U,Me,Aur? – Part 17

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Part 17

Maan looked inside the well’He saw Geets duppata floating n Geet drowning inside the water

Please mera didi ko bachao‘vicky was crying..

Maan doesn’t even hesitate for a minute.He immedietly jumped into the well’But now he could not see her ..The well was deep indeed.He went inside the water and searched her..after some time he found her at the corner base of the well.He grabbed Geet by her waist and came up..But there was no way to come out of the well.He saw the securities throwing the rope.but it was too small compared to the depth of the well.

Sir.we’ll get another one..one of them said..

Now he saw geet.She was unconscious.Her body was chilled.Her every part  was visible as her dress was fully soaked.. He looked for the duppatta.But that was far away from his hands.Seeing her cleavages Maan got little uncomfortable.He dont want his men to see her like this.He removed his shirt and weared her.He patted her cheeks,

geet hosh mei auo ..geet.

Then he heared the voice..sir pick up the rope.(This time a lengthy one.)

He picked the rope and tied around him..He placed geet over his shoulder as a sack..The securities helped them coming out..He took her inside the farm and placed on the floor..Vicky was still crying near her .Didi..uto na..didi aakhein kholona..

Geet..Geet..He patted her cheeks..there was no response..

He pressed her stomach to puke out the water..Only a little came..Then nothing.He rubbed her palm..and told Vicky to rub her feet...

Sir.Its cold outside..This air will make her more cold..take her inside..She needs warmth..One of the security said.

Yes you are right..

He took her  to his bed room and placed her..Nakul came running after him..

Nakul get me a towel.

He covered her with the spread.. .

you keep on rubbing her feet..

He rubbed her palm.to create more heat.Still there was no response..Nakul brought the towel.He whipped her face.and dried her hair.

Nakul close all the windows and make something to heat this room..Get me some more blankets.. He was ordering..

He touched her foreheadto see if she has some temperature.But now he could feel she was cold than before.He turned to her Vicky and said

Take my car and get a dr. soon.

O.k’He ran through the steps.

Nakul covered her with more spreads.He was still rubbing her palms and feet.Nakul..Dadimako bulao’jaldi..

He shook her..Geet..hosh mein auo..Geet..she fell on him like a dead body..He  got scared..seeing her like this half dead made his mind stop thinking.He   hugged her tight to give his warmth..His hand went under her tops rubbing her bare back  to create some heat.still she was cold.He checked her pulse..it was low.He kept his index finger near her nose to feel her breathe..nothing he felt’He was mad feeling helpless.losing her..His heart was bleeding .He will do anything to save her..He brushed his hair backwards seeing geet.The next minute he thought of something..He neared her face.Took a long breathe inside..he opened her mouth and filled her with his..He repeated the process to make her alive and get her conscious.He stopped at one stage.His eyes was filled with tears.CryHe broke down as  he felt he failed to get her back.Unknowingly,he kissed her all over the face and gave a mouth full of kiss.Censored .(Their first kiss..chi chi bapaji..I didn’t see.I kept my eyes closed).

He realized his feelings towards her..that he is in love with her.He needs her in his life.He hugged her tightly and said,

Geet,I lost everything in my life’but I’ll not lose you..i’ll not let anything happen to you..I saw a light in my life after seeing you...you must come back for me.I love you Geet.

He once again neared her and gave his breathe and closed her mouth with hands.He heared a sound at the doorsteps.He saw Dadima facing her back towards him.She was embarrassed  and shocked seeing maan close to a girlEmbarrassed.Maan was not in a position to think. He didn’t feel guilt for what he did.He only wants his Geet back. .

Dadi..come soon..see her..

The tension in his voice stopped her.She came near the bed.

Kya hua.

She was drowning in the well.I saved her.But she is not getting her conscious .Her body is getting cold..

He said in one go.His voice was trembling in fear.Then he heared Geet coughing.He could feel her breathe in his hand.He turned to her.

Geet..geet..Are you alright.He patted her cheeks.

Vicky came with Dr.Lakshmi.She checked her and gave her an injection.

Dr.aunty..didi kesi hai…what will I say to mama n papa..They asked me to make her happy and what i have did.He  still had tears .

Dr.how is she?when will she get her conscious..Why is she still cold?

Dr,patted vickys back.Kuch nehi hua.tum ro math

She is Out of danger Mr.maan.thodi dher mein hosh aajayegi.You have done the first aid..i don’t have much to do. She still remains cold bcoz of it .I think we must change her wet clothes..Warna usey recover karneka time lagega.

I think you must also change..you are also wet.

He  sighed in relief.He went to his wardrobe and took 1 one of his kurta.then he thought it is not thick to warm her.he put it back and took a jeans pant and a shirt .He took one set for himself. He gave it to daadima.

We have no option..change her to this clothes.I will get changed in another room.saying this he left  .

Daadi and Dr. changed her clothes..Maan came back to the room.he saw alittle moments in geet.Her hair was still dripping water.He took the hair drier and gave it to Daadi.Daadi dried her hair.   Now only Maan saw her in his dress.She looked like a city girl in jean n shirt with  free hair.she looked beautiful in this costume too.Maan, what are you thinking .you are admiring her beauty in this situation too..He smiled inside.

He saw her brother still crying.Dont cry.She is ok now.

ye sab meri wajase hua.na mein ball farm se bahaar phekthi aur wo insaan didi ko maarne ki koshish kartha..Agar aapna hothi kya ho jaatha.He was sobbing.

Maans anger  had no boundary now knowing that someone tried to kill geet.He went to the balcony.

He shouted All securities in position now.

Even the Dr. got scared at his shout.Dadi was used to it.so,she remained silent.

He came down .All were standing in  a straight line in fear.They all know Maan  always wants everyone to be sincere in their duty.

Is this the way you are doing your duty.I told you to look after the girl and the boy till  munshiji comes.you can’t do this too..Infront of you someone tried to kill her and what are you all doing. Shame on you.

What do you all expect me to do for what you all did…I’m thinking of  Firing  you all immedietly. That will be the best choice.

He turned to Bahadur and Raghav,who had bleeding intheir hands and legs..Did you got the man.?Do you know who he is?

Bahadur was more than 5yrs with Maan as his security.He knows a little to cool his anger also.And only Bahadur had the boldness to speak before maan.

No. sir.He ran away.he had a vehicle on the other side.So we  are unable to catch.,but I ve shot him.he must got injured. Some how he needs a dr.s help .so,We can get him soon’

And as I am the head  of  the securities here,I take the responsibility sir.The others deserve punishment,but not to get fired.All have families.Please apologise them.I failed in protecting her.I am the one at entrance.If you want to fire someone,then it must be me only.

Maan had a soft corner towards Bahadur.He has saved him many times from his enemies.(specially once when Maan was kidnapped by their business enemies 4 yrs back)

Hmmm.The girl is safe.,so iam forgiving you all.But you all deserve the punishment.You too bahadur.All will go around the farm 50 times and make sure this type of mistakes never repeats again.All  are standing in a stiff position.They all said in chorus..Yes sir.


Precap:Geets family was once again threatened by Dayalnath..What will Maan do?


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