You Are My Love – Part 41


Hai friends,

Thank you all for your support .Special thanks for my friends who clicked like buttons and commented my updates.. Please encouraging me in the same way’SmileI love you all.Wink.

meeraaa...maan n dev screamed…
maan scooped her in arms n carried to their room..dadi n dev followed him..she sprinkled water on her face to make her wakeup…
dev called naina immediately to come home..
she was checking her …meera gained conscious..

how is meera naina..
is meera pregnant...
dadi asked in curiosity..has the god listened to her prayers..
naina couldnt answer n maan was totally spell bounded with dadi’s question..but they both know,it cant be..
naina,why meera fainted..?maan asked in concern..she looked pale with black circles round her eyes,she has lost weight n looked so tired…maan noticed it n was really worried..
naina decided to say..
meera squeezed her hand..n her eyes pleaded not to say..
you all wait outside for few minutes…i’ll check her fully n say..
when all the three went out ,naina shouted..
meera,whats all this?now only i discharged you n how can u faint..n why still u r stubborn not to tell the truth..
its my mistake naina..i..i..skipped the breakfast n medicine..
what..are you know you cant skip ur tablets..see the effect now..why u did like that..
i’m sorry.aaj khaaneka mann nehi..isiliye..aagey yese nehi hoga…i’ll take care ..
no.i dont believe u…im going to tell the truth..
pls naina..dont tell the truth..
till when will u hide..
i promise..i’ll say once ur marriage is over..just for a last wish pls
why are you doing this meera..y u tie my tongue saying ur last wish.
i dont want this happy environment to become sad..once the marriage is over..i’ll say the truth..i swear..promise..pls dont tell now..
okay..but u need rest now..full bed rest..or u have to be admitted in hospital again..
per war kuch nehi..i listened to u n u will listen to me..
dadi n maan..
i’ll handle them..

naina opened the door n let them in..
any gud news naina..
no dadi..
dadi ‘s excitement vanished…
why she fainted naina..
oh..veerji..she has skipped the breakfast..she must have been taking care of her maasi day n night..she has not taken rest or had a gud sleep or,she is so weak.i prefer her to be in full bed rest..or she may get weak more..give her healthy,she will be back in form in our marriage..i am writting some tablets..give her in time…
ok naina..
dev come with me i’ll give u the prescriptions..
ok.. skipping food nor tablets..warna…

ok baba..i’ll not…i want to enjoy my devars marriage..i promise..i’ll take care..

dev n naina were standing near her car..
dev,take care of her..make sure she eats well n takes tablets in time..tablets is with her..i brought u with me only to inform it..
she left to hospital..

maan asked nakul to bring soup..he sat next to meera …he was about to make her in sitting position..meera stopped..
maan u promised u wont touch me..
if i want to break my promise to take care  of my best friend..i’ll break thousands of promises..n i ve already breaken it by carrying u,i dont mind..he made her lean on bed post n kept pillows at her back…he started to feed her..n she took it without any deny..
they both were looking at each other..
maan ur eyes shows the real concern..jaane anjaane mein aapne phirse muje best friend kehdiya..we are again back to the friendship…i’m no more ur wife..thoda dard hotha hai..u didnt think me as wife..but i’m happy,ur friendship is true..not a fake like our maritial status..
dev was unpacking meeras bag n silently watching them…he took the medicines from it without maans knowledge..he watched maan feeding her..atleast in this way meera can have him near her..
ya dev..
tablets for meer.
maan took it n gave to meera n passed her a glass of water..
ok sleep.i’ll be back in few minutes..
.maan placed a kiss on her forehead n left the was a friendly gesture but it was enough for meera..her eyes gloomed with the love n care she got now from maan..
dev came near her..
meer..sleep..u need rest..
dev..i’m not sleepy..
phir bhi koshish karo..
dev sat next to her n brushed her hair…
maan came back n sat in a chair having some files..
meer looked at the brothers n slowly drifted to sleep..

