U,Me,Aur? – Part 15

Thanks for all of you who liked my update…
Part 15



He  closed his eyes and brushed his lips on her..softly..A small peck on her which will not awake her from sleep…

Why could I not feel her..He opened his eyes.He was kissing his pillow.

Thud.He throwed his pillow on the floor and sat on his bed

It took seconds for him to realize ,he was dreaming.

Maan singh Khurana what happened to you..you are dreaming about a girl.He is fighting with his mind and heart’

no..no.no.Yesa nehi hosaktha.

Yes..such mei yesa hi  hua hai..

If this goes on like this,I will definetly go mad one day’

Ye ladki muje pagal kardegi.

He saw the time.It was 4 morning’Ab utjau maan. u will  not get a sleep again.Work out karo..Shayad tume ache lage..He was talking to himself.There is no gym in farm house..So,he did some exercises,tai chi and went out for a walk inside his farm.he came back and got fresh up..He  avoided thinking about geet ,keeping himself busy with works.

It was 9Am.He was sitting under a tree and working in his lappy in his farm house.He heared a boy and a girl talking..

Throw it to me didi..

muje nehi kelna hai..

he heared the sound of the anklets passing  away.

He lifted his eyes from lappy to see who it was.

It was Geet and his brother playing infront of their farm.

Geet was looking pale.her eyes was swollen and red.Her charm was missing in her face.He saw Munshiji near them.


Haan Maan beta.He came to him.

Aaj koi kam per nehi aayi.

All have gone to Chunnis funeral.they will be late.

Aap nehi gayi.Aapko be jana chahiye na.

Wo beta,I went early morning to their house and came.Yahaan tumhe meri zarrorat hogi..As I am here with you, gudia ki mama  n papa have asked me to take care of her and her brother till they return from funeral.They cant take her with them.She is already scared and upset… they said,she was screaming all the night and did not sleep. .Bachi haina dilpe leli.She will feel better in this surrounding.If once she gets out of last days incident,she will be normal.Her brother is trying to divert her by making her  to play with him..we have not seen her like this..chup chupsi hogayi.

 He sighed.

 Moreover,we have to protect her from Ramnath also.some one must be with her to look after her’So,I took the responsibility today..so that iwill be here with you and look after her also..

Maan watched them.Vicky was throwing the ball far away from her hands. She could not catch it.

Tum jaan boochkar dur pekrahi hona.so that I cannot catch it.

Why would I do that.Tum ye kyun nehi maanthe,tume pakadna nehi aatha.

Nehi muje pakadna aatha hai.

Tho pakadkar dikao

He throwed the ball.

Every time she missed. This time the ball fell inside Maans farm.

Maan wondered who is elder,she or he.the way he is making her to play said how much he cares for her.

I told you, you cannot catch.

I can.

O.K once more.Go and take the ball.

She came insearch of ball.She stopped in front of the farm seeing Maan.

Kya hua.

I will not get the ball.


Yahaan ek rakshas rehtha hai..wo bohut daadtha hai..muje unse nehi milna.

Tume nehi kelna hai .isliye bahana banarahi ho.

Jao aur ball lekar aao.She made a baby face.

Maan nodded his head in the way to come inside.

She hide herself  behind  Vicky and nodded her head ,that she will not come.

Chalo Didi.He is calling us.We have to get the ball also.

He grabbed her hand forcely inside the farm.

Muje ander nehi aana’she was trying to relieve her hand from Vicky..

But it was too late..Now they are infront of Maan..

Why are you not coming inside’

You will taunt me..

Wo’.I  will not taunt you’hmmm’I am sorry for yesterday’

He  hardly framed the sentence..

Nakul who was on his way with maans breakfast stood like a statue..Shocked

Did I hear it right’Maan ki dairy mei sorry naam ki cheesehi nehi hai’but,he is saying sorry to geet’

He kept the tray to the side table of maan .

Geet was not answering him..Vicky said,he is asking sry didi..But I think you must have did some mischief’so only he scolded you..

No..Ididn’t do any thing.she was furious.

Ok.If its not ur mistake ,then you must accept his sry..

Haan.you are right…meine ise maaf kiya..Maan smirked.

Will you both join with me in breakfast.

Nakul:Maan who never wants anyone with him in his dining,asking them to join with him in his breakfast’ye kya mein sunraha hoon..Am I dreaming or Im getting madShocked

No.thanks..we had our breakfast already ..


Nakul.get them some snacks and juice..

Ji sir..Nakul was pinching himself while entering the kitchen’

Vicky was staring at Maans 6 packs. Maan felt little uncomfortable before geet as He was wearing his black sports pant with black vest…no shirt..

you have nice  body’how did you get these biceps..

If you spend enough time in jim..you will also get this’

You are too strong.

Geet said..No.you are strong than him..tum kitni baar mujse jagda kiya..hamesha tumhi jeeti ho

Acha’he is stronger than me‘he smirked..

It looked like teasing her..

Let us see who is stronger..you or my bro..

Didi ,kya hua aapko..he is elder than me and stronger too..

Vicky  knows he will lose ..

Nehi…u listen to me..without playing how can you say… tum dono haath table par rako..I know u r stronger..

Maan winked at Vicky to do as geet said..

They both placed their hands on the table.It was very easy for Maan to slide Vicky’s hand as he was weak compared to him’geets face faded whenever maan slided vickys hand downwards..

Though,geet was shouting  mera bai jeetega..

He don’t want to make geet sad

He made himself weak and made  Vicky won..

She jumped in joy..mera bai jeetgayi’mera bai jeetgayi..tum haargayi..

Vicky and munshiji felt happy to see her in joy.

They both know Maan is the reason behind her smile..

Nakul came back with some snacks and juice.. Mei ye kya sunraha hoon..Maansir haargayi’Shocked

maansirko haarna bilkul pasand nehi hai..wo studies ho khel ho ,business ho..ya koi competition’He never lose’Geetki khushi kliye ye haarne ka naatak karraha hai’Bapaji’ye mei kya dekrahahoon’Muje chakar aaraha hai’I don’t want to lose my sense..Iwant to live long with my kala..please ye sab mei akele nehi saisaktha’Bapaji kisiko mere help keliye bejo’

Maan asked Vicky ,munshiji and  geet  to have snacks and juice’meanwhile he finished his breakfast..Nakul’Have gaurds had their  breakfast?

Though maan was rude he was concern also..All knows that is MSK

Half of them are having their breakfast’after them the rest will have..


Geet was whiping her lipslike a child with the back of her palms after having the juice’

Ok didi lets go and play..


Ill get bored pls didi..

Ok come..She don’t want to disappoint Vicky..

You both play inside the farm’Don’t go outside’


But wut kuch nehi do as I say..He said in a stern voice..

Dusht…hamesha gussa karthi hai...Geet Murmered..


Yes sir..

Take care of both of them’Make sure that they are safe here..and no one comes near them..Munshiji If you want to gothere(chunnis funeral)..you may leave now..

Ji beta’Munshiji thought that they will be  safe here till he returns..

Vicky tum samajdar ho..jesa maan kheta hai wesa karo..tum dono yehi khelna’Aur didiki passi rehna…I will be back in half an hour..Munshiji left them.with the guards...Maan went to his room to change his dress, When they started to play.. Suddenly he heared  sound’Crrreeach’and geets screaming outside the farm..

Precap:Oh No’Geets life in danger


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