Geetanjali – Part 38


Thank you friends for giving me a huge support…thanks for all of them who hit like buttons.Smileand commenting me..Smile

she hugged him.with a bone crush bear hug…
thats when maan opened his eyes…n his body burned seeing it..

.he was not able to move from bed.his head was paining…if he could,he would have punched armaan n broken him now…
he looked at geet..did she mean those she is going back to her bf..then why she said she loves me..why she gave me again false hope..why she made her trust again..she called that amy here to hospital to show her betrayel face can she…maan did not see ridhima standing behind his bed..he closed his eyes in immense pain …
armaan cupped geets face n kissed her forehead..
she silently cried in his embrace..
why r u crying…
her words were chocked in her throats..what she is crying for..
for seeing her childhood friend after a long time..for missing anjali now with armaan..or the bottled up worries about maan..seeing someone to whom she can cry keeping the shoulders on them,, he is her best buddy of child hood..
she cried out holding him..
i’m happy geetu..
i was first confused seeing her here,,only i called u…
maan heared the voice..he opened his eyes..this girl.ive seen her.he closed his eyes n went in deep thought…ya with geet n armaan in canteen…
who is this mr..armaan…geet punched his stomach playfully..
this is my basket..
my fiance..ridhima..

ho..nice meeting u..feel bad for u…as u r going 2 marry this donkey..
ridz smiled..n armaan turned geets ears..
u have not changed yet..same naughty first meeting itself u r making my image down before ridz ..
i just said the truth idiot..
hmm..waise..u have become an american

..ur accent..
geet hugged him again..
i cant change it.its been years i’m there…waise i missed you..
me 2..but im happy 2 see u after so many years..i was feeling very lonely after  she left us..but today my life has got back its colour..u have come back in our life..
zyaadha drama muth kar..warna ridz will doubt u.having affair with me..she winked…
i’ll never doubt my  love..but i’m happy atleast u r back in his life..he was broken inside ..i 2 miss her..
ridz eyes were teary..
pls dont cry..or i’ll also cry..its really hard for me nowadays to hold on..n if i started to cry then dont say i scared u with my ugly face..
they all smiled at her self comment
who will say this beautiful face can scare anyone…

armaans eyes fell on maan..maan was still in thoughts with eyes closed…

geetu, is maan singh khurana…u know he is ur
she nodded her head…
i know..but what u dont know is…he is my husband..
maan was totally confused..
why is she introducing me as her husband…why that armaan introduced ridhima ..,as anjali doesnt know her..anjali n this girl have met already..then y they are talking like they r meeting for the first time…how can the girl be his fiance.when they both love each other…why geet did not say anything about their relation…n ya her accent ..can anyone change their talking style in a certificates says she is living their for years…n y armaan is saying he is meeting her after years..whats the truth..anjali was with me last year..then how can she be at america at that time…kya anjali amy se nehi mili,then,after she left me..whats going on around me…
then another thing striked him...
if armaan is not anjalis classmate…why she said she love her classmate..he is looking like a dr..he too is not an engg…who r they talking about..they miss whom..

maans inner heart is now trying to find the difference.n solve the riddle…but,his eyes saw only the face.same like anjali…n its not ready to accept the fact..

maan held his hands on either side of his head was paining…
geet came n sat next to him.. it paining..
he didnt answer..she carressed his forehead giving a gentle massage..she is the puzzle for him now…she said she will go back 2 her bf.she intoduced me as husband to him…she took care of me like a child these days..she never let me it real care or fake..why is she doing all this like a caring lovable wife..if she doesnt love me..
armaan examined him..his bp was raising..
i think he must be given another injection.
ridz passed him the injection,n geet helped by lifting maans shirt sleeves..

she took maans hands in her n kissed it.. maan is fine na..
yes..fine..he read the reports n said..
this injection will make him sleep,the bp will gradually reduce.. how u get married to him…we dont know..when..
three months back..

there was another knock in the door..
come in ..
a man n a pregnant lady entered..but did not see geet as she was sitting near maan in bed..armaan n ridz were standing facing maan..
hello dr armaan..ridzy…have we disturbed u..
the two were shocked to see dev meera..
what a pleasent surprise..
armaan n ridz walked towards them…giving a clear view of geet..
meer :no…geeettt..
geet stood there in confusion…
how do they know me…who are these two..
geet,u know her..
she is also our of us in our group..we four played together..yaadh karo..

