Geetanjali – Part 5


PART  5 

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Adi was shocked.Shocked.Maan sir aur Shadhi..No hu huTongue.He must be joking.Big smile
Adi remembered what maan said to do.He urgently called the event planners n asked them to be in outhouse before maan reaches there.Then he called all the clients n informed them their appointments are postponded two days later.He apologized them for the inconvenience.All accepted without a word.He went back to geet n started to work there.

Here maan was walking fast to the exit of his office.Without seeing him,Sasha bumped on him.She was about to fall.Maan made her stand straight.Sasha was damn scared n the staffs also thought that IT WAS GOING TO BE HER LAST DAY IN OFFICE.

Sssooo’sorry sir..

For  their surprise,he said.

Its ok sasha.Keep ur eyes in front n walk

Yes sir
He did not scold me for bumping into him.!!!!Am I dreaming.

His voice was anger’
Sasha,Don’t give this circular to the new secretary.I need her to finish the work.
Yes sir.

See you all at lunch time a smileTongue to everyone he exited.
Thud..Thud.Dead.All were falling on their chairs seeing his smileTongue.For them it was 8th wonder.They have never seen him smiling.
Hai handsome maan sir looks,when he smiles na..the girls whispered .Sasha was surprised n happy too,to see maan like that.god,hope he remains like this.She turned to the staffs,
all get back to ur work.

After some time,the peon knocked Geets cabin.
Adi sir,sir told to give this to keep in this cabin.
Ok.tum jao.
He looked into the contained some snacks,juices,fruits,burger n pizza.
No one can understand maan sir.He only said to keep geet that she must not think about family,thirst or hunger.And here he has sent her things to eat.LOL
Adi sir,Whats that?
Oh.Sir has sent your lunch.
For me.why.?

You joined today cant go to ur house for lunch..may be that’s why,he had sent the lunch for you.
Before they continue,Adi’s phone rang.
H ..e..llo sir.
Adi,send geets certificate to the university.Iwant to confirm her every details.Ask them if they could give us more details about her.
Yes sir.
But,She  must not know about it.
Yes sir.
Adi,have you received the circular.
Yes sir.
Then why ur phone is still on manLOL.Switch off now.
Yes sir.
He immediately switched off his phone n kept in his pocket.
Adi was sweating even in the a/c.He whipped it.
Geet smiled at him.Tongue
Adi sir,Is that our boss.
Do you know any other word than Yes sir.She giggled.
You did not say anything other than yes sir to him.
Hmm.You will also get used by this word ,when you start to work under him.its ur luck today,he has gone outside.otherwise,you will also be saying this word now.
Seeing your behavior,I think our boss is so rude.hai na.
No.May be he is tough now.but,before,noone can have aboss like him.He was such a caring,friendly boss at one time.But,what happened,we don’t know.Suddenly,he changed like this.But,still I hope he will turn back as before.
He sighed.
I think he had some bad experience.
we are getting into his personal life.we should not do.lets carry on with our work.

Out house

The event planners were waiting for Maan.He straightly went to his room n came out with a file.he gave it to them.Go through it.I want everything to be done like this in 5-6 hrs.who can do it.I ‘ll pay you triple the amount.
All gulped their saliva.Noone can say no to him. If they said know,they will be on roads in few hrs.He is one ofthe man who can do anything.But,the work he is giving also is impossibleto complete in short of them gathered some courage to speak to him.
Sir,We cant finish so soon as you expect.
Maan held his throat.Angry
I did not call you all to say me that you can’t.
Then he calmed himself.
Sry .He left him.
The man coughed.but the others got scared at his behavior.their mouth went dry.their tongues sticked n refused to say any word.
The man continued.Let me complete sir.we can do it sir.
Maan turned to him,while others asked in curiosity.,how?
If we all split our works,we can finish it.
Ok.then you all carry on with your work.see you in evening.
Maan did not even wait for their reply.He went to his room.

He opened the cupboard.Her photo was there.He took it.He touched her face.
Anjali,meri jaan.why did you do this to me.I searched you everywhere.But you hide,you are here.I’ll not let you go away from my life again.Today,I’m going to do such a thing that you can not imagine.Today I’ll fulfill my promise.You can’t do anything will feel are going to experience your defeat today.
He smirked and kept the photo back inside.He started to pack some stuffs in a bag.The last he took was the gun.He placed it safely inside his coat.

Precap:Hello baby..

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