Geetanjali – Part 40


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geet screamed seeing fire spreading on maan…

armaan acted fast he took the spread near by n covered him.. all worked fast n the fire was off…they carried him to maneets bed room…ridima ran to car n came back with medical kit…dev n armaan pulled his half burnt shirt n pant.his back gave another shock to all..his stitch marks n scars of hurting ..but they didnt voice it…geet came with his tracks..they changed him to that..maans back ,hand n legs had burnt injuries..

someone increase the temperature of a/c..i want this room as cool as possible..armaan said..n geet did so..

anie hugged dadi seeing the  burnt skin..which came with the cotton when armaan n ridz started to clean the wound..

seeing her armaan n ridz asked all of them to be out,as they could not see all hissing in pain seeing maans position..
geet was stubborn to be with them..they forced her outside…after cleaning the wounds n applying medicines..n giving him first aid they opened the door and let them in..

armaan…how is he now…is he fine..

there is nothing to worry geet.he is better..his wounds will take time to form new skin.i’ve called hospital persons to deliver saline n some more injections..he needs it..

can we admit in hospital..

no need..we can treat from here itself..only external injuries hei..

u must also think about his reputation…if this news leaked out tomorrows headlines will be filled with MAAN SINGH KHURANA TRIED TO ATTEMPT SUICIDE…do u want it..

.i never thought the strong business man who can make this world upside down in his finger tip will be so weak like this..he tried to finish himself..unbelievable..said dev

love makes man blind..its rightna..he did not think of his wife dadi nor sister...

geet sat next to maan n leaned on post,trying to hide her pain she closed her eyes…

i have seen him hurting himself before also…thinking of anjali…n this is his extreme love for her..

i dont know what to say geet…are u not hurt seeing his possessiveness to ur sister..asked ridz

hmmm…i cant feel hurt…bcoz the place he has given to her cant be replaced…but,i am trying my best to make my own place in his heart…but..she stopped ..

what geet..

kuch nehi..

beta,we are wrong..hume maaf kardo..we only asked to hide ur identity from we all know about ur personal life beta .. you dont want to hide your pain

haan geet..let it out..we are all for u..

geet sighed..

rano came n touched her shoulder..


geet was still trying o be strong,but her mothers soothing touch broke her boundary..the strong geet broke down..seeing her love..her maan ..her life…trying to kill himself..

i failed mom..i failed to make a place for myself…he did not think about me or my love to him before taking this decision…
she hugged her mom n cried..

shhh..beta..u did not fail beta..we only be a gud parents for u..if we had said the truth on ur mariage itself..u would not have suffered..its all bcoz of us..

nehi rano..if some one must be blamed it must be me..i’m here with them..but i failed to realize their bitter relation..

dadi..pls dont say bitter relation..i’m fine with him..i agree…he gave me pain..but he was more in pain..n he himself soothed my pain too…i thought i can make my place..he will feel my love n change..but i failed..i failed..i cant love him as anjali did..nor make him love me as he loves her…

beta..she is no more..she is his past n now u r his present n future..let him wake up..we will make him understand…

geet smiled weekly..
geets ST:if i have understood him in these months,i’m sure he will not accept i want only one thing..he must not repeat this..i cant see him losing himself…he must not do this stupidity..

all were silently loooking at him..
a person from hospital came n gave the needful things armaan n ridima asked..
they decided to keep maan asleep for 2 r 3 days…so,he can bare the body pain n his mental pressure also will be reduced..
dev n meera went to their house..armaan n ridima took turns to stay with geet n maan…n went to duty from there…geet forcefully sent her parents also to HP..the next day..

geet did not say about her baby to anyone..somewhere she doubted what if dadi n her parents hate their baby..what if they says its unlucky..she has heared many such things from anjali how the villagers n elders see lucky charms for every things..she wanted maan to know it first…she know maan will not hate the baby…she took her food regularly…when she throwed out she said the smell of medicines is irritating she is puking..none doubted her…

but the two had doubts…armaan n ridima…
they are drs..they asked her in many ways…is she hiding anything from them..she always diverted their topics..
at the end of third day…maan was still kept asleep..his burnt skins were turning white n rose of inner layer..(isnt it gud he is healing fast..its fiction so it can

geet u are having morning sickness n puking too..lets have a check up..

yes geet..i too think the same..

no armaan..its must be something.wo..hmm.haan..may be food poisoning..