meera looked at her whether she remembers her..
dont is meera ..that slimy girl has grown into a big elephant..
meera hugged her..
geet..tum nehi badli…i missed u..i was missing u both badly..never was the day i ve not thought about u both..
i know..i can understand..
dev..this is geet..u can guess who she is….
yes,now u r my another.saaliji..why r u saying my wife elephant..
see my husband is there to help me..
hai.jijs…so u r this elephants husband..
dont say elephant..u can say a small elephant..
meera wacked his arms..
for u all i look like elephant..meera made a grumpy face..
no baby..its our baby making u look plummy..
he hugged her sideways..
so,im going to be maasi..
yes..she nodded in shy..
the surrounding was lighter with the friends becoming one again..

here man was drifting to sleep..but could here them..
she was with them in the marriage ..meera is her best friend..why she is reacting like she dont know her or dev too…kahin isein amnesia tho nehi hui…why meera called anjali geet..she calls her anjali na..y she is calling her geet?
dad said u  r living with ur husband ..what made u come back to india at this time…
for two reasons..
i miss my friend..i want to cherish those moments again in HP
i dont want to miss my friends marriage…

ye dho gadha ki shadhi two weeks..
geet faked angry face..
ghadha..u idiot..u moron…u introduced her as fiance n did not say about ur marriage..
armaan ran from her n geet chased him to hit him…
she sat next to maan..breathing heavily…n all bursted into laugh..

then only meera noticed maaan..
maan bhai..what happened to him…
the attendent:
kya nehi kiya ye poochna mam..aaj tho accident mam..he is a surprise to this yr he has admitted more than 10 times..this time he is wounded badly..but was recovered soon bcoz ,his wife was with him..patha nehi why he hurts himself so much like he wants to kill himself…n make others also worry..
dev”:wife..i thought he will not marry with what i heared.
armaan;our geet  is his wife..
dev n meera looked each other in shock…

by the time dadi came there..
n all the four took her blessings..
a chief dr..came n shouted at them for disturbing patient n the room full of all of them came out of the room n sat in the lobby..
maan was sleeping n the attendent was there..

dadi:geet,maan kesi hai..
armaan:he is fine dadi..he can be discharged by tomorrow evening..only thing u should care is keep away from tensions..
dadi:so,u are
armaan:yes dadi..yesterday only we joined in duty here..
dadi:u all have met geet..she is 
meera:yes dadi..we know..mrs..maan..but idk how bhai accepted it..
dadi:he still thinks her as anjali..he dont know she is geet..
geet said how maan trapped her in marriage..n y she also accepted this marriage..
meera:so only u r in salwar..n u look replica of anjali..i thought when growing up u both will differ..but no..even our eyes betrayed us first,thinking u as anjali..
dev n ridz..yes its true..
dadi:geet beta..i forgot..ur papa called me..he wants 2 c u..
meera:we are going to HP only..u can come with us geet..

dadi:only for 2 days geet..i’ll look after him..anie is also there in house..
meera:armaan n ridz will also be there tomorrow night..we are meeting after a long time..pls..
geet:but why all of a sudden...
then she noticed the date..why all are going to hp..n y her papa wants to c her..
geet with a shocking expression..
geet:you all are going to hp for…
all nodded yes…
geet wiped the tears that fell down.. coming
after a small chit chat all went back to their respective works..exxchanging theirphone  numbers..

when maan wake up he saw geet quiet than before…she was so cheerly talking to her she was qiuet..maan stared at her for some time..anie came there..she has brought dinner for them both..she started to chat with them serving the dinner..geet fed him..he took it from her bcoz he dont want 2 make scene before dadi n anie..n more than it it is hospital..his one word..may become a headlines the next day on,he kept his question s n confusions inside himself..he waited for the next day,when they will be back home…n he will get cleared from her..

