Geetanjali – Part 39


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maan was mad at geet driving from delhi to Hp,his anger had no bounds.thinking she has betrayed him again…but what he saw in their house made him numb..

the day before whatever he saw in hospital made him think” is geet n anjali are same or side his heart said anjali n geet are 2 different persons…but his mind said..the look he sees is anjali only..n she herself said she is geetanjali..the whole night he was thinking about the differences of the girl he met before n after marriage.he tried to link all n get a conclusion but something missed…n he had got the answer now..

geets papa ,mama,meera ,dev,armaan n ridima was shocked seeing maan there..they all has avoided him as he doesnt know the truth yet…

first maan thought anjali  has left him.she is dead..leaving him alone in this world…but he saw the girl there…he was shocked first.THen his confusions came to an end…

geet came there ,handling the ghee container to pandit..she saw the way all are staring at..there she got the shock of her husband looking at the garlanded photo of anjali..then starring at her…
it was anjalis death anniversary..n they all have come here to do her barsi..

not knowing what to do geet starred at maan,who was still sitting in the floor numb..his mind has stopped working…

maaan..geet whispered..but it was enough for him to hear,when the surrounding was so silent..

maan turned n saw geet dressed in white salwar..he run inside n took the photo in his hands..

he saw the photo the girl anjali with black eyes n looked at geet..with brown almond eyes..this difference he though thought at first,but didnt give importance..n now the reality hitted him hard.. hai…tho tum …kaun ho …how do u look alike her..


will u split out or not..

he roared like a lion.she was stepping back seeing his anger…he held her arm harshly n shook her..

bolo..who are you..why didnt you tell me you are not my anjali…

she is anjalis twin sister geet..said dadi..entering with anie n bahadur..anie n bahadur were equally shocked like maan..

what…that was a biggest shock to him…
.his blood rushed to his head to toe..a severe pain hit his head..he held his hand on his head ,still holding anjalis photo glued with him..the mental torture from last day n the shock geet is not anjali made him collapse ..

all screamed…
all carried him to geets room..armaan n ridhima immediately started to examine him…his bp has shooted again bcoz of the shock..
they gave an injection to him..
armaan..kuch bolo..kesi hai wo..
he took a long breathe.
nothing to worry geetu..already he was weak bcoz of accident n this shock ..he must not have come through the truth in this way…so,his bp has shooted again..ive given injection to reduce his bp..but dont know after waking will he react..he was head on heals love with anjali..n u all have hided it that u r geet..he must control his hyper now..lets wait .n see how he reacts…

they all took turns to be with maan..outside geets papa n mama did all the rituals of anjalis barsi ..after hrs all the villagers went home leaving handas ,khuranas n anjalis friends…
all were down to send off them..maan was alone at that time..he woke up..recollected what all happened…he stood near the door n watched everyone…

why anjali  left me  dev..

dont cry meera..we know before itself ,she is counting her days..

meera.we did all for her happiness..

even u married dev before completing ur studies only for her last wishna..
anjali will not be happy seeing u cry..dont cry baby..

im not stone hearted like you all ..armaan..

we are DRs meera..we see peoples death daily..n anjali ..she is our soul..she wants all to be happy even after her death..
we all know what she did to maan,the man whom she  loved..she made him to hate her..that is our anjali..she thought after her death too..she wants everyone to be happy.

meera,wipe ur tears..if u cry like this ur baby will also look like this ..i dont want my neice face to be grumpy..
geet consoled meera.


seeing geet,his blood boiled..he was not angry at geet..he was angry at himself…


he screamed his lungs out n started to throw all the things in the room…vase, bottles, lamp..whatever came landed on floor broken into pieces…all rushed to his room..

maaan..seeing geets worried tear struck face ,he closed the door at their faces..
maan the door..
maan the door..
maan open..
maan bhai..
maan..maan..pls listen to me..
maan..sry for hiding the truth..

dev n armaan came over the window side n looked at him standing  with tears in his eyes…
maan open the door..pls..
please.leave me alone for sometime..he said in a low voice..
please..please..he sunk on the floor leaning his back on the door..
armaan thought,he needs time he asked others also to wait till he himself opens the door..

anjali loved him..she knows she was dying before she saw him..she made circumstances think she hates him..she betrayed him..she was not pregnant..she did all this to make me hate her n move on with my life..that thought killed him..
he moved to the bed where anjalis photo was there..
why u did this to me anjali..when you are dying i was cursing u for betraying me..
how could you think about only my happines
making yourself bleed..hurting me with ur words,..u thought i’ll leave only made me think i possess u..i own u..but what have i done..thinking u i married ur did nt i realize its not u..i ve played with her life taking the revenge..i have stooped low ..i even forced her…now what i am going to do..i have done a damage that cant be repaired..

