You Are My Love – Part 45


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Meera went to look after the preparations of bidaai’

She called adi n pinky n whispered something in their ears..they looked at meera like alien n left the place nodding their head’meera looked at geet,who was not at all happy..her face looked confused..

Brij,rajji n dadi felt helpless at the turn of situations’the water has gone beyond their heads..nothing is in their hands..everything was written by meera’s hands..they were confused at meera’s she could do it without any hesitation’she looked happy n excited’all the three followed what meera said..maasi was all the while quiet as she knows the full truth..

Maneet were doing the things physically..they both were only concerned about meera now..they both knew it will come out oneday..but where not prepared of the situations..maan was in dilemma..once they were in mansion back ,he must give explanations..he looked at geet who was not looking at him..she was looking at her brother n sister,who was not giving any attention to her..the two people who was her life is not ready to accept her’they hate her’that’s the only thing running in her mind’

When maneet reached mansion,they don’t know..both were lost in their own world..maneet n dev naina entered mansion with all rituals..their was a stiff situation..all were holding their feelings n fighting within themselves..

Dadi s pov: ‘I know geet is gud girl..she will be the charm wherever she goes..but replacing meeras it can she be happy killing meeras happiness.. is meera’s decision right..if she did for the heir of khurana’s..she has done it..but how can a girl take such a big step..leaving her place to other girl..whats that she want to say to us..

geet..that girl accepted to be with maan showing her gratitude.did she took decision only of meera..maan says he loves her..i agree maan n meeras marriage was made in that true I did not see there is no love between maan n meera maan saying truth..which should I believe? his 2-3yrs relation with meera is lie or this relation with geet is true.geet,I cant believe she took a big decision only for our happiness..she doesn’t know the feedback of it..why doesn’t she think about the gravity of the situation..she is married to maan n moved on only for meera..why didn’t geet think twice before accepting uska zindagi ka sawaal hai..if something had gone wrong what all will say..we utilized an innocent girl…now geet is maans wife.samaaj ke saamne bhi..she is pregnant also..maan hasaccepted its his happy about the child..

but if I shower love on geet,meera will feel bad’how can 2 wives stay under one roof..1 will get hurt when other gets importance..though meera seems to be happy.. why I feel it is not true..noone can give her husband to other girl..whats the mystery more left..what is she hiding’whom should I comfort n care more..geet as she is carrying or meera who has lost everything?hey bhagwaan ye kesa uljan mein fazadiya aapne..pls show me ray of should I react now..i don’t know’

Brij:what u have done geet..the family which gave u job..saved u from problems..gave me a new have entered that family as bahu..u have took the place of the girl who supported u always..where I lacked in my duty as it just I was in jail,u started to make decisions of ur own..i was happy when u did job n looked after raji n made me release from jail proving I’m innocent..par kabhi nehi socha..tum kisi aur ke sath tumhari zindagi shuru karchuke ho.u did not even say me the truth..u kept me in dark..i never knew u r married n moved forward in ur life…all says truth..if mom n dad have brought u up..shayad u would not have taken this step..mein hargayi..ek bhai ka farz nibhane mein mein hargayi..kyakya sochatha mei tumhari shadhi ke barein mei..psr yese hoga I never thought..

Raji:geet can u di..meera di has always treated us specially..the love n care we got from her,how can u misuse it..even if she had made u married..u must not have moved with jiju..they would have sorted the problems in some other way..i cant forgive u for what u did to meera di..

Dev-naina:what we all thought n what happened..we tried to hide the marriage till meeras death’n today it happened before all..we never thought meera will make maneet marry before can this time too,she thought only about the respect of khurana side I can feel her happiness..for what reason she made all this thyaag has done..the baby has formed’her wish is fulfilled..

Maasi:meera..what u thought has done..ur wish of completing their family..ur decision to leave maan..ur plan of marrying them n making them one everything you have succeeded..god has shown you the persons u r searching for also’all ur wishes has completed..kash,ur success in all this gives u a peaceful sleep..but,im afraid how will brij n sisters react after knowing ur truth’will they love you or hate you’I don’t want any problem in ur rest of life..