dadi n anie left to km..geet gave him his medicines n tucked the spreads on him..he looked at her..his gaze was piercing her..she saw lots of questions n mixed emotions in it..she lowered her gaze not able to meet his…
she gave a kiss in his forehead..
you sleep…
she settled herself on the couch..both were not able to sleep n were tossing left n right in their place..
maan with confusions..geet with anjali n maans..
still there was restlessness in her..something saying something more bad is on way..after a while geet took her pillow n slided next to maan..she has never did this in hospital..she thought maan was sleeping..
i cannot sleep there maan..
she bent n kissed his forehead,eyes,nose,cheeks chin ..finally took his lips slowly nibbled both of it..she kissed his nose again..n placed her head on his chest..
i can sleep peacefully  only when i’m here..
she slept soon..
why she kissed me thinking  i’m not conscious..n what she is trying to make me feel..she is loving  n it true or fake..sachi kehthe hain..girls are deep oceans..we cant find whats in their heart?.maan was wake up till late night..n he too dozed deep sleep they cuddled to each other as they used to be in their room…it was indeed a peaceful sleep for them…

the next morning geet wokeup n saw herself wrapped in maans arms..she smiled..she bent to kiss maan again..
ughmm..ughmm..sometimes see where u r..
geet turned n saw ridz there..she turned beetroot red in emberrassment..
i s hard 2 keep urself from a hot husband like him..but this is not ur bed room u see..she teased..
sirf aajka din sabar karo..then ur hubby is all urs
geet released her from maans grip n rushed to washroom..she came out once her pacing heart beat was normal..ridz was checking him..
still geet was blushing.. is he..
dont be formal me ridz..ur husband is absolutely fine..bp is also normal..his wounds are healed…just apply the medicines over it..n give the tablets regularly for a week more..he will be discharged by evening.
ok ridz..i’ll take care..
ok geet..see u..i’ve 2 see other patients too..

later dadi n anie came ..maan was in washroom getting ready to go back home..anie went to settle the bills..dadi  asked geet to go home n pack her luggages n leave before maan asks her anything..she will give some excuses..though geet hesitated,then left to km with anie..anie went to km n geet went to outhouse n packed her dress for 2 days..she called meera n asked her 2 pick up her from km..dadi n maan were returning to km..
dadi..geet kahaan hai..
wo ghar par hain..
maan didnt ask anything..
dadi n maan went to km…she made maan sit there..anie was chatting with him..the dosage of medicines made him sleep there itself..
geet came to km n bid bye to anie n dadi..
do u really want to go bhabhi..
sry anie..its really urgent i’ll come back in 2days..take care of maan..
we will take care of him beta..tum apni aur mama papa ki khayal rakna…
ji dadi..
dadi n geet moved to entrance..meeras car was waiting for them…
after reaching HP call me once..
ji dadi..
dadi waved her hands n bid bye to all 3…

maan woke up and went to out house..he looked for geet..she was not there…
where is geet..
why maan..she is sleeping in anies slept in she also slept there in u want me 2 call..poor girl ..she was looking so tired..
maan hesitated n said..
anie has already went to bed dadi came with maans food n gave him his pain killer n other medicines..maan read the magazines till his eyes went tired n slept..

the next morning he searched for geet…he went n freshed up..there was no dress on the bed..he dressed n came to km..
he searched in all anie room ,she was sleeping alone..he even checked the bathroom n came down..
dadi came out from her room after a bath..
dadi..geet kahaan hain..
dadi rolled her eyes..
wo..haan..she is till sleeping..
she is not in anies room..
she must be in outhouse..
im coming from there  only..
maan was frustrated..n dadi was thinking what to say  again..
she must have gone nearby to purchase ..
ho..are u sure dadi..
ya..may be she has gone to buy ur medicines..
maan was sure dadi is lieng to him..

maan called bahadur..
yes sir..
where did geet go..
yesterday evening sir..i thought u dadi herself came out n send mam with her friends..
maan turned n looked dadi in rage..
the only thought came was geet has escaped from him..she has went out without even caring him.she was all the while bahaving like a gudy wife only to keep me in illusion..she got the chance n run away from here..
(me thinking:why maan u are always thinking bad about our geet..why ur temper always blinds ur way of thinking straight)

maan took the car keys n started to move..
dadi:maan..pls listen..
maan:ab kya sunna bakhi hai..u r all the while telling lies only dadi…n u know i hate liers...
he took the car n started to drive to HP…he did not care about his health or anything..
his anger n geet leaving him without his knowledge only raised his anger.
bahadur,dadi n anie were following him..but couldnt catchup his speed..

maan entered HP..n stopped the car before her house..
the whole HP was there with sad face..
maan looked them all ..
why all are here n why their faces are dull..did anything happened to mama or,only geet came without informing me.
.he rushed into the house in panic…making the way within the villagers..
what he saw made his earth slip off from his feet…he sunk there on the floor…


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