at noon maan fed lunch to meera n gave her n dadi came often to look after was happy ,as maan was taking care of her..
maan called geet n said meera is not well n he will not come for the rest of the day..geet said she will come home n look after her..n maan said no need..n asked her to bring some files when coming home..
maan gave salads n juices in between to meera..he even made a food chart with help of dev n gave to nakul for the  week..what to prepare n give meera at timings..
at night geet came home at night..she placed the files on the tea poi of living room n went to see meera..

how are you mam.. too good..but this naina..made all worry for me...
but i dont think so..u have lost ur weight mam..u r looking dull n tired..ek kaam karthi hoon..i’ll go n make something for u..
no no..tum shuru math karo dhono bhaiyo ne meri ped pehle sehi full karkar rakdiyaa..i cant have more..
teek hai..i’ll bring u later..
ok..first u go fresh up n come..lets talk..
i’ll come in 5 minutes..

geet went to outhouse freshed up n came back to her..
dadi ,dev maan was there..
meera n geet first started to talk about KC n works..then marriage preparations..
geet,as i couldnt help dadi in marriage preparations,you will help dadi as u did in my absence..
take a pen paper n come..i’ll tell u what are pending works.. take rest..we can talk about it tomorrow..
ive asked to take rest..i must not do any work..but naina didnt say i cant talk or give instructions..

geet,none can beat meera when she has made her mind..
ok..first ill make pending works list..then u say what is u dont want 2 strain much..
ok..tum dono…ufff..u both can equally convince each other..
geet prepared the list..dadi said the rest n meera finalised..

they split up the work..what should be done by dev,maan n geet..
maan n geet tried to behave normally ..seeing meera, they both felt can they be …geet is now his wife in all ways n maan has given her the place of what place they must give for meera n how 2 behave..
at  night all were in dining..maan strictly ordered meera not to get out from bed..
dev was filling plate for meera…geet took it from him n went to meera…meera tried to eat by herself…but geet denied n fed her..she gave her the medicines..
mam,how are you feeling now..
feeling better geet,..why dont u call me didi like we are in house only na geet..n now u r no more a staff…u r wife of maan..
geet looked at meera…
i’ll try mam..hmmm..sry didi..n for being wife of maan..still u r his wife..u have the right on him..u r his first wife n first priority be..
but,geet..u cant share ur position..
when u can ,then why cant i mam..sry calling u didi ,bcoz 
not in that u said we are in house…im calling u so,bcoz u r his wife..ok im going to my room..gud night..take care..if u need anything call me..
meera had no words to offence her..geet left to outhouse..
dev was admiring she made meera speechless.
maan came n patted dev..
what dev ?why are u standing like this..
kuch nehi bro..
ok u go n sleep..for 2 -3 days u look after KC..i’ll be with meera..
ok bro..gud night.
gud night..
dadi has already gone to bed..
maan came n asked meera if she had her tablets..
she nodded yes..
he covered her with spread..
ok sleep..gud night..

gud night
he went to other corner of bed n slept..
it was not their first time they are sharing the bed..but today it was uneasy for both of them..they both tossed on the bed..soon meera slept bcoz of medicine..
maan made sure she is sleeping..he called geet..
maan,why are u calling at this time..
wo..geet..mei..or meera..ek saath..tum..tum do u understand what i’m trying 2 say..
maan..u are taking care of her..i know..what u r feeling now..u r thinking that i’ll think u r being intimated with her..even if it is..
she is ur wife.i will not complain anything..but i’m happy u r trying to keep her happy by taking care of her..when she needs u most.
i feel  light now..
ok go to sleep..gud night..ummah..
he returned her kiss same way..n slept peacefully..

early morning meera woke up n saw maan cuddled with her..she tried to release his hands..
geet ..pls..he snuggled her close n placed his head on her nape giving a wet kiss in his sleep…meera started to breathe heavily..his intimacy was waking her desire n thats bad for her health…she placed maans head on pillow slowly by making him under her..
geet ..i dont want  to go now..
he held meeras waist tight..
meera understood ,her assumption was right..maneet has started their life..she dont want maan to feel awkward or guilt,when he woke up..she waited for him to get in deep sleep..then she released herself from his grip n moved to wash room..

the next two days was usual for n geet went to KC.after finishing important works,they both will leave for marriage arrangements..n sasha now doubted geet with dev too..why they both are hanging out like this..n why dev spends time with geet..sasha saw once dev hugging geet..he was thanking her for taking care of meera n keeping her relation in dark..

