Geetanjali – Part 36


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the car entered the hospital..geet got out of the car n moved to the hospital like a dead body..
the receptionist asked her..
you are mrs.khurana..
she nodded yes..
she called a nurse…
take her to labour room…n prepare her …
geet followed the nurse…her each step was slow…fighting with herself…she stood numb inside  the room…her heart ached seeing the equipments..the nurse gave her hospital clothes and asked her to change..she changed n sat there..
from when she came out of house,her mind has stopped working..
there was already a women in next room…she was screaming in labour pain which brought her senses back..after a while geet heared a baby cry..the cry sounded heavenly
geet,from when u became weak..without fighting with ur fate u accepted ur defeat today…no..geet is not weak..she can face all situations strong..n now its for my child…i have to fight..fight with my love n fate..
..i cant abort my child…i ve to talk to maan…i will tell him the truth today..i know he hate lies…whatever he says after that i’ll do it..if he did not love me or forgive me for hiding the truth also..i’ll bare it…but i cant abort my baby…she touched her belly…n remembered maans words..
...i always tried my best after our marriage to forget that one incident..u aborted our baby…as a lover i can forgive you…but as a father i cant forgive you..that s the reason i still feel hatred for u..
yes..he cant forgive him as a father..bcoz he loves to be a father..more than a lover.
baby.papa loves u..he loves his baby..he too wants to be a father…its bcoz of anjali he said to abort u…dont hate ur papa n me..i was going to do a stupidity..
geet took the mobile n tried maans number..the network did not work..
nurse came..
are u ready mam..
i want to make a call..can i..
u can go n call from the waiters room…u will not get the signal here..

she moved towards the waiters room…a man was watching her …is she the same girl…if she is the same girl,radha will be so happy to see her...he thought…

here in KC…
maan was in foul mood…getting angry on silly things n firing all at spot..
adi came to him..he gathered some courage
sir,i think u r disturbed about something..u need some time to be alone…
maan looked at him in seeth anger…adi feared whether maan will fire him too..but maan knows adi is correct..
hmm…i want to be alone…he roared in anger..
sir.shall icancel ur appointments for today..
adi went n came again with maans coffee…
sir,u may need this..
he kept the coffee on the table n left..
he took the coffee..though its gud,it did not give taste to him…he moved to the blind n looked at the empty cabin of geet..n imagined her working there..sometimes winking at him..then bringing coffee to him..a small curve formed his lips..
if geet was here she will be the one to bring coffee for me…now,she will be…in hospital…
no..she must not do it..
.yes..thats why im getting anger..i’m expecting her to say that she will not abort my child..i want her to plead..she said she wants the baby..
its not with love for baby..
so what she asked na…u would have accepted it..
maans heart started to question him…maan,in ur revenge u have asked to abort ur own baby..u didnot save ur first baby..atleast u would have saved ur second can u be stone hearted..its not only her baby..its urs also..u r so lost taking ur revenge..that u said to abort ur own baby..can u live in peace after this..u hate only anjali..then whats the fault of baby here..why u r taking ur revenge on it..why u dont want  the small soul to be smashed before coming to this world…

maan run his hands in his hair.. baby..its innocent..i want it..i want it…he punched his fists on the wall..not satisfied he started to throw all the things that came to his hands in floor..

no..i want to stop it…i want to stop geet..she must not go…
he took his cell n called geet…both were trying at same they could not reach each other…

here the man came to geet…
u r anjali…u studied in mumbai isnt it?
geet was again trying her phone in frustration..
she wants her question to be repeated as she did not concentrate on it…
ji…i dont think ive seen u..who r u?
anjali...radha screamed in joy…she hugged her tight..she broke her hug n kissed her..tears were flowing from her eyes non stop…she hugged geet again..
before geet could recognize whats going on radha fainted..
the man caught radha before she lands on floor..geet called for nurse..they took her to a near by room..
please u also come with us..she was waiting to see u for a long time..
geet knotted her brows..
but silently followed him..radha was admitted in hospital…
geet was again trying to call..dr,said..
pls mam..phones are not allowed.inside patients room.pls switch off..if u want go n call from outside..
geet switched off the phone n here maan lost his patience…
the dr..said it was only of over excitement..radha n her baby is safe..she will gain conscious soon..
thanks dr..

