Geetanjali – Part 8


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Maan looked at the was 5..its the time for her to wake up.he knew the dosage will have its effect only for 4hrs.He went to the pantry.he made coffee for himself n her.He came back to his cabin.he saw her moving lightly.He sat next to her waiting for her to wake up.
Geet opened her eyes slowly.She saw maan sitting  opposite to her.
Gud evening  sweetheart…Have ur coffee.
Geet holding her hands on either side of head sat their.She did not hear him properly.She felt still dizzy.not fully in conscious to observe the surrounding.she slowly tried to get all things.she looked herself dressed like a bride.Am I dreaming. are not dreaming.
ST:Where am i. your office..
she looked around.
st:this is not my cabin.What i’m doing here.How he knows what I’m thinking.
Bcoz,I know you.have your coffee will get cold.he handed her the coffee.
You will feel better She took the coffee,she tried to recollect what happened before.
The last she remembered was having her lunch.After that she felt dizzy.then what happened.
hu.dont think much…i mixed sleeping pills in ur food..
She looked at the coffee..what if he has mixed something in this also.she kept it back on the table.
you doubt me..then take this.He gave the coffee which he was drinking.
she took it ..n started to have..
omg…mei uska juta peeraha hoon..but..why didnt i ignore it..LOLWho is he?.What he want from me?why i am dressed like this..who changed m
y dress.who did my make ups‘She got frustruated.Angryshe kept the coffee on the table n tried to remove all.Maan held her arms tightly.
Don’t try to mess took 3 hrs for your make up.I only changed your dress.
you could you do this.She tried to hit him.but,he was too strong that she could not get out of his grip.
Leave me.what did you do with me.
Until now I’ve done nothing.Waiting for you to get up.Do you expect me to do something.
He winkedWink n asked her in return.****what you want.what the hell you think of’ll  kill youAngry..i’ll kill u with my bare hands..i’ll call the police…i’ll complain against you..
He freed her arms.
Lagtha hai..police ka naam sunthe dargayi.
Go ahead‘He showed her the phone.
.She took small steps hesitatingly and neared the phone.She too k the receiver and about to dial 100.
I think, you love your parents.
The receiver fall from her hand.
What did you do to my parents.She came running to him.
They are in my custody.I’ll not harm them,till you cooperate with me. don’t know them.then how will they be in ur custody.i don’t believe your words.
This is a brilliant question dear?How do I know ur parents..isnt it..
.he showed her the address that he noted down.
I think this is the address where you stay now
She can feel that she is trapped.a fear started to flow inside her.
What you want me to do.
Just obey my wash ur hands.he showed her dried mehandi.she did as he said.
He took the other packages.he took the bangles and weared in her hands.then he continued putting on with necklace n others.She looked at them.All  were expensive.
He took her legs n placed it on his knees.he weared the payals.
now stand up.
She did.He straightened her mang tika.He took the dupatta n placed it over her head.
Now you are looking like a perfect bride.
What?Bride.Are you joking..
Shhh.Dont shout.We  both are going to get married now.
No.I will not marry you.I’ll not marry the man,whom I don’t love..
Maan held his fists tight..his face was turning red in angerAngry.He squeezed her cheeks.
Say something else.ive fed up with this line.Think about your parents  also..
She stood there seeing him..Her can he force me to marry,when I am clearly saying I don’t love him.
Will you be standing like this..we have to go.Dont you want to see your parents.
Parents..He traps me with his words.ok.i’ll also show you who I am.once I reach my parents,I’ll teach you alesson.
Yes.but ,how can I trust you they are in ur custody..
Maan dialed bahadur.he put on the speaker.
Bahadur Has picked  geets parents and was about to enter KM.
Bhadur,Have you arrived  to the place with them,as I said to you.
Yes sir.pohchne wala hoon.suddenly they heared screaming of her parents..aaahhh..He immediately turned the speaker off’
Geet started to do anything to my parents..tears started to flow down her cheeks.He gave an evil smile.Evil Smile.but,there was a pain behind it.seeingher in tears was painful for him.He closed his eyes n then looked far away from her.
Bahadur,Kya hai..meine kahaan na..jabtak shaadi nehi hojathi..usei kuch nehi karna..
Sir..nothing boy ran between the,we applied break suddenly.they are safe.they just hit in the front seat of car.
Ok.take care.till I must not leave them.
Yes sir.
He looked at geet.
I think now you have no doubt.
She nodded.
Pls don’t harm my parents,I’ll do whatever you say.
then lets go.
Theere is no other way than agreeing to him.she wants to hit him badly.but,she cant do it until she reaches her parents.
She followed Maan silently. While crossing a glass partition she got a glimpse of her image.She was looking perfectly as a bride as she always use to imagine herself…when maan felt ,she was not following him,he turned backto see her. She was starring at herself.he came near her.He whispered in her ears.,sliding his hands in her waist.
You are always beautiful’you don’t have to look at the image ..the mirror itself will feel bad for not capturing ur real beauty..Embarrassed
Geet started to blush..her cheeks turned red at his compliment.She noticed him.He was also looking hot.
What am I doing?i was angry at him few sec before n now I’m blushing .did I say he is hot’ye muje kya horaha hei..she looked at his eyes.There was so much of love n care .but a pain was also he a don?..but I don’t think so..I cant think him as a wrong person.but,why..?she looked confusingly at him.
They entered the lift n he pressed the ground floor.
Whats going on around me?today morning I entered this lift to give an interview.but im going out like a bride..Who is he? May be he is working here.but why he wants to marry me?why he has kidnapped my parents.?What will he do,if I escaped from here.?
Maan took his gun from his pocket.
I’ll kill ur parents.if you tried to escape from me.Maan answered her as he has read her mind.She frozed there,hearing the time they were at the ground floor.
His car was beautifully decorated with flowers.Maan opened the door for her to sit.and he sat next to her.she looked outside to know where they were going.
They both never talked to each other till they reach KM.The car stopped outside Km.Geet saw the media outside .they were taking the picture of the car continuosly.Geet saw him at wonder.Whats this man upto.what will happen to him,if I say before the press n media,that he is forcing her for marriage.
Maan asked his driver to get out of the car.
Till ur parents are with my men.You will not do that.
Ok.i’ll give you a chance.use it..if you failed,then you will regret for not using this chance.
He gave his gun to her.She was shocked.Shocked
You want me to kill me go ahead.the gun is fully can shoot me.
Geet looked at him.she tried to read his intensions.her eyes were piercing him.she could only see pain in that .her hands trembled in fear.she wanted to hurt him.,get rid of him.but,when he said to shoot him.she felt like her heart scattered into pieces.
haan..she hated him for forcing her n kidnapping her parents..but she cant think of losing him also.
She is not able to understand herself.what she wants’

He took th gun back.Igave you a you will regret for not shooting me.
You said you will show my parents.
Hmm..then you will obey me as a good girl.
Yes..for my parents..ill do whatever you say..
He covered her face with dupatta.he got down from the car.he gave his hands for her to get out.noone can see her face.but she can see everything through the veil.The securities surrounded them to protect from medias.the house and The full road was decorated with lights and flowers.there were many guests,seemed to be vvips..even some police officers.she could recognize some staffs of KC,as she has seen them in the morng..specially adi n sasha..There was a big note at the entrance..HEARTY WELCOME BY KHURANAS.. trying to give one more all confusions will end..


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