Geetanjali – Part 19

PART  19

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late update sry giving u a long one..have fun n pls do cmnt me..
Maan woke up earlier..he felt weight over him..he saw geet sleeping with her head on his chest..his hands were wrapped over her felt so gud.this is the first time she is sleeping over him  after marriage..

How pleasant it will be if she sleeps with me like this n I wake every morning cuddled with her..he smiled.

he thought about the previous day.he was not able to come out of the shock now too..losing her is losing himself..he brushed her hair n kissed her forehead..

he went for his regular exercise n came back to his room to fresh up.she was still sleeping.least he knew she slept morning only..

he freshed up n came up..

hai sleeping beauty..wake up..

pls..sone dona..

its already 7.30..


we have to go for office..

she jerked n got up..

he was in his jean n towel around his shoulder..his hair dripping water..

omg..he is hot’n he is killing with his bare body on morning..whats this will this day go?she was looking up n murmering..then again she drooled his bare body..

sleeping beauty seems to be in dream world…if u have done with my check outs go n get ready..

she just pulled him by his towel making him fall on her..

 cant u wear anything n come before waking me’if u stand before me like this,then what will I do ,other than drooling u‘she replied honestly.. time I’ll follow it..he winked at her .

he tried to get up..

she again pulled him by his towel..he knotted his temples..she just flipped over him..

she quickly placed a peck over him..

gud morning ,my dear hubby..

she ran away to wash room..maan kept his hands on his cheek .it was hot..he was unable to move from there.He waited for her..

geet came out wearing a bath robe..

u have not yet get ready..

u made me rooted at this will I get out from here..

she pulled him n made him stand by his legs..

like this..

he hugged her..

maan.its getting late for office ..u only said’she snaked her arms around him..

I want some more.he played with his words.


u did not select my dress today..i’m waiting for it..

acha ji..

haanji..what u thought?he smiled naughtily..


he instantly took her lips in his..she did not was so sudden’n she responded him..

I was waiting for this..

She smiled looked perfect behaving like this..

At a corner of her heart,she still doubted his intentions..

Is this real or fake to take another step to revenge..

His eyes says its true..this moment we are sharing is real..

She shoved her thoughts..

Geet live this moment..whatever happens in future we will face it later..but,don’t take his moves to heart..or u will suffer..

She smiled did not reach her eyes..maan found her fake smile.he left her.

She moved to wardrobe n selected a dress for him..she took herself a saree..

They changed to their dresses.he had his tie in his hands..

She took it from him and started to tie it around his neck.

His eyes were piercing her..

fake..everything is fake..

her fake’

her care is fake..

she told me,she don’t know swimming..

sterday she was swimming like a dolphin.

N saved me too..

Why is she lying to me always..

Why cant be she,herself for me..

Why she is not truthful to me..

Atleast now,she can confess me..Whatever she did in past..she wants to forget ..n accept me.

Oh..maan!what are u thinking now..u want her to accept u..ur love..she has clearly said to u man,she loves someone..n its not u..remember..she betrayed u..n now u want her to love u..are u mad?dont fall in her fake care..she is planning to escape from u..

Maan came out of his thought..

I want to ask u onething?


When did u learn swimming..

Few months before..(it was a pure can I say I learnt swimming in childhood..n whereas anjali don’t know..hmm..geet..he knows everything about anjali..u cant act for a long time..find soon about anjali n only u can think or work properly)

He did not say anything.

Lets go..


They both had their breakfast in KM n left to KC.

Entering KC,maan held geet by her waist n walked.

She looked at him..whatever happens that will be between us two..i don’t want others to sneek their nose into our personal issues..better ,u too understand it..later,don’t say that I didn’t warn u..

His tone was really dangerous..

Ok..she plastered a smile over her face..

Maans entry made the KC heat as usual.all ran to their respective places n started to work.

All the staffs greeted him n geet..

To their surprise maan greeted all with a smile..geet also greeted all.

The girls  were talking about them.. lucky mam have a hot hubby like maan sir..

See mam..she is looking gorgeous..

They both look made for each other..

See maan sir,how protectively his hand is over mam..i wish I was in her place..

Don’t dream at day time..he is now married’.if u want him dream in ur dreamland..


Maneet  stood in the centre of the office.

Gud morning all know..this is my wife.n from now she will be my secretary in office…i want everyone to come forward n introduce urself to my wife.first  lets start with adi n sasha..

Hai mam..i’m aditya srivastav..i’m working as senior manager for last 5yrs..

I’m sasha..i’m senior architect working here for last 4yrs..


I’m’4 months..

I’m’.2 months

Geet was little shocked.other than adi n sasha all are new..working here for less than a can a big company have such employees..

Ok..thats all for today..u all will respect her as she is ur boss wife..n now u all can go to ur work..

Maan took her to their cabin..

She remembered the last incidents in the cabin’maan blackmailing her for marriage..

What happened jaan?living the past?