he turned to geet

oh,,sry..i didnot introduce myself..i’m mohan…her husband…

then geet saw an old man coming inside..
kya hua beta…mein tum dono ko wahaan doondrahi thi…then his eyes fell on geet..

the man instantly fell on her feet stretching his whole body on land…geet jumped back a few steps seeing an elder man at her feet

aap..what r u doing..u r elder 2 my father…

anjali beta..may be in age i’m elder than u..but u r a goddess to our life..bcoz of u my radha is still with me..

geet now realized they are mistaking her as anjali…

ji..mein..anjali.. u know what u have done to this old him an another life..if u dont have made abort that child of that dusht ravan…we all would have died in shame..more over that girl would  give her name to spoil her own image,to save her friend like u did..

geet looked at them astonished..she could get the incidents clear now..anjali mentioned in diary, i n radha went to hospital..that means this is radha…so,anjali gave her name in hospital to save radha..

if you dont mind can u say what happened..bcoz i’m not anjali…i’m her twin sister geet…
where is anjali?
she is no more..

they both looked each other in shock..

why bagwaan ache logon ko jaldi bula dethi hein..

mohan are longing to see anjali…pls u dont say this truth to radha..she is carrying n she is very fond of ur sister.she cant bare the truth…i’ll say u what happened..radha is ur sisters classmate..she said anjali  always scolded her relation with kishan…his intensions is not right.n he is not a gud person…but her love made her blind..she realised the  truth only when she got to know about his marriage..she went to him to ask the truth ..he said he got what he needed n asked him to leave her..she said  she is carrying his child..he asked her how will he believe its his may be some others too..she slapped him n came backto that time her elder sisters marriage was in one week..anjali saw her attempt to suicide n saved her from jumping from terrace..then she said her problems to anjali.if anyone of her family comes to know about her pregnancy,her sisters marriage will stop..n her father will also end his life in shame…ur sister asked her whether she wants to carry the child of a cheater..radha said no..she dont want to carry a child which is not a symbol of, both went to hospital to.abort her child ..when the hospital asked her name anjali gave her name instead of radha’s..she went home to attend her sisters marriage when she returned ur sister was not in college..after a few days radha came to know kishans marriage did not occur..the reason behind was anjali..she went to his bride n said the truth n how he cheated radha..kishan was seething to pay back for it..he tried to get radha back in his life..but now radha is well aware of his intensions.n she did not let him in his life again..
how do u know all this..
radha only said to me..she did not believe in love after what kishan has did..she laughed out only for her family..i loved her from my child hood..n she knows that also. when i proposed her  she blurted out the truth n asked me 2 go out of her life as she dont deserve my love..i gave her time to think..n i approached her father for her hand..
did radhas father know about this before..
no..not till the day of our engagement…yes..atlast radha  accepted to marry me for her fathers sake..kishan came to the place where our engagement was held.. he disclosed that she aborted his child n they had an irregular affair..first all were shocked n radha was about to say the truth..n i gestured her to be quiet..her father asked for evidence..he showed few pictures..but they were not so close in that..
i said in mumbai like city being a girl n boy friendly is common..he took us to the hospital..the records were in the name of  ur sister…he can not prove ..we handed him to police saying he tried to create problems in our,that he may not create problems in future…when we returned home..radha said the truth to her father.first he was very much angry at her..then,he realised how much she suffered alone..n faked smiling for him n her sister..

the old man said..i forgive her for her truth she has said to mohan..she was truthful in her new relation n i know she has suffered enough..anjali saved me n my family..if we are still alive its bcoz of ur sisters one lie ..i’m greatful for ur family for what ur sister has did to us. for the later seven lives too we cant pay back for what anjali has given us..but,ur sister did not give us a chance even to thank her..
geets st:no..u came in correct time…to open my eyes..otherwise i  also thought she cheated maan…but no..she again lied to him,so he would hate her…
but,anjali..ur decision  has made an afffect on him wrong ways..
u thought if he hates u he will move on with his life..but, has made him to think that he possessed u…
u thought he will hate u n leave u…but he hates u..but wants to keep u beside with him to show his hatredness.