Meera:I’m happy one side n guilty happy bcoz maaneet has found their happiness..they have got the symbol of love’dadi n devs wish is becoming true’if I have left maan earlier,maan would have got this happiness before itself’ive been a block in his,only god is removing me from him this way’im happy they have got married before all..i only started this selfish game ..i have ended it today..only one step left the truth of my departure..all will accept them truly by heart after knowing that..i will convince raji,brij n dadi once we reach mansion..they cant stay away from present geet must be happy n healthy..thats what baby going to be badi maa.o god..u gave me the happiness I asked..but now I got another wish..extend my life atleast till I see maneets again selfish na god..har baar aakri wish kehke ek aur wish maangraha hoon..

Maan:I am going to be a father ..thats what I feel heart is flying it is in sky..the feel is happiness knew no bounds when I heared geet is love symbol is growing inside her’I felt ashamed when dadi accused me for forcing can I force myself on my love..when she herself submitted to me’I touched geets belly..i want to feel my fool can I feel a three weeks fetus’

my happiness vanished when I saw meera struggling to clear the doubts on us..she said the truth..though it’s the truth,I felt like im standing in fire..i have cheated her..all this years I have used my friend for my pleasure..n she never complained’she kept care of me,dev n dadi..never expected anything..never expected my love as her also she is only thinking about my reputation n happiness..making me marry geet infront of give my name to my baby..all should treat my baby as my blood..not to accuse geet or my baby..when I saw the accusation eyes of my friends n relatives on she trapped me..i felt like I’m standing nude before was meera who handled the situation,when I n geet stood numb..

I ‘m always a control freak..all things happened according to me..but today..i couldn’t control anythingmy dadi accepted this marriage..i think its also bcoz of our baby.but,is this enough I want to say many things..but I feel my tongue is tied.’I’m happy geet is my wife now according to this society baby got my I feel something else..if meera made us marry for baby,then why she is doing our marriage before society also..whats running in her can she be so cool now too..

but,now I fear for meera,this happiness doesn’t hurt her..she sacrificed her life only for this minute I think..i could leave geet after baby is born..i can spend rest of my life with meera n baby..but I cant..i cant..bcoz I love geet..i cant hurt her..n that’s the truth..if Icontinue my relation with meera,that will be again a betrayel n fake relation before the society..i cant give her the full,I will make all my wrong rectified..i will make meera marry someone n settle in her life..that will be my forgiveness for what I did..if I can move on..then why cant she..yes..i’ll talk to her once the storm is gone..


from now onwards I’ll never take meera for granted..i’ll ask her opinion when I’ll take decisions’I’ll never force my decision on her..till now I’m not a gud partner for her..buut from now I’ll be a true frind in all ways..i promise myself meera,ur happiness will be the most important in my life..

but geet..i cant understand her..what is going in her mind..first I saw the happiness in her face,when she heared she is pregnant.. after that,I cant read her expressions..she was looking only her bro n raji..she did the rituals mechanically..when my hands touched her,I felt her cold..there was no reaction’she looked like her world has stopped when brij asked why she is alive after loosing ur dignity..i want to stop him saying those words stopped in my throat..i want to say loud,she loves me n we have not done any mistake..its pure relation based on marriage with love n trust..its not lust..but I couldn’t..when her bhai slapped her..i felt like he is slapping me..its not her responsible too..but why all looked at geet as she is at fault..even the small girl rajji also did not understand her..i can see geet breaking inside seeing her bhai n behen hating her..she cant see their hatred eyes’

don’t worry geet..i’ll pacify ur bhai n rajji..i cant see u like this..i will make them understand u r not at fault..



