Geetanjali – Part 28

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Maan looked at the time..10.45…

Shit.. he hit the tyre of jeep..

He looked around, was dark everywhere n no one were in the road…both were drenched in rain..he looked at anjali..her saree was glued to her like another skin.

We cant be standing like this in rain…then he found a hut far from the road..

Maan took the torch n holding anjali went to the hut…the hut was filled with hay stack..


maan saw Anjali was shivering in cold…he went back to jeep .he took the shirts n came back..when he returned he saw anjali ,through the window.she was whipping herself with the sari pallu.,squeezing the water n again drying herself..he can see her cleavages fully..her front was fully viewed by him.he closed his eyes..

maans st:I’m in love with you anjali..the instant I saw u in that goons hands,I realized it,that I cant live without u…its not a mere interest of knowing you…or liking u..its more than that…that is love..i  died hundreds of time in that minute,when I saw u danger…

then he smiled..

I want to make our each n every moment special…I’ll propose u n I’m sure u will accept it..noone can resist maan singh khurana…I’ll say dadi to ask ur hand for marriage…

Then he heared her sneezing..he knocked the door..she placed her sari correctly..

Wo..anjali..u can change to this…u r shivering…

He moved outside..he removed his shirt squeezed it n whipped himself…he looked at the moon n anjali is beautiful than u…

Anjali removed all her dress making herself bare..he took his shirts n looked at both .she choosed the shirt he bought… she looked him through the window..he did not even turn to the door too..

Anjali st:how a man at this century can be so humble at this situation too..he did not look at me once…nor he took the situation to his favour…if  some others are in his place,they would have forced me now..he is a gentlemen..i wish I would spend my life with him..

She looked at him..he  has removed his vest  n whipping his body..she gulped her saliva…he was too hot n handsome..she forgot buttoning her shirt n lost in him..

I want to feel him…

At that time something crawled over her foot…n she screamed in fear…

Maan rushed inside without thinking …

What happ….he lost his words,seeing her fully in the see thru shirt…which came only below her waist..n the buttons which are not done gave him the view of her mounts n every curve of her upper..he looked at her slim legs…

Nooo..maan..u r taking her weak moment n drooling her..its wrong..if u continue,u will spoil ur realation before budding itself..

She jumped at her place when the frog jumped on her leg again..she hugged him in fear….being in his arms ,started to make her knees weak…she had the urge to be touched by him…she looked at him..he was standing there closing his eyes…he did not hug her back..

He was trying his best not to cross the limit…he was planning everything to be special..

N this weak moment also he controlled ,bcoz he wanted it to be in their sr..

Anjali was too lost in his proximity..

I cant be a wife to anyone nor bcome a mother…I don’t know he loves me or not..atleast for a night..i can live with the man whom I love… I can experience love..

That decision gave her courage…she caressed his cheeks.her hand moved over his toned body..he had goose bumps…already he was lost seeing her beauty n now she was seducing him by her every touch…maan did not move nor open his eyes..she took his  one hand n placed on her waist under her shirt.she took his other hand n placed it on her shoulder..she tip toed n gave him a kiss on his forehead..maan tightened his grip on her waist..she smiled at the effect..she slowly started to give him wet kisses from face to his chest…he was still frozen in his place..his grip showed how much he is trying to hold himself back…she neared his face again n started to kiss in his lips…she has broken his control…he started to kiss her back with full passion.he tasted her mouth feeling her sweet saliva…his hands moved all over her hungrily. …she undid his buckle of pants..maan was shocked..but her submission gave him courage to explore her more..there is no more holding when the physical need has took over them..

they fall on the hay stack..n started to make love..they never spoke  at that time..anjali gave herself to him..she moaned in pleasure n pain.tears escaped from her eyes ..she has experienced another happiness before leaving this world…its enough for her for the rest of her days,,this moment ,she can cherish till her death…she removed the tears before he notices…he fell with his back on the hay after making their love. they both breathed heavily..she moved to his chest n lay her head over it…her closeness was awakeing him again..he made her lay with her back..he looked at her lovingly..her eyes was closed..still lost in his passion…u seduced me n now u r sleeping..lets u stop me from  making love again..he took a feather from the floor n started to move from her hands to shoulder…she stirred a little.. maan was moving the feather all over her body…he was blowing his breathe wherever the feather went went…without touching her,he was driving her insane..his every move was awakening her physically…he saw her body losing her stiffness n she clutched the hay in her fists…she started to moan… …

He came to her belly bottom n  draw circles He blew air over it ..moving upward to her curves…he bit her nipples..n sucked it lightly..she could not take it more..she hugged him tightly..he made love again…they lost their counts,how much time they lost themselves..



Anjali was now again with her head on his chest..hearing his heartbeat..they have not yet spoke till now..the moon light was the only one to witness their secret love..the time moved on..he thought she dozed off..

he brushed her hair…n spoke to her…

I know anjali..we have broken our limits…but,I want to say u something…I wanted to make it special when I say…now,I must say..after making this  night beautiful ,I think nothing can be special…from the first day I saw u im  attracted towards u…but today I am sure with my feelings..i’m in love with u…I cant live without u..I want to spend my life with u…after today,I think I cant be away from u even for a minute…I want u in my life soon…I’ll talk to dadi about our marriage..n very soon u will be my wife…1 condition anjali…I want a girl baby  first..then we can fix how much we want..i’ve no objection..if u r ready 2 have a dozen too..u don’t want to worry about them…..i’ll look after all..u keep on loving me..thats what I need…

He was going on with his dreams…where anjali’s heart was bleeding to know his unconditional love towards her…

Anjali’s St:I’m sry…I must not have done this to u…thinking about my happiness,I forgot I gave u a false hope.u r dreaming future with me..when,.i cant be with u..anjane mei meine kya kardiya…u must not love me…I don’t want u to love me like this…no..u deserve happiness for ur entire life…u must stop dreaming..i must stop u..but how….thinking she dozed off…

Maan cuddled her more n he too dozed off..the morning sunrays hit his eyes…he woke up…anjali was not there..he slipped in his dress fast n looked for anjali…he came to the jeep…she was sitting in the jeep with closed eyes..she was crying…she looked pale…n worried..

Anjali..u must have waken up me..bina bathayi chale aayi tum…he asked her in concern..

She opened her eyes…he could see only the guilt in her eyes…he was hurt to see her like that..

Is she regretting last night…was it a weak moment…I moved on with her…

Anjali…do u think I’ll leave u…don’t u trust…

His voice was cut off ,when the car stopped screeching the road near him.


precap..anjali avoiding maan..

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