Geetanjali – Part 29

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Meera n dev came out of the car..meera saw anjali crying..she ran n hugged anjali..

What happened anjali..why are you crying..

I’m in pain’.she did not mention what sort of pain she is going thru’

Dev came to maan..

All are worried about u both..

The jeep did not start‘maan said looking at anjali. he knows which pain she is talking about..physically n mentally..the guilt in her eyes is enough to know her pain..his eyes were not able to meet her..

Meera panicked thinking ,she is mentioning her head ache’

they were back to hp by devs car..after that maan did not see her..he knew from meeras cousins,she is taking rest..n she was really having head ache’meeras premarriage rituals started n maan saw anjali with them..but lost somewhere..


dadima sensed maan is worried about something..she cornered him n asked what is torchuring his mind..maan has never hide anything from dadi’so he said’he is in love with he could not see her from morning he was worried.. dadi was in cloud 9..dadi said she will speak to anjali n her parents after meeras marriage..

at evening sangeet started..anjali was sitting near meera..meera looked anjali..

meers st:bcoz of her only I ‘m getting married,but why she is not enjoying..


at that time armaan entered the hall..

hai babys..i’m here..

meera was angry with armaan for coming late..she turned her face’but anjali stood n hugged him tight..

I missed u..armaan..

I missed u too anjali..he smiled n hugged her back..

As the whole village know about their friendship,as the three were brought up together..they did not took it in wrong way..

Maan was looking at them from distance’he felt jealous n hurt…how could she touch another guy..she is mine mine only

Anjali saw she got the way to avoid him..

Armaan joined the sangeet n started to dance..he took anjali to the dance floor..she also danced with him leaving a fuming maan behind..armaan held his ears infront of meera,with that she accepted his maafi..

Maan got a chance when anjali was walking alone to kitchen..

He cornered her..

Whats that anjali’


Who is that man..

She expected she must lie..she gathered all her courage n looked at him..

My love..

Maan was left shocked..

She left the place immediately..

How can she say he is her love..

After thet he tried to meet her in many ways..she kept someone with her always..the next day..meeras parents asked anjali to bring some things from store room..she was searching for the things..

Maan entered the store room followed by his security..

What bahadur..

Sir,today the vips are on the way for marriage.we cant assure if the medias are also with them..u cant dress like this before,dadima has given u dress to change..

Its ur prestige issue..sir..

Ok..maan took the packet n changed ..

Anjali stood their stunned..maan without looking at her went to the hall n anjali followed him quietly..

One of the local mla arrived ..he wished maan..

Hello mr.khurana..its glad to see u here..

Dadi n meeras family are I came here..n more over meera is also like my sister.

Then he was busy as more vips came..anjali was suffocated, when  meera said the truth he is multi millioner,the famous business man n the grandson of dadi..

The whole relatives looked awe at the man,whom they thought as a servant.

The marriage ceremony went on n the bidai held..more than her parents,meera hugged anjali n cried more..she said to armaan look after her..

Maan heared it..

I cant believe Whatever anjali said .but now meera is saying to that boy to look afteranjali..iska matlab. Was she right.

Meera went to sasural..anjali was returning to her house with armaan..

Maan blocked her way..

I want to talk to u..


Anjali panicked,that maan did not split the beans n armaan doesn’t say anything that they are only friends..

Amy..u wait for me at the corner..i’ll come..

But baby..

Maan gritted his teeth..

U go amy’

Armaan left .he saw them from distance,but could not hear them what they are talking..

Mr.khurana..can u say why u r blocking my way‘anjali kept her voice cold as much as she can..

Anjali’why are u doing this to me..

Ive done nothing than u have done mr.khurana..u cheated ,saying u r a driver..

She wants to hurt he can hate her..

I did not cheat u..i did not say u I’m a driver..

Nor u denied it

Ok..i’m at fault..i’m sry..anjali..i love u..i want to marry u’

Anjalis world slipped away from her feet..the word which every girl would prefer to hear’.but now she cant accept it..she has made a big mistake’he has his entire life to go..i cant spoil it..

But I don’t love u..i already told  u..i love amy..

Then  whats that we shared..that beautiful night’

It was not a beautiful night mr.khurana’it was a mistake’a weak moment..u r too hot n I think I’m also not bad’again I was a weak moment,which we went away’it was only a physical pleasure..nothing more than it’u must have experienced many nights like this’

Maan was hurt..her every words were piercing him..

What do u mean by that’

I know the rich men n their one night stands

Maan shook her shoulders..

Do u think I’m one of the cheap’.shit..i didn’t expect this from u’

Sry mr.khurana’

Truth is always bitter

Damn it..i love u n I want to marry u’

I don’t want to be in relation with u’I love amy..he too loves me’I don’t want to marry a person whom I don’t love’and please don’t ever cross in my life again..i want to live my life’

She started to walk away from him’

Maan came n blocked her again’

Ok anjali’whatever u want to think about me u can think..u have never seen the real maan..n now u will see’I have never shared my things with others..n I’ll not share u also..u will never become some ones..

