You Are My Love – Part 42


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the next morning
meera was thinking about maan he snuggled close to her n murmered sleep..its his habit..
she remembered natashas party day,where maneet were locked in lift..n maan was sleeping on geets lap…he murmered meera let me sleep.before dev n her n geet…

today geet has taken the place..

no..i have left the place for her. has given the place for her full heartedly..

i was never in his heart…i must be happy..n i am..

she went n freshed the time maan came..
he avoided looking meera..a small guilt to spend time with geet in the back of meera..least he knew its meeras plan..
but wished her..

gud morrning meera..
gud morning maan..

meera was happy..mostly he wished her gud morning sexy..n 2day he genuinely called her meera..

how r u feeling now..


ok take rest..i’ll fresh n come..

ok..i’ll wait for u in living room..

meer,i said u to take rest…not to go down…do u remember naina said to take full bed rest..

par maan..i will get bored sitting here..

i’ll send u cds..ur time will move..

maan..shadhi ka ghar hai..kaam bhi hai..

wo sab muje nehi patha..there are servants to help..

maan,i will sit there quietly n will make servants do the works..pls maan..

ok.but take rest..


maan went n freshed up.n came down..
he saw rajji coming there..

hey bacha what a r u ?

im fine r u di..i heared u r not well…

meera looked at her lovingly than ever..she kissed her forehead..

im fine rajji..u say..what brought u here..n u look beautiful in this choli..looks like there anything special today..

haan didi..aaj raksha bandhan hai..bhai brought this dress for me..same 2 di also..u know i kept her dress in her room n came here silently…bhai said he will come here in half an hour..

meera s face hung..

what didi..

wo ive never celebrated only i didnt know today is rakshabandan..

tho kya hua di..aap humare di hai…tho humare bhai aap ka bhai hai na.

meera silently nodded..

wah..rajji..u r so meera has got a brother too…
maan..dont kid me..

i’m serious not kidding u..
di,jiju,,i’ll go n see if geet di has got ready or not..

meera was heading again to stairs with some deep thought.

meer..what are u doing..

wo maan im going to room.

r u healthy enough to go up n down..i told u to take rest.

wo..i want something to take from there..

maan sighed..

u stay here i’ll bring it..say what is it n where u have kept..
wo..its a cover kept in left side drawer of table lamp..
maan went to their room..

meera called one of the servants ..she gave him money n asked him to get some things from shop..

maan brought the cover..

is this u asked meera..
for whom..he asked looking at the name printed on the cover..
for brij..

he gave it to her..he came back with breakfast n gave her

..maan i’ll come 2 dining..we all will eat together

no wait for all..u can have by here..he took the piece n dipped in curry n took it to her mouth..

meera looked at the surrounding..few servants were there..but they were busy with their works..

maan..i’ll eat myself..

no..u will not complete it..let me feed u..

meera was falling for him again n again..
though she knew its his concern on a friend not a wife…what will he do if he knows the truth..she is overwhelmed with the care she gets from him now..she prayed to god silently take her right away ..her heart is filled with his warmth n care..its enough for her..

she opened the mouth n took it from him..he gave her n dadi too joined them…n all  had a small chat ..

here in outhouse..

geet woke up n saw a new choli near her bed…she thought it must have been maan who placed their.then she thought maan has never given her gift..may be meera mam she,she went ,freshed up ..wearing the choli she came down…she saw Rajji wearing similar choli n waiting for her..she was quiet surprised bcoz rajji did not tell her she is coming here to see her
but why rajji is here…then she saw brij entering outhouse..but why?

she looked at both of them in confusion..but was happy to see them both..she hugged them both  n jumped in joy like a kid.. both are so happy..i thought of coming to ur place bhai..wo dev sir ki shadhi na..thoda busy hogayi..aur is ur hostel n studies..

gudia..saas lo..kitna sawaal poochthiho..tum kabhi nehi badlogi…i know u are hectic in only we came here..i know u both will be looking for me

..what bhai is saying..this is too much for her to understand..she has forgotton its raksha bandhan

didi, how is the dress ..bhai has gifted us for rakshabandan.

geet felt ashamed to forget this day..
how she forgot..the works in Kc n maans love has made her forget all..

