Geetanjali – Part 26

PART  26
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The same time..

Maan was in the next tree house,watching geets every move through the camera…her eyes looking now n then at the door.the food prepared for him too.. She was waiting for himIt gave an unknown satisfaction to him. somewhere ,I’m still in her heart..this thought made him smile.

I don’t want to do this..I don’t want u 2 be alone anjali.but,now I need this loneliness for myself. I want to make myself sure,what I’m doing is correct.taking revenge on my love is correct,even when my heart doesn’t accept it.i can listen only to my mind,that is stored by ur betrayel..being near u, I’m  unable to hold myself..i’m not sure what I’m doing is right or wrong.

maan saw her again.she  was reading a book..



He closed his eyes.he went a few months back…


Maan was busy 24 hrs in his work. he loved dadi n anie. he called anie  as baby lovingly. he gave her parental care. he was a normal man,but engrossed in his work too much..he never taunts or scared his staffs.he was friendly with all.even if they did mistakes, he will help them correct their mistakes politely. simply all adored him. if it comes to business or family.he was polite with all.he was the king in business. He is a famous personality known by all.but he is not a show off.he kept a low profile.he kept securities to make himself away from the medias,the girls..n from the threats he often gets from rivals n underworlds for money.he hate to be a celebrity surrounded by peoples.he always wants to live a life normally like others,without others interference.


as he was too busy he avoided marriage.dadi wanted him to settle.but, when maan has no time to eat how can she talk to him or make him look at a girl .no girl attracted him In his office or partys.


dadi saw him working too she thought of giving him a break, without his knowledge. Dadi’s friends poti meera’s marriage  was held in hoshiarpur,the next week..Dadi decided to take maan with her.she made maans appointments after 1o days with the help of adi.n sasha. she made the important things finished within two that his absence will not matter to kc.


When maan came to know about it .,he was shocked.then dadi convinced him.anie had her she left to stay in hostel with her friends.dadi n maan left to hoshiarpur in his bmw car.maan was in his formals.his securities followed him in different n bike too..the car started to move far away from delhi.they were entering villages.maan loved the sceneries.the green sight gave him pleasure.half the way maan got a call from his drivers house.his wife had got the labour pain n she needs him near her.maan gave his driver money n gave the bike to return to his wife.

Maan who will drive the car.maan did not hear dadi.

They were standing near a paddy field..maan was lost in the sceneries.he inhaled the sweet aroma of sand n was long time he has gone out of city ..

Dadi,will the sight will be like this till we reach hoshiarpur.

Yes maan..

Dadi..i ll come in jeep..

Dadi looked at him.he is avoiding a/c can he come in an open jeep..its still  little sunny..

I want to feel this fresh air..dadi..n the sceneries are amazing.

Ok..but I’ll come with u..i too wanted to be with  u..


Maan. n dadi was alone in the jeep ,while maan was driving it.whereas the securities followed them.n one of the securities took their car n moved further.HP was few kms ahead.dadi asked maan to stop near a road side tea was new for him. he sat there in the bench.all were having the tea.

he got the shock of his life when the man asked who is he?they have not seen him before..maan chocked his black split on his shirt.

They don’t know who I am..maan was happy .as noone  did not recognize him here. Atleast.,he can live himself  like this away from popularity world. They were back again riding to hp.

his luggage was in,he did not have a spare shirt..

Maan removed his shirt,which had coffee over it. .he was in his vest n driving.(imagine maan driving in his black was totally enjoying the ride.he thanked dadi for umpteenth time.

Dadi.noone knows me here..i want to live like this for the rest of days till we are here.


Dadi looked at maan.his wish was totally abnormal..but,there was a childish excitement.


But,my friends family knows u..n u know all of them too..


But,dadi ..i want to be treated like all normal persons.i don’t want special treatment..u brought me here to,cant u do this for me..its only meeras family,who knows me..u ask them not to  expose who I am..thats enough..

Dadi accepted..maan asked his securities also not to follow him closely or either give him respect before others.they too accepted.(how can they go beyond their boss orders)


Maan n dadi entered hp.their jeep stopped in midway.maan opened the bannet n checked the fault by himself.his hands n face had some black marks  of greese… he temperorily corrected the fault,he again drove to the place where dadi s friends live.

Meera’s family were standing at the entrance to welcome them.


Maan came out from his wheels in vest..his face n hair was messed..

All were shocked to see maan like this.he was always in his official attire.neat n tidy..

 Meeras family was about to greet him,when an old lady said.

Arei driver,tumei sharam nehi hai kya..yese aarahi ho…ye gau hai..jawaan ladkiyaan deke gi tho kya hoga…chi chi..aaj kal ki bache bhi na..besharam hai..

Ji ..mei shirt pehantha hoon

Maan he can continue like this..

Meeras family was about to stop the lady,but dadi stopped them

Dadi understood him by the way he smiled..

Dadi nodded his head..n said..

He is crazy.

Maan heared a group of girls laughing from the balcony..all were drooling him n his well toned body n abs..maan didn’t give them a look too..maan took his shirt n weared the time the security was taking the luggages from car.maan stopped him n he took the luggages only of dadimaas inside the house..he asked all to stay out of the house..

All the relatives gathered in meeras house thought him as a driver cum servant of dadi..