geet:I’m pregnant..our love has got its symbol..maan ki ansh ..its in my womb.i can see the love n warmth in maan’s eyes..he touched my stomach to feel the baby..its the great moment for us both…i must be the happiest person at present..But,what is the fate doing with us’the moment which is precious to a girl..i lost my own bhai n sis..their hatred eyes with accusations’I cant withstand it..he told me I lost my dignity..i spoiled meeras life..he told me why im still alive after doing all this’but why cant he listen to me once..his sister cant be wrong..why doesn’t he think it could he think I broke his trust..

yes ..i agreed for this relation..even after knowing I’m wrong..maan is married..but,its meera di’s wish..i cant let her down,when she trusted me so much..that I’ll agree to be maans wife n carry his child..when she decided to give maan fully to me,why cant I think about her..i’ll do what she needs..i’ll give her the happiness n leave them for my baby will be hard for me..but,it will be with maan n meera..i know she will be a gud mother..when she did so much for me,without knowing who I am..then I know she will shower all her love on maans baby..

when I’ m left alone in this world to struggle with my fate,she is the one who helped me..gave me a job..let me complete my if bhai is out of jail its bcoz of meera n maan..bcoz of them rajji was saved that day..n she is in gud school..the all gud things happened in our life is bcoz of maans family..they gave my family immense love ,care n happiness..

how can I refuse when meera di asked for happiness of maan’s family..she cant be a mother..she asked me to give maan a child..the child which can fill the hole in their life..i’ve seen meera crying bitterly when those old women asked her about her child..n the old lady,who treated me as her own family member,she too fell ill bcoz of the speeches going around..dadi too wants to see her grand,who wants to grow up his bro’s child’how can I be so selfish..this family has done a lot to,only I decided to move on with maan..its not only for their happiness..its also maans..bcoz I love him too..a true lover will think only about the others happiness’yes..i moved on with my love..i know im wrong ..but I cant forget maan n marry someone else..but this short time is enough for me to spend my rest of my life’

I never had expectations in my world revolved round my brother n sister..but,now I feel alone..even when I know all are around me,I feel empty..i want my bhai n raji back..i need them..i want them to understand me..will they?

Now too im doing this marriage n rituals only for meera di..n our must be recognized as maan singh khuranas child..i’ll leave all once the baby comes to this world’I’m sorry baby..mama loves you..but ur badi ma loves u more than her life.when she can share maan ,then why cant I give u to her.u will never feel I m not with you..


All the relatives left them’

Dadi’s friends group came to her.

Acha hua ped phal nehi detha use kaatna chahiye..before u do it ,meera herself has cleared the way..badaai ho..tum dadi banne waali ho..haan aane wala potha ka khayaal rakna..ab tumhari nayi bahoo ko khush rehna chahiye haal mei..kuch kaam karne math dena..

They were stabbing against the wounds which all were bleeding already..they were pointing meera for cant being a mother..n geet became pregnant ..

All don’t know what to say..all were hurt at those words for meera,who has gone through a lot..brij n raji wants to runaway n hide somewhere from this world..the women who made their life happy is humilated now..maneet were speechless..if they say something it may turn worse..its better to keep n maasi were silent as it was dadis friends..n guest now..

naina came..

Maaf kheejiyega old ladies..i mean dadi’s…we are here to look after geet..till now she was only a she is dil,we know how to take care of her..more over I’m dr.of her..i know it very well..u don’t want to suggest ideas..

Their nose was cut off..they all went saying bye..

 its all bcoz of me dr.ur marriage day,which is ur precious day,I have turned it into misery .

No geet..its not ur fault..

She is telling truth..its all bcoz of her..if mom dad was here they would have died in shame’

Geet dipped her head..she could not hear brijs accusation ..she turned to go out of the mansion..she was walking lifelessly..

Where are u going geet


I’m hearing geet..u never stammered then why now..

I’m leaving this house..

All looked geet in shock..


Don’t worry di..i’ll give u this baby..i accepted only for u..this baby will be urs only..iska maa hamesha aap rehega..

Are u mad u think I made all this for fun..i want maan to be with u..he loves u..

