Geetanjali – Part 13


PART  13

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warning    Censored

She sighed as she knows what she should do now..
i’ll try not to hate him for whatever he done to me..
i’ll think this as an arranged marriage..and this man as an unknown person i got married..
i’ll try to make him love me as geet..
But today..i’ll live as Anjali for him..and that too only for your love anjali..

Geet walked towards him..
First aid box kahaan hain..
He pointed the table..
She made him sit on the bed n started to bandage the wound..
You have not yet answered me?
She placed the kit on the near by table.
She sat comfortably next to him..
There was no fear or hesitation now..
Maan was amused with her acts..
I know maan,if I refuse you’then too you will do same crazy things’or as you said you can force me..i asked you sometime’but,after somedays,if I decided to accept n give me to you at my wish,then why not now for your wish’I’m ready maan’as a wife its my duty to fulfil ur need..
Maan did not expect this from her..
I’m yours..i’m only yours..n always be yours’
She was looking at his eyes n saying those words’she was so lost in his eyes,that she didn’t realize what she was saying’
The eyes which were splitting fire in anger changed fully filled with love..
This was the word which he expected from her’
Her words are magical for him..soothing his pain..relieving from depression..
The pain he was going through has vanished..the plan he thought of taking revenge disappeared from his mind..

Maan hugged her tight..he cupped her face n kissed her forehead..
Her eyes,her nose,her chin.her cheeks..she gave up to his wish..
He laid her down on the bed..he was on top of her her..
Both were looking at each other..maahiii
His eyes lowered to her lips..he slammed his lips in hers forcefully..sucking her both lips ‘
She expected this..she knows he will behave rudely as till now she has seen only his anger..
He expected her to react..but she kept her mouth tight n not letting him further..
He felt her body stiffened under him..
Though she decided to give ..Her one part of her heart was not accepting her own decision..
She too had many dreams about her first will her husband touch her,kiss her n make love with her very gently..without harming her..without giving pain’only there will be love between them..but her whole world turned down today..she cant expect him to make her dreams true’her body stiffened more thinking about it’ you are  not giving with your own will’
Not like that ..
still you are hesitating..
no..i’m not..i told you I’m ready to give myself..then why will I hesitate?
Then ok..i’ll make you feel for me ‘I know your weakness’
He moved a little from her..
She looked at him knotting her temples..Confused
He nodded his head’n smiled wickedly’Stern Smile
He flipped with her n now she was on top of her..he slowly removed her strings’her eyes widened’she heared the sound of her choli landing on the floor’she looked at herself..she was wearing the slips over the inners..which was enough to cover her essentials ‘but as she was top of him..he could see her milky white skin underneath it..she closed her eyes in embarrasement.she felt very shy.her cheeks turned apple.may be it is not first for him..but it was her first night..she was touched by a man for the first time…he removed her lehenga without removing his gaze on her..she was in such a dilema nor she could resist nor accept him.he smiled at his victory..he again flipped her to bed tearing her rest of her barriers.she was shocked .he moved over her  n switched off  the lights.
.(anjali fears at dark)..only the moon light was filling their room..’his whole body was pressing over her n his breathe was heating her he expected she hugged him hesitatingly.he looked at her eyes which were still closed’.he kissed her forehead..
Suddenly,she felt his weight lifted up from her’before she opened her eyes,she felt a flower moving over her hands to shoulders..maan was moving the flower all over her body’he was blowing his breathe wherever the flower went’without touching her,he was driving her insane..his every move was awakening her physically…he saw her body losing her stiffness n she clutched the duvet in her fists’she started to moan’maan
He came to her belly bottom n  draw circles with the flower. He blew air over it ..moving upward to her curves’geet could not take it more..she hugged him more tightly.. ‘
don’t tease me like this’you are torturing me with your hotness..i ..u   maan. he pinned her to the bed..he had a winning smileSmile

so,you made your first move..
She was blushing ..her eyes were still closed’
Her pink cheeks were inviting him..he kissed it ..his part of a lips brushed hers making her shiver..she moaned maann..he took her lips very softly with his..not like before’nibbling it..she opened her mouth to breathe’it gave the space for him to enter her’his mouth started to discover her every part’geet started to respond with same passion’he was increasing his passion.. she unbuttoned his sherwani..he smirked .he undressed all except his vest.she tried to remove it..
let it be..
shewas confused..but  did not try it further..she gave up to his wishes..
he kisses her neck ,nuzzling his nose.she slided her head giving him more room..he bit her slowly.her hands were brushing his hair,n making him more closer to her’moving down to her curves,,kneading, sucking biting slowly.. teasing her sensations and geet was continuosly moaning his name, that was giving him more pleasure,,, he comes to her abdomen and kissed her.rubbing with his nose making her giggle..(even though he was busy in her,she  saw  some confusion running over his face).. her hands wandered over him ,feeling his face,strong arms,biceps n his back.she digged his nails over his vest..
maan moved down n entered her ..geet moaned in pain n pleasure.. maan was slow gentle as she never expected.. time passed on..their passion  never ended..geet screamed but he closed her mouth with him and collapsed on her chest…panting. they both were breathing heavily.she took the spread and covered them both..most of the candles have melted leaving a few glow..the moon and the wind was silently witnessing their closeness..

for her it was a dream that came true..He behaved as she dreamt.she looked at maan lovingly..who was resting his head between her chest with eyes closed…she was brushing his hair..
this man,my husband.(she smiled shyly.) is a total surprise package..
one time he forces me..he behaves angrily’rudely’like a demon’
sometimes his eyes express the same feelings of his devil’
but what I experienced was fully opposite’
at first he was rude..
then,he was very gentle’he treated me like I’m a feather to him..
I saw the love n care in his eyes’
I don’t know why..i feel complete today..
I have no regrets for what I did’except one thing..
our relation has started with a lie..
for him i’m anjali…not geet…
will he love me like this when he come to know i’m geet…??????

Precap:geet kisi cheese se nehi dartha…she bluttered..
Maan starts his revenge..


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