Geetanjali – Part 23

PART  23
Thank you friends for giving me a huge support…thanks for all of them who hit like buttons.Smileand commenting me..Smile
The morning sunrays hit geets face.she opened her eyes.she held the spread over her bare body.she shied thinking about last night.she looked next to her for maan.she was alone in the bed.then she heared the sounds of breaking woods .maan is outside.she relaxed back on the bed.


she again thought of her marriage.

Maans attempt in marrying her..their first love making..then his force..he himself hurting him..his confession of revenge..their first outing..maan drowning in sea..his rudeness…In office..she has seen his jealousy too..their sudden trip of honey moon..he is making everything in his own way..everything was fast n dreamy..every girl will love it..the one still haunting her was the force he made on first night..after making some beautiful moments too,it remained a scar on her..that only makes her,think not to trust maan..she remembers his words..

I married u take revenge..

If it is true..he is upto something..he is planning something big. is this place has connection with his revenge.i’m living every moment truly.i know he is going to break my heart.but how? It is the million dollar question..i must be prepared for it..

Her thoughts were disturbed when she felt some soft thing moving on her leg….she was hell scared………..she screamedmaaan..

Maan came running there..he saw her trembling figure n looked at the place where her eyes were locked.

He smiled at the creature.which feared her.geet looked at him.he was standing there fully sweaty ,bare chested with an axe in his hand.

He took the snake in his hand.

Maan it is poisonous..threw it…don’t hold it..

These creatures are not dangerous like others..

His words are hinting some meaning again.he took it and placed it near its hole.she followed him.

You know it..

Ya..its like my friend. whenever I come here it will be around me.i have removed its stinge..its not poisonous..

He told her to comfort her..but geet was still in trance of shock n her trembling lips showed her fear.

He neared her n took her lips in his..which slowly comforted her..she dropped the spread n encircled his necks..his eyes popped out..he took her inside the tent for another love making.after a while,they both came out n freshed up in the river.they came back to the tent n dressed up.

Geet saw a kettle  of coffee over the fire.maan has made it.they both had their coffee.

Maan was smirking.

Why are u laughing.

Someone said before. kisi cheese se dartha nehi..

Ya..i only said ..i accept..i’m afraid of snakes.

Are there more snakes here?she asked him hesitatingly.

No..i’ve seen this 1 only..

How can u surely say it.

Its colour white n black stripes on its body.i’ve seen none other than this.

How do u know this place.

I used to camp here.



Why maan?

…will answer this later..lets go back..

Can we stay here for a day more?

Do u really want to stay here..

Yes..i love this sceneries n its so peaceful..

He went to a deep thought.

Ok.we will come back again in lets explore more places.


They both went back to the tree house.geet made their break fast.they both had it.later they both went on the other side of jungle.he was showing her more beautiful places.maan did not leave any chances to make  love with they are making love in a top most was made with woods to watch the view of animals..she started to feel sore n week.maan carried her back to the was nearly night.they both returned to the same river side place.they had their dinner n cuddled in the sleeping bag.she remembered his words anjali used to sleep on his,she moved n placed his head on his chest.she could hear his heart beats..he was rubbing her back.he was unusually quiet..something was bothering him. she sensed it.

Are u sleeping?



hmm..i’m listening maan.


He left his words unfinished.he slept after a deep midnight,he missed her warmth.she was not there.


He came out of the tent searching for her.he stood rooted in his was raining  n she was dancing  n jumping,enjoying the rain..he was looking at her.she was looking the same as that night.(HE WAS THINKING ANJALI)her drenched dresses showing her perfect figure.her face reflecting the happiness how much she enjoys the rain..geet stopped playing.and maans words echoed in her u remember the  rainy night ,when we became one..the rain which made anjali n maan one.a tear escaped from her eyes..maan touched her shoulders.she hugged him.n he hugged her back.he can see the tear in that rain too.his heart was also in pain.he too was remembering that night,which made his life shattered.he took her to the tent n removed her dress.she was cold.he took her lips in  his n started to give his warmth.she nearly fainted.later,they wasnt able to sleep.they both were awake.when the rain stopped they went back to the tree house.they laid there on bed.again there was an unusual silence.

I ..i..


I want to say u .he left his sentence midway…r u hearing me..

I’m hearing maan..

He closed his eyes.

I’m sorry for my behaviour at our..i’m really sry for forcing u that night..i behaved rudely..i want 2 hurt u,but not by hurting u physically..i could not forgive myself for ….that night..each n every second I regret my act..

I’ve lost my peace ..the drink drove me to an extent..i raped u..i feel disgusted of myself..i must not have done can i stoop low to behave like that to a girl.

Geet looked at him in shock.she did not expect him to apologize.his every words were soothing her pain,that he gave her.he was repending his mistake..he is feeling sorry for what he did.isnt that enough for her.she sealed her lips on his to stop turned a passionate one..atlast they slept.


The next morning geet woke up. maan was missing.she looked for him in the washroom.he was not there .she tried to open the was locked.she looked for the was missing.may be he has went inside the jungle..hours passed.she waited for his return.when it was evening,the reality dawned her. he has left her alone in the jungle.



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