Geet smiled weekly..

I know di..but if I’ve never crossed ur path,he will be urs only..

He doesn’t love me..n there is no future in us..

U will have ur future di..when I give my baby in ur hands..u both will be their..u both will forget everything..

Maan couldn’t say anything..

Geet was right..if geet has never come in his life,he would have never realized what love is..he would have been with meera..continuing the relation..

Geet again moved to the exit..

Meera tried to stop her..when geet didn’t agree,she gave her a tight slap..the force was so much she came landing on maan..maan looked meera ..she has never behaved violently..

Geet,why u are not understanding me..i did this only for u n maan..he cant be happy without ur baby also..

u want to go na..ok..u can..only after giving birth to baby..till that u will be here..i want baby to be with its family..u must live here till baby comes to the world..

now u both are leaving to farmhouse..naina said u are weak..u need change of place..n u must not take any may harm baby..i have moved ur needed things with adi n pinky..

maneet looked at meera

maan,take care of geet..

par meera..

no more words maan..this time u will not think about others..think oonly about baby..i did all this only for it..i want ur baby safe in this world..geet is in stress..its ur responsibility to remove from her..n keep her happy..

meera took maneet to dadi..n maasi..

bless them dadi..

dadi sighed..

I don’t know what to say..but its now our responsibility to take care of geet..n,maan take care of her..for meera I accept ur relation..she did all this for our families happiness..n I cant neglect it..meera,geet..i don’t know what is in ur fate..but u both always think of others only..thats ur special quality..tum dono hamesha khush raho..mei wahi chathi hoon’with that she took geet n meera in her embrace..

Meeras st:u will know my fate in few minutes dadi..

Maneet took blessings from dadi n maasi..geet went to brij..he turned his face..raji too reacted same way..

Meera made them sit in car..maneet left to farmhouse which is in the outskirts of Delhi’

Meera made naina sit in devs room..she left dev inside after she got the entrance fee..she made them feel lighter n asked them to start the new relation..

Dev entered his room decorated for SR..he lifted nainas veil..she looked shy n worried placed a kiss on her forehead..

Nothing was in our hand naina..dont worry..

May be..if my staff was little careful it wouldn’t have happened’I’m only worried for meera..n geet..when meera asked about geets health after knowing geet is pregnant..i read her reports..she is weak’her hemoglobin level is low.n this pregnancy may cause her life to stake..


Yes dev..i didn’t say this to I myself don’t know about it..till now geet has undergone poverty..she might not have enough food’it was only after she came to mansion her report was improving..but in pregnancy girls lose lot of,first its important to improve geets blood percentage n to make her strong to carry baby..

If geet is taken care properly,then nothing will happen to baby na..

I’m here worried about geet..u r worried about baby..u r selfish’

No naina..u took it worried for all 3..if baby is safe..then geet also safe..if geet is safe.then meera will also be not worried..

Haan,if geet is taken care properly she n baby will be safe..but she must be happy n take rich foods that are healthy for didn’t ask if she took her tablets..

Dev gave her a hug..

I know where her tablets are..let me help u..

She was moving front..he held her wrist..

Ab kya?

Thanks..thanks for coming into my life..n for taking care of my bhabhis..

She hugged him n gathered some courage n pecked his lips in shy..

We are now married dev..this is my family too

They moved to maans room n took the tablets n searched for meera..she was not they went to dadi’s room..their they saw maasi,brij ,rajji n meera entering the room changed to night suit..’


Meera,you told you want to say something ..

Yes..dadi..aap se bhi aur brij rajji se bohut zaroori hai..


I know dadi,u r not convinced with my answer..n u feel I’m hiding something?

Yes..a girl cant share her husband only for the reason she cant be a mother..even if u have done it,how can u divorce maan n make marry geet..there is something u r hiding..

Yes dadi..but u must promise me..whatever I say u will not take it heart ..u will not make urself ill..

Didi..u r scaring by ur words..

Dev n naina came..

Meera,did u have ur medicines..


