You Are My Love – Part 8

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Geet and rajji dressed neatly as best as they could.they were in front of KM.they both hesitated to approach..the KM was a big palace,that they have never seen in films too.
One of the securities noticed them.He have seen geet in kc..
Mam,what do you want?
She showed the card..
He opened the big door.
You can go inside mam.
Both Geets and Rajji were shocked to see the palace..its lawn,the numerous cars,no:of servants roaming around in uniform,the securities..
Didi..i think they are royal family..what if they don’t like us seeing here..muje darr lagraha hai..
No.Rajjii..dont say like that..mam only has asked us to come here..lets go..but remember one thing..behave properly before them..
Yes didi..
They both took small stepsthrough the long way from gate to mansion hesitatingly.they stopped at the door.both were looking the house in was beautifully furnished,painted .and each and everything showed their luxury’
Whom do  you want to see beta?
Geet looked at the elegant lady who was in 60s..wearing a white silver sari’with matching white jeweleries..
Come in can call her dadi..she wont mind.she is maans daadi..meera chuckled seeing geets confusion in adressing dadi…
Gud morng mam.

Meera,who is this?
 dadi..i’m working in KC as sirs secretary.this is my sister Rajji.She introduced herself.
Wo..tum ho wo..come in beta..
Both geet and rajji touched her feet and took her blessings.
Jeeti raho..hamesha khush raho..I’m happy..very few have this type of culture in them Now…nice meeting you both’.beto..
They both sat nervously.Dadi sat opposite andMeera sat next to them.
pulling rajjis both cheeks,
So you are the little sister of look so cute..
Ji didi..oops sry mam..
I like call me didi..which class are you..
9th std didi..
How much percentage you score..
I’m always 1rst in my class..noone can beat me in studies..she said in pride..
The four chatted for a while.
Geet you talk with dadi..i’ll  be 5 min..
Ji mam..
Nakul..get some snacks n drinks for the kids..
Geet widened her eyes..did dadi said me also a kid..
Suddenly,they heared a heavy sound from kitchen..bang..
All three rushed their..only to see nakul dropped the tray ..
Nakul..cant you do with care..
Ji slipped..
Ok clean it..n bring something else..
Dadi I’ll help him..
Don’t worry beta..there are more servants to help him..and now you are our go and sit there..i’ll come back..
they both wondered,
.didi.Will all the rich people behave sweetly and kindly like them?
No..only few are kind hearted..
didi,whats that sound?
She also keenly observed..some sound cutting the air..
Some one playing shuttle..i think so..
They both remained silent.

Maan n Dev entered the mansion after playing shuttle..
Bro, you always win the match. never concentrate on the cork.then,how will you win?
They both were wearing sports shorts ,a sleeveless vest..they both were sweating a lot..they both did not see geet n her sister.
Removing their vest and whipping their sweat with it,both shouted unison..meer..
Uff..both were half nude n maan with his 6 pack was looking so hot..
Rajji n geet turned at their sound.Geet immediately closed her eyes n closed rajjis eyes and turned back.. aapne kya kiya..hume yese mushkil mein dalthi..ab hum bahaar bhi nehi dono nanga punga goomrahi hai.(its their house.they can dress as per their wish).agar sir ko patha chalgaya hum usei dekliya..tho kitna embarrassed hoga..
Here maan n dev were still busy in talking..
Dev,I called my wife.. calling my friend n my know one thing bro..we share two relations..i have right on her better than you..n I know beter than you..
Don’t be silly dev..i know her better than you..they both sat on the sofa,throwing the vest somewhere..
Waise dev,kab shadhi kar rahi ho..
Wo no know how to shut my mouth..weise..ek baath bathaun..i’ve seen my dream girl..
What?you are telling me now..dude..
Kaun hai wo..kab mila ri ho.
First let me propose her..then I’ll  tell you..till that dont tell dadi…n you know mee…
Dev saw dadi n meer standing freezed.Shocked.nakul was having the tray with snacks n juice..walking towards them.
Kya hua..why are you both standing like this..
Dadi in an angry tone..
I’m thinking,do my both grandsons know a word shy ..or ..
See bcoz of you both how they both are ?

Maan n dev turned to the side where geet was sitting with her eyes closed tightly..
they both looked at themselves..half nude..oh..they covered themselves with their hands..hitting on their forehead..
They searched for their vest..running right n left..banging at each other..again searching..they found one n claimed as themselves..then they found other..then they took their respective..n  weared it’
but,their left n right crossing  n running around the hall made nakul dancing with tray’
he atlast dropped the tray all over geet.Ouch..the juice was running from her head..her dress was fully spoiled.
She opened her eyes..took her hand from rajjis eyes n started to whipe the juice from her face..
All stood their seeing geet’they expected geet will shout at nakul.but she did not shout.but remained calm.
Dev was always a fun loving guy..he makes all situations lighter by his fun..
Waise geet,..i think nakul ki juice se tum bach gayi..aur you would have died drinking it..or you would have lost your sweet voice..
And you think juice as have dropped it on her head..

Babyji’sorry ji..haathse fizal sab sir ke wajase hua..
Its ok bhaiya..bus aap muje wash room dikayi ye..mei saaf karloongi..sometimes it happens.. clean this..geet ..i’ll show you the wash room.. come with me..rajji you also come with me..
Daadi shouted at them..Angry
Don’t you have manners..go n change ur could you both stand like this before young girls’aaplogon ko sharam hain ya nehi..Angry must go and watch swimming competition or some hrithik films in theatre…
O will come to know the girls drool over them..hum tho kuch be nehi..haina bro..Wink
Before dadi start to taunt him..he ran away to his room.

Precap:Meera helping Geet..geet was overwhelmed..

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