You Are My Love – Part 5


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Meera and Geet started working together.Meera helped geet in all works.Geet was also a fast learner.She picked things faster than meera expected.she finished all the works Maan gave to her.Then Meera gave some more files to finish explaining things how to do.Then meera got busy with other works..n Geet was fully involved in her work.

Later at lunch time.

Meera went to Maans cabin to have lunch that Dadi has sent for them.
Adi came  n took Geet with him to the staffs lunch room.Still all were having a different expressions on their face.Noone was interested in talking to Geet.
Geet,.This is pinky.Our receptionist.
Hai  geet..Pinky having her parottas fully in her mouth wished her with a big smile.Big smile.
Sit down.She made geet sit next to her.Geet liked her friendly way of talk.Adi took the opposit seat.
How is your work going on.?Today is your first day na..are you tensed..
No…The work  was really easy .Mam helped me a lot.She is really so kind.
Yes.maam is really friendly with others.And luckily,you are sharing her cabin.
Haan pinky…Someone is really lucky…those who are not capable is also getting cabins.n that too with.mam ..saying this sasha left the place.Geet felt uncomfortable.
Really ..noone has cabins...She asked Pinky..
yes..But there must be some reason..otherwise how can mam share her cabin with you..
She must have thought,you will be more helpful to her..Adi said ..
May be...
will you like to share my parotta..
no geet ..dont share..later she will tell she is very hungry..
adi sir..she is our friend ..we can share..i wont say im hungry..
Hmm.hmm.I know..How you will say..
What .
Adi sir..muje bhuk lagi hai..pls aap mere liye kuch lakar deejiye na..Adi imitated pinky…
Geet smiled.Smile
You know geet..Pinky never feels her tummy full.
Adi are making fun of me..
No pinky…i’m saying the truth.You are getting fat nowadays…thoda kum khaya karo..
adi are telling me that i’m fat ..
Yes..Have you ever heared the word obesity pinky..It suits you well..
Adi  n pinky were going on with their silly fightsLOLWhile all got back to their works..
When they finished their lunch.Adi said..dont take our fights seriously geet..
Yes sir..i know ..its friendly nothing serious..
But,somewhere she felt there is something more in between them..Tongue
Ok sir..I’m going back to my work.
Ok proceed.see you later.
Geet went to the cabin.
she started to work.
Maan called her.Geet come to my cabin.
Yes sir.
She knocked the door.come in.geet.
You know ,we have meeting with Ho’s.You follow me..I want you to make the min..
Yes ..sir..

Her eyes searched for Meera,who was not there.
Maan understood it.
Meer has gone to karan’s site.Dev had some i sent her there.shall we move..
yes sir...
Maan n Geet entered the conference hall.
All the Ho’s were already there.gudafternoon sir.all wished.
They were surprised to see a new girl with Maan,that too so beautiful,gud looking in her simple dress..
Gud afternoon all of you..Before starting our meeting I want to introduce  my new secretary.Miss Geet..
.hai miss.geet.

All are eating her with their eyes.
hello everyone.
ok lets start…geet you may sit..He showed the chair opposite to him.
ji sir.
They started to discuss about the works n geet was fast making notes.
Maan saw her now n then.She will keep her pen in her mouth sometimes..will shake her head in no..if she made some mistakes..Maan got distracted from her every moves..but soon he will get his concious n will involve again in the work..
So.thats all for now gentle men..If you have any doubt or if you need any changes inform me..
ok sir.
Have a good day..
You too sir..
All of them left maneet alone..she was still  biting the backside of pen.
Maan was staring at her.LOL
Geet ..
His sudden call scared her.
Ye..s.. sir..making all papers collapsed on floor,she stood up.
Oh no..My first meeting…that too i made a big what will sir say..will he fire me..oh..babaji..pls help me..
she looked up and made a short prayer.
Maan looked up..
what is she looking there.
Ssoo..rry sir..galthi hogayi…please is baar maaf kardejiye..I ‘ll not repeat any mistakes in future..please sir..i’m extremely sry..pls sir..
She was excusing continuosly..without giving maan a chance to speak.
Maan came near Geet.He kept his index finger on her lips.
Chup.bilkul chup.I didn’t say you anything..why are you getting hyper..I called you to know whether you have finished are not.
His fingers were still on her lips.Geet stood numb,starring at him.her hot breathe touched his fingers.Then only he realised he was touching her lips.He immediately removed his fingers.That was an awkward situation between themEmbarrassed..Even geet did not refused his touch.
Maan felt guilty.

Sorry ..geet..Rearrange the papers and give me..saying he left the conference room..



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