You Are My Love – Part 40


Hai friends,

Thank you all for your support .Special thanks for my friends who clicked like buttons and commented my updates.. Please encouraging me in the same way’SmileI love you all.Wink.

dev came to Kc..he saw geet entering maans cabin with coffee…dev followed her n found maan sleeping..
he looked at the time..6pm..
geet patted maan..
maan..wake up.. sleeping…ab bhi..

geet jerked n was shocked to see dev behind her…
haan dev sir..maan sir is still asleep..

its not his habit to sleep in office..what happened to him..

he said he is having head ache..

bro..bro…dev sat n woke him..

geet..dont disturb me..chodo mujein..mujein aur sona hain…
he mumbled in his sleep..geet went red,dev noticed it…but was shocked too…

what meera said may be true in real..geet calling him maan..her patting on him..n maans mumbling..they have acepted the marriage...

he shrugged his thoughts..but remembered meeras words.

geet is also maan’s wife.,dev..u have to respect her n love her also like me..

he sighed…

hmm..geet..sry bhabhi..u dont want to call me sir when we are alone..aur bro ko bhi..u dont want 2 call him sir..

geet just rooted in her place hearing him calling bhabhi..
meeras thought remebered him,meera in hospital..if maan speaks once,she will be happy…
dev patted up maan..again..



bro its already 6pm..uttiye na bro…


maan woke up with heavy head…he kept his hands on either side..
aapko ab bhi dard horaha hai...geet asked in concern..
haan geet...
aap coffee peelijeeye…u will feel better..
bro lets go home..n u can take rest..
maan sipped his coffee..
yes also thinking the same..where is meera..
wo..meeras maasi is not well she has gone to mumbai..she told me 2 say u..
all staffs were leaving to home…maneet with dev went to home after all left…

they came home..
dadi,aaplog aagayi..beta..
ji dadi..
dadi,i’m going to outhouse..
teek hai beta..i’ll send ur dinner there..
no dadi..i’ll come here..
ok beta.
geet went to outhouse…maan could not stop her…

where is both are here..
dev cleared his throat n repeated his lie..
bichari..ok..let her be there with help both freshup n come..lets have our dinner together,,

all sat on the dinner…it was very quiet than thinking about meera…maan was thinking about both geet n meera..geet thinking about maan n brij..dadi thinking what happened to the three..
all went to their respective rooms ..
maan st:atleast as a friend i should ask meera how her maasi is?
maan called meera..
hello meera..
hello maan..u came..
sry meera..i didnt call u from morning..
its ok maan..i know u must be busy..after all u r business tycoon maan singh khurana hain..she tried to lighten his mood..
you are not upset na..i didnt call u..
how is ur maasi..
f9..i mean better..
y r u sounding so low..
i’m with maasi in hospital u want to talk me like we are in house..
ho..teek hai…apna khayal rakna…when coming back ,inform me..i’ll come to airport to pick u up.
ok maan..
ok bye…
meera was happy..maan talked to her in care n concern..few minutes later dadi also called her…n asked her to take care of maasi..n she will look after preparations by geet n dev..then geet n dev too called her..maasi was all the while near her brushing her hair..

sabko meri chintha hai..maa..
haan..who is this geet bitiya..
meera couldnt answer..
wo..wo..she is my husbands secretary..
meera,u dont know how 2 lie..ur face says something else..spit out what u r hiding from me..
i made maan marry her..she is his wife now…
maasi was angry at her..
kyun kiya wife could do ur dadi accepted this..
dadi doesnt know this..
maa..i dont want to face the situation my mother faced…so,only i did this..n one more thing..i ‘m here in hospital bcoz only i came to know who is geet..?that gave me shock.
who..why.. geet handa
..humari geet i saw brij also..u know maasi..rajji is younger to them..she is so sweet..wo mujse bohut pyar karthi hai..but i dont know how will they react after knowing our truth..n specially when they will come to know i made geets marriage out of their knowledge..

tumne yesa kyun kiya bitiya..

meera said her problem…how she searched for a she made geet maans secretary..then their marriage ..sending them out to have some time for eachother…everything..
meine teek kiya haina maa…
maasi cried n nodded her head in yes..

here in KM..

maan was rolling in his bed..the room n the bed only reminded him how he used meera for his pleasure..he hated himself to core..he walked to gym n worked out..nothing lessed his frustration or guilt..he again came to his room n stood under cold shower for hrs..he couldnt get rid of his thoughts..he came out..each n .every corner of his room said how he treated meera..n how meera accepted him without any complaints…she always behaved like a gud wife..cared for him ..his too she made him marry geet only for his families happiness..what he had did to her..nothing…geet ke saath meine rishta will meera feel..i didnt think about it..i’ve never cared about her feelings…i used her for baby. thinking about meera ,now if i go to geet,what she will using her also for baby…that will be the worse..i cant .

mein apni nazoron mein aur ghirna nehi chatha hoon..i cant make her feel that my love or making love is reasonable …that made him hate himself more..he was not able to sleep..he came n sat in living room…it was 5 am n the servants has started their works..
nakul came..

maan sir..u r wake up..i’ll get u coffee..
maan sipped his coffee…his mental torture was giving him more head ache..
he went to his room n got ready for was only 6 ..he left to office..
when dev n geet came to office they found maan working …
in noon his eyes claimed him to sleep…n he dozed off in sitting position..
dev n geet were amused by his acts..geet was lost in her she thought maan was not at all seeing her n avoiding her…she couldnt find the reason for his weird evening maan asked them to go home n he stayed late n8 in office..he will come to km at dinner time…dadi made geet help her in marriage works..geet got busy in day times…n at night she missed maan very much..n his weird behaviour was torturing her more..
geets st:why maan is avoiding he bored of said he loves me..but why he is not even looking at me or talking to office also he asks others to do his work..when i’m the one to do those works..he himself goes to pantry for getting his coffee..why..she dosed off thinking about maan…

5days went like that…geet ran to office n km n shopping..inbetween talked to brij rajji n meera..

dev n geet asked each other why maan is aloof from all..but they both doesnt have answers..

