Geetanjali – Part 9

 PART  9

Thank you friends for giving me a huge support…thanks for all of them who hit like buttons.Smileand commenting me..Smile

Why this khuranas doing this to us?
They both straightly went to the mandap.
He could sense ,she was hesitating to move forward.
See there in the first row..he whispered.
She saw her parents sitting there.she felt very happy to see them I can run from here.
See the man behind them.
She saw a man with gun .the gun was pointing her parents.
No..she said.
Its in your will marry me without any opposition.dont do anything,that you will regret later.
Yes’she said weekly.
Daadi n ani came there. are looking amazing..bhabhi too.let me see her face.she tried to lift geets gunghat.
So,this man has a family too.but how he would have convinced them for they know about his plans.
No baby..see her after marriage..thoda aur intazaar karona..mereliye..
Daadi still doubted him.
Beta,is she really ready to marry you.?
Yes daadi.
Attention everyone’aaj achanak meri shadhi horahi hai’my daadi is not trusting
He bent on his knees before geet.he took her hand in his..he was having a ring in other hand.will you marry me.
He was squeezing her hand without others seeing was like a dream forher..someone proposing her before the whole world. she looked him.he was looking at the direction where her parents were seated.she knows,if she said no,he will trouble them.She nodded her head in yes..he slipped the ring in her finger..
All laughed and giggled n clapped..dadi made them sit on the mandap.they started the ceremony..geet felt trapped..helpless..hated him for forcing her into marriage..somewhere she liked it..some feeling said she know him..he is gud..he loves you..he is perfect for you…
They both garlanded each other..he tied the mangalsutr..she looked his face when hefilled her was very peaceful now.seeing it,she also felt peaceful.
She was getting confused at can I have both the feelings same time..i hate him..but why I feel peaceful,when I saw him peaceful..
Then only she felt something odd..i’m trapped by him..par mom n dad yahaan kya karrahi hein.wo tho kuch karsakthi haina..
The priest the brides parents for kanyadaan..
Maan nodded geets parents to come there..they were surprised why he is calling them..bahadur guided them to mandap..
Maan asked to do the kanyadhaan..they did not refuse..they did..all the rituals were finished..
Anie asked..bhai ab tho aap bhabhika face dikayiye na..
yes...he lifted geets veil..
The medias were flashing to get the clear photos of the married couple..Whereas Daadi n Rano in shock said anjali  in unison.Dadi turned to rano..par anjali tho..
rano stopped her showimg maan…
For a minute geet was too shocked to react..
the old lady whom this man,now her husband ,called her dadi called her,dadi knows anjali..
Maan bent to take their blessings..he looked at geet..she was standing like a statue..
he pulled her down forcefully..
daadima had tears in her eyes..
Hamesha aap dono khush rahiye..Atlast you got married..thats enough for me..her voice chocked..
then he went to geets parents n took their blessings..
Rano hugged geet n said..
Anjali..i’m so happy for you..
Papa said..mei bhi bohut khush hoon beta..maanse acha jeevan saathi tumhe kahi nehi milega..
ST:So,his name is maan..naam kahi suna se lagrahahei..n even my mom n dad know him..
Geet saw the real happiness on their face after she made her mind not to destroy their happiness..till she find outwhat this maan ,my so called husband needs..n why my parents are happy…when i’m married to an unknown person..
Before she opened her mouth to ask her how do they know.,The guests started to come near them n congratulate them…geet kept a fake smile on her face n accepted ..Maan was amused with her behaviour..first she opposed n now she is acting ..hmm. ok i’ll see how long will you act..
When maan was busy with some guests..Rano  n dadi came near Geet.

.Mom..Iwant to say somethi…

Before he comes..i want to say you something..
Dont say Maan anything about anjali..
Why mom..
this is the last wish of anjali..
Mom..anjali aur ye..
Haan he loves her madly..n he doesnt know anything about her also keep this truth away from him…
mom..tumhari behenkeliye..kya ye tum nehi karogi…
ji mom..i’ll not say anything anjali ki kasam..
Dadi asked Rano..if she is not anjali..then who is she..this is anjalis twin geet..ab tak meri behen ke saath vidhesh mei thi..anjali ki moth ke baad hamari saath aagayii..


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