dont try again to divert us geet…u can fool all..but not us..we are drs..we are not kids

no armaan..

ok..anjali ki kasam ..bolo..u r pregnant na..

she cant do false  promise on anjali…its her weekness..she nodded yes…

why are u hiding girl…its a gud news..congrats..

she dont want to say them also about what maan said.n even she went to do abortion.

thanks.wo..mein…i want to say this first to maan…but u pulled the news from me..

she lied..

what..maan too dont know..

haan..pls u 2 also dont tell anyone..i want maan himself to  say this news to all…i want to surprise all..


they both hugged her showing their excitement..

im going to be uncle soon..balle balle..

me 2 going 2 become an aunt..

they both were so happy..

night..maneet room..
maneet were sleeping ..
armaan was sleeping in next room.ridima has gone for night duty…they have stopped the medicines which made him sleep…it was late night when maan gained his conscious…
geet saw him stirring..
maan opened his eyes n saw geet…
maan u woke up..i’m happy…so happy..u scared me..dont ever try to kill urself..i cant see u suffer like this…

without thinking she hugged n kissed him madly..n gave a liplock too..but she found him rock..with no feeling to her touch..when she behaved the same way in hospital also,she felt his lips trembling..trying to hold back..but,today it was cold…she backed n looked at him..he has closed his eyes…pain was evident in his face..she stood n took steps backward..she did not expect this cold treatment from  him…

maan....she whispered…her voice stopped in her throat…she somehow managed to call armaan…

he came n checked maan..maan was all the while seeing the ceiling of room ..he did not look at geet..his heart was in pain seeing her..

their room reminded him of their much he stooped low on that day..asked her to strip..then she herself gave her..n after that he drunk n came n forced her..this walls know how much he have hurted her with his words..the pain he gave to an innocent girl..the girl who was flying in air like a bird..i caged her..i broke her wings..i broke her everything..i broke her dreams..what should have she dreamt about her marriage..what i have done..this marriage never was her happiness..i forced her in this relation..trapped her to marry me..

how is he armaan..

geet..he is perfectly fine now..

he thought for a minute..

geet will u give us some space to talk alone…

she went out…

maan…dont u think what u did is stupidity..

no..why u saved me..i have no rights to anjali left me..i tortured an innocent soul..i must not live..the man like me must not exist..

armaan saw the drops falling from his eyes..

armaan s st:a man is crying..that too the great MSK…
armaan do ur work ..u want to make him realize his stupidity..u must treat him pshycologically..u must make him stop repeating this..its ur duty as dr.
.he wacked his mind n started to talk…

maan..anjali left u..its her fate..its not ur fault..our life is not in our hands…its all in hands of god..when the time comes everyone should go to him..

i loved anjali..but what i did..i was not even with her when she left this world..i want 2 go to her..ive done a mistake by punishing her innocent sister…

love..ur dadi loved ur dadaji..isnt it..did ur dadi  left u all to suffer..she knew her responsibilities..after ur parents death didnt she bring u n anie alone..even after ur dadajis death did she tried 2 do this stupid act…it doesnt mean she did not love him..she looked about u n anies future..what u r doing now..easy way to escape from responsibilties..did u think what will happen to ur dadi n sister..n ur wife..n the thousands of families working in ur company…can ur dadi survive after ur death..what will happen to anie.did u think about ur wife after ur u want to make her this tender age…doesnt she deserve love to live..doesnt she deserve happines..if u think u have done a mistake then correct it..give ur wife the love n happiness she needs

armaan saw maans face changing..he thought his words are making him realise his mistake..but what he dont know is,maans way of thinking…

every mistake can be corrected maan…u still have responsibilities..think about anies marriage..think about dadis health..think about ur future with ur wife..think about the families depending on the salary given by u..ur life is not only urs maan…there are many peoples depending on you..i think u wont repeat this again..maan pls dont be selfish..think about others..


haan..u must be in rest for few more days..till ur wounds are cured.i have given instructions to geet about ur medication…keep ur temper in control..nowadays ur  bp is raising day by day..

armaan looked at him..there was no yes nor no.. request

maan turned  ..

anjali’s happines always depend on her family n friends..her mother n father will not be happy if they see their another daughter in tears..give her happiness..can u assure me that..

maan nodded yes..armaan s happiness grew no bounds..

thanks..thanks so much..

geet came in..

geet ..i have done.what i could…i have made him realise his mistake…its  ur to him n keep a close watch on him..