His tone is in his usual cunning expressing his hatred.

Now what happened he has changed like this..he is a chameleon..when n how he changes his colour,no one can expect ..

So,jaan..whats ur plan now..

Plan..what..?she asked him confusingly..

Haan..are you planning to escape from here..

She was extremely angered by his mistrust..

I have already told u maan..i’ll not run away from u..i’m not like other girls,who turn their back n run away not to face bad situations.. are not like others’I’ll  never forget it..n I never want to forget it..

I’m ur boss here .. n u r my secretary..better u don’t forget,go n bring the file that Adi gave u to finish..that day..

Geets st:So mr.maan singh khurana bossing his wife /secretary..we will see maan’i’m geet..i ‘m not afraid of anyone’u may have trapped me,but,within that line too ,I’ll make sure I’ll also torture u ‘I too know how to give paybacks..wait n see maan’she smirked..

Yes sir..

You will call maan only not sir..did u got it..

But,u only said I’m ur a secretary can call her boss by name..sss..iii’rrr..

She teased him by stressing the word sir..

I don’t want anyone to hear u calling me sir..Angry


Maan was annoyed..

Don’t u understand what I’m saying..Angry

Yes sssiiirrr..i’ll not call u sir sssiiirrr

Will u stop calling me like thatAngryhe shouted..

Yes sssiii‘.he pulled her towards him n kissed her in lips..thats the only way he could shut her mouth..he squeezed her waist ..digging his nails..her hands encircled over him..

They both were lost in their kiss..till they heared the knock on the door..

He left her..geet has turned full red n was blushing..her lips were swollen .

May I come in sir..

Yes..he composed himself n sat on his chair..

Adi followed by sasha came inside his cabin..

Sir.we have a meeting in half an hour with mr.venkat..this is the fair copy of presentation.

Pls verify it once sir..this is the model of the construction’sasha has made it..

When they did not get any reply from maan,they looked at him..Maan was looking at geet n geet was looking at him n blushing.Embarrassed.they were lost in their eyelock..adi n sasha noticed geets swollen lips..


Yes sasha..

I think we came at a wrong time..

Yes..lets go..afterall they are newly wed..n they must have some more time to each other..n i’m really happy for him..after ages he is normal

Adi turned to mistake his hands touched the pen stand n it fall on the floor making a noise’maneet broke their eye lock..geet went to her cabin..she took the files which she worked took great effort for her to concentrate on work..she saw maan disguessing with adi n sasha..geet finished her file n went to maan’s cabin..

Maan saw her standing silently..he thought of teasing her..

Naughty maan’or revenge maan’he made a plan..

He went n stood near by sasha..merely their hands were touching..he was pretending to say something to sasha casually.his hands slightly touched her..sasha was feeling uncomfortable..geet was fuming in jealousy.Angry.but,maans small curve on his lips Smilesaid that he is playing with her. baath hai..maan singh khurana..mei bhi geet maan singh khurana hoon..tit for tat zaroor doonga..

She went n stood near adi..she placed her hand on his shoulders..adi sir..whats this..

She too made a casual conversation’adi was blank,thinking what will maan do.. slowly moved from her..

Maan was totally dumpfounded by geets boldness..he was burning in jealousyAngry..his plan back fired him..LOL

Ok adi..we will meet in conference room..inform me when mr.venkat reached..

He urged them to leave..geet reacted normally..

Maan..the file u it is..geet gave it to him..

Adi was surprised..

Mam,have u finished it..


Our staffs were working on it for last 1 month..they could not find the problem’how did u do it mam

That’s nothing’there was a problem in the figures in the 10th page’which made the further procedures collapsed..i’ve corrected it..

Maan was deep in thought..she is an engg’but how she corrected it,when his professional staffs too did not find the problem yet..then he remembered geets hand over adi..he got angry..

Adi..i said to u to make arrangements for the conference..what are u still doing here..he shouted..Angry

i..i..i..’m ss..ii.r’.adi n sasha left the cabin..

maan came dangerously to geet’

she was stepping backwards..

what are u doing ..Angry

what am I doing maan?she asked innocently suppressing her laughter..

I came here to give the file to my boss..

I did not ask u about the file..

She pulled him closer by pulling his tie..he fell on her.his hands circled her..she whispered in his ears..

I was doing the same that u did..

He has no words to explain himself.when he was caught red handed. By his wife..

They both were lost in their eyelocks..

As the door was open adi came in..seeing them close he laughed.


they both parted..

Adi..knock the door before u come inside..

Sir,the door was left open‘he gulped his saliva..

What now?

Mr.venkat has arrived sir’he is waiting for u in conference room..

Hmm..we are coming u go..

Yes sir..

He turned to geet..

Common lets go..


I want my secretary to take the notes..

Yes sssiiirrr

She ran away taking a notepad with her..


Maan was really happy’her naughtiness made him smile’he headed towards the conference room..


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