That night maan came to outhouse at midnight…after checking dev n dadi are sleeping…but dev wokeup with the sound of the closing door n he watched maan walking out to outhouse..he followed him silently…maan opened the door of geets room..he saw her he moved to his room the next one of geets room..
hope i could get sleep here..
geet sensed,she came out of her room n saw maan settling in bed..
maan…aap waqt..
wo..he couldnt face her…
she came n sat next to him..she cupped his face n made him look her..
kya baath hai maan..whaat is bothering you.see urself …dark circles have formed around ur eyes..u r so restless…i’ve never seen u like this…u r avoiding me..u r not even looking at me..did i do any mistake..

no geet…u r not wrong..i’m only the wrong person..sometimes i think i’m not worthy for u…nor for meera..

maan say straightly..what is bothering u..

mujei laga tum bhi mujei matlabhi insaan samjogi..for what reason meera left me..u will think i’m using u for my families happiness.making love to u only for baby…i dont want  u to think me like that..when  i’m in my room,meeras thoughts haunt me..i’m feeling guilty…i dont know how 2 keep the relation..i failed to keep it…

dev heared their conversation standing outside the door..

maan..pls look at me..there is no reason for u to feel could u think like that..u r using me..i know u love me..our baby will be symbol of love..not of need…how can i think low of you maan..u know to keep relation..u tried ur best to keep ur married life success ..aapnei khoob nibayi…

but i used meera bloody ..*** could i..just for physical relation..

maan..why u think like u know arranged marriage..two persons unknown to each other will be tied together in knot..what will u say about their SR..their life starts with physical relation ..then only they will come to know each other..the husband has every right on his wife…think like that maan..u never did wrong..but u tried to keep the relation..u have the right on both of us..its wives duty to fulfill husbands wish..its not ur fault ..even after 2 yrs u did not feel anything for meera also if meera mam has not freed from relation,u will be still trying to keep the relation with her…its not ur fault..

dev looked at geet..

ye geet or meera…what are they madeup of..both know how to convince  others..noone can win them in arguments..

maan,dont feel guilty..

 i’m not gud for u...
u deserve best
before he completes she closed the distance between their lips..
maan hugged her tight…n rolled on her making her below him..
dev moved away from that place instantly..
dont ever repeat it..i will never think u like that..u r the best..n u r the man to come to my life giving me happiness..she said inside his mouth..
geet…i want to sleep..5days ive not slept..
hmm..first compensate the 5 days..
u stayed away from me..

so. love me..
maans eyes popped out..but took her lips in his to a passionate one..she gave to his wish n resonded him..
u can arouse me with ur words..maan said within his kiss..
maans hands slided inside the cut of kurti..he felt her soft skin..
no inners.i dont know u never wear it at nights..easy for me…she shied…
maan took away her dress in one go..n his too..he bit her earlobes..n made his way down her nape her neck..making her moan..he moved to her cleavages n kissed it..he took her mounts in his mouth giving pleasure to her..geet digged her nails in his body..he moved up to her face n took her lips again…geet started to  kiss him back with same passion..maan started to move inside her..he wants to be gentle..but his longing love made him thrust harder..after repeating the process some more time,he slept cuddled with her peacefully..geet woke him up early morning to go to km before dadi sees him ..maan left…

the next few days maan came to her at night..sometimes he will make love..sometimes he will sleep holding her…but he slept peacefully…n will leave to km early was well aware of their husband wife side,he felt bad for meera..on other side he was happy as maan is moving on.

maan didnot fail to call meera inbetween n ask her about maasi…n talking to maasi..

now maan dev n geet did devs marriage preparations together..supervised by dadi..

..naina made maasi stay in hospital campus with another staff..maasi made food there n feed meera mostly comes daily n spent time with her ..meera was to be discharged that day..maasi said she will stay there with the staff till devs marriage…n asked meera to come there n visit her daily..

maasi came with morning breakfast ..meera was not feeling hungry..she avoided  throwing them to dustbin..n said she has finished..maasi gave her medicine..meera knows without food she cant have it is heavy dosage..she kept the tablet under her tongue n made her maasi believe she had it..when maasi was packing the hot pack..,meera went to washroom n threw the tablet in basin n flushed..she has never did like that..but today she doesnt want to have anything…she felt her tongue bitter..if she says naina will not discharge her..meera was longing to go back to week more to marriage..she wants to be there..
dev came to pickup meera…n they both left to km..

maneet has left to office..their romance was in air there too without others called maan n said meera has arrived n they are heading to km from airport..(jute)
geet asked maan to go to km..n he left…
meera entered mansion…i missed u dadi..
she hugged n bent to take dadis blessings..
me too beta…
meera’s head spinned n her eyes went blank..she fainted..
meera...maan n dev screamed…
maan scooped her in arms n carried to their room..dadi followed him..she sprinkled water on her face to make her wakeup…
dev called naina immediately to come home..

HEHEHE…LOLagain a cliff hanger…LOL

I dont know whether.i’ve done justice to this part..i find something missing..what u all feel…

precap…brij,geet n raji in outhouse…


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