due to the flow of air,he saw paper flickering sound..he took it n saw anjalis was her diary..maan started to read it..each n every incidents were there..why she started to write this she fell in love with maan..why she made the situation to consummate..later how she avoided maan by hurting him..n the last part of pregnancy..n abortion..geet has filled it..maan saw the date where the diary stopped n what day was the day anjali left..only 10 days..he felt a pang in his i the cause of her death?

maan remembered, the hotel incident was the next day he met anjali in hospital.with radha.
he wants rest of his answer..he wiped his tears n opened the door..his face was cold with no expressions..his one hand had anjalis photo n diary…
listen to me..once please..
we hide the truth only bcoz of anjali..
maan showed his hand to stop them..
meera,dev,armaan..i want to know what happened after that hotel incident..after i kissed her in public..

meera started to narrate..

u know what happened the previous day in hospital between u two..anjali was too we brought her to disco..compelling her to wear a modern dress.we wished to see her like that…otherwise they will not allow inside she agreed…but u took that also in a wrong way..armaan was trying to get out of her depression..we dont know what was she bothered we dont know about ur love..towards her..n her ignorance towards you..u must have thought the same as anjali said..armaan as her BF..n ur drink must have took over,u kissed her in that public place…you went away..but anjali was rooted there..she did not move from that place..she did not think ,the other peoples haressed her by words..
we forcefully took her to our house..she remained silent n shock…i was cursing you for behaving rudely ..thats when she shouted at me to stop…
she wont hear a word against she was the one who made you stoop low..then she cried n cried n said she loves u..n she wanted u 2 hate u may be happy without thinking her..talking about you she was so was in her every nerve,,every drop of blood…she got over excited telling about you..which landed her on hospital..
even in hospital,there was no worry in her face  thinking she may leave this world..but she was worried for you..she made us promise that we will never say to you..that she is no more ..a week later she passed away..we got this paper under her pillow..

meera opened her bag n took the paper..she gave to maan to read..
it was a hospital paper pad..
anjali has written the rest in it..

1st day.

why do you love me so much maan..why cant u hate the kiss said me how much u love me..even after ive broken ur heart n made  thorns on ur way to return back..then too why are you walking in the way of thorns to come back to me..i’m so selfish maan..i thought only of my happiness..but not about you..what ur feelings will be when i will leave you..i dont know what gud i’ve done in last life to get ur love in this life..but i must have done many bad only god has punished me with short life..otherwise i will also be living with you n ur love na…sry maan..i now realise u can never let another girl near u..if the time can go back..i’ll erase my memory from ur memory must not be in you..then only another girl can take a place in ur heart..sry last wish..i want u 2 be happy..well settled with ur family..

when i fainted idk..i found myself in hospital with my friends around..

2nd day..

my parents are near me..they are worried so much..i cant see them like this..

3rd day

geet  called me today..she is coming to see me..her all papers were clear now n she has got the visa now..she said she n maasi will be near me next week..maasi n her son also talked to me..


today armaans papa said maan came insearch of me..why he wants to see me..he has even stepped into armaans can he..ive said him i love armaan..then too he came to armaans house only for me..has he found that armaan is my friend not lover..


i’ll miss u maan..geet..u both are the 2 important persons in my life

6th day..

god !can u change my fate..

7th day..

im getting my pain more..i cant tolerate it..drs  came to me..fixing equipments…i lost conscious..

8th day..

when i woke up.i can see my friends face pale..i can read words needed for me..i know face reading…the drs must have said im nearing my end..hmmm..ive got all in this world..
a good father..mother..lovely sister.maasi .brother…my lovable friends ,who kept me happy in this year..never let me down..did , thinking it as my last my next life too i want my same friends..

9th day.

today my hands are so week..i cant even hold the pen…
today why im thinking weird thinks maan…i want to marry be with be a mother of ur child…i know it cant happen..i miss u maan…i love u so much.i want to say this to u..shout before the whole in love with u…but i cant say to u.i want u to hold me be in ur embrace…this pain is too much for me…i wish i can see ur face for the last time..get a gud bye kiss from u..sry maan for hurting you..breaking ur heart..ur trust…for making u fall in love with this unfortunate girl…i love u..

maan knows the 10th day is the same day she left all..maans eyes was flowing like a river..he held the paper near his heart…

why u all lied to all know i hate hiding things from me..

maan beta..we all did this only to keep our promise to anjali..

well..all of u cared about her…why didnt u all think she needs her love to be with her atlast time..mein hoon…an unfortunate man..all the days i thought anjali betrayed me n taking revenge on her sister..

revenge..what are u telling..

no maan..dont

maan what are u saying..

im sry dadi..i cant spare my only i married her forcefully..n i was taking my hatred with her daily..we behaved normally before u all..i avoided her coming here,bcoz i didnt trust her..i thought after marriage too,she will betray me again..

the news shocked all of them..

no maan..u never took revenge on me…i always saw ur love in that..u hurted urself for giving me pain..u never took revenge on me…

maan cannot see even her direction…he was silent n cold …all were silent ..n the time passed by..they dont know what to talk…
maan stood n started to move to the entrance…he stopped there holding the door..

