..
she took maans hands from her waist..her dupatta stuck under him.she left it as it is n  left to wash room
maan opened his eyes missing the warmth..her smell was still on him..he saw the cloth beneathe him n was sure they were with each other..
in sleep too i cant remain away from i’ll book another room for her..
when geet came out..,he was mesmerized by the sight..she was wering a white sari with purple border…her blouse had deep cut..with a single string at back..
maan gulped his saliva..
sir,..woh…we have to move soon..we have to go we can return earlier before snow blocks the way..
he made his way to wash room..n came out..they had their breakfast together n moved to the site..driver was driving the car..maan n geet was at back seat..
maan was not able to take his eyes away from her..
the work delayed when the  client arrived late..he excused himself as he got delayed in registar office..they all had lunch together..n went to site again…geet slipped walking at the rough surface..maan held her by holding the waist..n did not leave it was nearly 4pm they finished their work..
they looked for the driver…only to see him talli..
so,maan took the keys from him n started to drive…geet was  sitting next to him in passenger was 7pm n snow was falling out blocking there way.the climate was too cold…they were  more than half way to shimla…they did not speak  anything than official things in these 3 days…suddenly the car stopped in middle of the way..maan went n looked at the engine..he saw a problem n tried to rectify it..busy seeing that  he did not see the fuel is getting freezed..he tried again n again..but failed.he came back to his seat…then only he saw geet shivering in cold.she was not wearing any thick clothes..

..he touched her…she fainted in his arms..
oh..shit..maan took his mobile..there was no signal..he looked out..the road is also blocked with snow n no vehicles were seen..
geet..geet..utto..he patted her cheeks..there was no response..her body was getting more cold…he looked outside..if he can get any was a deserted place..he saw a small house from there..he carried her in arms there..n knocked the old woman opened the door…
mam..we got stuck here ..we neeed ur help..
the women adjusted her glasses n looked at geet…
who is she…
my wife....He said in deep he has accepted her.
.she is getting cold..
come in..
she showed him a room n maan placed her on the bed..
can we get a dr..
no dr.will come at this time..
she gave him . a bottle of wine..this may be useful to u..take a dress from cupboard…my grand daughters dress is there…i cant help more
she switched on the room heater n left to her room..

maan touched geet..she was still cold.he gave her  some wine n took 1 for him.he looked at her wet form.he want to change her..his hands trembled..he took her pin out of saree..though he have touched her many times..but it was always in a way of misunderstanding or not in senses..but today,he is in full sense..n touching her made him shiver..he removed the saree..his hands moved to back n pulled the string..slowly other clothes joined the floor.he looked at her..she still had his marks turned blue on her body…maan weared her the night dress,which he took from the wardrobe.he cant see her like this..she was lying like a lifeless body…he rubbed her giving her heat…he looked at himself..he took his overcoat n shirt…he hold her from his heat to her..he turned her facing him..
geet..get up..he patted her cheeks..he  was panicked,seeing her not responding
he saw her lips shivering in cold..the luscious pinky lips.invited him..he was lost in it..he slammed his lips on hers n brushed over it creating heat..He hugged her tight like crashing her bones..his hands rubbing her back n his legs entwingled with hers..heat transferred to her body..slowly geet opened her eyes..n saw him kissing her madly..she started to respond .she opened her mouth n maan entered it..tasting her honey sweet…her hands made him more closer to her..ruffling his hair..his hands made his way under her dress n both started to cross the limits.she took away her dress driving him more insane..once maan tried to leave her
if i let him go now,i cant get him back…i cant give him or his family their happiness

dont go pls…she said huskily in a pleading voice.stopping him by his wrist..
geet galath..
ye galath nehi hai…dont u think me as ur wife.dont i  deserve  u...she asked little hurt
geets st:i know maan sir,meera mam said u will never back up ur duties..this time too i used the word wife only to make u near me..

maan thought about dadi,dev n what meera said…geet is claiming herself as my wife..yes legally now she is my a husband i have to be with her…meera did  all this for my baby.if she can sacrifice for my families happiness .if this can give happiness for all three,why cant  i give happiness to them…

if u dont want to think me as wife..think me as a one night stand…but dont leave me…
how could u think low of urself geet...saying he sealed her lips…dont repeat it…i ‘ll not leave u..yes,now u r my wife..
he kissed her forcefully n she guided his hands to feel her was different feel for maan..she kissed him back submitting herself..she drove him to a different world.. this time there was no backing up as he made love with her.He filled her with his love n kisses ..both felt unknown peace in their heart being with each other…maan did not leave her that night…or to say geet did not leave him go away from her..


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