U,Me,Aur? – Part 14

Part 14..


Geets house..night..


Geet was crying.All of them tried to console her.But nothing worked.They  hide the truth chunni is dead.

chunni teek hai  gudia.she is in hospital.she will be back in few days.

She stopped crying.

Such mama.

Haan gudia.She is fine..Lakshmi aunty ki pass hain’jaldi aajayegi..They made her eat.Geets mummy,papa and chachu  came out of her room after she slept. Vicky  stayed in geets room as his papa asked to take care of her.

Muje aap dono se kuch bath karni hai

Haan boliyena

 Aaj jo kuch b hua acha nehi hua..We have to  be careful.atleast till Ramnath gets arrested..

You are right.baiya.hume‘The phone interupts.their conversation

Geets papa takes the call.

I am  Dayalnath speaking.Rajender tell Your daughter  to stay away from this. If  the police  asks her tell her to say chunni said nothing to her..

Sorry.I will not tell her to lie.Your son will be punished definetly and I am sure about it..

Dont behave stupid .if anything happens to my son iwill not forgive you

If you dont do as i said,you will also go to jail for not returning the money..

I am not afraid of going to jail.Dont threaten me.

Dayalnath was totally upset hearing that..I will go to any extreme to save my son.even if I want to  kill  geet,you and your family

Rajendar  heared the slaming of the phone.

What happened.whose phone is it bhai.why you will go to jail..

Dayalnath ka phone tha..

He said the conversation they had in the morning and now how he threatened not to let geet to say the truth..

Bcoz of me you borrowed the money .I put you on trouble.

WE will make the money in two days and return him. I will sell my company..

Sell the  jewelleries too’Nothing is important than you..

It is not possible in two days to gather a huge amount even if you sell the company and jewelleries..We have to  do something  else..let me think how should we get rid from this…

We will ask help from villagers..

They will help us..im sure .but  they also  have families. Asking help from them  we will put other families also in trouble. do you think  it will be right.

Suddenly they heared geet screaming’They rushed into her room.mama ..papa’Chunni’chunni  we will play’ mama blood’tumhe kuch nehi hoga’I will call papa to help you..

She was murmering  in her sleep’..Geets papa leaned to the bed and made her sleep on his chest’patting her back’

Kuch nehi hua chunni ko’she will be fine’ you sleep..gudia..

 Geets mummy closed her mouth that her cry doesnt make Geet wake..She ran out of the room..

Should I feel happy that my daughter is safe..or to feel sad for that  girl who  saved my daughter…Bapaji ye kya horaha hai..I cant see my daughter in pain…


Farm house


Maan was in his bed..

Today was a long day..ek din mei kitna hogaya..Today morning I saw geet. Next to our farm house,then inside near the tree..Then playing with chunni...

He gets the flashback..How cute she wasHis mind was fully occupied by her’when he slept he only knows..

Suddenly he heared some sound..


Mei geet..

What are you doing here in this night..

I am not able to sleep.. so came here to the farm.but it is dark outside .There is no light in our farm.Dadaji be nehi hai.soI came here..I feel sleepy now..can I sleep here..
She didn’t wait for the reply..She slept on Maans bed.

Maan was frozen.How can a girl sleep in my bed.Already she is occupying my mind,.now  she is in my bed.  He want to stay away from her..He thought of  go going to another room. But,unknowingly his legs forwarded towards the bed.He saw her sleeping peacefully.she looked like an angel.He slided   next to geet.His fingers started to trace her features from forehead to eyes,nose, cheeks, chin,lips.He stopped at her lips .How soft it is,like a flower petal.His face was near hers.He could feel the heat of her breathe on him.He Cant control himself.He closed his eyes and brushed his lips on her..softly..


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