Geetanjali – Part 24

PART  24
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Geet tried to open the windows’all were fixed ..nothing opened.she made breakfast..then lunch .she waited for maan to return. he has left her alone in the jungle.

but,he didn’t come.she looked at the food which are cold now.

Geet could not believe it at first..but,when the sun began to set n maan did not return,she started to think about his behavior. Geet had this weird feeling when they entered the jungle.she expected something is cooking in maans mind.she expected he wil break her heart .but,she was so much engrossed with him last day,that she forgot everything.after he asked for forgiving him for his deed,she did not expect this.she remembered his words..

I’m sorry for forcing u that night..i behaved rudely..I Want 2 Hurt U,But Not By Hurting U Physically..i could not forgive myself for ‘.that night..each n every second I regret my act..

I’ve lost my peace ..the drink drove me to an extent..i raped u..i feel disgusted of myself..i must not have done that.

Then she remembered when she asked maan to spend more time in river side,he hesitated n then accepted..he planned everything..choosing the jungle for honey moon..


How I didn’t recognize his words.he don’t want me to hurt means he want  to hurt me.but.mentally’


he left me only to scare me.

still,a corner of her heart said maan will be near her somewhere.

She made a coffee for her to refresh her mood.sipping it she made a walk around the rooms,viewing the sun set from there.her eyes caught the sight of jeep .it was parked in the same place where thet parked yesterday n the key was hanging in it.they were too interior in jungle n maan cannot go out without taking a vehicle with him.

So,my heart was right.he didn’t leave me. he wants to torture me mentally.

i got u maan.but,I’m not so weak as u think. if I live in lions den.i’ll also be a lioness.

She walked around.she looked at the river view from kitchen.then she noticed,the window of that can be opened.she opened it.the evening cool breeze passed through her skin.she looked outside the window.

Geet noticed all,but failed to see cc cameras fixed there n maan was watching her every move of hers through it. he is staying in the next tree house.maan did not know geet has recognized his presence seeing the jeep.bcoz her back was facing the camera.maan has left a letter to her on the bed.when waking up geet unknowingly slipped it n the letter was now  lying under the bed.

Maans st:will she escape through the window.

          no maan she will not’his heart said.

Geet took the window seat n started to enjoy the view.

Maan sighed in relief.geet hugged her knees n started to remember anjali n her childhood.


Flash back of geet n anjalis childhood


They both were twins.they loved each other…their family was poor.there was no rain n their farms went dry without any harvesting. their parents had to struggle to bring the childrens up.geet was papas pet n anjali was mamas pet.

Rano got confused whenever geet cried without any reason.

Geet n anjali  were 4yrs when their parents joined them in their school.

The teacher asked their names.

Aaay anjyi anda.’she said in fear hiding behind geet..the teacher knotted her brows n tried to find what the small girl addressed as her name.then she concluded as anjali n as she knows made her sense. she said,anjali handa

Ur name beta..

Geet..she said boldly..


The teacher was surprised to see the difference in both,who looked alike each was shy n the other was bold. she entered the registry as geet handa n anjali handa.

arman n meera who was of their same age were their close friends n classmates too.arman lived next to their house…the four shared a very close bond.

they were alike each other.which geet utilized to throw tantrums on her friends.noone could not find out who played pranks on them.geet ya anjali.armaan also found it difficult to know who is geet n who is anjali.

But armaan had his secret way to find it.he will make them swear on each other..

anjaliki geet n

geetki kasam to anjali..

for what they will tell the truth to him..


Oneday,when they were 6yrs..rano took anjali with her to her relations house n geet went to farm with her papa.suddenly geet hissed in pain.she said her head ,legs n hands are paining.they both went to their house.their they saw anjali bandaged on her head,legs n hands.the same places where geet said she had pain.anjali slipped in some slide n got hurt.the next day they went to dr.for redressing anjalis wound.

Geets papa said to  the geet behaved yesterday.the dr.examined them both in many ways.

He made a screen between geet n anjali.he gave a chocolate to both.then a 2nd one..then 3rd.anjali was so happy getting the 3rdone.dr.did not give geet 3rd chocolate but she looked happy.he gave 2 more to geet..geet was normal when she get those.but when dr,gave more to anjali geet felt happy..

Then dr.said.

They both are twins..isnt it..

Yes dr.

It rarely happens in twins.u must have noticed ,normal happiness of anjali did not affect geet.but over happiness affects geet.geet shares the same feelings of anjali.this will be in all situations’not only happiness.pain,sorrow,anger,fear ..hunger..all..

Will it affect them ..

Not sure..but geet will be affected..if she understood it,she will not be affected.when they grow up n gain maturity it will not affect her..i’ll talk to geet n make her understand.

The dr. talked to her n geet was able to understand at that small age too.


They were 8yrs now.

Their family went more worse in financial staus.they hardly had money to feed the childrens fully.that day ranos younger sister came.who was married n settled abroad with her husband.she had no,she asked rano to give her a child n she will bring up her as her own child.geets parents were confused.they could not make any one way they thought atleast one of her daughter will live a peaceful life without facing poverty..but,their parenthood stopped them.they all went to temple.a baba crossed them.he said’

God has written only one childs love with you.accept it.

They decided it as gods wish n geet was sent with her maasi geets papa was used to be with geet mostly,he always called anjali as geet.even,that they may see geet in anjali too..

Geets maasi delivered a boy after she started to take care of geet.Geet did not return back to india after that,as she got procedures for green card ,her studies n more some problems..

Geet n anjali used to talk in phone .their bond was same as they used to be.even when they did not see each other.

Geet closed the window.she had bread as her dinner.she was not able to sleep.she opened the cupboard to take her night dress.her eyes fell on the bag,which had her books.she changed her dress n took anjalis dairy from her bag n started to read.


Precap:maans fb.. ride to hp…n anjalis fb too..



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