bhai..its so nice..but,how did u manage for money..
brij..i got  in advance..dont think about doing this for my sisters only na..

di have u bought rakhi where it is..

rajji came with tali..arranging the kumkum dia  n others..
wo can she tell she forgot..

wo tho meri pass hai..came meera winking at geet..the servant came n kept the things he bought from shop n went..

meera m..didi..aap yahaan..y r u here..u must be in bed rest na dr.said u..then how u came here..what if maan  sees u..he will be worried..

geet..geet..stop ur que n breathe..

rajji n brij laughed at geet..

why u both are laughing

meera only bhai told the same..u 2 said it..
geet bowed her head in shy..all teasing her for bla bla.

meera looked at geet ..i came here without maans knowledge..i want to see u all better  i think..atleast to walk till outhouse..

rajji opened the packet n arranged the stuffs in tali..there were sweets n rakhi in it..

rajji saw 3 rakhis in it  ..she smiled ..

rajji n geet did the aarthi to brij.n tied rakhi in his hands..he presented gifts to both..

meera was looking at brij..little hesitant..

rajji gave the tali to her..

di when u have decided to tie rakhi then y u r hesitating..r u thinking bhai will deny u doing it..he wont di..he loves his sisters..n same he loves the persons who loves his sisters..haina bhai..

geet n brij were surprised hearing it..brij nodded his head n stretched his hands before meera to proceed..

meera happily did the aarthi n tied rakhi..n fed him sweets..
wo main..i did not bring any gift for u..

but i have for u..she gave the cover 2 him..
whats this..

meet this person n give this letter to him..he works in cinema field…he will give u chance to act in films..u will get more money than u get in dramas..n if u succeeded..u will get fame also..

the trios eyes opened wide..

bhai or

idk how 2 thank u..

abi muje behen manaa..n now u r saying thanks..


phir bhi..i will ask u my gift whenever i need..n u wont reject me when i ask this ok for u..

ok..whatever u ask i’ll give aapka bhaika wadha hai..agar jaan bhi chahiye tho dedunga..u have done a lot for my sisters when they need me..u was there for them like a mother,friend gaurdian..everything..for that i can do whatever u want..

i’ll not ask ur life brij..but will ask u what i need..when time comes..


maan who came to shout at meera..seeing the lovely bro n sis bond stopped in mid was also with him.. i ve to go..morning show ka time hai..i must reach the place soon..

meera turned n saw maan..

maan sry..i didnot tell u im coming here..

maan dont want to spoil there happy moment..
its ok..but dont repeat it..

namaste maan sir dev sir..

ji sir kuch ajeebsa lagraha hai..aap muje maan bula sakthe ho..

why u came her..
we were waiting for geet at dining..she didnt show up..n todays project files is also came here to collect it…
brij ..u all 3 come n  join us in breakfast..bacha,do u hv school today..
yes jiju..i must be there before 9..
i’ll say dev to drop u.n brij on way.

all went to KM had their breakfast.along with dadi..

meera rested on sofa..strictly warned by dadi maan dev geet rajji n now brij too..she closed her eyes n cherished the love she is getting now..

maan could not take off his eyes from geet..her choli gave him the view of her navel..n he gulped the saliva..his hands ached to touch it..he hardly controlled his feelings..

dev took brij n rajji with him..he asked them to join in his happiness..they agreed to be on his marriage..

here love birds were alone in car in back seat..where maan started to take advantage..when she said she will change n come..he urged they must go to kc as there is more bending work..she accepted without knowing his naughty mood..he was carressing her waist without driver noticing them through out the drive..his hands were doing magic n now she was having hard time.butterflies flying inside her stomach…she hold his hand to stop.n pleaded with her eyes..maan smirked.he was no where to listen..his hands moved under her blouse..she bit her lower lips n gasped maan...maan was enjoying her plight..they were back to the world when the car stopped before KC..

meera came to their room n saw a gift placed in the bed..
she opened it n saw the chain with pendent M..
she was surprised n shocked to see the note in it..
meera ,
hope u like this gift ..
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,from maan..

this is the first gift maan has brought by himself..she was happy..m for maan…she smiled…she wore it n came down..


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