He left the place..n anjali started to cry..

Armaan came..n hugged anjali..

What happened anjali..what that he want to talk to talk to u..why r u crying..

I cant share to u ..sry amy..pls..just hold me..

They both were hugging each other in the middle of the road’

Maan turned to see anjali’but he was burning looking at the sight..

Dadi n maan stayed for some more days..dadi could see the anger behind maans silence..she asked him,whether they can go n ask for the hands of anjali to their house..maan stopped her..he will say when to go…

anjali n armaan came daily to meeras house to visit meeras parents..n their closeness was noticed by dadi also.. dadi started worrying about maan..

Maan finally decided to meet anjalis parents..he followed anjali to her house that day..

Maan looked at the house’it looked like a middle class familys house..he entered the house..her parents where shocked to see him’

Mr.khurana’you ‘.here’in our house’

Ji..this is anjalis house na‘he asked with a little confusion’’m her father ..this is her mother

Namaste’u can call me maan..

Hmm..i’ll come straightly to the point’I want to marry ur daughter..


Anjali who was in her room came out’

I’ve already told u mr.khurana..i’m not ready to marry you..

I’m not asking ur permission anjali’I’m asking ur parents..

They will never go against my wish’say him papa..

Anjalis father looked at her,she was uttering pls silently..her parents looked at maan who is calling the mama n papa in full assurance..

Papa.. n mama..i want to know ur view..

Beta’we must be blessed to give our child to a royal family like u..but,we cant go against her’

So,papa..if she agrees u r ok with this marriage..

Anjali nodded to say him yes..


At that time anjalis house phone buzzed..

She took..


Hello anjali r u..

Vickyyy’I’m fine ..she screamed in joy..

Papa’bhaika phone hai‘(so maan thought anjali has a bhai )

ruk I’ll give phone to geet di .

Anjali..tell me what are u doing these days..i’m getting weird feelings..whats the reason?




mr’u may leave the place..

anjali said harshly..maan expected this..

ok..i’ll leave..but,I promise u will accept me to marry me…n I’ll marry u in front of all..i give u one month time..accept politely..or u will have to face the worse..lets see in the evening..

with that he went to meeras house,only to see a fainted dadi’n dr. checking her..

bp high hogayi’she needs rest..keep away from tensions’

maan know what is her tension’to keep her away,he had no other idea than going back to delhi’maan got busy in kc,with meetings n works..

after 3 weeks he came back to hp again without dadi’s knowledge..anjalis house was locked..n the neighbours also doesn’t have no idea..but guessed they might have went to Mumbai as meeras reception is at the end of the week..

maan had an appointment with the Mumbai engg college to construct a new building..he said to dadi ,he is going to Mumbai’


after the meeting ,maan came out of the college..he saw anjali coming out chatting with her friends n meera..he saw books in her hand..

he came to anjali’

so,miss anjali’

anjali was shocked to see him..meera was surprised..


wait meera..i want some answers from her..

the other friends left leaving them both’.

So,miss anjali,I must say u r a gud actress..u acted very well as a maid’u behaved like an uneducated..spoke in hindi all time..but,.in real u r not an illiterate..u r studying here.. I’m really impressed..

Anjali looked at the ground,trying to find an answer..

i never said i’m uneducated..

Wo bhai,girls had a challenge to impress,they lied..

I did not ask u meera..N anjali u accused me that I lied ..i’m a driver..n what u did..u cheated me..

Their friends called..

Anjali n meera  jiju is waiting. come soon..

Dev neared him..

Mr.khurana..aap yahaan..

Yes ..i had a meeting here to construct a new building..

Oh..thats nice..ladies lets go.tomorrow also u have u remember that…meet u later mr.khurana..

Ok..we will meet soon again

Maan looked at anjali n said..

The three walked to devs car..armaan was standing there’anjali hugged him..

So,mr.amy is also studying here..tomorrow,I’ll spill the truth before him..then what will u do anjali..

The next day maan was standing in one of his construction sites of mumbai’he was so lost in anjalis thoughts,he did not hear the labours screaming him to move as a lorry with steel rods was taking reverse..the driver hit a sudden break,hitting maans shoulder..the rod hit his arms n blood oozed out..he was taken to the hospital n was bandaged’.





Geet read the diary’

Today I went to hospital with radha’I saw maan there’today I gave him the extreme shock,that he will hate me to the core’geet turned the front n back pages..there was no detail about that’

What u did anjali???u did not right anything here’


At the same time maan was thinking’


You thought I’ll leave u easily after that incident’but,u were wrong’that incident only made me too strong in my decision to make me urs’I hate doing things that my heart doesn’t accept..but,I decided to make me urs by hook or crook that day only’


To forget that I locked myself in the hotel room’but,I couldn’t’the next day,I roamed around Mumbai’then too I couldn’t forget what u did to me’I drove into the college of urs..i saw u entering canteen..that amy was sitting with a girl..n meera..then I saw u kissing him..i can guess..u r kissing his lips..i was hurt’I returned to my room..i cant bare that came often into my eyes..i went to the club in the hotel’I started to drink..i want to forget myself’I saw the boys n girls dancing happily’then I saw dev meera n that bustard amy n you dancing.u are wearing this ur much beautiful u look in that salwars…are you dancing in joy for breaking my heart’which could not be gathered anymore’I could not see u dancing with him..his arms around u..i moved towards u’n I punched that amy’he fell on the floor’u tried to help him get up..i held ur hair harshly ‘I kissed u in ur lips harshly before all in that public place..i pinned u to the wall n increased my pressure’meera ,dev that amy all tried to save u from me’I left u ,when I felt that u will not feel that taste of amys lips on urs..