hmmm..thanks… ur buddy yaar..u will say thanks to go..he is resting..just say what u want to say to him..

hmm..she nodded..

haan..morng i’ll go hospital..n maan doesnt need us any more..give the medicines n apply ointment in his wounds..thats enough..
and one more ..dont expect me r ridz …we will be busy in hospital..n we are going 2 our homes at the week end..marriage preparations bhi haina…but we will call u often..
if u need anything call us immediately..
and dont forget to come to my marriage..
i will surely come..
ok gn8..


geet went to maans side..


he did not say anything..



i want to talk to u..

lets talk in sleepy..

he answered her with his eyes closed..

geet can easily guess,he is avoiding her.

ok..we will talk in morning gn8..

she slided on next side…

maan felt like he is sleeping in thorns of bed…the bed remembered him all the close moments with her..he remembered anjali..

i was making love to geet thinking did not i realise ,it is not the same girl i loved,i much geet must have hurt,i was thinking always about anjali..
nehi..i cant forgive myself…geet deserves happiness as armaan said…i will  give her all the happiness she lost..yes..i will return back all which i stole from her…i’ll try my best to make her old geet…

geets nearness did not make him sleep..he sat on the bed n saw geet sleeping..he went to Km to dadis room..he saw dadi sleeping..he slept next to her..

dadi woke up with the moment on bed..

maan bete aap yahaan..

muje wahaan neend nehi aarahi thi..isiliye mei yahaan aaya..shall i sleep here..


maan moved to her lap n kept his head there..he closed his eyes

dadi,make me sleep as u usually do when we are child..

dadi brushed his hair n patted his back. without opening his wounds..

is it paining maan..

nothing pains than my heart dadi..

all will be well soon maan..

hmm..hope so dadi..

dont ever think to repeat this beta..we cant live without u..

.ji dadi..i’ll not..

maan slept..

morning geet woke up n panicked not seeing maan near her..she searched in all places n called to Km..dadi said he is sleeping in her room..geet sighed in relief..she quickly freshed up n  changed ..she came to km with his medicines..she saw him sleeping..she slowly cleaned his wounds n applied medicines over it…maan woke up at her first touch,but dont know how to face,he remained pretending sleeping…she then went to kitchen n made coffee for him..when she came back maan was in washroom.
she kept beside his table n waited..

now he couldnt  escape..

maan ur coffee…

maan silently took from her..

maan..will u promise me onething..


you wont try to end ur life again..

maan was mum..thinking something to start the conversation.. u hear me what i said.

hu..he came from his trance.


maan if u have loved anjali sincerely..anjali ki kasm khao..u will never repeat this..maan left a deep breathe..

hmmm..i’ll not do this promise..

maan i want to tell u

their conversation was interrupted by phone..

i’ll see..

..hello mam..gud morning..

gud mrng adi sir…

mam..can i speak to maan sir..


she gave it to maan..

yes adi..

sir one problem..XYZ companys deal..we have already postponed 3 the md has threatened to cancel the deal, if the presentation is not done 2day..

ok..then cancel the deal..maan said coolly..

here adis head spinned..maan is not a man to lose any project..

sir if we do so,we have to pay them some amount as compensation…

its ok adi not in mood to talk about business..see u later..

before he cuts off she pulled the phone from him n asked the problem..adi said..

ok adi sir..he cant come to office..but i can..i’ll be there in 30 min..

maan was not interested he again slided on bed..

u. were saying something.

yes..but now i’ll go to kc n come back..then we will talk..

maan did not stop her..he needs privacy..he dont want to face geet..its better she goes to kc..


geet went to KC..its noon..geet tried to go home..but the work was hectic..both were not here for nearly a month n the work was endless..she got the lunch from house..she ate it fast n again was busy in work..
maan was thinking from morning..about armaans words..give geet happpiness of her life..
after a long thought he decided what to do..
he called ADI  to bring some papers from office..

why now sir..

u cant ask questions on ur boss..

ok sir..

maan then called another person in phone n asked him to send some papers..

by evening he got that…n adi came in betweeen n gave the file maan asked..

maan looked at the papers…he went inside n came out with a brown cover..

give this to geet…adi..

yes sir..he left…
without knowing he is carrying a storm in his hand to deliver geet…

maans st:this is what i can do for ur happiness geet..u have struggled a its time for u to be happy..

precap:hehe… wait for another twist…LOL


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