Geetanjali – Part 18


PART  18

Thank you friends for giving me a huge support…thanks for all of them who hit like buttons.Smileand commenting me..Smile

Maan was driving the car..his securities were following him..she felt irritated when he drove the car through the same road two or three times..

Maan smirked seeing her irritated face.

Maan,where are we going..

Simple..i don’t know’only u n me..where no one will be there’do u know any place like that?

I’m  new to will i know..

He drove a little more n entered a house’

The view was fully was pleasant..she heared the sound of waves of water..they both entered the house..the house was not so big or too small’it was well furnished..

Whose house is it?

Ours ..beach house‘he opened the back lead to the beach..geet walked towards the water..(GUYS<DON’T SEE LOGIC>>DELHI MEIN BEACH???just make an imagination..)

She came back’no one is here in looks empty..

No one will come..its my private property..

No one will come..


No one.


Geets mind made a quick naughty plan’

Now,we’ll see maan singh khurana..aap kya kaarthei hain..LOL

She walked out..

Maan sat on the chair looking geet..he remembered the things which he have done purposely to harm her..his mind n heart started to quarrel with each other..

What I’m doing is not correct..

No..its correct’she betrayed u ..n u r taking the revenge back..

She looks innocent..

That look is fake..

I love her..

What u got back..she said she did not love u..she loves amy

Amy’that name boiled his blood’he went inside n took a bottle of drink n gulped it..this is my second time ..i’m drinking to make u hate..

U r geet..not anjali..anjali is the girl,who was so sweet with close with me..

He saw geet..she was standing there in her inners..

U told me not to wear mini skirt..ab aap kya karogi maan..she smiled at her thought n walked into water..

Maan remembered anjali..

Anjali called him for help as a child fell into the pond..she said she don’t know to swim..

Here geet was swimming like a fish..she jumped up when the waves neared her..swimming was her made her feel relax’she went under the water following a cute fish..she did not  come up..

Maan:where is she..

He mumbled n walked to the sea..she was still not out’

Is she drowned?

The thought itself killed him.. he was drunk n he was not able to walk steadily..he came to the seashore’

Anjali’anjali..kahaan ho..tum..he shouted..

Geet was still following the fish deeper..she can hold her breathe under water for more than 5 min..

When maan got no response from her,he dived into the water searching her..

When geet came out to breathe ,she saw maan drowning..

She held his hair n came back to the shore..

Maan coughed..when he saw geet,he hugged her tightly..

Maan are you mad..u have can u swim ..if I have not seen u what will have happened..

Maan doesn’t listen what she was saying..she is alive..that was the only thought ran in his mind..

Anjali..anjali..nothing happened to u..u r alive..agar tumhe kuch hojathi mei marjaunga..he kissed her madly..

Geet looked at him in pain..


He is madly in love with anjali’even if he wants to take revenge ,he could not see anything happening to anjali..kese pyar hain inka..

geet saw a ray of hope to change maan..

Maan,chaliye..she helped him to walk’they both entered the wash room..both stood there under the shower..looking at each other..maan was holding her in his arms tightly..

The fear of loosing her has made him die  every moment..

Geet has never seen him like this from yesterday..

She wanted to make him realize that she is ok..

She took his lower lips in hers n started to kiss..that made him alive.

Tumhe kuch nehi hone doonga

.he started to kiss her back..they were  first gentle..slowly their passion increased n they both landed on bed making love..


he did not harm her..his every touch ..his every move..his every kiss said how much he cared for much he feared of losing her..

Waise..i don’t mind if u r in ur minimum clothes before me..only me..

He noticed ..she felt shy..


they both slept cuddling with each other..but,geet could not sleep..remembering,maan calling her anjali from they were out of water’that was pricking her..

Anjali ,kya karoon mein’what happened between u n maan’was it lust or love?if maan cannot forget the night making love with u,then how can u leave him in this way..did u really betrayed him..i cant think of u low..who is amy.did u really loved amy.then how didn’t I know..?i cannot live in peace.till I know what happened between u both


Maan woke up after an hour..he was sleeping over her..he heared her tummy growling in hunger..anj’no..i’ll call her geet she wishes..

Geet,chalo lets have our lunch..

But where..

Chalo ..i’ll tell u..they both dressed up n came out..maan opened the outside door.the securities gave him a parcel..he went to dining..n opened all..

Come geet..

Maan has ordered Italian dishes…it was one of the plan of maans to make her starve,before coming there.he thought geet will not like Italian..but,she ate it as each n everything  was a treat to her.. she loved it..(oh maan!geet has brought up in abroad..she was used to it..)

Delicious maan..yummy..

Maan looked at her,whether she is saying truly..she was really enjoying the food..

As the plan flopped,he ate silently..


It was late night when they returned home..dadi saw them ..she was relieved..she went back to km..

Geet ‘tomorrow we are going to office..ek saath..


Maan slept..she looked at the newspapers..she have not seen it morning.

All the papers first page was filled with their marriage photos..

The only heir of khurana’s got married..

The young man got married..

Business tycoon msk,the great  got married to geetanjali handa

The billioner got married to a farmers daughter…

The hot man.,maan was married to a beauty queen..

The dream boy married his dream girl..

Unexpected love marriage of maneet’

Surprising love story..

Young girls heart broke..hearing msk’s marriage..


Geet closed her eyes.. maan has so much popularity..we are not upto his status..from yesterday,im with him..he always hurted me with words,that was related only to betrayel..he never pointed about status..she lost her sleep thinking about him’how far i think to understand him..i always have more to study about him more..



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