I heared meera cursing me..i’ll never forgive u bhai

I moved to my room..i saw u standing shocked..n the three were shaking her to make her come to reality..i smirked..looking at the effect of me on her..i had a peaceful night that day’

The next day I woke up with a heavy hang over’I realized I’ve made a big mistake..which will make u hate me more..i drove to ur college..the watchman said exams has finished n the college is leave for 15days..i called meera,but she refused to talk to me..same was dev..i asked him is anjali is with them..atlast he answered she is not with them..i sent bahadur to hp..even ur parents was not there..with no other way I asked bahadur to ask amys parents. Where is armaan n anjali..

They said armaan is with anjali

I asked him to  know where they were..

But they refused to say’

From that day I’m searching for u madly’

After the college opened I went their n asked about u three..

The answer I got was meera n u have got the tc’n armaan was not a student their..i came to meeras house..they said meera has settled abroad with dev..when I asked about u..they said they don’t know anything’after a few days I met ur parents in hp’they were stubborn to say anything about u..they even requested me to move on with my life n forget u..but I cant..i couldn’t’

Slowly I started to feel u have escaped from me n went with turned me rude..i lost my originality..i  was no more friendly..ur betrayel turned me rude  n arrogant..whenever I see a girl..i see only u in them..i behaved rude to dadi n anie also’I even started to think anie will betray someone like u did to me..dadi sent ani to hostel to save her from dadi can save herself from me’n my hatred of words..she started to look bride for one stage I hurt her badly..n I myself shifted to outhouse..i don’t want to see dadis face also’.

But,now see’u came to attend interview,without knowing its mine’u may have changed ur name as geet..u have escaped these days being in abroad..n now u r mine’I’ll torture u for whatever u did..till u beg me for peace..

Maan looked at the screen,geet was still engrossed in the book..

Geet was turning every page to find what anjali has mentioned..but the pages were empty after that..she has written nothing’she looked at the date which she was turning’.the day anjali died’I cant turn more..she was about to closed the diary..but the last page attracted had some wordings..

She started to read..

I know when I started writing this diary I will not be alive at the end to finish this’so I’m writing this

My life is short

All gave me happiness..

All tried to keep away from sorrows..

I feel proud to have such a family n friends..

I’m so lucky to have them in my life..

Kash..the god would have given extension in my life’

I would have repaid them with happiness..


I got all happiness..

Even the love..

The immense love maan had for me..

I’m lucky to get a man like him..

But I’m unlucky,bcoz I cant be with him to feel the love more..

i cant repay him the same love

I got the happiness of a married girl from him..

But I failed to realize that it’s a mistake..

to steal a living mans happiness.



My life is short..

But his life is long..

Thinking about my happiness 

I pushed him into sorrow..

I’m hurting u maan..

So u may hate me’

Hate me to core..

N move on in ur life’


If god asks me now whats ur last wish’

I will not ask me for my life..

I will ask for his happiness’

I want him to be the happiest person on earth..

he deserves every happiness..

even pure love from a girl’like his pure heart..

I wish..i would be the girl for maan in next birth’

I will vanish all my hatred words with my love ..

N in this birth’??????


Kash..kuch yesa chamatkarho..i would be with u always..



Geet closed the diary..her heart was heavy’

Anjali..why did u do this’.to urself n maan’yes..u r right..he loves you..he loves u madly,that he can do anything to get u’he mistook me as u n see what he has done’he married me’

Geet kept the diary back between her books n went to bed..she rolled on her bed..she was unable to sleep..she sat on the bed’

Maan was still watching her every move’


Why I’m not able to sleep’.she closed her eyes only to feel maans arms around her..she opened her eyes’maan was not there..

Maan’though in ur hatred too,u have made ur place in my heart’

From starting I was thinking,why I couldn’t hate u..i got the answer’bcoz of the feeling anjali had for u’now anjali is no more ..only my feelings are there to feel u’I’m in love with u maan’I’m in love with u for the love u have for my sister..i’ll try to make you happy as it is my sisters wish’I’ll bare anything for her n for u’

she moved to the wardrobe n took maans shirt’she cuddled it with her n slept peacefully..


but maan’maan did not expect it’he looked at the screen without blinking seeing geet sleeping peacefully’a small smile formed in his lips..

u have accepted this relation n me’anjali’n I’m in ur heart,which u cant deny it..if this is the way I can bring u to me’I’ll torture u till u accept u love me’

he too slept peacefully’



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