geet beta..anjaliko kya hua.kab did radha doesnt knew about it..

anjali was sick before itself..she must have hided it from radha..nearly its going to be an do u know im anjali..that like anjali..

u know..radha has kept a full photo of anjalis in our room..she talks to it often..she thinks the life now she is living happily is bcoz of u…she was eagerly waiting for the day to see u..we even went to HP once..but noone was their in we came back…n ur house phone of hp was also ringing continuosly .. n dad left hp for a while..

then they saw radha stirring..

geet pls dont say u r not anjali..after her first abortion some complications came in utrus..first dr.s said she cant bcome mother again..but after a long medications she has become pregnant..but drs have asked her to keep safe..i dont want her to receive her shock..

geet st:first abortion may lead complications..agar mein dubara maa nehi ban sakthi tho...?

Radha was gained her senses..
how r u anjali
im fine.. double congrats..
she shied a little..
thanks anjali..but,where do u go anjali..why ur accent is different?
i went to america to see my maasi..
i’m so much happy to see u..i was waiting for the day ..i want to share my happiness..if im living peaceful today with my husband n father its bcoz of u..she said ..
geet sat with them for a while chatted normally with radha she came out n went to see dr…

here maan was going mad..geets cell was switched off…he  called his driver..
where are u..where is geet..
sir,we are in hospital..mam went inside before an hour..till now she is not back..
He threw his phone on the floor in frustration broke into pieces…
nooo..anjali..dont do it..i’m wrong this time…dont do it..ab mein kya karun.he paced restlessly inside the messed room..the landline phone hit his leg..
..he searched for the hospital number from directory …He sat down on the floor n called hospital..
i’m mr maan singh my wife there ..i want to talk to her..urgent..he rubbed his temples n waited for her reply..
ji sir..she came..i only sent her with nurse..wait a minute sir..i’ll call her..
the receptionist called the nurse..
mr.khurana wants to talk to his wife..go n call her.

i left her in labour room…it will take time she will be under treatment can we call her…we will say when she gains conscious,her husband called him..

maan heared it…the phone slippped from his hand…

no..she went..she is in labour threw the files again flew in air n few papers landed on him..the picture of geet made him notice the was her profile she submitted while joining KC…with that some more papers where there..
he started to go through it bcoz all were  american certificates.. in all the names were mentioned as geet handa..there were certificates starting from her child hood..some paper cuttings where she was holding cups with american girls..he went through the showed her she has finished her bba there n her first year mba…her passport copy which said she is coming here after long years..
how can it be..?
he roared..the whole building echoed..
adi came running in
what sir…
whats this adi..
adi looked at the papers n certificates he was holding…
this sir..u asked me to verify geet mams certificates  na sir…this all are proofs which was sent from our men there..she has truly finished her studies there..
nehi ye nehi ho saktha..
then he remembered he must stop abortion first…
he ran to the parking lot n started to drive harshly…he was driving in 100+ speed breaking all the rules
but his mind was in confusion..
anjali was with me..then how could she be in america..
she was studying engg..i myself has seeen it..then how can be the certificates prove she studied abroad..
whats going on..whats that i cant understand..
why my life is not peaceful..

he closed his eyes..why my life is so miserable...

when he opened his eyes,he was shocked..before he could put the break he dashed into the truck coming before…it was really a bad accident..maan was bleeding heavily…
bahadur was following him from he called ambulance immediately..n rushed to the near by hospital..the same where geet was..
bahadur tried geets came switched off…then he called km n informed about maans accident..

geet came out of dr.s room..
she suddenly felt restlessness…something bad happened..she moved to the labour room to collect her dress..
she was before the room..bahadur called
she turned only to c a bleeding maan in stretcher..his face  hand n body full of blood n glass pieces..
maaan…she screamed..
maan jerked n opened his eyes…his vision was blur..but could see geet in hospital dress n the back board labour room..
his heart felt a pang.he felt like his heart shatterred into pieces again..which cant be gathered again…
he closed his eyes going to an unconscious stage…


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