U,Me,Aur? – Part 11

Part 11



Maan came downstairs dressed.He had a binocular and video camera with him…

Munshiji asked Are you going outside Maan.


Yes..I have no time in delhi to  relax  or roam…and there are security problems tooo..But its not like that here..So,I thought of going outside


But dadiji said …not to ….send you out ….of the farm…HE was shattering his words..

Maan got irritated…

I know..why dadi said it…Im not a child..I can take care of myself…I have securities with me to take care of me.


Maan asked his driver to get his papas black jeep  out from the garriage..He asked the driver to stay back in farm as he himself will drive the jeep..He nodded in acceptance of saying yes..He took the  keys from the driver..and started to drive..His securities followed him..He drived the jeep throughout the village as per his wish…as he doesn’t even know where he was driving…He only knows he is  breathing  the fresh air  not like the polluted air of cities……The atmosphere was calm  and  peaceful..


Atlast,he stopped driving when he reached  the top of a small mountain…The securities also stopped..they got down as Maan moved towards the top of the mountain..It was nearly 5.45  evening..It was pleasure watching the birds flying back to their nests.The sunset,the dam, the sceneries,the small pond,the bullock carts,the kids driving cycle,the man returning to their houses after work.He   was capturing all in his camera..He sat  on a rock..He was lost in the beauty of that place..He heared some sound of girls giggles down the mountain … He took his binocular and viewed from where the sound came..He could identify the girl…Geet..,The girl who is disturbing his mind since morning.He could not stop himself from watching her…Geet was playing hide and seek with chunni ( she seemed to be Younger than geet)… when geet hides ,chunni easily found her…when chunni hides geet found hard to find her ..the way they played showed that chunni is matured than geet..If geet couldnot find her she will start to cry  making baby face and chunni will come out to  pacify her ..Maan was laughing inside within him  seeing  her childishness…(may be this is the reason ,I’m getting attracted to her..)..That was repeated throughout their playing..Inbetween  He could see her talking blabbering,chatting..to chunni …He wondered how could anyone talk without  a stop.Once more he laughed seeing at her…After some time,he saw Geet crying again..He tried to get were chunni might hide herself…behind the hut, pumpset,trees..But she was no where there..It was more than 45 minutes..Geet was  calling her name..Maan now sensed something wrong..as chunni never makes geet cry for a long time…He watched closely..Now geet was sitting behind a tree and  talking.(He thought…So atlast she has found her..)But why is her face so scarred and pale..When she came out of the tree he saw her white dress soaked full of blood..she was running towards the village calling for help…


Maan ran to the jeep..and  started to drive..the securities followed him silently.. They were shocked  to see him driving in full speed..They saw him in peace for  more than a hour in that mountain.,but what made him all of a sudden to leave that place so urgently..While driving through the bends of the mountain,he saw  a crowd round that tree..but geet was not there..They  are carrying chunni in their  hands ..what happened to her..He could not get a clear view after that… When he  reached the place  no one was there..Only he could see was blood stains..He went near the tree..something was written there..It was dark.. He asked the securities to on the lights of the jeep…As the lights began to glow,Now,he could read what was written…Aaj mei..kal geet didi..didi ko bachao..it was written in blood..



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