.maan took care of meera..meera was happy with maan around..n at night he again will cuddle with meera thinking geet..meera was getting restless by his nearness..she wants maan to be with her but not like this..she started to think what to do..
meera wants maneet to be one..then ,only she can hear the gud news from them n she got a plan..

she asked nakul to remove all the files n keep in outhouse..
why meera u r asking to keep all in outhouse..
dadi..this is marriage house..n what if anything misses..maan keeps wherever he works bcoz of me..if i’m in living room,ur room,devs room or taking rest in our room..he will not be able to concentrate only..he can work there peacefully..
you are right many times we can arrange the files..

the file was important as the deal to be signed the next day..after that dev n maan have decided to be stay at home till marriage n geet & adi will be looking after kc for the rest of days..
when maan came to know about working in outhouse.. first he was hesitant then accepted..he went to out house by evening when dev n geet arrived.leaving dadi n meera in KM…they were checking the important paper was missing..all searched n couldnt find they started to prepare new one..when half was done maneet ‘s dinner was brought there by nakul..
where is devs dinner..nakul
meera mam said..the bridegroom must not wake up for long time ..n mam wants dev sir there..
ok dev u go..i n geet will finish..
but bro…
go dev..n haan give tablets to her..

dev left..leaving maneet alone..

they both had their dinner together..after 3 days they had some time for their own n maan did not leave a minute nor geet..they fed each other shared a liplock kiss hurrily before some one arrives..

here in km..dadi dev n meera had their dinner..n went 2 their came 2 meera n giving her tablet..
the file is not yet finished meera..
a paper is missing..

i know..
u know how..
she showed the paper..
why  meera..
maan was longing to have geet with i have given him space to be with geet..
i cant understand..
ive locked the main door..maan cant return here he will stay in out house..
dev looked at her in shock..
how can u meer..
shhh.u know the reason again.moreover  i still feel for him..n i cant risk my life ..before my death m sleepy..she went to bed..n dev stood there for sometime staring at her..he retired to his room..

here maan came to kc around 12 after finishing the work…seeing the door locked n dont want to wake anyone at midnight he walked to outhouse back..
he dont want this time to leave his,he entered geets room..
maan aap..
haan..shayad ur babaji wants us to be together..
haan km door is locked i came here to sleep..he winked
maan aap bhi na..

maan hugged her ..
sry not able to time spend with you..bcoz of meeras health..n in upcoming days also i dont know we can have some time for our 2 days guest will arrive..n we will not have,i want this time to be for us..till we share our next privacy
he said with guilt,but a matter of fact..
i’m all urs maan..todays night will be enough for u till we get our next time..
with that she hugged him ..n they both started to kiss each other ever so passionately..
maan took her to bed…not breaking the kiss..their hands were trying to feel each others bare skin n found its way..soon they get rid of their clothes..maan moved his lips all over her body ,leaving no places n geet repeated the same.he kept his face between her chest n played naughtily teasing her senses without touching her softness..maan pls…he accepted her request..that night was endless…
maan,why dont u switch off the lights..she asked him in shy..
maan was in his next round entering her..
i love to see ur facial expressions n hear my name from ur mouth..
maaan..she gasped when he thrusted her..
the day was another day speaking their passion the whole night..geets body was all red n blue with maans markings..he collapsed with his back on bed taking her over him..
both were panting heavily..
after a while..geet asked maan to go n sleep in his room..n maan agreed…
they changed the spreads of the bed n made sure..koi unpar shak na karei..
they both slept soon as they were so much tired after their love making sessions..

precap:morning..geet saw a new choli near her bed…she thought it must have been maan who placed,she went ,freshed up ..wearing the choli she came down…she saw Rajji wearing similar choli n waiting for her..
but why rajji was here…then she saw brij entering outhouse..but why?


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