Naina gave n meera had it..

U both came out of ur room..go..go back to ur room..

Nothing is important than ur life meer..this night may come later too’

What u r talking dev.. u all are talking in riddles..whats the meaning of ur words..

Dev naina..pls go to ur room..i don’t want u to be here’I’ll say them today..i want to lessen my burden of hiding things also..

They were hesitant..

Pls,I don’t want u both to spoil ur happiness bcoz of me today..pls go..

Dev n naina went..

What they were saying ?

Wahi sach hai dadi’jo meine sab se chupaya’first only naina knew about she is my dr..then dev,bcoz I needed help to make maan n geet together’n now maasi bcoz,naina thought I need my family when I’m sinking’

Brij,rajji n dadi :kya..kya ..kyakehrahi ho..this is not time for making fun..

Kaash ye mazzk hothi..

Didi what are u saying..mera dil gabraraha hai..

I cant become a mother bcoz I ve heart problem’n


she is standing in the last steps of death..

everyone was shocked..

didi ye jute haina..boilye ye jute hai..

no rajji..its the truth..

all were silent again..

I don’t want maan to be left alone after my death’I want my family to be happy’so,only I made maneet married..this decision is not only for baby..its for their own gud..i’m nearing my death..but afterwards,who will take care of maan..dadi,you had said me.maan was broken after his parents death..but I don’t want him to be caged in shell again..n geet..she is the best choice for this house..she always thinks only about others..she is not selfish n not after money or fame like other,only I choosed her for maan..maan was not ready for this relation..if ive not married them without their knowledge..wo dono ek dusre se pyaar kartha hai..fir bi chup rahi..sirf mere barein mei can I bind him where there is no future for him..

Its not important than ur life meera..let me call specialists ..i’ll make u treated by the worlds special team..i cant lose u..kuch nehi hoga tumhe..

Do you think naina has not made that effort’ as I found it later.. all has said there is no treatment ..kuch zyadha hi der kardi meine’ pass jaanekeliye..ab no use’this tablets are just for reducing my pain n extending my days..

Didi’.rajji broke down hugging her’brij was also in tears..n so was dadi..

Now,u know the reason na..please accept maneet..for me’I wished to be a mother of maans baby..but,its not in my I want to see atleast his baby..i now pray to god to give me that much time’

Will u be with me..

Brij raji..please..i want to see geet n baby safe..i want geet to be live with my maan without regret..she did all this only showing her gratitude..i only know why I did this..

Am I wrong think about my families happiness after my death too..

No r not wrong..did maneet know about this..

No dadi..they only know I cant become mother..i’ll tell them once they geet n her baby is me..

Brij raji..are you with me..please be with geet..if u want to blame u must blame me only..i was selfish..only to think about maan n his family..think I’m asking you my last wish..

Rajji n brij closed her mouth..

U will live ..didi..

Haan meeraji..aap ko kuch nehi hoga’hum apne  behenko maaf karthe hein hum aapke saath hain..

Will u be with me..

Yes..always di..

Even after saying one more truth..

Raji n brij took a step backward..

Now what else left didi…

Haan ek aur such..shayad aaplog bhi nehi jaanthe..


Maasi told the truth’.brij n rajis face turned pale’dadi was shocked to hear that also..

Maasi was holding meera all the while.. sab..

Sach hai beta..meera was searching for u three for a long tell u hate meera ..

Meera di ki kya galathi hai ismein..hum usei nafrath karein aur unsei door jaaein..that too after knowing about her health..when she did so many things when she don’t know who we are..then now how can we stop her from loving us..what do u say bhai..

Haan..i agree with rajji..hum meeradi ko nafrat nehi karsakthe hai..

Meera hugged them both’

Thanks..thanks..thanks so much’


 precap:u all asking for maneet moments only made them seperate from home..kuch maneet moments hojaye in next part…

 omg..3975 words..zyadha tho nehi hogayi na..

thanks to ruby n rsroopali 



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