i dont want to ask forgiveness to u.geet..bcoz i dont deserve not worth for anjali’s love too…a man who cannot identify the person whom he loves cannot be true in his love…
his every word was painful…he started the car n drove to delhi back..

all were looking only at the direction he went…

geet was the first to come run behind him…

bahadur..bring the car..

he looked at dadi..

why are you looking at each other..he is not yet cured..
n his cold reaction is shivering me.this truth must have shatterred him..he cant  bare anjali’s death..i can understand his anger..but not this cold reaction…before he does something stupid we have to stop him..if u are coming or not..i’ll drive myself..

i can take care of my husband myself..

all understood the gravity of the situation by geet..n all drove to delhi.. fast..
maan was nowhere seen on the way..
dadi called mansion n asked nakul to contact them once maan reached house..

geet silently prayed..her hands were folded…babaji..pls help heart is restless..i again sense some bad is going to happen..enough babaji..i cant tolerate ur tests more..nothing should happen to maan..

anie:bhabhi..after u know bhai married u for revenge how could u love him..

the same question was ringering in all …geets papa,mama n dadi..
armaan ridima meera n dev were in another car…
geet smiled..

he hurted me with his words daily…n i have seen him in more pain for giving me pain..he did not mean anything..he tortured me thinking anjali..if he has known its me not anjali..he would never have hurted me..maan is a man who cant think of any other girls than the one whom he loves..even in hatred he never went to another girl..he searched for anjali only..n ended marrying me thinking anjali..n shared his life thinking anjali..

ive seen his love n hate..both..but i love him only..n i love to be hated also..bcoz that time also he thought only about me…n the one thing u dont know..but my mom n dad knows .but never expected they forgot..

dad,mom..u know feelings..i always felt what anjali feels…n without knowing maan..i had felt him..i have feelings for him from the day when anjali fell in love with him..i have unknowingly fallen in love with him from when anjali started to love him..
dont think about his revenge,,think about the love in him…he did all only bcoz of the love for anjali..
all went quiet…admiring the love of her..

they were entering Delhi…
dadis cell rang..
maan babu has arrived…
where is he..
i ‘m surprised dadi..after so many months,he has opened his room in Km..
what…what is he  doing. there..
patha nehi…but he has locked himself…

nakul did not see maan moving to outhouse…
n the fire alarm started to ring in Km..
what nakul..
wo maan sir ki kamra mein aag..
he kept it n ran to put off the fire with other servants…

dadi panicked n said to all..
bhai yese nehi kar sakte
dadi wo..teek tho honge na..
haan ..geet kuch nehi hoga..
 humare maan ko bhagwan par barosa rakhiye

bahadur drove more fast entered mansion..geet ran to his room..
mamji..acha huwa..we have put off before the fire grew more..zyadha kuch nehi jala…
geet entered the room of maan for first time..
all the walls were filled with anjalis photos n his words expressing his love below it in every photos…some have half burnt…

dadi ,anie n geet now realised why he avoided to stay in KM in his room..the memory of anjali is alive in every corner…

maan…where is maan..

just then another alarm came from outhouse..all the servants were km..
now all ran to outhouse…n saw maans gym in has spread all over more than km room…
geet shouted..
all shouted n screamed for him..
maan came there n broke all the things there..he has started to hate himself…his body 
n heart was burning in fire…n he dont know how to reduce the pain…so he poured the oil all around the room n lighted the fire…

the screams n noises didnot reach maans ears..when he heared geets voice..his guilt took over him..his throat chocked ..
maan kept mum..hugging anjalis photo sitting in centre of gym…
i’ m sorry anjali..
i’m sorry..
sorry for hating you..
sorry for not being with you in ur last days..
sorry for not giving u the minimum happiness that i could have given to u before you leave..
sorry anjali..for not giving you the gud bye kiss..

the fires heat was not burning him ,as the truth was burning inside him..his heart was bleeding for not being worthful for any relation..

i have no right to live anjali..i have done a sin..great sin..i have tortured an innocent girl…ur sister..i must not be forgiven…ek tum ho meri khushi chahthi thi…aur ek wo hain,chup chap meri har torture sehn rahi thi..kis mitti ki bani ho tum dono behne..sirf meri barein mein socha…meri khushi ki barein mein socha..aur ek mein hoon tum dono ki achi niyad na samajh paya…i cant live this life with burden..i must not be forgiven…its better i dont live this life.i’m coming to u anjali..i’ll ask my forgiveness to u there…smoke filled the room n his eyes blurred

armaan n dev with servants tried to put off the fire…dadi geet anie n meera were calling him…but there was no response…they dont know he is inside or not…till they heared his cough..

they broke the door n put on the fire…they saw maan lying unconscious on floor n fire catching his dress…

precap:hehe…again a cliff..n wait for another twist…
i know all are again going to give me same comment…specially shruthe...waiting for ur comments…dont scratch ur heads baby..

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