Meera was in dadi’s room taking blessings from her..her family was also there..

Bhai..why are you lifting the luggages..where are the servants..

Meera n maan has met only a few times. Though they are not close, meera addressed him as bhai..

Sshhh. meera..all think I’m driver..pls..let them think like that…I don’t want to be msk here..pls..


Pls meera..u all too..pls uncle..aunty..

All accepted ..

But maan where are your luggages n where will u stay?

I’ll live like others..he winked at dadi..he is totally cherishing every moment now..

Ok..i’ll go..i want to repair the jeep..its not in full condition..

but,u dont want to do it maan..

dadi..pls..let me live a few days as myself..

Maan was repairing the jeep..he found the fault under,he went under the jeep.he laid on his back in mud n started to screw up some parts ..


Inside the house..meeras cousin girls of the same village,asked who is the man..

meera said driver of savithri dadi..she said what maan said to say..

Oh..he is so arrogant..he didn’t even look at us..

He will not..if u tried too..

U r talking like u know him..

I’ve seen him in dadis only..he is not like u girls think…he respects girls n talk less to girls

Ok..lets have a bet girls..we will prove u wrong meera..any one who can make him fall for her will win the bet…n if we win,meera will empty ur husbands packet by giving the money he has the very day we win …n if we lose…we will give our money we have…this will be only till that man is here..

Ok..including meera all accepted the challenge..


Dadi along with some of her other friends came out..they sat under a big tree n chit chatted.she can see maan from there..maan heared dadis voice..he sensed she is around him..Dadi smiled at his behavior..

(Note dears:just imagine all the conversations in hoshiarpur is in u will feel all are villagers..n don’t know English..even maan n dadi will speak hindi here..)

Then she saw a beautiful girl in a simple salwar supplying coffee to all..

Dadi..have it

The girl extended the tray..

Thank you beti…u r looking beautiful..

Thanks dadi..

Will u give coffee to him..he is my driver..dadi laughed at her words..

Dadi pointed maan,who was busy repairing his jeep..


She moved to him with tray..dadi stopped her..

He doesn’t drink coffee added with milk..give him black coffee..


What a lovely girl..who is she..

Handas ki daughter..anjali..

Anjali was unaware of the bet..

Anjali came with black coffee..the opposite person who was in hurry banged on her..she leaned on the newly painted pillar..she was also messed up..she managed to hold the coffee..

She went to maan..maan heared the sound of payals nearing him..

Anjali thinks how to call,she stamps her feet few times..her payal sounded more..

But maan is maan..he never cared for a girl..he went busy on his work..

Atlast,losing her patience,Anjali called him..


Her voice was so sweet,that attracted him..he peaked his head out..

They both had an eyelock…both were not looking gud…she was messed in paint n he with mud n Greece..

Wo..dadi asked me to give u coffee..

I don’t drink coffee

His tone was manly..she drooled his exposed body.she gulped her saliva..(he is in his vest again)

What a handsome man..she thought..n then wacked her mind..

This is black coffee..


He came out..he looked at his dirty hands..

Hmm..wo..i want to wash my hands first..

Anjali kept the coffee tray on the jeep seat..she went n came with a bucket full of water..

I’ll  help u..n u can wash ur hands

She poured the water n he washed his hands n face..when his face came visible..she was lost in his look..she gave him the coffee..he sat on jeep n sipped it..

Geet was whiping the paint on her face with duppatta..

If I ask u something u will not feel badna..

Maan looked at her angelic face…for the first time he was attracted to a girl..

Dadi was watching it…atlast god has listened to me…my decision of bringing him is right..he has found the girl..


Why r u not taking milk in ur family too poor to give u coffee added with milk..ur family must be too big..haina..

She asked him in pity..

Oh..maan..he loved that concern..first time someone has spoke to him in pity…

He cant lie to he kept mum..

I can understand..u don’t want to share ur feelings..its ok. u don’t want others pity u..

Maan looked at the girl asking question to him & answering it by herself..

Who are you?r u related to this house?

Maan wants to know about her..

Ok..dont need to change the topic..i’ll not ask u anymore about ur family or status..

Meera’s relative girls came there..

She is anjali…the servant maid…of this house.. only she pitys me..maan thought..

Anjali gave an angry glare to the girls..they pleaded her by eyes..but,anjali cant understand why they are pleading..

Excuse me..i’ve works to do..

She left taking the coffee cup from maan..

Maan did not speak to the girls who were standing near him..

They really got pissed off by his ignorance..they went inside behind anjali..

Why did you lie to him?

Wo anjali..he talked to u only..we had a bet with meera…

They explained to her about the bet..

Whats there to lie…

He will talk to u thinking u r also a servant like him…we can easily win the bet..we win or one among our gang..what u say..

I don’t accept this..i’m not supporting u..

Meera came inside..

Do whatever u can..even if anjali helps u,..u will not win..he is not a man to fall for beautiful girls…

Anjali made her mouth a big O..

Ok..meera..i’ll help ur cousins…I’ll make him go behind any 1 of ur cousins..

Best of luck..

Meera was happy in 2 ways..

If maan went behind a girl.or  If her cousins win too..

she has fulfilled dadis wish of making maan to marry…

in other way anjali will make herself busy helping her cousins…

she will forget about her..
in both ways victory is meeras..


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